Dermot Farrell

After 16 years of a media archbishop the arrival of a quiet “country cousin” is certainly different.

But will it make any difference?

The Irish nation is no longer a confessional Roman Catholic nation and in fact is, justifiably, anti-Catholic and anti-clerical.

In a few days time the Three Wise Men will bring their gold, frankincense and myrrh.

What will Wise Man Farrell bring with him to Dublin?

The “gold’ of Roman Catholic doctrine?

The “frankincense” of hierarchy and clericalism?

The “myrrh” of patriarchy, misogyny and the antediluvianism of an institution that is of total irrelevance to the 21st century Ireland.

The Dublin diocese has two major problems facing it:

1. The massive rift between the archbishop and the clergy created by Diarmuid Martin’s unwillingness and inability to treat the Dublin priests as brothers and fellow workers.

2. The massive financial crisis left by Diarmuid in spite of the GAA millions.

The priests of Meath and Ossory will tell us if Farrell is a good or bad manager of monies.

As time goes by the priests of Dublin will tell us if Farrell heals the rift that has lasted for 16 years.

Farrell nay be a “nice man”? I have never met him and don’t know.

Nice is certainly better than nothing.

The question is: “Will nice be enough”?

I think that like all other Irish RC bishops, Farrell will continue to simply manage decline.

He is a company man.

I was amused by a comment yesterday:

“If there room for an Audi and a dining room table where nothing of substance is ever talked about, then Dermot will be happy”.

That what happens when the Kingdom of God is reduced to an institution.

“There is neither priest nor prophet to ply his trade in the land”.

How free and wonderful it is not to be a part of it.