For two weeks now a website, stealing my identity, publishing falsehoods and allegedly breaching cyber laws has been in operation.

Yesterday it was closed.

Below is what it looks like now.

Yesterday I received the email below from the host’s legal department:

Dear Bishop Buckley

Thank you for your emails.

The content at has now been removed.

Kind regards,

Xxxxxxx Xxxxx
1&1 IONOS UK Legal Team

Apart from contacting the legal department of the site hosting company I lodged a formal complaint to the London Metropolitan Police and the UK Cyber Crime Unit.

That police investigation is now underway and will be completed regardless of whether the author(s) of the fake site keep it closed or live.

The author(s) had made the claim on line that they had sought help from a Russian based company and person to track / hack my emails and my mobile telephone.

They stupidly did not realise how sensitive the UK police are to suggestions of Russian based cyber activity and crime.

I have made it clear to the police liaison officer appointed to deal with me that I want the case pursued to the end with full vigour and prosecutions brought if possible.

I have printed off all the text that appeared on the site since December 20th and took screenshots of every image used. I supplied all this material to the police.

I will travel to London at a Covid allowing time to make and sign a formal police statement.

However, the investigation has already begun.

Crime Reference Number withheld


I want the individual(s) behind this site exposed, named and prosecuted.

At that stage I will consider my civil law options.


In my blog I have always used information I either knew it believed to be true.

People think you can get away with saying what you like on the internet. That is not true. There are a while new swath of new legislation in many countries.

Plus identity theft, tracking and hacking are already serious crimes.

I have always offered people the unedited right of reply on this blog.

I am also always willing to discuss anything with anyone.

One big problem that I constantly encounter is seminarians, priests and monks lying.

Readers would be surprised to know the contact I have had with people who appeared on this blog.

I have never revealed that contact or what was said.

In the meantime I will continue to observe and comment on hypocrisy and corruption in the church.