A small number of lying, guilty and disingenuous priests, seminarians and monks have tried to claim that this blog and it’s author is anti gay 🤣

The facts prove absolutely differently.

I have been an openly gay man who has been public about himself for nearly a quarter of a century.

I am in a publicly celebrated gay relationship and civil partnership for over 13 years.

I have conducted gay and lesbian blessings and religious marriages internationally for the past 34 years.

I have conducted spirituality events for the gay community at various times including at gay pride in Dublin and Belfast.

I have rescued gay and lesbian individuals from the steps and driveways of their family homes after being disowned by their families. On one such occasion I was threatened with a shotgun by the gay person’s father.

When the HIV / AIDS virus was at it’s very worst I ministered on a daily basis to those suffering, dying people at Belvoir Hospital in Belfast and afterwards comforted their partners, family and friends – some of whom keep in touch and visit me to this day.

One one occasion I travelled from Larne to Woking to visit a young man, at his request, from my Belfast youth club days who was dying of AIDS and who had very bad Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) and invited him to come to my home to live and be nursed and cared for. He died before we got him to Larne.

Currently I minister to several people including a priest who is hiv+ and a priest who has gender dysphoria.


I do not want to see the priesthood 100% homosexualised.

It has nothing to do with gay people.

It has to do with a gay cabal after the fashion of Ted McCarrrick, taking over the priesthood.

It is also about monks and priests taking public vows of chastity and celibacy and flouting those vows promiscuously in private.

This us not a gay issue.

It’s a hypocrisy issue.

And this priestly gay cabal is trying to use ordinary, decent gays into thinking it’s a gay issue.