Rachel Sharp Dailymail 4 Dec 2020

Jerry Repola worked at the Catholic Camp St. Malo in Colorado in August 1958, when Bobby Bizup vanished in mysterious circumstances on Mount Meeker

Bones belonging to the little boy were found in July 1959 

Repola sexually abused a teenage boy when he was a parish priest in Grand Junction in 1967, a new report reveals 

Authorities believe the boy could be one of several victims

Repola died in March 1971 from a long illness

The new report makes Repola the third priest working at the camp the summer of Bobby’s death now known to have sexually abused children 

Harold Robert White has been described as ‘the most prolific known clergy child sex abuser in Colorado history’

Neil Hewitt was one of the last to see Bobby alive and found his remains 

Investigators have now launched a new probe into the little boy’s disappearance 

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office released a new report Tuesday, naming  nine more Catholic priests who sexually abused children in Colorado 

It is an update to the damning probe by the Colorado Attorney General which in October 2019 named 43 priests who abused at least 166 children from 1950

Christian Brother taught after breaking child’s jaw


Christian Brothers Tralee

A Christian Brother who

Tue, Jan 10, 2006, Irish Timed

A Christian Brother who broke a child’s jaw was allowed to carry on teaching for nearly a decade, it emerged today.

The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse is examining allegations about St Joseph’s Industrial School in Tralee, which was run by the Christian Brothers up until 1970.

Brian McGovern SC, representing the tribunal, said there had been documented complaints about a Brother who had been moved to the school despite a series of horrific complaints against him.

The man known as Brother X broke the jaw of a child he was teaching at the Christian Brothers Industrial School in Glin, Co Limerick, in 1961, after earlier pulling hair from a child’s head and beating boys with a leather strap at another Christian Brothers school in Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

He was then moved on to St Joseph’s where he continued to teach.

Mr McGovern asked Br Seamus Nolan of the Christian Brothers if the failure to remove him from teaching duties immediately showed a remarkably uncaring attitude by the Order. “It certainly does. The efforts made weren’t sufficient. It isn’t good enough,” he said.

He told the commission that to his knowledge the gardaí were not informed about the Brother’s activities and that although the Department of Education was aware of him, it eased off after he was eventually removed.

Other Brothers had warned as far back as 1960 that Brother X was unable to control his temper and was capable of doing the most foolish things. He was eventually removed from classroom duties in 1969 and transferred to a Christian Brothers institution in Dublin.

There were eight deaths of boys at St Joseph’s including that of Joseph Pike in 1958. The young boy died in hospital due to pneumonia but had earlier received a severe beating from a Christian Brother at the school.

St Joseph’s received a limited amount of funding from the State and was forced to make up the shortfall through other activities carried out by its staff and pupils, such as farming, carpentry and bakery.

Br Nolan said that in the 100 years of St Joseph’s existence the effort of generosity by the staff there lasted throughout.

He said there had been regular inspections which showed, by and large, there was great satisfaction all round and added that some of the surviving Brothers were still friends with the former pupils. “So it wasn’t all a grim and bleak story though the building may have given that impression from the outside,” he said.

However the commission is investigating several complaints of sexual abuse made against Brothers who worked in the school.

One complainant, John Glynn (60), said he had entered the school in 1949 at the age of two and was sexually abused by a Brother after his first Communion.

“What disgusted me today was that there wasn’t any word of apology. I just find it horrendous they’re still hiding, that the cover-up is still there and that we still have to keep speaking out,” he said.

Mr Glynn plans to give evidence to the commission about the one surviving Brother who abused him.


Throughout this tiny island,

In graves unmarked and cold;

Lie broken bones of boys and girls,

Their stories never told.

Men in black with collars white,

And Brides of Christ as well,

Sent these angels up to Heaven,

But made their short lives Hell.

No teddy bear, no lullaby.

No loving mother’s kiss;

But each night as they closed their eyes

They entered the abyss.

With eyes closed tight no sleep would come,

They listened for the sound;

The hob nailed boot out in the hall,

The handle turning round;

Oh don’t take me take someone else,

They prayed with all their might;

The leather strap the bamboo stick,

The screaming in the night.

And when they left they were not free,

Their minds were never right;

Still God can hear them as they pray,

Please let me sleep tonight.

(Leo Magee. Old Coombe. Dublin.


It is a terrible thing to contemplate – a Catholic priest murdering a 10 year old deaf boy.

But when we in Ireland contemplate all the violence that priests, Brothers and nuns visited on generations of Irish children – anything is possible.

The type of people who can rape children or place their deceased bodies in septic tanks are capable of killing children 😪

I was personally involved in the case of Joseph Pike who was killed by the Christian Brothers in Tralee and who was buried in a secret grave in the monastery grounds.

A few years ago the clergy in Tralee tried to stop me saying Mass at Joseph’s new graveside in Tralee. The Mass went ahead as planned.

I’m quite certain that there are as yet unknown of deaths that have been deaths caused by priests and religious.

Especially in the past children, like women were expendable and voiceless.

Our only conforts are that the Lord knows about them all and they are now in heaven with him.


Pat, it seems that aggression is not restricted to sems here in Scotland. I was messaged this afternoon by a senior cleric to say that if I dared pursue my claims about Paisley then I would find myself in pain.


This is now serious if you have been threaten with one of our Senior Clerics then it is a Police matter so can you please take it to the Police and it maybe a case for safeguarding as well as you seem to imply the Senior Cleric a bully.
When you START to pursue your claim can you send them to
The Church would not allow Criminal activity so as you say “in pain” is very serious allegation.
Please be assured we all believe in Justice.


I’ve just emailed Bishop John in Paisley directing him to this post. I hope you’ll get in touch with him immediately if you haven’t already.


This does not surprise me one bit . I remember an incident when I was an organist in London. I surprised a priest fondling a young girl. I was young and hot headed , I challenged this black skirted angel of the devil and his reply was ” Have we an issue here my son, remember , I am a holy father, you are a mere organ grinder, who will they believe”. My disenchantment with the Catholic Church has well established roots. However,I will say,that in my opinion Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air in one rank and exceedingly purifying concentration of human corruption.


Barry Sorry to read this and I do not know when this happened however in those days the church would have taken the priests story only I hope if the girl told the same story as yours.
Today the church would not stand for it IF there is evidence as like people every day jobs who have unions the Church has a Canonical system with clergy and laity on it so it would not be tolerated in 2020.
I Thank You for giving Pope Francis credit as he never gets any on this blog and yes most Bishops, Clergy, Religious and Lay Faithful want these people out.
But sadly people will not stand up.
Unlike Bishop Pat as what you see is what you get


But when we in Ireland contemplate all the good that priests, Brothers and nuns visited on generations of Irish children – anything is possible.

”I was personally involved in the case of Joseph Pike who was killed by the Christian Brothers in Tralee”

Wow, and you were there?


When I was a student in Renmore School in Galway, a notorious Mercy nun broke a child’s finger back in the late seventies. I can still hear her screaming. She was an utter sadist the same woman, and should never have been let near children.

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My relative was abused by the Mercy nuns but she doesn’t keep moaning on about it. She does not go on blogs like this either to describe the abuse and score cheap points. Get a life 11.14pm.


What a callous and vicious response.
Some people find a way to cope with abuse. Others are not so fortunate and their lives are continually blighted by it. Your aunt doesn’t talk about her abuse that doesn’t mean she isn’t suffering – I sincerely hope she isn’t.


Either your sister does not care enough about anyone else to warn them about her own abuse, or you don’t care enough about your sister to protest about her abuse on her behalf, and your own values are so corrupted that you can regard the description of a nun breaking a child’s finger as ‘a cheap point’, so i would suggest that you get a new moral compass for you are obviously part of Catholic Ireland’s great system of collective self deceit.



No Patsy she may be of our generation when they still had discipline in schools if we were belted, we never told our parents because you’d have been told you must have deserved it and got another belt for your trouble. In our time it was the same in all schools non Catholic as well, you can’t judge those day’s by today’s standards which are no standards at all. I am not talking about abuse but about the corporal punishment of that time, which was the norm. everywhere. You and I are the same age so you must remember it.


An argumentum ad hominem is less than useless in attempting to persuade anyone of the rightness of your case. It has the opposite effect.


9:45 am – The more people speak up and describe what has happened to them, and others, the more safer our communities can become.
For a child to have witnessed such as detailed above must have been horrific.
… The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for “good” people to do nothing… x


Perhaps your sister SHOULD go on ‘blogs like this ‘ as you put it . These activities need to be brought to light , what else do you suggest , that this ‘bride of Christ’ be allowed to sail on abusing others without the benefit of complaint and other nosey people . Were I the victim here she would certainly repent , and pretty quickly. In my opinion your comment is negative and does little to help tidy up what is increasingly being seen by the general public as a nest of vipers. .


That was one sad example at 11;14

The thousands of Mercy sisters stand condemned as a result of her action. Or at least, that’s one way of interpreting your contribution.


11:14 pm – Sorry to hear you had to witness something so monstrous when a child.
You are with friends here x


Pat, I did a Google search for poor Joseph Pike, RIP and a very moving and righteous anger inducing blog post by you appeared. Thank you for keeping alive his memory of him and that of other victims.
I am glad to know that the collapse in vocations means that the days of brothers, nuns and priests in schools is now just a grisly memory in 99.99% of schools. Never let them near schools again. The cheek of dried up celibates, allegedly chaste and who can’t or don’t want children and never had their own, deciding that it was their holy vocation to teach children.


Glad to hear you said Mass at the little boy’s place of rest, Bishop Pat.
No doubt those who wanted to prevent you were wanting to keep things on the low-key.
No chance! x


Par for the course with the Cb’s there were good men as well but the sadistic brothers were unchecked.


‘Overall we did a good job despite a few broken bones, deaths and rapes’.
You couldn’t make up the arrogance and denial of this cult, which is why it needs to be externally controlled.
We have another comfort, though, which is that these days the truth about unholy slut church is out of the bag so that the only people who allow it any control over their lives are the ignorant or abusers themselves.
The name calling and insinuations people make on here are further confirmation of the bullying and harassment these so-called men of God engage in on a daily basis.


“The name calling and insinuations people make on here are further confirmation of the bullying and harassment these so-called men of God engage in on a daily basis.”

“….the truth about unholy slut church is out of the bag…”

The irony is lost on you. The anomaly unnoticed.



8.09am: The name calling and vitriolic insinuations and horribleness of commentary is primarily coming out of the mouths of anti clerics…and anti church individuals…Much of the vitriol is encouraged by this blog and written by nasty haters. I went to an all lay school and many of us were beaten very physically….Sadly, it was the norm then but must still be condemned. Anybrelugioys i sybsewuently enciuntered at 2nd and 3rd kevel werd salt of the earth people….They gave me and my family great encouragement and financial support to further our education. We must not forget these remarkable men and women in our condemnation of criminal wrongdoing or abuse.


8.09am: Which hate book did you transcribe this shit from? Your comment is full of obvious contradictions….pot, kettle…black…What a load of abusive undertones of hatred fill your rant…Really….you just couldn’t make your stuff up..Go back to school.


I have no doubt that over the decades in the 19th and 20th century when the Catholic Church in Ireland was triumphant and the stormtroopers of the Church were those religious orders that provided eduction, that there will have grievous crimes committed by priests, brothers and religious sisters. And they will have got away with it, by and large. Things will have been covered up. We know quite a bit about the sexual abuse that these people inflicted on the young innocents int their care. We know less about the physical violence, emotional and psychological abuse that was also inflicted. It is good to be reminded of the arrogant and unaccountable violent actions of these people. Like everything else, it needs to be called out, and where there is evidence it should be brought forward. If there are any of these kinds of vicious people still alive who have committed these crimes, then it is right that they should be called to account and to justice. I grew up at school in the 1970s, and I know that even then in the schools I was in that there was much violence by staff towards children, accepted then as normal, but which nowadays would definitely be considered assault and worse. It is right that the Church and its collaborators are on the back foot, and may they be humbled even more as time goes on. It is only a humble and repentant Church that can survive. Bringing to the light the crimes and sins of the past is essential in making the Church humble. S0, + Pat, carry on shining the light in to the dark and murky corners of the Church.


Pope Francis supports an Amazonian Rite of Mass. The same Pope Francis who has refused to have married Priests in the Amazon to deal with the crisis of the shortage of Priests. So they can have a new Mass, but not Priests to celebrate Mass with them.


A supposed shortage of priests is not a crisis, it’s cause for celebration because it means fewer spongers and more safety for children.


You’re utterly twisted at 1239pm. The VAST MAJORITY of priests harmed no one. That doesn’t suit your evil narrative though does it?


12.39: An evil laced comment. Totally unjustified. A LIE. Pat, you continue to perpetuate the lie that all priests are potential abusers. I’m presuming you are not a cleric. If a parent, your child is at more risk by virtue of belonging to a family where huge amounts of abuse occurs. Wait till Christmas day and look at Childline’s record numbers of callers re: family abuse. You are a twisted specimen. I think we recognise the origin of this comment!!


A solid point.
Romanist priests are more than superfluous: they are an unnecessary evil, which, of course, the historical Christ did not intend.
As for the belief expressed at 1.31p.m. (that ‘the VAST MAJORITY of priests harmed no one’), this is a moot, and merely plausible, point. These men each commited himself at ordination to obey not Christ, but an institution ‘corrupt, and riddled with corruption’.
We shall never know how many of these so-called ‘good’ priests turned a blind eye on witnessing, or hearing of, the abuse of children by other Romanist priests; there were surely many of them.
So it is nonsensical to state that the vast majority of Romanist priests pledged to such a morally rotted institution could have harmed no one. When a person turns, willingly, from Christ to promise or vow obedience to an earthly power, Paul the Apostle warns of its consequence.


Magna Carta at 3:09pm – who? the same apostle Paul you dare to denigrate and snarl at when it suits you?

The Lord Jesus DID intend the priesthood and from the earliest times there have been those thus “set apart”. From the earliest accounts of the Eucharist we discover this – that not just any Tom, Dick or Dora presided at the Eucharist.

It is self evident that the Lord willed a priestly ministry and service to develop.

What He did not intend was infiltrators and corrupters getting themselves ordained.

And praise be! He clearly didn’t intend YOU to join His priesthood and thus your vicious bitterness and hatred to this day. Keep spouting your lies. They will still be the lies of a deeply spiteful thwarted man.


Old Maggie Carta posting without its pseudonym again at 3:09pm.
The Church, MC, in all of its members is the Body of Christ. Christ is the Head and we are His Body. You cannot separate one from the other. St Paul also teaches us that doesn’t he?
It is perfectly legitimate for priests to vow obedience to their bishops and bishops to the Pope because all is in Christ – no contradiction whatsoever – except in a mind and soul as twisted as yours. In fact Christ, said to the apostles, “whoever hears you, hears me”.
Priests don’t promise to obey their bishops to commit immorality. A bishop, for that matter, is not allowed to ask a priest to sin or violate his conscience.
If he tries to do so, he can legitimately be disobeyed – in fact he MUST be disobeyed.
You have created this nonsense of a dichotomy between the priests’ obedience and loyalty to the bishop and their obedience and loyalty to Christ.
This dichotomy exists only in your nasty, envious and bitter little mind – not in actual lived reality.
God love you. Poor dear.


It most certainly is not evident, self or otherwise, that Jesus intended a priesthood. In fact, the Letter to the Hebrews makes clear the absolute powerlessness of the Levitical priesthood to atone for sin and, by implication, of the necessity of any form of priesthood.
The Incarnation made priesthood obsolete and redundant. If even this simple fact is lost on you, then there isn’t much else you understand of the Christological significance of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection.
Where does Jesus require a priestly elite to fulfill his instruction to break bread and drink wine? Nowhere.
Jesus called on ALL his followers to do as he had done at the Last Supoer; there were no pre-conditions set; no elite commanded. Your claim otherwise is merely wishful thinking: an attempt to revise history to support the Romanist corruption of Christ’s instruction that would inevitably occur among a patriarchal and worldly minded following jockeying for power and status. They were at it even before Christ’s death, when James and John vied with the others for supreme positions in Heaven. Without Jesus around after his ascension this kind of power struggle, and vainglory, was bound to continue. And boy did it do so!
As for those ‘earliest accounts of the Eucharist’ you mentioned, they are merely the earliest-KNOWN accounts, and they make no mention whatever of an ordained priesthood, an elite.
The Romanist priesthood is purely a historical and synthtic development, not an organic evolution of Christ’s instruction at the Last Supper.
As for Christ’s intending ANYone for Romanist priesthood, since he clearly did not intend this priesthood, he logically did not intend anyone for it.
Your defence of Romanist priesthood is a necessity for people like you, since you cannot face the historical fact that you, and other Romanist priests, stand accused of corrupting the teaching of Christ, and of denying his authority for your own self-aggrandisement.
And look at the evil harvest your disobedince has reaped, and will continue to reap.



What a disgrace he supports an Amazonian Rite of Mass and God only knows what that will be like. Look what he did to the Franciscans of the Immaculate because they celebrated the only Mass celebrated by the Universal Church for hundreds of years. Thank God he does not support married priests but for how long.


But replying to my comment stopped you harassing other people so I am glad to have done that. Incidentally somebody said you are blessed when people persecute you but you don’t care about his words do you.


It’s not about married priests it’s whether the Shamans leading tribes should be ordained and maintain their ancestral worship as valid Catholic priests


I was sexually abused by a close relative. It was a Catholic priest who helped me see it wasn’t my fault and aided my healing. All the many priests, who did and do good, should not be written off because of the evil some of their colleagues did.


But I’d bet that every one of these ‘good’ priests would have looked the other way, in deference to the evil institution they each pledged to serve, had they witnessed, or heard of, the rape of a child by one of their mora,l and utterly vile, number.

Were we ever bothered ? I mean, there are probably all sorts of things we use and do each and every day which could possibly be an occasion of sin or have some connection with a sinful or questionable genesis. I am not a supporter of abortion as it is presently practised in our islands, but I am not going to get all scrupulous about a cell line from over 30 years ago being used in medical research which leads to a vaccine. I think by making these kinds of statements – even though it says don’t worry – it plays in to the hands of the black and white rigourist culture wars warriors who will play this up for all they can. I bet there will be idiot priests telling their people from the pulpit that they should not have this vaccine because of this tenuous connection. I think I could tell you where those parishes and idiot priests are ! It’s not 30 year old cell lines they should be worried about but the behaviour of themselves and their brother priests / monks / seminarians / bishops when they think we are not watching. I will not be lectured to or given moral advice by a bunch of hypocrites like that. The bishops should just have shut up.


Everyone has a duty to try and save each other and therefore should recommend people to take this vaccine.
many lives have been lost too many and the sight of people on ventilators and in hospital is not nice.
So Bishops and Stars and Hero’s will be helping all to promote this Vaccine.
The Bishops have a Public Duty to their flock.
You sound like the idiots that are helping to spread this virus daily remember Hands Face Space.


That article really is ridiculous.
‘provided that there is a sufficient moral distance between the present administration of the vaccine and the original wrongful action’
An action is immoral and there is no such thing as moral distance. Murder on the other side of the world or 40 years ago is still murder.


2.36: You poor, stupid idiot. What nonsense you vomit….everyone awaits with great hope the vaccine which will help destroy the covid 19 virus…keep dreaming about your imagined objectors….


The objectors are not imagined actually.i have heard Catholics say they will decline the vaccine for this very reason. I have no idea how many other medical breakthroughs use this sort of technology to know whether they are likely to have had other treatments using aborted cells.


3.09: You are responding to your own stupid comment at 12.39: the verbiage is recognisable as that from an evil, rejected, dysfunctional ex seminarian….


5.21: Well expressed. Isn’t it a great shame that Buckley continues to allow this hateful, evil, dysfunctional monster, Magna, back on the blog again, knowing that his shit is simply hateful and dangerous. Pat, act responsibly and entirely. Show us you are not a silly bitch but a grown man. Remove hater Carta for good!


I haven’t had a phone call from the PayPal nuncio yet, and I wanted to put the tree up this week in the palace


Bishop Pat. Your Holy Mass today was sincere and Great Homily.
Just hope you continue to practice Justice after all we all strive for Justice.
Sadly Daly did not give you True Justice but be assured there is not many left like him now.
We all thrive for Justice but sometimes it is hard due to Canonical Law as people mouth off and do not stand up like above at 10.17 over 8 hours ago and no update


They don’t stand up because they know that it is complete and utter lies. The quicker Pat stops entertaining these low life scumbags with too much time on their hands, the better!


Anonymous @12.20pm and PB at 12.22pm
I wholeheartedly agree. It is important to live in the times. I am also of a similar age and we were belted in Glasgow with the Lochgelly tawse. ALL schools. Not just RC. That is the way discipline was meted out in those days. Spare the rod you spoil the child was the in thing for many years. I believe it was abolished in the 1970’s.
Today we have lawlessness. The rape of the elderly and the young irrespective of gender. T Where is the deterrent?
Some teachers were called strap happy. they were sadistic.
Garngad Lad


All abuse is sad and rightly condemned. We note the past. But but where is the progress in the present hi


Pat is there any way you could leave a recording of your mass for people that can not watch at the time ?


In the next few days I am moving to Facebook Live and each Mass will be recorded and available for later watching.


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