1. Will Coddle have a final press conference and inform us:

a. What on earth happened with the GAA deal – that would have required Rome approval?

b. What will his job be in the Dicastery for Media / Communications when his health improves under the Roman sky. Ever hopeful when Papa Sodano is finished!

c. If he is moving into a house at Aughrim Street will it be:

1. One of the three two bed curates houses?

2. The 6 bed parish priest’s house with 0.7 acres of mature parkland up the driveway. Nearly as grand as the nuncio’s!!!

d. How many people did he and his former chancellor and lawyers tie into secret non-disclosure deals in settling Dublin CSA cases out of court?

e. Why does he send his seminarian to the Dominican Studium in Diblin for his formation?


Personally, I was surprised to discover that Dermo was retiring to a Dublin property and not to a Roman one.

I imagine he will travel to Rome a lot.

The GAA deal was a great deal for the GAA and a bad one for Dublin.

What happened?

I cannot see Dermo having any role in a Roman dicastery.

With Covid there are many places to send seminarians.

Did Dermo do out of court deals with victims?