Former national education advisor found guilty of sexually and physically abusing a boy while he was a parish priest in the Warwick area

Police praised the bravery of the victim for coming forward and giving evidence against him

By News Reporter The Courier

Thursday, 3rd December 2020,

The disgraced former national education advisor for Roman Catholic schools sexually and physically abused a boy while he was a parish priest at a church in the Warwick area.

As well as sexual abuse, Father Joseph Quigley beat the boy with a hurling stick and locked him in the cold and dark crypt.

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He was forced to resign in disgrace, prosecutor Adrian Langdale QC told a jury at Warwick Crown Court.

Joseph Quigley, aged 56, of Stone, Staffordshire, was found guilty at Warwick Crown Court (pictured) of four counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child, two counts of sexual assault, two counts of false imprisonment and one count of child cruelty.

Quigley (aged 56) now of Stone, in Staffs, denied four charges of sexual activity with a child, two of sexual assault, two of false imprisonment and one of cruelty.

But the jury took less than four hours to find him guilty of all nine charges by majority verdicts of 11-1.

Describing the perverted priest as ‘a sexual sadist and voyeur,’ Judge Peter Cooke remanded him in custody while a report is prepared on him to assess the danger he poses in the future.

Mr Langdale said: “This case involves allegations of historic abuse at the hands of this defendant, as he was known at the time, Fr Joseph Quigley. He was a Catholic priest, in a position of power and trust over the complainant.

“The abuse took two forms. First that it was overtly sexual by nature, such as touching and massaging the legs of the young complainant up to and around the groin area.

“There were other acts which were more like punishment of a sado-masochistic nature, such as caning or hitting boys with hurling sticks or shutting boys in the crypt of the church.

“It will seem extraordinary that a person’s religious beliefs could make them blind to what was wrong, but this is why Father Joe, as he was known, was able to get away with the abuse for so long.”

Mr Langdale added: “Father Joe was ordained in 1990. He held various prestigious roles, including being in charge nationally for education in Roman Catholic schools, as well as being a parish priest.”

When his behaviour towards the boy came to light, and he was ‘removed from high priesting’ and sent to an institute in the United States for six months.

“After six months of therapy, he was returned to the UK and put on restricted duties. It would seem the Catholic Church believed that by doing so it had met its duties,” commented Mr Langdale, who pointed out that the police were not informed.

“Despite there not being an investigation at the time, there was clearly another victim the church would have found if they had looked.”

When Quigley was questioned he told a series of ‘careful and deliberate lies and untruths’ – and after the jury’s verdicts Judge Cooke praised the ‘devastatingly effective’ questioning by officers during the interviews.

Adjourning the case for a report to be prepared, he said: “This defendant, previously diagnosed by an expert as a sexual sadist and voyeur, has demonstrated that.

“A lengthy prison sentence is inevitable. I need to decide whether, given that diagnosis, he falls to be sentenced as a dangerous offender.”

He added that investigating officer DS Abigail Simpson and the Warwickshire Police team were ‘richly deserving of a public statement of commendation and thanks.’

Following today’s outcome, investigating officer Detective Sergeant Abigail Simpson from the Warwickshire Police Criminal Investigations Department, said: “Joseph Quigley held a prestigious role and a position of trust within the community at the time the offences were committed, a position he abused by preying on a vulnerable child, grooming him and subjecting him to physical and sexual abuse over a number of years.

“I would like to pay tribute to the victim and witnesses who came forward and gave evidence against him. Thanks to their bravery, Quigley has now been convicted of his appalling crimes and will face justice for his actions, and hopefully this will now give the victim some sense of closure.

“I hope this case reassures anyone who may have been a victim of sexual abuse, either non-recent or current, that Warwickshire Police is committed to providing help and support to victims and bringing offenders to justice. We will always thoroughly investigate, no matter when the abuse took place. There is help and support out there, so please don’t suffer in silence.”

The religious order launched a commission to investigate sexual abuse at its schools after a court in 2019 sentenced a former teacher to nearly 22 years in jail for abusing four students from 2006 to 2019 in Barcelona.


December 4, 2020

BARCELONA, SPAIN – The Marist Brothers congregation in Spain said Thursday that 25 minors were sexually abused by former teachers of Roman Catholic religious order at its schools the country.

The order launched a commission to investigate sexual abuse at its schools after a court in 2019 sentenced a former teacher to nearly 22 years in jail for abusing four students from 2006 to 2019 in Barcelona.

Thirteen other former students at the school also accused him of sexual abuse but their cases could not go to trial because the alleged crimes happened too long ago.

“We studied the cases of 25 victims, we listened to them, and a process of recognition of their status as victims is underway,” said a spokesman for the order in Spain.

He declined to give further details about the conclusions of the commission, which will be presented next week.

“We were the first congregation to put in place an independent commission to listen to the victims,” the spokesman told AFP.

The order has agreed to pay 400,000 euros ($486,000) in compensation to the victims, according to a source with knowledge of the agreement who asked not to be named.

The amount paid to each one varying depending in the seriousness of the case, the source added.

Spanish media in 2016 began reporting on dozens of alleged cases of alleged sexual abuse at Marist schools in Barcelona between 1970 and 2010.

The reports helped break the wall silence which had existed in Spain until then about cases of clerical sexual abuse and led to a rise in accusations.

The Marist community was at the centre of a major clerical abuse scandal that erupted in Chile in 2017 and led to the resignation of 34 bishops in the Latin American country.

Sexual abuse scandals involving priests and teachers at Catholic schools around the world have led to costly legal action, are blamed for an exodus of believers, and have damaged the Church’s moral standing in hitherto staunchly Catholic states like Spain. 


More sad cases of abuse.

One priest abused until 2019.

Had he not been watching the tsunami of abuse being exposed?

It seems many abusers have no fear and the danger of being caught turns them on.

And this senior education adviser abused with severe violence.


The cases in Mount Mellerary and Silverstream have not gone away and will not be forgotten.

A Canonical Denunciation is being prepared in Rome and will soon be lodged.

Richard Purcell

A number of Irish Catholics have enlisted the services of a Roman canon lawyer.


SILVERSTREAM and it’s former and current priors – Kirby and Elijah – are unfit for purpose.


Silverstream needs to be closed.

GLENSTAL has had its current and historic problems and needs to be totally renewed and put away its reputation as a gay community in the past.

Coffey – Glenstal

As readers can see – the priesthood and monasteries are as in a bad a state as they were at the Reformation.

“Sex is the Catholic Church’s 20 th century’s Galileo”.

We are watching this unfolding now.



Saturday and Sunday 12 noon

Mom to Friday 5.30 pm


Charles Moore, aka Lord Snooty, wrote a piece in the Telegraph denouncing Gavin Williamson as a new Thomas Cromwell for his treatment of Ampleforth.
The message pushed out by the school defenders is that despite the abuse, the prison sentences, the repeated failed inspections, and the suicides it’s a brilliant school.
As an aside, who knew that 40% of its pupils are non-Catholic, as is the headmaster.


Pat will you offer Mass for the two former Killaloe Seminarians who were sexual molested in Maynooth. Iggy and Fintan failed to protect them.


12.18 If they were Sexually molested to use your words then it is not the Bishop that would deal with this as it is a Garda matter and a Safeguarding incident.
And as you say there are two of them so it will be a Court case so any Bishop would be advised to say nothing but to corporate with the Garda and Safeguarding
Fintan Monahan sadly is a careerist so I would be surprised if he covered anything up.
Holy Mas is important but so is Justice so tell the two fellow Seminarians to go to the Garda or contact Bishop Buckley who would Advocate on their behalf.


This isn’t your first time mentioning them. Did you get their permission. On another occasion you used the word ‘rape.’ Now it’s molest. Your postings are discredited and for your own sick ends. Postat 12:18, it’s not difficult to imagine what these might be.


One of the students he has named in the past is now a lay student in Maynooth getting on with his life. This stalker makes me sick.


There are some seriously mentally disturbed ex-sems about. Thank God they were weeded out.


It’s extraordinary that the allegations came to light in 2012 and were reported then by the archdiocese of Birmingham to the civil authorities but it has taken eight years to come to trial. Only now will the canonical process begin, which means he has been on the payroll as a MIA for eight years.


Hopefully Archbishop Longley will prioritise the case to the tribunal but sadly the tribunals are very very busy.
And NO Dioceses want clergy MIA or on Sabbatical unless they are ill as it costs the Lay faith a fortune for these spongers.
Please believe this is very common years it takes as they know the system but Pope Francis has been modernising some parts of the system so will free up Tribunal staff to speed up these clergy appeals.
It is really shocking and sadly Bishops get the blame for having them on MIA or c/o but it is the system and these double standard clergy.
Accommodation needs to be purchased for them as well as payments and to make it worse in some cases you go along to the Accommodation and there is the “Friend” or the abuser in denial.


Indeed. Time to have more tribunals. There are lots of lay canon lawyers no so staffing shouldn’t be a problem if the will is there. It would cost a lot less than having a MIA for eight years, though it’s also shocking that it took eight years to go to the crown court. Imagine the victims having to wait so long to see justice done.


He was watching gay porn ‘by a female security guard’ and alledgedly went on to assualt her for discovering this? This makes no sense. What was Rutler doing alledgedly watching this stuff in the presence of someone? And how on earth could he not expect to be discovered with the guard in the same room?
This accusation does not add up.


Quigley will have started at seminary shortly after Couve de M. arrived in the arch see (from Arundel which had not long hived from Southwark). Having spent most of his career in university chaplaincies I suppose the latter was oriented to people up to 30 years younger than him who were into (or whom some wanted to get into) “jinks”.
That was not long after my school class was groomed as a class (in a secular school) from when we were 14 onwards. These were times of “never had it so good” and “white heat” when the RCC abolished all belief and prayer. This was the era when the sentimental church corporate used to be on the lookout for who would be for instance “media priest”, so why not “schools priest” as well.
Hypomanic and sensual are often confused with spiritual. It would be fascinating to know what seminaries C de M and Quigley went to and who their VDs were and what seminaries those in turn went to.


I neither understand nor care for the implication in attempting to link Archbishop Maurice with Joseph Quigley. Presumably Maurice approved Quigley for ordination, and may have done the job himself. It is also public knowledge that Maurice handled abuse scandals ineptly, but had handed over to Vincent by the time Quigley’s offences first came to light. (Ironically Vincent was sent to Brum to sort out the mess – but that didn’t go as well as expected, did it?)
As for linking their priestly training, they were of completely different generations and of different dioceses. Maurice was educated at Downside, Trinity College, Cambridge, and then did his seminary formation in Paris. I doubt Quigley followed the same trajectory.


A close reading of the Joseph Quigley story throws up some interesting, and perhaps still to be answered, questions:
1. Quigley’s address is given as Stone in Staffordshire, and in other newspaper reports more specifically as Aston Hall, which was and perhaps still is a retirement / containment place of residence for old and / or naughty priests. I think the notorious Bede Walsh lived / worked / resided there for some time before his long sentence was handed down. So, it appears that Quigley was until the very recent past still within a Church environment provided by the Archdiocese of Birmingham. You have to ask why ? Under what conditions ?
2. A slightly forensic look at the dates involved suggest that much of the early phase of this case took place during the reign of + Nichols when he was Archbishop of Birmingham before he was translated to Westminster. As far as I can work out, Quigley was moved out of his parish when some things came to light and was sent off to the USA for a’sabbatical’ and / or ‘treatment’ in 2008. At that time it appears that the Archdiocese of Birmingham did not involve the police. Is that because there was nothing at that point to warrant police involvement, or because they decided not to ? There was evidently enough evidence to remove Quigley and to send him off to the USA. It all sounds a depressingly familiar following of the standard play book by dioceses. And, perhaps pertinently during these post IICSA criticism of Nichols days, it took place during Nichols watch. Is this another of his mistakes in safeguarding ?
All t his follows just a cursory look at this case, but I’m sure if I spent a bit more time looking at the circumstances of this case – which I really can’t be bother to at this point – there will be more questions that will raise themselves. As it is, judging by the trial judge’s comments, Quigley will be looking at a long time in prison, in part because there is a suggestion in the judge’s comments that Quigley still is a dangerous man. Bede Walsh was sentenced to 22 years and still languishes in jail and probably will do most of those years because he still arrogantly refuses to accept responsibility for his crimes. Sexually abusive priests cannot expect to find much mercy or compassion in the courts. Which is probably right, given the egregious criminal betrayal they have inflicted on the innocent.


Nicholls is a Disgrace and should go now.
He is a crafty operator and getting the media people to send items to the CNA media in Rome to look good.
.Lets pray for his come down in 2021
KOB abused his power with clergy but this Nicholls covered up the abusers and all sort and not went yet.


No surprise here then. Another deviant priest. There isn’t another organisation in the world that gives you ‘therapy’ for committing crimes.
Does anyone know how he ended up out of the priesthood?


10.54 He has gone according to article above
He was forced to resign in disgrace, prosecutor Adrian Langdale QC told a jury at Warwick Crown Court.
Likely resign on morning of the trial.
Another one bites the dust.


Yes, I did wonder at the “Father” reference. Seems too cushy and friendly to me. “Quigley” would have been sufficient.


Those days are gone the ” Organisation” always contacts the Garda or Police wherever it is straight away sadly it is working both ways innocent and guilty get referred to them.
Therapy The Church has a duty of care to its Clergy and employees for Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling and Mental Health so like every other organisation.
However crime will not be tolerated by any Bishop from the Pope to the Auxiliary Bishops.
I would imagine he ended up out by a Canonical trial as he would keep saying he is innocent.

I wonder if Quigley used the excuse that McAlleese talks about in this article – that he was seduced by the young people he abused ? Probably. That’s the kind of warped, self-excusing thinking that clergy often use to justify their behaviour. Where does that being ? In their training. Seminaries and the way and culture in which priests are trained is so inadequate and even dangerous. We get the priests that our seminaries turn out. Look how many of them are gone after a few years, look at how many get themselves in to real trouble, and look at how many of them will spend time in prison. Start there, and work back, and you will find the reasons why.


Longley is too nice a man. This statement is pretty soft. I don’t see a direct reference to Quigley being laicised, which is what should automatically happen. Also the stuff about praying for him is a bit premature. That can come later. Right now he should unequivocal in his condemnation of Quigley and his crimes. I sense that somehow the Archdiocese of Birmingham seems to be less condemnatory of Quigley and his crimes than at other times. It’s the tone. Much too benign. I wonder why ? Are they surprised that Quigley was found guilty and have a different view as to what he was up to ? They appear to have looked after him a great deal over the last decade or so, even after his behaviour was called in to question. Is it a case of clerical loyalty no matter what ? Just something I sense.


Much too Benign. you have parts of it wrong. Archbishop Longley is really a lovely man and wants to do his best but he condemns these actions of Clergy and rightly so but it is the media that changes things to sell a story.
In Criminal and Civil law everyone is innocent until proven guilty so the Church has a duty of care and it is a no win situation chuck him out then it is the bad Church or keep him in again it is the bad Church.
He will be laicised in no time now he has been found guilty.
People do not realise it takes a lot of Diocesan money to take a case to Rome and really prefer to sort it out at National Tribunals but these corrupt and disloyal Priests hang on and take what they can get to the bitter end.
In this case it was the crown who held it up.
Some Bishops never thought the day would come like above but sadly some clergy see the Holy Orders as a meal tick and more so the new younger ones in the saunas and pubs why Bishops are ordaining them we will never know.
You would be very surprised how many MIA, c/o and sabbatical clergy there is not a Dioceses in the UK or Ireland does not have at least 1 and some have over 12.


Martin, please do us the courtesy of using capital letters and full stops and proper sentences if you want us to understand what you are saying. Thank you.


He read it publicly after Mass in the Cathedral today. Streamed. And with congregation. it must be so embarrassing to keep having to put out statements like that for priests who have let the side down so badly. I feel sorry for Longley. However, perhaps he should ask himself why this has happened and happens so often ? Maybe there is something wrong with the notion and culture of priesthood, celibacy, all male priesthood, the clerical entitled and unaccountable culture ? Well, we know there is. But, it is up to him and his likes to do something about it. So, why doesn’t he ? Why doesn’t he stand up and say after another of these statements, and this is what has brought us to this pass and this is what we think is wrong and this is what we are going to change. Rather than just putting all the blame on the individual – which is right so far as it goes – but doesn’t account for everything. The theology of priesthood, its practice, its culture…these are also part of the problem. Say it !


Father Quigley was a holy man who did good work in the Warwick and Lemington areas. He clearly had failings like we all do. This blog resembles the gallows and a bear pit, too quick to throw rocks at people and pull them down. Are we not all sinners?


Excuse me, we don’t all have failings like his. That’s we he is going to prison and we are not. Have some sympathy for his victims.


This comment is so funny. he hasn’t been brought down he’s been sent down. By a judge. For a crime. Which is also a mortal sin.


12:11 why are you so keen to defend a nonce? Jesus had very harsh words about those who cause little ones to fall.


Quigley was your classic manipulator. He even manipulated you. You just didn’t realise it. There was a calculating and wicked modus operandi to Quigley. Yes, it’s quite understandable to be fooled, but now you know the truth at least recognise his wickedness for what it is. In the interests of truth, justice, and the victims he so viciously abused.


I have a police officer friend and he said that for many potential criminals the fear of appearing on the telly, on social media and the press after going to court is part of society’s punishment for these perverts and acts as a deterrent to some nonces, so I’m glad Pat is highlighting cases such as these. As well as mercy for the wrongdoer there must be mercy and justice for victims.


It has a moat. The prison won’t be as cushy. He’ll find that his lovely cellmate is less easy to mistreat than a child.


Well, he’s swapped that now for something much more moderate. He won’t have a great time in prison. It will be interesting to see how long he gets. Walsh got 22 years, but then he was an arrogant and aloof type who showed no remorse at all. Didn’t do himself any favours. And even now he denies what he did, and as a consequence will not get the usual release on license at half way through. I guess he might just end up doing most of the 22 years. As long as he feels justified…..!


He will soon get nothing from the Archdioceses but will have his prison money for working in the laundry or kitchen each week.
However parishioners like 10.59 will post in money to the prison for his treats in the prison shop and fellow clergy may visit him.
He will be allowed to use the prison chaplaincy service but will not be allowed to say Holy Mass as Archbishop Longley would have suspended him and now applying to laicise him.


@11.24am FYI he never lived in that house you ignorant misinformed fool. It’s like saying he resided in Larne and assuming it was the Oratory. Too many on here quick in assuming all sorts incorrectly.


Well, hello again to our resident choleric @11:24! If Quigley didn’t live at Aston Hall, as claimed in say the Coventry Telegraph, where in Stone did he live? Was the diocese furnishing him with a private house for eight years? He certainly seems to have enjoyed agreeable housing throughout his “good work” (11:59) in the Warwick area. The church together with attached presbytery at Hampton-on-Hill, where his offences took place, is an absolute gem. In such a small parish, his duties must have been light, so leaving him time for his educational activities.


So where did he live and who paid for it?

It’s shocking, +Pat, to see the number of people defending this abuser priest.


Hey, 12:15, keep your fury for Quigley and the like. He was guilty; he did it and he knew he did it. He could have pleaded guilty at any time over the last eight years, giving earlier closure to victims and their families and sparing them having to give evidence, and earned himself a shorter sentence for a guilty plea.
But no, he decided to cling on and be treated, housed and paid for another eight years, all the while probably hoping that the case against him would collapse before it got to court or that he’d get off.
What a disgraceful man and what a discgrace, Fr Choleric, to fly off the handle on his behalf


Yes @ 1:18, there are some very nice parochial residences in Birmingham Archdiocese, including the one you mention. The one I particularly like is down in Dorchester-on-Thames, on the north side of the river so still in Birmingham, which extends all the way down to the Thames. Lovely Georgian house with its own mooring on the Thames and a dinky little Pugin church. Is that man Osman still there ? Been there years. I don’t even think he is a priest of the Archdiocese. He was a mate of Couve de Mudville, all Oxbridge and academic and in to neo-gothic decoration. Landed on his feet there.


Yes, John Osman is still there. I’ve been to the presbytery. It’s gorgeous. He was Catholic chaplain in Cambridge for a while and pre-covid he had a standing invitation to any of his old Cambridge students to have lunch in the presbytery. A droll chap, he was all into heraldry and other snobby pursuits, and he pronounced nearby Didcot as Didco.


Ah, yes, that was the connection with Couve de Murville – the Catholic Chaplaincy at Cambridge where Couve was the chaplain. Did Osman follow him ? Then moved to Dorchester ? He’s certainly been there about 25 years already. Not sure how come that’s happened because these days priests tend to move about a lot more than in the past. Maybe he’s made it known that if the Archbishop wants him to move, he will just retire or go somewhere else outside the diocese, and then the A’b would be a priest down, which in these days is a problem. I can’t imagine Osman wanting to go to Stoke on Trent or Nuneaton ! God forbid !


John Osman was chaplain in Cambridge in my wife’s time ie the mid 80s. I think he was, like his friend and near neighbour, Fr Ian Ker, living off his own foundation, ie he was a wealthy man in his own right and not dependent on the archdiocese of Birmingham. An Irishman was appointed assistant chaplain and Fr Osman was a bit snobby about him. The Oxbridge chaplaincy appointments, then and now, are national level appointments by the episcopal conference, rather than the local bishop.

Fr Osman restored the church and presbytery in Dorchester at his own expense.

My wife recalls Basil Hume visiting the chaplaincy and, when the cardinal admired a new gas fire, Fr Osman said it was an Anglican fire. “What do you mean?” asked Basil, warily. “It looks real, but it isn’t” was the reply.


He comes across well in that video. Very obviously gay, but I’m sure that he would be the first to say that there’s nothing wrong with that.


He comes across typically, and stereotypically, as deeply and unselfconsciously clericalist. He says that he wanted to give his life to God…as a priest, meaning that a person may do so only in this way.
I thought that Martin Luther had laid to rest the silly notion that only priests could function in this way.
Giving onself to God is the prerogative of EVERY person, regardless of what they do in life.


I agree. Chosen from before he was born, he probably thinks. It sounds like he drifted into Maynooth at 18, feeling called to be a diocesan priest and then, 7 expensive years later, was ordained, despite doubts. Another year in Rome and then the laity of Killaloe got two years of curacy out of him before he jumped on another merry go round in Glenstal and a futher sojurn in Italy.

All of that was no doubt very congenial and pleasant for him, but close to a million must have been spent on this one, not particularly inspiring, man. He seems somehow flat and passionless. Ronan Drury used to call such men “armchair priests”.

Incidentally, which was the true call? The call to be a diocesan priest or the later one to be a monk? God must have changed His mind.


I agree that 12:45 posted an excellent article by Rod Dreher, who is balanced and even-handed despite his own conservative leanings. However, I consider that unwittingly or not, in pleading for the sinner on the grounds of universal human frailty, Dreher creates a smoke-screen over what the former Abbot of Downside has described as “the heart of darkness” of the Catholic priesthood, which is homosexuality. We have been over this question interminably on this blog, but can we remind ourselves yet again from everything we have seen that this is a specific problem which the Catholic Church has created for itself and yet refuses to resolve. We are not talking about one-off errors of judgment, but a culture which rewards life-long duplicity – as long as you don’t get caught.
Regarding Father Rutler, Rod Dreher raises concerns about possible entrapment, as if the guard – only on her second night of duty – had been sent to sniff around by the special investigator she so promptly contacted. Maybe, maybe not, but, if so, it might suggest that a lot more had been suspected already concerning Father Rutler’s nocturnal viewing.


Time here for a lovely gin and tonic. I have a big old chicken in the oven cooking. I can’t wait to eat it.


Thank you Betty. Father Paul is a wonderful man and does work with the disabled everyday that I could not do.


Our congregation have divided not to attend together for just now as The Oratory is small and keeping 2 metre distance is not feasible.

We are taking responsibility for each other.


It is hard to imagine scandal-hit Silverstream being able to continue after all the strange goings-on there. Time those useless queens were earning a living for themselves and not depending on handouts from old faghags.


Can we have a religious blog this week for the 8th. There was so much alluded to in this past week that it has been hard trying to process it all and I’m sure very difficult for those alluded to.


Rev Pat is not interested and neither are his followers in a religious blog.
They only interested in exposing wrong doing, the majority of which is lies. Pray for them.


If you know that the majority of accusations on here are lies, then it means that you have evidence for this statement.

Why don’t you bring it forward?


I am interested. That’s why I celebrate Mass everyday and pray and try to do what good I can.


The mere fact that people continue to describe a convicted paedophile as holy is more than enough reason why this dangerous cult should everywhere be controlled by the state and its clergy tagged.
What kind of twisted world view must you have to think a convicted criminal is holy just because he is one of these ontologically challenged godlings.


We know how Jesus treated a convicted criminal on the Cross. Are you holier than thou @ 3.55pm, perhaps we should come and do you homage because thou art so holy.



Empty the prisons, abolish the courts and defund the police. Is that what you’re saying? Hold Fr Quigley’s hand and tell him that he’s like the Good Thief? Is that what the prison chaplain should tell him?

I wonder if you’re just trolling for the laugh after a heavy Sunday afternoon’s drinking?


At 3:55pm – you’re every bit as moronic as them. Maybe you should be carefully watched, “controlled” by “the State” and “tagged” yourself, given the pathology of hatred and irrationality you exhibit?? The vast majority of Catholics are appalled at Quigley. Only a deranged loon (akin to yourself) would call him “holy”. I strongly suspect whoever said he was “holy” was acting the clown.


MC’s views are indicative of a serious personality disorder. He has been pouring out bile on here for some years and it hasn’t done him or any reader any good. The opposite is more likely the case.


Good Mass and Homily from Father Paul today! Good to have different Clergy praying Mass. So looking forward to Father Paul’s next Mass.


Hi Pat. I was surprised to see that today’s mass was recorded and available for later viewing. Is that new? Is it just the most recent mass?
By the way – who is Fr Paul?


We changed systems today. All future Masses will be recorded. Father Paul is a much valued member of our Oratory Socirty


What a load of camp old shite from Daniel Seward CO kindly provided by the poster at 4:55! There is more such as Daniel doing a Fanny Cradock in the kitchen. Does this mean the poor sod has finally come to terms with his … ahem … true nature?


@8.09pm Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t drink alcohol, yet another foolish assumption on your part. It’s not what a prison chaplain may say that matters but what Christ says. Do you too condemn?


Jardine, are you having some time off? Any word on the priests in Glesgay, Motherwell and Paisley that you were going to visit? What about Joe Toal leaving in January for a bit, is this true? Any word on the relationship between the Paisley and Motherwell sem and them physically assaulting someone in a Glasgay club? I hear the Paisley sem is back on faceybook and acting holy holy.


You back again and still not contacted Bishop Keenan.
Just wanting to hear and spread idol gossip.
Bishop Toal needs to try and get his sight seen too so he needs an operation and time to recover
Sadly if operation is not a success then he may need to retire on health grounds.
Bishop Goal cannot drive and needs an iPad to assist him now.


I would think if they are going to appoint an administrator for Motherwell it might well be Leo. He is a Motherwell priest, knows the troops and the politics.


Depends on Bishop Toal if he just needs a short time off then it would be his VG that would take over.
If he resigns due to ill health then it would become a vacant see so Rome would divide to either appointment an Administrator or let the Council of Priests appoint one like they did in Paisley when Archbishop Tartaglia got transferred.
It would be unusual to appoint another Archbishop from a different province so if Rome appointed it would likely be Bishop Kenan unless Archbishop Tartaglia decided he could do it however he has enough in Glasgow


Abp Longley acted shockingly disrespectfully, uncalled for, at the instigation of someone I had the misfortune to know. As for a Parisian formation of C de M, sadly I’m not surprised it wouldn’t translate well to these isles: I wonder why he had to specialise in chaplaincies – did Basil have anything to do with that?


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