LARNE, where I live is a very ” religious” town – as far as the number of churches we have.

For a population of 25,000 people we have over 50 churches, including one in a former pet shop.

Larne is an 80% Protestant and 13% Catholic town.

Over the last few days I wen’t out to buy my Christmas cards.

We have several news agencies and a big franchise can’t shop.

I could not find ONE SINGLE RELIGIOUS CHRISTMAS CARD in the whole town of Larne!

Maybe I am naive, but I was shocked at that.

I know that Christmas has it’s root in pagan and pre Christian times and that Christianity hijacked it.

But I thought that after nearly 2,000 of Christianity it would be easier to buy Christian Christmas cards?

I actually deeply resent the total materialisation and secularisation of Christmas.

So, years ago I made a very firm decision to opt out of the materialistic Christmas.

For me, Christmas is about two things:

1. The Christmas Vigil Mass.

2. Christmas Day Lunch with those who are dearest to me.

Of course I appreciate how Christmas is a family time and a wonderous time for children – and making Christmas magical for children is a great priority.

But sadly many children will not hear the name Jesus this Christmas – and personally I think that that is impoverishing children.