MAYNOITH SEMINARY is trying to to invent itself after year’s of being exposed as a rampant gay seminary.

They are selling their main buildings for accommodation for the university lay students.

And they are planning a 21 St century minj seminary at the edge of the campus.

But their problem is their toxic reputation as a gay seminary – a place of orgiastic gay sex between seminarians and seminarians and priests.

President Ledwith spent his time seducing first year seninarians.

He was sent packing to the USA with a £ 300,000 golden handshake by the Irish bishops.

And then we had the 2016 Summer of Love when all kinds of gay revelations came flooding out.

Diarmuid Martin condemned the “strange goings in” and pulled out all his seminarians.

The numbers of entrants have dropped.

Maynooth is finished.

Better to give it a good funeral and start all over again.