‘When the orchestra is playing an evil tune you can be certain the conductor trained in hell”.

I was literally stunned as I watched Trump’s supporters attack and take over the Senate and House of representatives in Washington this week.

In the light of US’ law enforcements’s vicious and racist reactions to other protests by people like Black Lives matter – the mainly white fundamentalists who attacked the Capitol we’re treated very lightly.

My own thought was: “Why are the police not opening fire against these domestic terrorists”?

There are two answers to that:

1. The domestic terrorists were there at the prompting and with the agreement if Trump himself.

2. The vast majority of the domestic terrorists were white.

And the USA has always been and is still today a viciously racist country.

The Bible thumping of the religious right has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ and Christianity.

These Bible thumpers are following a God of their own making and that God us white, racist, gun carrying and blesses the Ku Klux Klan.

The US Republican Party – the favourite of many Anerican and Irish American Roman Catholics – is an anti-christian party in essence and the only lives they seem to want to protect are lives in the womb.

When you leave the womb, especially if you are black or a person of colour, your lives do not matter and your rights do not really exist.

Donald Trump is not just crazy and sick. He is evil.

And that evil, like a covid, has taken over the Republican Party and fundamentalist white America.

Yes, there is great evil in Russia.

Yes, there is great evil in China.

But this week we saw naked, blatant evil alive and well in Washington DC.

I have never believed that the USA was totally the land of the good, the free, democracy.

The US, like the UK, has often employed terrorism and torture around the globe.

But this week in Washington we saw the offspring of Evil America, turn on and attempt to devour their mother.

We live in a time of great evil.

When the orchestra is playing an evil tune you can be certain the conductor trained in hell.

I think we will even see worse happen in the future.

“Deliver us Lord from evil”!