FROM Christopher Altieri Catholic Herald

– Catholic Herald, Rome – Pope Francis quietly laicized a priest accused of grave immorality and serious canonical crimes in 2017, rather than have him stay in the priesthood long enough to face trial.

The former cleric, ping Peter Mitchell, was a priest in the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin, when he was accused. Before joining the Green Bay diocese, he had been a priest of the Lincoln, Nebraska diocese.

The case of this former cleric is closed, but the way Church authorities dealt with this man bears significant resemblance to the way in which Churchmen attempted to manage priests accused of abusing minors in the days before the crisis of leadership and governance in the Church became a worldwide scandal.

Mr. Mitchell recounted his struggles with priestly life – including serial violations of chastity with adult women – in an essay that widely circulated in 2018.

Interviews with Green Bay officials and with women involved in various ways with Mr. Mitchell, as well as documentary evidence related to the case obtained by the Catholic Herald have revealed that the narrative Mr. Mitchell offered to the public omits significant details.

The Green Bay investigation

The Green Bay official who conducted the preliminary investigation, Fr. John Girotti, told the Catholic Herald the diocese found the allegations credible and drew up five discrete charges against Mitchell, some of which were crimes reserved to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. These included serious offenses against chastity, spiritual abuse, abuse of the Sacrament of Confession, and other misconduct.

The accusations against then-Fr. Mitchell detailed behavior including manipulative exploitation of traumatic biographical details from his victim’s life, about which he had learned either during confession or spiritual counseling. They also included graphic details of attempted sexual coercion, as well as extremely vulgar and aggressive language and other behavior. In the formal accusations and in separate interviews with the Catholic Herald, the victim-accuser spoke of the way in which Mr. Mitchell would attempt to spiritualize their relationship.

Church law, however, gives accused clerics the right to petition for release from their promises or vows, rather than face trial. In 2017, the man who was then styled Fr. Mitchell availed himself of that right.

“As per the standard praxis of the CDF in canonical penal matters,” Girotti told the Herald, “[Mr. Mitchell] was offered the option of petitioning for laicization, which he did.”

The petition for dispensation from the obligations arising from Holy Orders – “voluntary laicization” in common parlance – was “part of the canonical process,” Fr Girotti explained. CDF handled the paperwork, but Pope Francis granted the petition, which was a “grace” rather than a penalty – meaning his laicization was a favor Pope Francis accorded him, rather than a punishment for wrongdoing.

No time wasted

The Congregation turned the request around very quickly.

Green Bay sent the petition in May of 2017, and received an affirmative answer from the Prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Louis Ladaria SJ, in July of that same year:

“Very fast,” said Fr. Girotti. “These usually take 6-9 months,” he added.

Msgr. John Kennedy, who heads the disciplinary section in CDF that handles these and similar cases, declined the Catholic Herald’s invitation to answer questions. The number of similar petitions received each year, as well as figures regarding how many are granted and how many denied, are not published anywhere by the Vatican.

There was no trial, no administrative proceeding, no conviction in Mr. Mitchell’s case. The prohibitions in the letter granting the petition were “boilerplate” – i.e. Mitchell was not to teach religion / theology / sacred sciences in Catholic schools, colleges, universities; nor was he to receive appointment to pontifical faculties. He was also ordered not to have a showy public wedding, should he ever marry. A “wedding without pomp” is the verbiage used for that last.

Church officials handled the matter swiftly both in Rome and in Green Bay.

“[Then-Fr. Mitchell] asked for a leave in early December of 2016 for exhaustion,” Fr. Girotti told the Herald. “Then, right after Christmas of 2016, possible canonical penal matter came to light,” through an adult victim-accuser who approached the diocese with her allegations.

Fr. Girotti praised the woman’s courage.
“I never had any doubt about the credibility [of the victim-witness],” Fr. Girotti told us. “We believe her,” he said.

“We in Green Bay moved quickly,” Fr. Girotti recounted. “We restricted [Mitchell] when he came to us requesting leave of absence,” in early December, before the victim came forward.
Those initial restrictions “were consistent with a priest going for medical treatment for exhaustion,” Girotti explained: Mitchell was moved out of his parish, not allowed to say public Masses or hear confessions.

When the victim-accuser did come forward, Green Bay immediately put further restrictions in place: Mr. Mitchell was barred from wearing clerical dress and from presenting himself as a priest; he could not function in any way as a cleric or sacred minister.

“Bishop [David] Ricken [of Green Bay] immediately – that day – began a canonical preliminary investigation,” Fr. Girotti said.

The preliminary investigation took several months to complete.

The results of the investigation went to CDF in May of 2017.

“Rome received and read the entire preliminary investigation,” Fr. Girotti said. “It was a traumatic experience for everyone,” Girotti told the Herald. “We had a guy,” Mitchell, “who was a bad actor, and we wanted him out [of the clerical state].”

“CDF understood,” Fr. Girotti said, adding in an email follow-up, “they were very helpful to the diocese.”

“In my experience,” Fr. Girotti explained, “CDF has become more responsive under Pope Francis.” He went on to say, “None of us wanted any more women to get hurt – we wanted to ensure that Peter Mitchell could never harm anyone else, especially not as a priest.”

“We’re very grateful to CDF for their prompt response,” Fr. Girotti said, “and all their assistance in resolving this case.”

CDF helped Fr. Mitchell of the Diocese of Green Bay become Mr. Mitchell in relatively short order, but the Catholic Herald has seen evidence including correspondence to suggest Mr. Mitchell has fairly recently attempted in various ways to intrude on the lives of people with whom he was involved when he was a cleric in ministry.

(Not) asking hard questions

Mr. Mitchell officially became a priest of Green Bay in 2014. Before that, however, he was a priest of the Lincoln diocese in Nebraska.

Fr. Tom Long was Green Bay’s Vicar for Clergy in those years, and met then-Fr. Mitchell as part of the incardination – or vetting and “on-boarding” – processes. “We went through our normal process,” Fr. Long told the Herald. “There was nothing so alarming as to stop the incardination.”

In his 2018 essay for The American Conservative, however, Mr. Mitchell admitted to violating his priestly promises on “more than one occasion” and to causing unspecified harm. “In 2017,” he wrote, “I accepted laicization from the priesthood as a consequence of having violated my vow of celibacy [sic] as a priest on more than one occasion.” He went on to write, “I lived an unhealthy life as a priest, and I hurt people.

“I deeply regret having hurt people who looked up to me as a spiritual leader,” Mr. Mitchell wrote, “and I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Mr. Mitchell nevertheless blamed his poor formation in Lincoln for some of his inability to outface his struggles.

“I am painfully aware,” Mr. Mitchell wrote, “that the people to whom my seminary formation was entrusted modeled addictive behavior to me and an entire generation of young men who are now priests.”

Questions unasked and unanswered
What questions did Green Bay not ask, or not ask persistently enough, when the diocese was vetting Mitchell ahead of his incardination?

In response to a follow-up query via email, Fr. Long reiterated: “Nothing that we knew at the time of considering incardination was disqualifying,” but he did not say what Green Bay knew. The Catholic Herald has heard claims suggesting Mr. Mitchell’s behavior was already problematic – at least – when he was in Lincoln, but has been unable, so far, to corroborate any of them.

Repeated inquiries to Lincoln yielded only the following statement, from Fr. Nicholas Kipper:
Peter Mitchell was a priest of the Diocese of Lincoln. He was ordained in 1999. He went to Rome for graduate studies from 2002-2005. Mr. Mitchell is a Wisconsin native and was incardinated into the Diocese of Green Bay in 2014.

When Green Bay received the criminal allegations from the victim-accuser, Fr. Long said he was “surprised” and felt “deceived, distressed, upset.” He said, “The main thing was just feeling awful about the victim.”

Fr. Girotti likewise experienced a sense of betrayal. “Peter Mitchell deceived us,” he said, “and left us hurting and broken-hearted – none more gravely than his victim – but deeply nonetheless.”

The victim was diagnosed with major depression, anxiety, and chronic post-traumatic stress disorder. “All of these diagnoses,” one of her caregivers told the Herald with the patient’s express permission, “are directly related to her past trauma at the hands of [her] former priest,” identified by the initials P.M.

That same mental health professional, who diagnosed and treated Mitchell’s victim-accuser, described the patient’s condition: “As a seasoned mental healthcare provider of twenty-five years, this is the most severe case of trauma and grooming I have encountered.”

“The pain of what Peter Mitchell has done to me is truly unspeakable,” the victim-accuser told the Herald. “He has done much more than simply abuse me. Using God Himself, Peter Mitchell has stolen a part of my soul that he can never give back.”

The victim also acknowledged the assistance she has received from Green Bay.

“While the dioceses of both Lincoln and Green Bay may have failed to protect those entrusted to their pastoral care in regards to the continuous abuse perpetrated by Peter Mitchell,” she said, “the diocese of Green Bay immediately offered and has spared no expense to provide me as a victim-survivor with the very best counseling and post-trauma therapy as well as providing continuous spiritual support, for which I am grateful.”

Hard choices unmade

The decision to deal with abuse cases quickly, by encouraging men under investigation to petition the pope for voluntary laicization, can help avoid complex and protracted canonical trials, the outcome of which is not assured.

It also allows men to leave the priesthood – or more properly, the clerical state – in relative quiet: there is no public notice of conviction, where there is no conviction. The recently published CDF vademecum states:

From the time of the notitia de delicto [i.e. the first notification of a possible crime, occasionally called notitia criminis, a notitia de delicto “consists of any information about a possible delict that in any way comes to the attention of the Ordinary or Hierarch,” according to the CDF handbook. “It need not be a formal complaint,” the handbook’s glossary further explains], the accused has the right to present a petition to be dispensed from all the obligations connected with the clerical state, including celibacy, and, concurrently, from any religious vows.

The Ordinary or Hierarch must clearly inform him of this right. Should the cleric decide to make use of this possibility, he must write a suitable petition, addressed to the Holy Father, introducing himself and briefly indicating the reasons for which he is seeking the dispensation. The petition must be clearly dated and signed by the petitioner. It is to be transmitted to the CDF, together with the votum of the Ordinary or Hierarch. In turn, the CDF will forward it and – if the Holy Father accepts the petition – will transmit the rescript of dispensation to the Ordinary or Hierarch, asking him to provide for legitimate notification to the petitioner.

That’s apparently what happened in Mr. Mitchell’s case, which involved a vulnerable adult accuser. Bishop Ricken told the Catholic Herald: “I was well aware of the facts of the case and what Peter Mitchell was accused of when I wrote his votum and the case was sent to Rome.”

“The votum,” he said, “was written and submitted in support of Peter Mitchell’s request for voluntary laicization.” Bishop Ricken added, “For all those who have been involved in this matter, I pray for the healing love of Jesus to prevail for all.”

Green Bay diocese informed the faithful of the parish where Peter Mitchell had been serving as pastor, that he had taken a leave of absence for exhaustion. After the victim came forward, the diocese told the parish that Mitchell was under investigation for an improper relationship with an adult woman. When Pope Francis granted Mitchell’s petition for laicization, the diocese informed the faithful of that development.

Home to roost

In Peter Mitchell’s case, the decision to deal with him with quiet expedition may have come home in ways Pope Francis could have only dimly foreseen, perhaps and at best, in 2017.

Several sources have told the Catholic Herald that Peter Mitchell works as a translator under a pseudonym, Giuseppe Pellegrino, credited with translating works of several prominent voices not universally well-disposed to Pope Francis.

The Catholic Herald sent queries to Mr. Mitchell, including a direct question regarding his use of the pseudonym:

Several sources have told the Catholic Herald you have done translation work for several public figures, including Antonio Socci and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, under a pseudonym – Giuseppe Pellegrino – and maintained pseudonymous social media profiles for a time: Is this accurate?

Mr. Mitchell was initially receptive to our queries, telling us, “I am willing to talk to you,” and offering to write “a few comments” in short order. A little more than an hour later, Mitchell wrote again, this time to say: “I have already shared my story in writing in an essay published at The American Conservative on August 1, 2018. I have no further comment.”

Archbishop Viganò did not respond to the Herald’s repeated email invitations to answer questions regarding the nature and extent of his awareness of Mr. Mitchell’s circumstances, as well as whether Pellegrino received compensation for his work.
Lessons learned and unlearned

Before the failure of leadership and dereliction of duty exploded in worldwide scandal two decades ago, Churchmen dealt with abuse cases quietly.
They developed a vocabulary and a shorthand for discussing problem cases.

They worked to a very specific modus operandi, moving men from parish to parish, and from diocese to diocese. They rarely asked hard questions. Even more rarely did they take hard decisions. They protected the men who were ruining lives and souls, in the name of protecting the institution.

As Church leaders of this generation begin to develop awareness of how vulnerable many adult members of the faithful are to clerical abuse of different kinds, the pattern of behavior emerging through the courageous witness of victim-survivors is disturbing in its similarity to the practices that were the order of the day at the height of the child sex abuse crisis. If the Church is now finally taking the protection of children seriously, the same cannot yet be said for adults.

The Catholic Herald has uncovered three new cases of clerical abuse involving adult victims in the second half of 2020 alone.

In one, the priest’s petition for laicization had not left the archdiocese of his incardination when we reported the story. In another, the priest had just announced his intention to petition the Holy Father, after languishing more than four years under secret canonical process, during which he constructed a narrative to sustain his sizeable cult-like following.
In this, the third case the Herald has discovered in the second half of this year, the priest’s petition is a fait accompli.

“Whoever is sentenced for sexual abuse of children can turn to the Pope for pardon [grazia, or “grace” in Italian],” Pope Francis was widely quoted as saying to his Commission for the protection of Minors in September of 2017 – mere months after granting Peter Mitchell’s petition for laicization. Letting Mitchell leave of his own accord avoided him trial, conviction, and canonical penalty for his abuse of a vulnerable adult.

Pope Francis, in fact, went on to say he has “never signed one of these [grazie, i.e. acts of pardon] and never will.” For all we know, that is technically accurate: pardoning a man who has been found guilty and sentenced is one thing; letting a man walk without trial is another.

The insistence of the CDF handbook on the right of a priest to petition the pope for laicization strongly suggests a preference for handling such cases with “economy of process” – as the sanitized language of canon lawyers knows the practice – quickly and quietly.

The apparently regular recourse of accused priests to the right of petition suggests a pattern, and perhaps a policy.

Meanwhile, the Church is woefully underserved by competent criminal legal experts and investigators, while the system of ecclesiastical justice remains shrouded in secrecy.

Neither the guilty nor the innocent, neither victims nor the body of the faithful can have confidence in the ability of the Church to deliver that justice, without which there cannot be any hope of healing.



So, when it suits an abusing priest and the Church an offending priest can be gotten rid of quickly.

But the same priests and the Church will keep victims and survivors years and years waiting for an outcome and closure.

Again, one law for the abusers and another law for the abused.

The Roman Catholic Church puts it’s own reputation and finances before the sufferings of victims.

In fact the Roman Church puts itself and it’s clergy and hierarchy before Jesus Christ Himself.

Someone once asked me if the Anti-Christ could be an organisation rather than a person.

The answer is YES.

I believe the RCC institution is the Anti-Christ.


The church is in some ways the antiChrist Pat. I joined it like you in good faith. I still serve the people like you. The sad thing is the church has been sold out by many Judas’s. Not enough Jesus’s. God love you Pat. It’s the clergy who are to blame not the normal Catholics.


Look Tommy, its like this. Theres good and bad in everything. We didn’t choose our families, but by God is there a badness in them too. Every family has ups and downs, and many’s a family will parade into mass and act like their the chosen sons and daughters. but behind it all there are killiations and backstabbing and sure God knows what else. Your can choose your friends, but you cant choose your family. Sure every organisation has been found to be corrupt in one way or the other – Politics, Medical profession, educationalists. Greed is everywhere. remember the golden rule. were all human, we’ll all fail. get back up again. Enjoy your Christmas


Betty @ 11:08 pm –
Yes, you are somewhat correct: “Every family has [it’s / their] ups and downs.”
However, some “ups” are far more serious and traumatic in nature.
In addition, most familial “downs” do not lead to attempts at the taking of one’s own life, PTSD, anxiety and years of agonising trauma.
Anecdotally, domestic famillial-feuds seldom end with abuse victims being crushed into the ground; systems- designed to protect the most vulnerable- catastrophically “failing…” For want of a better word.
I have Dyslexia and Attention Deficit so am not too good at complex things.
Incidentally– quite easily– I am a fussy overseer:
depending on one’s philosophical, ethical and moral practices, that is.
If you love people, cats and other creatures- both great and small…- the environment, fairness and equality: then I’m your most wonderful dream come true 😊 X


Good for you Betty. You are absolutely correct
I carry many scars for being fair minded. I got caught up in the orange and the green controversies in the work place in Glasgow. People were calling each other b??????s. They could not see that that there are faults on both sides and that you must give credit where credit is due.
In London the black and white issue is the same. People tar everyone with the same dirty brush. Not every black youth is a mugger. Not every white person is a racist.
Not every Irish citizen is an IRA bomber and nether is every NI unionist a bomber or bigot. Indeed there are bigots from all sides on this blog. There is good and bad in all walks of life.
There is too much “them and us” engulfing society today. Nil by mouth will save a lot of resentment.
Larne must be a town completely full of sinless people.
Thank you Betty.
Garngad Lad


From the Holy Gospel according to St Peter.
Now, in the night before the dawn of the Lord’s day, whilst the soldiers were keeping guard over the place, two and two in a watch, there was a great voice in the heaven.
And they saw the heavens opened and two men come down from thence with great light and approach the tomb. And the stone which had been laid at the door rolled of itself away by the side, and the tomb was opened and both the young men entered.
Then those soldiers, seeing this, awakened the centurion and the elders, for they also were keeping watch.
And whilst they were narrating to them what they had seen, they beheld again three men coming out of the tomb and the two were supporting the one, and a cross following them.
And the heads of the two indeed reached up to the heaven, but that of him that was led by their hands rose above the heavens. And they heard a voice from the heavens, saying: “Hast thou preached to them that are sleeping?”
And an answer was heard from the cross: “Yeay.”


What a disgraceful thing to say even from you Patsy you sound just like that ould arch-heretic Paisley.You’ve been too long in that black hole Larne your beginning to sound just like the prods many will think you are the anti-Christ.


Any institution that protects abusers and persecutes victims is not of God.


9:56, Jaysus Pat, sure that could be any institution – the family, the government, the church, the education sector, etc


No it’s clergy like you we need rid of, if that’s what you think. You are not serving people you are a danger to their souls. Do the right thing and leave now, get thee behind me Satan.


Is that right ? Why are my Masses full then ? The sheep will go where there is pasture.


Yes indeed Bishop Pat. The bastards ( The RCC) do persecute those they perceive as a threat. It’s done in many ways, online is a popular method, fake emails, fake texts, fake profiles, there the bastards hide behind the net and torment whistleblowers. Totally evil and of the Devil. The AntiChrist!


Fr Tommy, if your Masses are full, (which I doubt) they are full of old ladies. What are you doing to attract men and the under-60s?


The level of clericalism is SHOCKING. Think about it Pat – the Church sees laicisation as the main answer to this problem which is completely WRONG! These men should remain clerics. It is a slap in the face to lay people that the biggest punishment for an abuser (in the Church’s mindset) is for that cleric to be reverted to the LAY state. The LAY state is the only punishment! The Church is simply trying to protect itself by taking away canonical obligation to the cleric.
You are a priest forever



Is that right, well sheep are stupid and will go anywhere they are fed, but it depends what they are being fed. I don’t think going by your earlier statement you’re giving the right message. There are too many Tom, Dick and Harry chansars like you giving out watered down doctrine
and leading them astray, you will be held to account.


Laicisation is a smack on the wrist that betokens a ‘you cannot do this again … as a priest’ sentiment. Delictual prosecution and condemnation of the guilty is the answer for profligate clerics and moral recompense for their victims.


Well Dermo, if the RCC didn’t return them to the lay state you’d be on here giving out why not, and something about sponging, something about clericalism, blah blah blah. People like you are NEVER happy. I can only imagine how dull and uninspiring your life must be Happy xmas


The seminaries associated with Lincoln must be raked over to the last coal like those in San Antonio and throughout England and Ireland and “colleges” abroad.
I witnessed group grooming based on our biographical vulnerabilities, this was done on the initiative of the high profile archdioceses, and the foul spoken cleric concerned (he had been “deformed” at one of the “colleges” abroad) gained a position overseas at their behest, against the policy of the church in my locality. Metropolitans gang up to undermine small dioceses instead of lending them support. Priests of small dioceses no longer get made bishops of other small dioceses; it’s now only ones from major archdioceses, or seminary rectors who had been beholden to them.
The next thing Mitchell should do is (under a different pseudonym) publicly dish all the dirt on Lincoln diocese and the seminaries he went to and his metropolitans over that period, also to give us extensive information about his “further studies” and the people and things he witnessed during them. I expect those authorities are among the thousands with detailed long term knowledge of all the McCarrick businesses.
Nobody had heard of Bergoglio till 2013 but it was the Bertone-McCarrick system (however there were some details we didn’t yet know) that millions were ill disposed to since the 1970s. We listened to the blackmailings of Holy Mother Antichrist to remain trapped in her sacramental system. I thank God my instinct was always to be lax in sacraments.
It’s sad that young men got dragged into this mess when they could have been prominent in normal professions for 10, 30, 50 years. We read about countless similar cases here and the responsibility on all of us is now to turn the tables properly. We rolled our eyes as if there was always going to be some “old characters” like Bertone and McCarrick around the church and now we have begun to understand the evil in our sacraments, oaths, vows, covenants, bonds, binds and ties.
PF isn’t clear whether he wants to transform RCC into a quango or whether he wants to perpetuate sacraments (and if so, what kind). This is a much more major turning point than any Council and the entire range of aspects must be debated including for which of us neither of those is right, it is not some trifle to knee jerk or drift through.


We don’t know whether Abp Bergoglio had been (unfortunately) put under pressure or whether he had a free choice to become figurehead of the Sodano-Re-Farrell outfit.
No doubt Cardinal Burke’s fashion sense and physical comportment are as we have been told with such authority; but at least he had the astuteness to pull out of the Harnwell-Bannon-O’Brien establishment at Trisulti.
Those being attacked aren’t fringe semi-detached waverers without influence like me, but long-term loyal “solid” company men. Only God will show us, one day, which side of the mobius strip we are on: in or out.


We also need better debriefing by Long and Girotti, who themselves are victims of their superiors, and especially what they know about superiors more senior than Mitchell.


Very long ago, I read somewhere that rcc was antichrist as I scoffed at that one but Im coming around to that one now. Then Boston abuse case with cardinal law then Bishop casey along with fr cleary as it kept coming through. Then explosive Murphy report in which deaf schools were named but with pseudonyms. I identified some pseudonyms with real names not all of it. But abuses cases kept coming through the years as its 2020 now. It seems to me that rcc hadn’t learned anything from this. The more and more, I read on this blog in last two years as I realised its getting worse. It’s the inside that’s tearing the rcc up. One poster MC said jesus didn’t intend to set up the rcc. It sounded right cos in jesus time, healings took place without the church, people were healed outside, even exorcism took place outside. Disciples healed people with jesus permission even though that was before last supper took place. There was no sacraments in the church until 500 ad. Please correct me if I’m wrong there. Then I read about Martin Luther as I thought that he had a point there re rcc. What’s emerging from rcc facade was that I saw it as a large business corporation with its own rules such as Canon law. That’s the Vatican for ya as they think about money, their lifestyles (example, bertone apartment, treanor spend 4M, 45k spent on kitchen make over etc). These cardinals, bishops massive spending left me wondering what’s the hell is going on there in the Vatican? Then I stopped giving money as I spend money instead to homeless on the street such as food or tea with sandwiches for them to eat. That’s the least I could for jesus.

Then the Vatican gave a fast dispensation to Mitchell by their standards as victims always comes last never in the grand scheme of Vatican thinking as they were being given a kick in their teeth. Disgusting indeed. I read somewhere that Mitchell used to work for Vigano re translation as he used another pseudonym to cover his tracks. Is that why Mitchell was given a very fast track cos of his connection to Vigano or somebody more senior inside the Vatican?? Marie collins was correct to resign cos the Vatican or cdf hasn’t changed much since the abuse scandal broke through.


+Vigano has been using Peter Mitchell, even after he was made aware of his very sordid history and the restrictions of being involved in Church affairs.
Thats cane from twitter feed as Mitchell confirmed it. Link available in twitter if anybody wish to see it.


Is Archbishop Viganò, the former Vatican Nuncio to Washington DC, currently employing a serial sex predator and former priest as his translator?
Several sources have told the
“Giuseppe Pellegrino” is Peter Mitchell.
Another twitter here 👇
I have independently verified that Giuseppe Pellegrino is Peter Mitchell.
11:59 AM · Dec 11, 2020·Twitter


Lol you couldn’t make up the idiot above being sarcy about the broken record.
Pat keeps on about this because your church keeps on promoting and covering up crime.


Once again your logic is faulty.
My comment nowhere says that I belong to a church or even that churches should do any good.
And once again pointing out criminality does not presuppose any moral behaviour in me.
You can’t think, can you.


I think it’s too simple to say that the pope, personally, is the anti Christ.
People and organisations are either of God or not of God.
No man can have two masters.
I believe that the Church, the Body of Christ, has been hijacked by the clerical and hierarchical cliques, and that result of that has been the widespread corruption that we see pouring out everyday.
The spiritual / sacramental entity is kept pure by the Holy Spirit. But the institution is corrupt and evil and is not of Christ and is thereby ‘anti Christ”.


Parts of the institution are corrupt but not it’s entirety. There is evil of course. We were warned by Christ this would be the case. He said, “scandals are sure to come” but woe betide those by whom they come. Woe betide those corrupt and corrupting clergy and hierarchs. The Judgement will be a sifting and separating of “sheep from goats”, “wheat from chaff”, “tares from wheat”, “good fish from rotten fish”. There will be a terrible accounting for all the harm these scandals have caused. At the same time, there is great good in the Church which countless people experience and benefit from. The trolls on this blog who attempt to damn all of the priests and the entire Church will never succeed. They are liars and they too will get their answer when all that is done in secret will be brought to light. The Lord knows who they all are. All of us must guard against evil in ourselves. Pat Buckley, look into your own heart and soul also.


@1:07pm Bishop Pat, in all fairness this was very much the opinion of Saint Martin Luther back in the period of the Reformation. He too saw the anti-Christ as being the institution of the Papacy and not the individual himself. I don’t think any serious reformed Protestants would say that… only the 1611 KJV Bible Baptists of the US Southern States.
However, you do realise that there is a flaw in your thinking in that your own Church and Spirituality is highly influenced by the Roman system. You would either have to suggest that there was a point in history where the system was hijacked, rejecting any progress that has taken place in the Roman System after the hijacking or accept that your position on the institution is actually untenable.


“no man can ‘SERVE’ two masters”, even although he might have two. Human nature combines a struggle between grace and human weakness … two masters … it’s up to every individual which one they choose to serve.


Push back the kitchen table; put the chairs against the wall  😀
Sure the hour is now struck midnight, and Santa’s sure to call 😛
Sure he’ll have a drop of poteen, and he’ll “Ho, ho, ho!” with glee 🤪
And he’ll dance the Stack of Barley all around the Christmas tree 🎄



You might think that I and many others do not. All the evil and corruption is brought about by prelates and priests who have not followed the teachings of The Church and they must be got rid of. It is not The Church that is evil it is the degenerate evil men who have infiltrated Her and tried to bring Her down. Many have tried through the centuries but they have failed and will fail again. The Holy Ghost will not allow it and The Spotless Bride Of Christ will be here to the end long after all these degenerates are ashes.


Oh Pat, this is beautiful. I can’t wait for this evening. We are in for a feast for our spirits. Fast forward to 5.35 for an absolute TREAT!!!


Oh, Fanny is sooooo WOKE! And at 5:37mins you have “The (TROLLEY) DOLLY and the Ivy” 😂


Hey “gay man”, you sound a bit uptight and miserable and not very gay in the sense of that word before it was hijacked. Phone your doctor and ask for a prescription of chill pills, to be taken three times a day before meals.


Mullaney is a coiffed and scented empty vessel. I wonder what polished “woke” twaddell he will please the gallery with this evening? I wonder how many of those wans and buckos singing voted for abortion or even believe in God? Including the wans in clerical collars? The Dolly and the Ivy indeed.


5:17, agreed. personally I don’t take it offensive when its from another gay man, but you are dead right, it is a slur designed to insult.


We gay people use it all the time to each other. Mature people should know whether they are being offended or not.


Pat, I must say. I too think you are homophobic. This is something we should explore on the blog. It may have its origins in your upbringing and coming out?


No sorry, I won’t be using my real name as this is an issue for you. I have not been accused of being a homophobe. It should make for an interesting and robust blog. Take care x



Go and buy a second-hand sense of humour somewhere.

You should know the difference between humour and humour meant to insult!


the singers are mostly from the secular university (Maynooth University). Best wishes to them.


excuse me? what? why are speaking me to like that. I only asked a question of the person!


They shouldn’t be in the college chapel. It was built for seminarians, not pro-abortion lapsed lay students who just think it’s a pretty concert venue.


7:26, well they have to use the chapel for something? they don’t see much use in using it during the week, so they need to open it up for something. Anytime I have gone its been locked.


What did the Fan preach about. I couldn’t face it. I bet Jesus bareky got a look-in. Climate change or covid were his focus.


Pat, despite all your horrible ingratitude and sneering contempt, all that you have and are are deeply rooted in ROMAN CATHOLICISM.. all your liturgy, sacraments, spirituality are all ROMAN CATHOLIC….You JUST interpret teachings to suit your agenda. You are, effectively, a Roman Catholic….but one who chose to leave to live independently and gayly.


FUCK OFF PAT. you have shown your true colours to me. I see you now for what you are. A HOMOPHOBE!! you should be ashamed of yourself and this blog!!!!! You really are lower than a worms tit.


No my friend. You have no sense of humour. You are up your own ah would ye believe it 😁

AND you don’t have sufficient testicular tissue to put your name to your comments.



Many of we older gays went through a time where reclaiming insults was a major force of reducing oppression.
I am genuinely sorry that you are so offended by Pat’s use of the word fairy but I would invite you to see it as the equivalent of black people using the n-word for each other. Some people will be very offended by that, including black people.
I would still like to think that using these words stops them being the property of the oppressor.


Black people regularly refer to each other by the n word.

Gay people are always teasing each other with words like queen etc.

I have an elderly gay man called George – 80+ who visits here and when the dogs vark at him he cries out:

“Stop doggies, it’s only your Auntie Georgina” 😁


Pat +, there’s no need for that type of response. Have you not had your dinner? I’ve had mine. Maybe you need a rest. its a busy Christmas season for you. you need to rest more


why would a gay old man refer to himself as ‘auntie’. does he want to be a woman? does he identify as she/her/


No, because he is that antique generation and able to laugh at himself too.


‘Tell your auntie all about it’ is an invitation to tell another gay man about something. My colleagues call me Aunty John still.


I don’t believe you are a gay man, Pat. You are at best, a man with same-sex attraction.
To be gay means to accept and contribute to the LGBT community as well as having same sex attraction. You choose to reject and attack the LGBT community and you are no friend.


Nothing worse than a homosexualist in high dudgeon, Pat.
Very dangerous creatures. Claw the eyes outta ye 🤣 🏳️‍🌈


The thing about gay men referring to each other as she actually comes from the time before gay sex was legal. If you had a conversation about sex with another man you would refer to him as she in case someone overheard. This came to be that gay men or men you were doubtful about would be called she.
It does not mean the person identified as female.
A comparison is that in the gay language polari, a straight man was a homey, a woman was a paloney and a gay man was a homey- paloney.
This is not to be confused with the current use of homey to mean people in your house or neighborhood.


5:57, not very christian of you, is it? all you come back with is more insults, but you abused me on an email but I sent it to the papers and had a lovely reply from a female journalist. you are a very nasty man with issues


5.57: Pat, you should reflect a little more thoughtfully and honestly….you do insult, hurt and annoy many gay people. Wise up a little and stop always measuring ever person’s worth against your flawed humanity. God sees the inate goodness and worth of every human being. You have no moral or spiritual authority to take that worth thriugh your easy judgment of others whom you despise.


At 8:54pm – sorry Mammy. Please Mammy not the soap again. I won’t curse ever again Mam. Swear to holy god mammy.


”No, because he is that antique generation and able to laugh at himself too”
by referring to himself as a woman. You keep odd company.


The readership of Buckley is interesting. Lots of gays, inc. clergy. Some very content, others seething. Also a few people you wouldn’t want to get stuck in a lift with.


There were no gays in Northern Ireland at one time. I think the first one moved here from London in 1978.


Pat, the Carol performance has started. Fanny looks well for a wan in her 50s. I’d say she’d still get an auld shift at the Hop in Thurles. The Trolley Dolly is starting to age. A bit of grey showing. The bloom has well and truly gone off that rose. She won’t like that, Pat.


8:00pm, let the light of christ penetrate your heart. forgive those who have hurt you. I will pray for you


@8pm God love you, but your bitterness runs very deep. This will scar you for life. you must be holding onto a lot of anger and resentment. I sincerely hope you find some peace in your mind and in your heart.


7.42: Are you another silly, supercilious ex seminarian, ex priest or just a horrible, immature hoor? Or just a big queen? 👜👜👜👜👜👠👠👝👝👝👝👒👒👜👜…


Awk Lolita daaahling how’s it hangin, luv? Venezuela is somewhat steamy and sweaty I hear 🇻🇪 🥵 Did you enjoy the Yule concert duckie? Wasn’t Steph adorable! I thought Fanny’s speech lacked some of the oomph of last year.


My Masses are not full of old ladies thank you. Don’t forget old ladies are still human and are valued like everyone else. I sense a bit of age-ism here. The younger parishioners like me because they say I am “normal” for a priest. What does that tell ya ? ! It says more to me about the many misfits we have in the priesthood. And before you say, yes, I do tell them if I hear of complaints. Some of them have appreciated me telling them and asked advice. Yes advice from me even.


@ Queen Dorothy III.

There’s a LBGT community?? Can you point me in the direction of that please? I’m a 56 year old gay man – I came out when I was 17. In all those years I’ve never encountered a gay community. I’ve been on the gay scene – even enjoyed it for a while – I’ve joined various groups over the years – I partook of many of the early ‘pride’ marches is Belfast and Dublin but I’ve never encountered that ‘supportive’ LBGT community that you mention.

You’re also out of touch with your language because, if such a community were to exist, it would be The LBGTIQ+ Community.


The scene is a lonely place. Depression, alcohol misuse and suicide rates are higher in the gay population than in the wider population and I’m not sure that there is much help available.


im sorry you were hurt by this supposed ‘gay community’. It can be a very harsh world. They seem to prefer good looking men with perfect bodies, but this is not a reality. give me a man with a belly anyday. you are better off without them


8.52, all those ‘good looking men with perfect bodies’ are anabolic steriod junkies with impending (if not actual) mental and physical ill-health problems. Many of these will die through their pursuit of personal vanity; others will end up in prison through increased aggressiveness and violence.
ALL of them are insecure, weak cowards, who cannot live in the real world, but seek out a virtual world in which these spineless tits can function. Ultimately, they don’t, because they cannot.


If you live in N Ireland the Rainbow Project is very good. As well as counselling, pre-covid they used to have film nights, meet for coffee, there’s a walking group and there are religious services every month in the Agape centre on the Lisburn Road. Rainbow also has a group just for fathers (real ones, not priests), known by other gay men as the Dilfs group.


You’d pray for his soul, then, wouldn’t you Bella? Being the Christian you so tediously and often self-proclaim?


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