The Cover Upper and the Cover Upper Emeritus.

An email I sent to Any Martin at 2.30 pm on Sunday about Stephen Wilson, has unsurprisingly, been ignored.

Amy has the ignorant habit of ignoring and even refusing to acknowledge letters and emails.

When she was brought up in Derry did her mamny not tell that doing things like that is sheet bad manners?

I, of course, understand her contempt for me.

It is equaled if not exceeded by my contempt for her.

But I genuinely wanted to give her the opportunity to address the Wilson problem internally. That would be best for himself, his church and Mr. Wilson.

But if looks as if there will have to be an external solution.

That’s fine.

As usual, the Wilson problem revolves around the homosexual area.

Abercrombie Wilson

There are a number of serious issues involved – that may involve senior clergy and great public scandal.

Knights of Malta Wilson

Amy has already received serious reports about these matters.

In fact, it’s so serious people in Rome are interested and asking questions.

I would ask people to send us information so we can process this matter.

If Amy deals with the matter properly, we will back off.