Can I once again make the position of this blog and its author on homosexuality abundantly clear.

The homosexual orientation is as perfectly a “normal” a sexual orientation as heterosexuality.

For so long in history this was not the case and many millions of homosexual people down the ages suffered death and torture and all kinds of discrimination. One of these sad historic instances was the incarceration, torture and murder of homosexual people in Hitler’s concentration and death camps.

The homosexual community – most commonly called in recent times the “Gay Community” have fought a long and brave battle to gain equal rights for gay people. They must be always be honoured and praised for the battle and the sacrifices they endured.

Thankfully, the Republic of Ireland in recent times has given full marriage rights to gay people. Norther Ireland is now aligned also.

This blog primarily focuses on the corruptions that exist in the Roman Catholic Church. Some of these corruptions are about power and finance and others are about sexual matters.

The author of this blog – a gay man himself living in a publicly declared same sex partnership – has no problem about a bishop, priest, monk, or seminarian being gay.

But what this blog does object to is men and women taking public vows of chastity and benefiting greatly by those vows and their vowed lives, having second, secret underground sex lives – lives that are often promiscuous in the extreme.

We do not object to bishops, priests, monks, and seminarians being gay.

We object to them being hypocrites.

And to them making a fine living off their hypocrisy.

And to them thinking they are fooling all of the people all of the time.

If they do not like the teachings of the RCC then let them publicly denounce those teachings or leave the RCC.

But let them not, in a faithless and unspiritual manner, do as they like and laugh all the way to the gay sauna and the bank.

There is a story out there among the clergy of some seminarians going to a meeting of the St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society, collecting their grants, putting their cassocks in a hold all and rushing off to spend the St Joseph’s money in a gay bar and later a gay sauna.

And we have a sitting mitred abbey in Ireland who is brazening it out after being exposed as haven been sexually active in his monastery and haven visited a gay sauna.

This is not about sex, gay or otherwise.

It is about hypocrisy.