There is a small cohort of Anglo Irish priests, monks and seminarians who are going around posing as BBV’s – Bishop Buckley Victims.

Let me introduce these “victims” to you 🤣

“Victim” A:

After years of heavy drinking and putting it about, Victim A invites a young bobby to a meal over three bottles of wine, admires his trackie bottoms, tells him that is a regular turkey choker and porn oficionado, that the PP is away for the night and invites him to stay over. As a result the bobby is an abuser and Bishop Buckley a co-abuser.

Calling Hounslow….Calling Hounslow….

“Victim” B:

After many years as a gin slinger (Cork Dry to be exact) and Big Mac and Solero oficionado Victim B touches the hindquarter of a big straight Aussie and ends up negotiating a steep stairwell and a with a broken leg. As a result the Aussie is an abuser and Bishop Buckley a co-abuser.

“Victim” C:

After many years as a boobs, aficionado Victim C makes a parishioner pregnant on a pilgrimage. Months later he goes out to dinner with friends while the woman loses their baby, alone, in her bathroom. As a result the woman is designated his abuser and Bishop Buckley his co-abuser.

“Victim” D:

After some years as a crown jewels aficionado Victim D ends up in hospital with a broken wrist and a ripped anal canal. The doctor who stitched his canal back together is an abuser and Bishop Buckley his co-abuser.

“Victim” E:

After many years as a Lourdes aficionado Victim E goes on social media from the presbytery at midnight and shows his erect “miracles” to a young male parishioner. As result the is boy is his abuser and Bishop Buckley his co-abuser.

“Victim” F:

After many years as a Jameson and twink aficionado Victim F exclaims “Introibo ad altare Dei“(I will go on to the altar of God) and ” stabs” a well known seminarian there. And Bishop Buckley is his abuser for making the desecration known.

“Victim” G:

After many years as sex detective Victim G enters the Society of Jesus and in no time at all is accused by several young men of quizzing them about erections, wet dreams, sexual fantasies etc and finds himself installed as the incumbent of Mullagh. The young men are his abusers and Bishop Buckley his co-abuser while his patron Sean Did You Enjoy The Abuse Brady weeps in the shadows.

We could go on and on retelling the fairy tales if these poor, poor clerical victims.

They play the predator by night and pose as victims by day.

They are hard done by because they say they are God’s Holy Anointed and have undergone an ontological change.

They must not be questioned!

They must not be challenged!

They must not be held to account!

They scream: “Do as we tell you, not as we do”.

They are wolves by night and pretend victims by day.