Richard Purcell, the abbot of Mount Mellerary, stands accused of having anal sex with Killaloe priest in the kitchen of Mount Saint Joseph in Roscrea.

He further stands accused of having frequented the Boilerhouse gay sauna in Dublin for recreational gay sex.

He has refused to comment.

He has refused to step aside.

Although, when he was accused initially he ran away and hid in the estate manor house of a friend – and he did not answer calls from his boss, the abbot general.

The case is now being referred to Rome through a Roman canon lawyer and the Irish Paypal Nuncio.

The case us being financially supported by a small group of shocked Irish Catholics.

We await developments.



The Silverstream whistleblower has not had justice and truth.

Hans Kirby is still in Silverstream.

Porn Again Elijah is still in charge.

Another case for Rome?


Glenstal is now known internationally as a gay community.

Abbot Coffey is a joke.

Herdeman is still making jam on Wednesday nights.

People are still wondering why Coffey tried to save Purcell’s scalp.

The Gregory Collins story is out there.

Irish monasticism is in a state of chassis.