Richard Purcell

1. Financial Access

The assets of the individual Cistercian houses are very significant.the abbot, in a house of old men, would have great temptations and access to the cheque books.

2. Appointments:

A. Purcell is on the Conference of Bishop’s Liturgical Commission eg: regular trips to Maynooth, overnights etc.

At a conference to mark the 50th anniversary of Sacrosanctum Concilium in the presence of Any Martin, he showed how clever he is by giving a critique of the state of church music ending his presentation with the following quote:

Seeing as each diocese is required to have a child protection officer, maybe we should require each diocese to have a music protection officer”.

Ha! Ha! What a joker!!!

B. His role on behalf of CORI in “TOWARD HEALING” is very troubling. He has no qualifications whatsoever.

One of their stated aims is to provide retreats / spiritual direction for adults who experienced abuse. That is for adults who may be very vulnerable in a church controlled residential setting such as a guest house.

Please highlight this risk as CORI’s credibility is at stake.

3. The Cistercian Generalate is suppressing / closing monasteries world wide at speed.

The assets of the Irish houses could all come under the “fraternal care” of this young abbot.

4. Towards Healing appears to have very close links with current and ex staff of St Luke’s which has worked with offending clerics for many years.

Why does Fr Hugh Lagan SMA not list his employment with St Luke’s on the Towards Healing website as he is a director of this CORI organisation. Conflict of interest?

Hugh Lagan

He also runs a road show for CORI for novices and junior religious in sexuality and abuse issues.

He spouts the St Luke’s expertise and was trained in psychology at Boston College for St. Luke’s.

5. Your favourite clerical psychologist David Marsden, who traded on his Gregorian University Licence in psychology, is now completing his doctorate in Rome, advertising himself as being employed as a psychologist in Maynooth and a UK seminary, prior to his current studies.

David Marsden

He was not a psychologist in Maynooth but a Vocation Growth Counsellor and no more.

He is very linked with the THEOLOGY OF THE BODY gang in the USA.

In the summer he gave a virtual conference on “THE VIRGIN MARY AND MARILYN MUNROE” in which he explained that one was an abused addict and the other the most beautiful woman in history.

6. Please find the Youtube of Richard Purcell milking the cow. It’s on the RTE broadcast from Roscrea.

7. Where is the hermit Father Jonos? Is his safety guaranteed?

Okolo all alone waiting for the ex arch and new arch.