Pope Francis has published a document that makes it more difficult for bishops to found diocesan monasteries like Silverstream.





“A sure sign of the authenticity of a charism is its ecclesial character, its ability to be integrated harmoniously into the life of God’s holy and faithful people for the good of all. (Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium, 130). The faithful have the right to be warned by the Pastors about the authenticity of charisms and the reliability of those who present themselves as founders.

Discernment about the ecclesial nature and reliability of charisms is an ecclesial responsibility of the Pastors of the particular Churches. It is expressed in close care for all forms of consecrated life and, in particular, in the decisive task of assessing the advisability of establishing new Institutes of Consecrated Life and new Societies of Apostolic Life. It is right to respond to the gifts the Spirit awakens in the particular Church, welcoming them generously with thanksgiving; at the same time, it must be avoided that “communities may be needlessly brought into being which are useless or which lack sufficient resources” (Decree of the Vatican Ecumenical Council II, Perfectae caritatis, 19).

The Apostolic See has the responsibility to accompany the Pastors in the process of discernment leading to the ecclesial recognition of a new Institute or a new Society under diocesan law. The Apostolic Exhortation Vita consecrata states that the vitality of new Institutes and Societies “must be judged by the authority of the Church, which has the responsibility of examining them in order to discern the authenticity of the purpose for their foundation and to prevent the proliferation of institutions similar to one another, with the consequent risk of a harmful fragmentation into excessively small groups” (n. 12). The new Institutes of Consecrated Life and the new Societies of Apostolic Life, therefore, must be officially recognized by the Apostolic See, which alone has final judgement.

The act of canonical erection by the Bishop transcends the solely diocesan sphere and makes it relevant to the wider horizon of the universal Church. In fact, by its very nature, every Institute of Consecrated Life or Society of Apostolic Life, even if it has arisen in the context of a particular Church, “as a gift to the Church, is not an isolated or marginal reality, but deeply part of her. It is at the very heart of the Church, a decisive element of her mission” (Letter to Consecrated Persons, III, 5).

With this in mind, I have decided to modify can. 579, which is replaced by the following text:

Episcopi dioecesani, in suo quisque territorio, instituta vitae consecratae formali decreto valide erigere possunt, praevia licentia Sedis Apostolicae scripto data.

I order that what has been deliberated with this Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio have firm and stable implementation, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, even if worthy of special mention, and that it be promulgated by publication in L’Osservatore Romano, entering into force on 10 November 2020, and thereafter be published in the official commentary of the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.

Given from the Lateran Palace, on 1 November 2020, the Solemnity of All Saints, eighth year of my Pontificate.



Precious little Pope Francis says or does make any difference to me.

To us “independent Catholics” he is at best an irrelevance and at worst the head of a totally corrupt institution.

However, his ban on bishops founding diocesan like Silverstream in Co. Meath will spare many people being hurt and fooled by people like KITTY KIRBY.


However, it is a good thing that individual bishops, like Smith of Meath, will not be allowed, on their own, to open crazy monasteries like the now disgraced Silverstream.


Silverstream was the “fantasy” of Kitty Kirby so he could surround herself with a harem of young men under 35.

Kitty has never faced up to his homosexuality and in the past and even now, people like Kitty, act out their unresolved sexuality by dressing up and masking their homosexuality with religious trappings.

It’s an attempt to “spiritualise” what they consider to be sinful – their sexuality.

It’s a bit like having proxy sex.

Now, Kitty is living, we are told, as a “humble monk” in Silverstream is being run by one of his “Kitty Kittens” – Porn Again Elijah is his new “superior”.


Francis’ document will put a brake on Silverstream like developments.

But more is needed.

They need to start suppressing the Cuckoo monasteries that have already being set up.



As usual I start reading a church document, and I quickly get bored ha ha. I held great hopes for Francis’s pontificate. I thought he would have a great big clear out. And, he has done a bit to be fair to him. But, so much more is needed. Has anything really changed? Makes me sad.


When I was a child I used to ask my mother how old she was. Her answer was always either “Over 21” or “Over 9 and under 90”.


My mother used to say: “Thats for me to know and you to find out”.


Pope Benedict was certainly interested in suppressing corrupt monasteries, and one example where he succeeded was because he was able to act as Bishop of Rome to get rid of a really nasty crew of Cistercians at Santa Croce di Gerusalemme:
He also prevented an abusive new monastic congregation taking over at San Paolo fuori le Mura as soon as he was elected:
Irish readers may be interested in an older example of female English monastic hypocrisy at San Patrizio at Rome. Never assume that the women are always innocent victims of the patriarchy:


What a crowd – Rawhide Purcell, Kitty Kirkby, Porn Again Elijah, that Cuthpork in Farnborough……and they still take themselves so seriously, and expect us to do the same. Sorry, guys, but the lid has been lifted and we see how you stir your pot, and it is not pretty. Okay, there are some good and holy guys in your communities, living quiet, peaceful and prayerful lives. But, surely they know about your antics and they should make sure that you shape up or ship out ? Why don’t they ?



Why don’t they? (Sigh😩) I really do hope your question is rhetorical.

They remain silent, look the other way, bury their heads in the sand because their loyalty is to an institution ‘corrupt, and riddled with corruption’, and it is in their interest not to complain.

They are morally gutless, shameless Christ-betrayers. They live a pretense of holiness.


More tedious nonsense from someone whose contributions here are at variance with truth and good taste.



Tedious, perhaps. To people like you.

But not nonsense.

The Romanist institution is flushing itself down the pan of history. And that’s a fact.

Well done, good and faithful servants.



If ordinary monastics turn evil, what can their superiors and communities actually do? Monastic prisons are a thing of the past. The response has usually been to send them away under some pretext -“further studies”, “sabbatical”, “resting for the sake of their health”. But if a Jimmy Saville character became a monastic superior, the “good and holy” monastics kept their heads down rather than be destroyed. The revealing of so much corruption in modern monastic life is an answer to prayer -these people are not invulnerable any more. Read up on Rembert Weakland for an example. (I want to post this anonymously, because I have had personal experience of this and have been in receipt of threats.)


I believe that public worship has been suspended in the Republic, in NI, and in Scotland. In England and Wales, apparently, it is still permissible. Today, we are being told clearly that there is a very serious crisis unfolding, and that we are to act as if we were infected with Covid, in all our dealings, and to stay home. I just wonder would this be the time, for the common good, for the E&W bishops to suspend public worship in churches ? I suspect that they will not, however. There is an arrogant entitlement to people like Egan of Portsmouth and Nichols of Westminster about the right to public worship, and I expect that they will be resisting with all their might. There’s an element of Catholics being exceptional and outside the normal course of affairs, and we won’t be told what we should and should not do. We see this in Nichols intransigence in hanging on in spite of having reached 75 and having been severely criticised by IICSA; we see it in Rome’s refusal to push him, because they don’t want to be seen to give in to external pressure; we see it in so many ways. Maybe the time has come for us to be humble and to think of the common good, rather than our own perceived needs ? I suspect that if the bishops do not show flexibility and humility, they will be humbled by enforcement. Boy, then they will squeal with indignation ! My own view is that Catholics should make the decision for themselves. We do not need to go to church for a while. Yes, we have to go to the supermarket to get food, but without that we would really struggle. We will not suffer for a few weeks without worship and the eucharist. Let’s get real and stop thinking about ourselves as so special and exceptional. Please ! ( I do expect the swivel eyed traditionalist orthodox types to weight in on this one and cry foul – things like the eucharist is the centre and core of their lives and without it they will wither on the vine. Oh, now that’s an idea….!)


It’s mad what’s going on in England. Next door parish having full schedule of masses, albeit with restricted attendance. My parish closed. Next one up half closed half open. The next one to that the priest wouldn’t know shit from clay even without covid.


In March Nichols said that closing churches was absolutely an act of love, then when he realised it meant no money coming in he protested to look good. The churches are open at the moment but then so are most of the shops and cafes, the traffic in London is exactly the same. Egan was the only bishop who expressed any regret about the closures in March, he is very genuine for all his other faults but the rest of the bishops continue to be appalling Dark Mavis was trying to compare the church closures to Christian persecution how insulting to people who had to endure real persecution and martyrdom, closure for public worship for six weeks is not the same thing at all


Dark Mavis needs to keep taking her medication, otherwise she goes in to the depths of depression, poor thing. I guess that why she’s called Dark, plumbing all those horrible depths and then coming back and thinking the world is really like that. I’m sorry she’s got that affliction. You wouldn’t want to wish it on your worst enemy. One does have to wonder why we can’t have bishops who are joyful and can have a bit of fun. Can you think of any of them ? Of the ones I’ve come across I must say they all verge on the taking themselves and life very, very seriously: Stock, Davis, Arnold, Nichols (who only lets his hair down with a very select few and with those who will serve his purposes), Moth, and the others. Longley can have a wicked laugh on occasion. But, we can forgive him anything, because he’s just so nice ! Other than him, I bet E & W bishops’ meetings are a bundle of fun. Not ! Anyhow, most of us just want to get on with life and enjoy the few years we have on this earth. We’re not asking for debauchery and louche living. Just enjoying the good things that God has given us. There will be plenty of time for serious living in the afterlife, I guess. If there really is one ? So, dear bishops, lighten up, please.


To be honest, I think most Catholics in England and Wales these days make up their own minds about things and don’t need the likes of Nichols or Egan to tell them what to do.
They might listen politely, but in pretty much anything it is only one point of view, and people take in to account all sorts of things, and then make their decision. Sounds sensible to me. No longer are we plaintiffs to the priests and bishops waiting for them to deliver instruction from on high. We know too much about what they get up to, and take them now with a pinch of salt, if not holding our noses. They have largely lost our respect and trust. I listen to Nichols these days and I just see and hear a smooth operator who can’t help but be ambitious and manipulative, and who will shift ground to suit his own purposes, all the time pretending to be holier than thou. What a sham.


10.26: At this moment in the pandemic all of us should be acting with the greatest care and responsibility, curtailing any potential for contact, even at a a distance, in our Churches. I believe, very reluctantly, that our churches should remain closed. The medical advice is to stay at home and only go out if essential. Our Church leadership must act with one voice – for the common good now, churches must remain closed. I have noticed in our Church that fewer parishioners are visiting for quiet prayer. This virus is lethal and we know that it is in our communities – everywhere. Why are we continuing to want to have our churches open? Even though we are assiduous about sanitizing and cleaninsing very frequently and have signage all over our church, I believe we should close our doors and do as we are doing, celebrating mass for the webcam only. A time will come again when it will bexsafebto reopen. While we all seek comfort in prayer and visiting our Churches, the well-being and health of all requires our Church doors being closed. Regrettably but the right action. I am not impressed by arguments which claim we, as Christians, are being persecuted if asked to close our churches.


Stop calling these people leaders. There is only one valid moral leader: personal conscience.
These people cock a snoop at personal conscience, because their loyalty is entirely, and narcissistically, self-serving; and narcissists, especially episcooal ones, expect everyone else to be as uncomoromisingly devoted.


The Irish charity regulator should also examine how two rancid flowers like Smith and Kitty could obtain charity status for Silverstream when there appears to be no apparent public benefit other than providing Kitty with a comfortable life and a steady stream of young queens who should otherwise be earning their living or signing-on fortnightly.


It seems so strange, BpPat, that a couple of dried-up old prunes like Smith and Kitty are able to attract so many queer stray kittens to Stamullen.


Before you reported on the strange goings-on there last year, there was a waiting list of stray feral kittens trying to join Kitty’s pack.


My friend said it was announced that from now on, Masses in her parish will be celebrated online, only and, for the foreseeable future!
Oh isn’t it just awful. However safeguarding against the virus is essential now more than ever, and just knowing that our frontline workers are working night and day, and doing everything they can, to stop this evil in its tracks gives me a lump in my throat, it really does.
They say this inoculation will do the job.


Pat, why are you facilitating MC’s TRUMPIAN style, monstrous, hate vitriol commentary? His words specifically are an incitement to hatred of Catholic Priests. His presence here has nithing to do with free speech. Nothing, but much to do with hate speech. Horrible.


So you expect (in fact, you insist) that the world … love Catholic priests?😞 Now why would the world love a cult of self-entitled, self-exceptional, self-privileged, and self-serving narcissists who, openly and shamelessly, for personal gain and advantage, declared themselves obedient not to Jesus the Christ, but to men in mitres, who historically have marched Christ, again and again, to Calvary, most recently and notoriously through the sexual abuse of holy innocents, or the pharasaical concealment of it, to preserve their worldly staus as…of all things, men of God?
Why would the world love such men as these? Or is your insistence, ‘Father’, just another manifestation of the clericalism (one in a very long line of such) that you, and your colleagues, will move Heaven and… will move Hell to retain?


You have some valid points Magna. But some of us ain’t like the way you describe. Remember Pat was ordained RCC in the beginning. He ain’t like that.


Which being translated reads:

“I wanted to be a priest. Those charged with the responsibity of confirming a vocation decided I didn’t have what it takes. I’m so consumed by that decision of decades (?) ago that I’ll pour out bile and vitriol ad infinitum to retaliate. i.e. sour grapes


Sometimes the sour grapes arise as you say, because one does not become a priest.

Sometimes they arise because of the manner a person was treated by seminary authorities.

The latter may have merit, whatever about the former.


3.47: Holy Goat: those of us who knew MC in seminary always believed he would be thrown out, deservedly but even more sadly, that the hurt and shame of rejection would be his crucixion for life. It certainly is and whenevr a platform is given to him, he is a savage, vengeful hater. I think Pat would do some good for him by not facilitating opportunitues for him to flip over the edge…Either MC loves the mental torture received or he has lost his capacity for rationality..MC lost the plot before in a every frightening way. I believe this should not happen again on and through this blog.


Thank you for supplying this background information and thereby providing the context for these extreme postings.


Actually want Pope Francis (and Pope Benedict) wanted to avoid is what happened with the Legionaries of Christ and Incarnate Word (IVE) all coming out of the McCarrick Report. Silverstream wasn’t a “new” new Institute and Society, They don’t have a new rule of religious life. They are no different to Le Barroux or Monastere Saint Benoit. The only area they added to the rule was Perpetual Adoration (nothing groundbreaking) So no the new Moto Proprio does not stop meath or any diocese opening a Benedictine Monastery if they are following the approved rule. It’s only when a group is asking a Bishop to approve a new movement with a new charism.

Pope Francis made the right decision, we need to stop hundreds of movements with very similar ends.


The Jim S secret admirer or jealousy of Jim S has to decide which 🙂 🙂 🙂


And that’s an important distinction because when a single monastery goes wrong the mess is only in one house – the other examples created an international problem.


The second from the left is Mother Burke’s former secretary, a priest from St Louis in the States.


TBH it’s not strange at all that Silverstream gets vocations. Put it this way, if you’re looking for Benedictine life where else would you go in Ireland and the UK? Everywhere either went trendy after the council and hasn’t recovered or else has gone off the rails in some other way.
Although if I was looking for old rite somewhere like Clear Creek would be a better bet to my mind. I’m wary of the perpetual adoration and reparation thing which is unusual in religious life for men.


When I was a priest in Wales I occasionally had afternoon tea in Belmont – with Hereford scones.


Yes, 7:09, the wholesale adoption of the trad model is what got Kitty’s Kittens off the ground, and what keeps young men coming and fiercely loyal. Kitty was definitely not a trad in his previous incarnation.



Always nice to hear about priests doing things to engage their parishioners during lockdown. Some of the guys are right lazy mothers stuck on their big fat arses all day.


Begorra me finger is fekked trying to log into this thing. Anyway Canonical Erection. Ironic or what Discerning Charisms …quality Control…


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