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Nuns in the city of Speyer “dragged” children to be sexually abused by priests and politicians, a survivor told a German court. His explosive testimony is the latest abuse scandal to rock the German Catholic Church.

Catholic nuns who ran a former children’s home in the German city of Speyer allegedly aided in the sexual abuse of the children who were under their care, according to a newly-surfaced court decision.

The latest scandal came to light after a victim filed a case to claim compensation from the Catholic church, prompting the Darmstadt Social Welfare Court to investigate.

Although the court ruled on the case in May this year, it was not made public until now.

Protestant news agency EPD and Catholic news agency KNA acquired copies of the court’s decision, which detailed claims of horrific abuse that children suffered at the hands of clergy members in the 1960s and 1970s.

Nuns were key in aiding the abuse, regularly bringing boys and girls to predatory priests and even receiving money to do so, the man testified in court.

On Thursday, the Bishop of Speyer, Karl-Heinz Wiesemann, went public with the allegations of abuse for the first time in an interview with Catholic magazine Der Pilger. He said that “several” abuse allegations had been filed.

Years of abuse at children’s home

The court testimony in the court case stems from a 63-year-old man who lived at the nun-run children’s home in Speyer for several years.

Much of the alleged abuse centered on one priest in particular — identified by the Bishop of Speyer as a now-deceased vicar named Rudolf Motzenbäcker.

The victim in the case was an altar boy at the Speyer Cathedral

During the 10 years that he lived in the children’s home, nuns would allegedly take him to the priest’s apartment once or twice a month and that they “downright dragged” him there.

The man estimated he’d been assaulted around 1,000 times.

Motzenbäcker was also alleged to have organized so-called “sex parties” that took place every three or four months that included several male clergy members and politicians.

Nuns would allegedly bring boys and girls — serving drinks and food to the men in one corner of the room while children were assaulted nearby.

“The nuns earned money from it. The men who were present would have donated generously,” the victims testimony reads, according to KNA.
The man suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the ordeal. He said that many of the children who were involved at the time are dead.

The abuse commissioner for the religious order that ran the children’s home, which closed down in 2000, said there were no longer any documents on the children in the Speyer home.

The court and the experts who interviewed the man said they had no doubt about the victim’s credibility.
Other victims have separately come forward with their own allegations of abuse, the diocese of Speyer said, providing similar stories of abuse — particularly involving Motzenbäcker.

The diocese paid the man €15,000 ($18,100) in recognition of his suffering.

Speyer Bishop Wiesemann said that the archdiocese agrees with the court that the man suffered sexual abuse during his time in the church-run home. He said the church has been passing information to prosecutors and encouraged other victims to come forward.

The latest scandal to hit Germany’s Catholic Church comes as the Archbishop of Cologne is facing accusations of covering up allegations of child sexual abuse involving a now-deceased priest.
rs/aw  (epd, KNA)


What a horrible thought – nuns dragging a little boy to a priest’s room so that the priest could abuse him!!!

I once spoke to a Northern Ireland lady who attended a convent school.

One of the nuns used to force the girls into a parlour to go to Confession to a religious order priest.

The priest used to rape the girls by putting a crucifix into their vaginas.

On the way out the nun standing outside the four used to ask: “Did you enjoy your visit to Father”?

How evil to use the symbol of salvation and healing to rape and abuse.

Men like that are either mentally ill or evil – or maybe both.

And as for the nuns – throwing the lambs to the lions 😢


Even though all of these crimes would have been known to the bishops, all of the priests involved will have been in good standing, holders of celebrets and definitely not excommunicated or made homeless. Is there no end to this stuff?


The victim revealed that the nuns made him use the abuser priest as his confessor, which kept the abuse in a closed loop. He also reported that a 12-year-old girl who was being abused became pregnant because of it. She disappeared suddenly and wasn’t seen again.


Don’t wish to stereotype but the German bishop in the pic looks a bit on the fruity side. I bet he has a talent for music.


Pat, are you and your husband fans of Strictly? Our Else and Her Nunliness are glued!
Oh Pat, I hear it was wigs on the Green in Vestmeenster Kafedural this morning. Our Else she were spitting nails so she were.
She’s absolutely furious that she’s being disrespected and spoken mockingly about on your blog.
She strongly suspects Monty because she has form in contacting your blog.
“I’ll birch her with my own bare hands if I find proof”, she was heard growling through gritted teeth. “There won’t be flesh left on that football pitch of a lard arse”, Elsie intimated, with barely containable fury, to Her Nunemence.
Oh Pat, seeeeeeething and apoplectic. The Nun is having to administer two Valium suppositories now – morning and bedtime.


@9:11 For goodness sake grow up. Your attempt at wit is gross in the light of the sickening subject of today’s post.


We all know the classic church strategy of only answering the questions asked and then making out you’re not withholding evidence. The Boston Globe reporters described it as like dealings with the Mafia – you have to ask the right questions or you won’t get the answer.


9:40, challenge the Catholic Church and all they will do is send a solicitors letter. It’s their default position. I think they do it to intimidate.


Yes, I think there is a lot more to this story that is still to come out. I expect there are some forensic investigations of the records being done by Longley in Birmingham, and that both he and Nichols know that not all is right with the handling of Quigley, and that there is trouble brewing. I wonder if IICSA is keeping abreast of this, and whether they might take an interest in material matters that seem to have been kept from them. Although, maybe they did know and it was agreed that it should not be publicly discussed at IICSA because it was sub judice ? I tend to think that it will rather have been the Church keeping diplomatically quiet and being economical with the truth. We see that so often. And, as I write that, I wonder why is it that people like me think like that about the Church these days ? They have definitely lost our trust. That is their fault because of their egregious failures in upholding the truth and justice over the decades, and opting rather for coverup and defending their dear institution, the Church and its clergy, at all costs.


Scorer tweeted that even if a matter is sub judice it shoould be on the table, redacted and a cipher used for any name.


Mind you, there are some names I recognise there from the not too recent past. I think a number of them from the 70s / 80s / and perhaps even in to the 90s had long form but were somehow allowed to carry on as priests. The alarm bells did not ring. And the main impulse was to protect the priest and the Church at all costs. That’s why so many of them were able to carry on with their behaviour for so long. It was just seen as an inconvenient aspect of their character, that didn’t really have that much impact. Or so they chose to think. One does hope that even the slightest whiff of misbehaviour in these areas nowadays would trigger a well thought out and responsible course of action that ensured that, if the allegation were true, the priest would be taken out of ministry and the case investigated. I accept that can on occasion mean a priest being wrongly accused and suffering injustice himself. But, that is the sacrifice that needs to be made in order to ensure that we can trust priests, bishops and the Church.


Closer to home, how many abusing priests has Nichols protected in one way or another ? The loyalty of the clerical club one to another is still alive and kicking.


There are no good priests. I recognise names on the Birmingham list that our PP was talking about privately as a scandal 35 years ago. Priests have known about their abusing colleagues for decades and I haven’t seen one of them put his head above the parapet.
Our PP was ordained the same year as Samuel Penney and knew full well.


@ 5:07 – ooohhh, with just a little bit of forensic work we could guess who your PP is then ? Can I be bothered ? Nah, not really….


Jesus! This blog is finished judging by the posts so far. Spot the failed Priests and Sems. Their posts are so obvious.


11.55am What is your prevelance honey? Wind your neck in darling. I bet you are 100% squeaky clean.


Who would be sad nowadays at not being ordained? Most people look at you and assume that you are a nonce and would never allow their children to be alone with you.


12:21 you are spot on. The fools who comment here about spoiled priests etc are literally not in the real world. At this point they need to engage with the fact that the reputation of their church is wrecked, and the culprits for this aren’t even the abusers, it’s the bishops who have facilitated this and the morally failed clergy who stood by while this was going on.
The next step in the continuing scandal may be ongoing financial problems because of plummeting church attendance by wealthy Americans. The ongoing fall out there will hasten this process.
That or the next step may be further embarrassment about finances and or sexual scandal in the so-called developing world.
This is so far from over.


lots of priests driving around in brand new cars. retired priest in my parish brags about going to the Galway races, entertaining big shots in the town, and drives a brand new Audi.


An Audi is not a flash car. If he were reversing drunk up the road in a BMW then I would be concerned.


We have a KFC in Larne. As a 36 year resident of Larne I like Larne.

I’m not a KFC fan though.


Pat, since you are no longer a Roman Catholic, does that mean you can keep your head up in Larne without fear of attack?


Pat at 1:52….. OK – that is what I expected from you…but what about the others who may not be so brave?


The man can’t be bothered to answer you, so don’t bother wasting the price of a card and stamp to send to him. Pray for him. it will do him much better


Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.” is a phrase reportedly spoken by the commander of the Albigensian Crusade, prior to the massacre at Béziers on 22 July 1209.
A direct translation of the Latin phrase is “Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own.”
The Papal legate and military commander of the Crusade in its initial phase and leader of this first major military action of the Crusade was Cistercian abbot, Arnaud Amalric and was reported to have uttered this order by Caesarius of Heisterbach.

The violent crimes committed against children by the Roman Church is nothing less than a latter day Massacre of the Innocents. It is in very much in keeping with the cry of the Cistercian abbot, Arnaud Amalric “Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own.”

It is a wonder why todays victims and their supporters have not taken the violence to the Roman Church. God will certainly know his own


Bollocks as usual. He offered his resignation to the Pope a few weeks ago when he turned 75 in accordance with Canon law. It was not accepted. Stop stirring shite.


I heard in the news today Pat that Larne ferry port will be the main border town between the UK and EU. Somebody suggested (from your political background) that you could be part of the negotiations and your name was put forward in Brussels. I am not piss taking.


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