Nuns seek action against Indian priest who fathered a child with nun

If the priest can continue in ministry after violating celibacy vows, why not the nun?

Saji Thomas, Bhopal UCA Bews
Updated: December 18, 2020

A forum of mostly Catholic nuns has demanded equal treatment for priests and nuns, citing the case of a priest continuing in ministry after fathering a child with a nun who has been dismissed from her congregation.

In a letter to the top Catholic hierarchy, Sisters in Solidarity said the Church has been following a “double standard” by dismissing the nun after she became pregnant.

When priests violate the vow of celibacy, “they are merely relocated to another diocese” but when nuns face a similar situation, “they are compelled to leave their congregations,” said the Dec. 16 letter titled “A wake-up call to greater integrity.”

The letter was sent to Cardinal Oswald Gracias, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, Cardinal George Alencherry, major archbishop and head of the Syro-Malabar Church based in the southern state of Kerala, and other top officials.

The letter referred to Syro-Malabar Thamarassery Diocese transferring Father Jomon Kandathinkara to Shamshabad Diocese in Telangana state five years ago after diocesan officials came to know that he had fathered a baby girl with a Franciscan Clarist nun.

The case hit media headlines recently after some Catholic lay leaders demanded the priest’s dismissal rather than a mere transfer.

The nun was dismissed from her congregation and she later married. The case was settled reportedly after the diocese joined the priest to pay some US$36,000 to the woman.

The incident “raises many questions about the Church’s pro-life stance, its advocacy of responsible parenthood, and the value it places on the vocations of men and women,” the letter said.

“Is a woman religious who becomes an unwed mother considered more answerable for her sexual transgression because she bears the physical burden of her action? Why is her courage to resist abortion and bear the baby to a term not respected and affirmed?” Sisters in Solidarity asked.

The letter referred to the Biblical story of Jesus forgiving a woman caught in adultery when a mob wanted to stone her to death.

“There, too, the man who was part of the sexual act was judged by a different standard. Isn’t it time that those with power in the Church moved from the side of the mob to the side of Jesus?” they asked.

Sisters in Solidarity described the reappointment of the priest in another diocese secretly as “unethical.”
They also questioned the pro-life stance of the Church after it gave away the child for adoption.

They said the Church, despite its pro-life statements, “does not demonstrate a genuine concern about the rights of the child beyond birth.”

“If it did, it would not use adoption as an easy solution and instead seek ways to provide a supportive circle to women religious who may want to raise their babies despite the difficult circumstances,” they wrote.

Holy Spirit Sister Julie George, a women’s rights lawyer and signatory to the letter, told UCA News on Dec. 17 that their letter seeks action against the priest.

“What we see generally is that women, mostly nuns, in the Church are made to bear the brunt of sexual abuses. Even in cases of mutual consent sex, as believed to be in the case of Father Kandathinkara, double standards are followed,” she said.

“The yardstick should be the same. If a priest is allowed to continue in the ministry, why not the nun?”

Another nun, seeking not to reveal her identity, said this was not the first case of its kind. “We have come across many such instances, but always the priests are allowed to go scot-free and the nuns were forced out.”

“There were also instances when nuns were threatened against even disclosing their pregnancies from the priest,” she said.

The Catholic Church had declared a zero-tolerance policy toward sexual exploitation “but we have seen zero action,” said the nun. She wanted the leadership to change their attitude for the Church’s betterment.


This clearly is a case of double standards.

If the nun is dismissed the priest should be dismissed too.

The Indian church is line the rest of the RCC – protecting the priest – and punishing the victim.

There is of course, misogyny involved in this too.

These nuns should have the protection of civil law against unjust canon law.


A pic from the 1980s showing me confronting Cahal Daly.

All these guys, in Ireland, India need to be confronted and brought to book.

More priests, more nuns and more lay folk need to take them on – peacefully and strongly.


Pat, please expand on the Cathal Daly story. Describe how you felt approaching the altar; how Cathal dealt with it and how the parishioners in the pews felt. None of the hierarchy are any good when it’s put up to them in public.


Bishop Buckley, I love that picture of you. It paints a thousand words. AND what a handsome man you were 😍


What has happened in this case proves that the ‘cancer of clericalism’, purportedly lamented and criticised by Pope Francis, remains a staple of self-aggrandising priestly theology.
Roman Catholic priests believe themselves superior to all others, such is their monumental self-esteem and arrogance, despite Jesus’ comnanding that his disciples be servants.
Roman Catholic priesthood is an evil parody and inversion of Christ’s clear teaching on discipleship. It was NEVER intended by him, nor does it have his protection. On the contrary, an institution that ordained Sean Jones and Michael Jack Byrne, and which permits the continued ministry of such men as Purcell, Kirby, and that Indian priest, is now being exposed, almost daily and by God’s will, as morally foul, and ‘corrupt, and riddled with corruption’.
Away with every Roman Catholic priest and religious! They are an affront to God.


More priests and nuns need to take on this shower? You’re having a snigger Pat, right?
May as well command a rat to grow a spine.


Somebody should have protested about Cahal’s hideous chasuble and about the Cranmer table in the middle of the sanctuary.


That Cranmer table was designed by Daly’s big artist friend Ray Carroll.

All his vestments were made for him at a French monastery he holidayed in every year.


Nothing wrong with the Cranmer Table. Its simplicity suggests the simplicity and humility of the Last Supper, the first and ONLY Mass.

High altars were always much more an expression of Roman Catholic priesthood and the self-styled, self-aggrandising status of priests than it was about Jesus Christ and his early followers post Ascension; in fact, they symbolised a complete inversion of everything the Last Supper stood for: it was clericalism in marble.

Were Jesus, and these early followers of his, around today in the flesh, Jesus would not be the only one weeping as they witnessed the foul corruption of all that had been established as seminal in the first century. They would find abhorrent the fact that Jesus had been replaced as an object of worship, trust, and dependence by worldy, mammon-seeking, sponging priests he had never intended, but whom he is now repaying through exposing to the entire world the self-corruption, and utter uselessness, of these social parasites, and careerists.

Archbishop Cranmer, along with Thomas Cromwell, was right to order the destruction of such monumental desecrations as high altars. A pity they didn’t go much further with the entire Ronan Catholic institution in England and elsewhere: a lot of kids would have been spared the sexual predations of that institution’s preponderance of paedophile priests had they done so.


I used to see the poison dwarf in Maynooth wearing his greca, which retail in Rome clerical outfitters at €1,300. He probably had his tailormade in cashmere and silk at much higher cost, though they would have saved on the amount of material needed.
I went on a tour of the short-lived Armagh campus of Queen’s University. Cackle had donated his books to it and they were in their own room in the library. The librarian was dismissive, saying it was like what you’d find in a charity shop. Cackle would have blown a gasket if he’d heard that – he had a ferocious temper and used to literally stamp his feet when contradicted.


When someone hears you purporting to know what Jesus would do if he were among us mortals today in physical form, all they would need to do to disabuse themselves of the fiction that you were speaking in his mame is to flick back on a fraction of the comments you posted here.


What did always strike me as strange was benediction altars, particularly the set up with steps behind and a niche for the monstrance. The Franciscan monastery in Gorton would be an example. A total reduction of the Eucharist to adoration and nothing else. I still find adoration of the exposed Eucharist very strange.


You really ought to think through what you type before posting it.
By the same measure, why would anyone today, with any sense, even consider looking to the Roman Catholic institution for the will of God, when they can flick back through the pages of its evil history (and not far back either) to learn what its filthy priests, bishops, and popes have done, especially to the little ones, innocent children? Filthy child-abusing priests, and their equally filth-ridden episcopal protectors. And all executed in the name of the one they claim to serve above all else, even themselves. 😅 Satan himself has never been so bold in his lying.😕
What a marvellous own-goal you’ve just scored!😆



Yes I agree with you about the horrible Cranmer table spoiling The Sanctuary and the hideous vestments. There must have been more suitable vestments in the Cathedral costing nothing, instead of wasting money buying those rags.


Oh! do shut up Polly and cease to weary us with your usual rant about your erroneous opinions about The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. You’re as bad as that arch heretic Luther and all the other hellish crew Cranmer being one of them. Apostates all of them like you. Simplicity might suit you, being simple anyway. It does not me I prefer glorious Altars beautiful vestments Gregorian chant all done for the Glory of God who is the King of King’s and Lord of Lord’s and deserves only the best.


Why do you find exposition of The Most Blessed Sacrament strange, don’t you believe in ‘The Real Presence’? I find it very strange you think this.


I can’t tell if that structure were made of wood or stone. It definitely needs a Laudian altar covering.

As to vestments I really don’t care for most, Eastern and Western, although the Anglican surplice along with tippet and hood is probably the most dignified.

I do enjoy perusing old liturgical books of various denominations but have become wearied by most ceremonies. Probably a matter of old age!



The ‘Real Presence’?😕 Let’s unpack that. Is the presence of the ubiquitous God any less real anywhere other than those silly, baroque cubby holes in Roman Catholic churches? Is it less real in the human heart, which the New Testament itself declares as ‘the temple of the Holy Spirit’?

This utter nonsense of ‘real presence’ was a reaction to the truths of the Protestant Reformation. Its motivation was entirely political, an attempt by the corrupt Roman Catholic institution of the time, which had provoked the Reformation, to claim a monopoly on God and his authority, and to deny his presence elsewhere. It began the dark age of clericalism in the Roman Catholic Church, with its mantra ‘extra ecclesiam nulla salus’. It is why, for example, little loud men like Fr Sean Rogan could call ‘dregs’ the people who attended the Oratory Society church in Larne.

The presence of Jesus is real, everywhere.

Wasn’t it that turncoat Chesterton who declared of the ambience in Anglican churches (after rejecting Anglicanism) that one could sense here ‘the presence of the real absence’?

How odd, then, that this fat, pompous rat then swam to the sinking ship, Roman Catholicism? The ‘Barque of Peter’ already holed, but invisibly, below the waterline, and sinking slowly.

Chesterton was not renowned for making good choices.😆


The Indian nun / priest / pregnancy story is a script that we could have written, because it conforms to all the usual Roman Catholic Church / clergy playbook rules – arrogance, unaccountability, exceptionalism, and so on….. You can apply this formula pretty much to any situation that in which a cleric finds himself – and, yes, they will all be men ! So, no surprises there. Except a reminder that we much ensure that this clerical culture is changed. That is why I follow this blog of + Pat’s. It is one of the few places that calls it out and names it for what it is. Imperfectly. Awkwardly. With gaucheness. But, nonetheless, it points to the rotten and corrupt truth. And the need for radical change.


I have a beautiful wallpaper picked out for the kitchen in the Drumcondra palace


HM at 12.06

Well there you go :

young man from Daly’s former diocese Ardagh, a Catholic primary school teacher, had approached a private detective and told him that he Daly had come on to him on several occasions.

Any truth in this???

Can anyone confirm this??


I hope you have something special lined up for us over Christmas, Bp Pat, e.g., more tawdry tales of monastic orgies and priestly debauchery. All-nighters at Silverstream with tons of money, online gay porn, and epic masturbation sessions. What a disgrace. But it keeps us oldies going, Bp Pat, reading all about it.
Concerned OAP.


if the sexual interests of gay men, tawdry tales of monastic orgies and priestly debauchery. All-nighters at Silverstream with tons of money, online gay porn, and epic masturbation sessions is of so great an interest to you and keeps you going, then perhaps Pat should be writing a blog about YOU


Only on Pat’s blog could you get the sentence “The Abbott barebacked me, he really packed me, then he felched me and we snowballed”. and find out that it was true!


I’d say it’s days are numbered. There’s been no news from the place for some time, other than an announcement about the new prior which was removed only about a week after it appeared on the website.
If Kitty’s continued presence there is not causing major drama both inside and outside, the young inexperienced lay prior (Miss Elijah) with gay porn issues and who was involved as business manager in the financial crookedness will bring the place down sooner than later.
Donations and vocations must be in the shitter; just look at how far up Bishop Pat’s blog is in Google results for “Silverstream priory”. Donations were down before this story broke; imagine what they must be now!


Pat. I would have loved to have been a fly on the sacristy wall when Daly went back in after mass the day you confronted him in the cathedral.
I could well picture the scene with the wee weasel full of rage and his attending sycophants all proclaiming how naughty you were!! Lol


If the cameras weren’t there Cackle would have got men from the congregation to beat you up, accompanied by a few sly digs from the priests.


Cahal Daly was yet another academic priest who’d never served a day in a parish yet they made him a bishop. It would be like appointing a doctor who’d never had patients the head of a hospital, or a police officer who’d never walked the beat or arrested anyone suddenly made a chief constable. Why does the Vatican do that? They have zero people skills and are shy and withdrawn or bullish. Their close cousins the desk priests are equally disastrous as episcopal appointees eg Dermo, Noelle and Dandy Nichols.


There are many directors and CEO’s of hospitals and care centers that are not doctors. The Director of the HSE is not a doctor nor is the minister for health.


Tim Bartlett is the D&C version of the “up and coming man” who was far too good to be wasted on a parish when there was desk priest work to be done.


I think Nichols did a couple of years just after ordination in his diocese in a parish and as a school chaplain, but was pretty swiftly moved to administration and being in the environs of episcopal power and authority. And he just went on from there. I think it was a bit the same with Kieran Conry who was always seen as someone going places and spent very little time doing anything really pastoral. I think he spent a few years as the Cathedral Administrator, but was characterised more by his absence than his presence. Everyone assumed he was off doing other important things, or looking after his brother who was seriously ill with Aids and then died, but we now know that perhaps a good deal of that time he was pursuing extra curricular activities, which eventually caught up with him. These guys get a reputation very early on that they are talented, going places, and it just stays with them, without them really having to do anything. Patrons are very important in this. CMOC will have been a big patron of Conry and also Nichols. There will be a few characters hanging around these days that are hoping for the same trajectory. Although, Nichols is a cold fish and I don’t think he would be promoting anybody who would outshine him in the least. Watch for Balzanara and others like him. They will have a gilded path. They learn pretty quickly about networking, schmoozing, making connections, exercising the social clerical skills, belonging to the right societies, the dining clubs, throwing the right drinks and dinner parties etc. That’s the way it works for them.


I never met Conry but as far as Nichols is concerned he has no people skills and the laity of Liverpool had a lucky escape.
These men are obviously unsuited to any work involving humanity so there is no reason to think they’re suited to the episcopacy.


I once sat in the same room as Daly in a house in Carnlough. I’m gay and have a very accurate gaydar and, believe me, that little man was gay alright. Whether or not he was active I cannot say although I tend to think he possibly subdued and suppressed his antique disposition by scholarship and intense study. But, yes, he was definitely an acquaintance of Dorothy.


I’m a Glasgow Priest and I’ve had sex with many ‘straight’ men. Park, Sauna, Hotels, Chapel House. You name it.


Repent of your evil deeds or the Divil will poke red hot pokers up your behind. And you won’t enjoy it trust me.



You’ve been looking at pictures of Anglo-Saxon church- wall art, haven’t you?

And you seem, well, just as hilarious, really. 😎



As do such evil harridans as you…concerning God, and your standing with him.

What is it that Scripture calls this?😕

‘Spiritual blindness’.😀

Me? 😮 I’m less melodramatic and call it ‘self-delusion’.😎


Frustrated, angry, self-loathing, bitter, nasty, vindictive…..classic symptoms of repressed homosexuality. He hated himself, he hated others, and he probably even hated God for making him like that. I know so many of them like that. Thank God I was born into a time where I could live a life openly and happily and not have to play the kind of f**king games that the likes of Daly was playing. I feel sorry for them in some ways. But, boy, they did damage to themselves and to others along the way.


What’s your interest in him or in any other commentator in a personal way A-N-O-N-Y-M-O-U-S? Have you a personal axe to grind? Or, more likely, do you want to silence a voice that does not assuage your large ears and perfidious tongue?


what 6:57 meant was there’s no point praying for a man who is now numbered among the saints.


Pat I hear you are getting a mention this Sunday night on BBC 1 at 10.30pm. Give My Head Peace Christmas Special. They even refer to you as Bishop Buckley and I think they did the same last Christmas also. Who do you know who has influence on that show?


I saw the trailer for it the other evening and only caught the very end of it where that wee woman I think they call her Ma said something about Bishop Buckley.


Are you sure you have got the correct bbc programme listing and correct time/date? I just checked my TV Times in Scotland and all it lists for this Sunday at 10.30pm is Match of the Day 2.


It’s on BBC1 NI (though presumably available to licence payers on the mainland via BBC iPlayer).


6.56: Not really very intelligent…Your comment suggests you are self deluded, melodramatic and a harridan…I think you’re confused about your “Dorothy-ness!!..”



Your comment is not very intelligent and you are certainly self deluded, you are Dorothy of that I’m not confused, a real ould harridan you must stop implying that everyone has the same disease as you.


8.45: Got you at 8.03: this comment of yours proves my original judgment. You are a philistine..


Pat, I attended a Christmas mass in our Parish this evening, the first of 12 for our Parish, including 4 on Christmas Day. Acted as a steward and all 150 ticket holders attended. I was surprised but the mass was simple, meaningful and very welcoming. Hope all goes well for you. We are in strange, worrying times and we need the prayers and support of one another.


Liverpool Echo


Since this will be the first Christmas with the online camera, Bp Pat, will you be having a midnight candlelight service on Chrismas Eve we can watch online?


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