Survivors and victims were justifiably angry with the Taoiseach Me – Hole Martin blaming “society” for the Mother and Baby Homes holocaust.

Society doesn’t just come into existence overnight and suddenly.

Society is created.

The Irish Society that existed from 1921 until the late 1970s – early 1980s was created by one major force – THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Before partition 12% of the Irish population was “protestant”.

After partition that quickly shrunk to 3 %. (However, for the sake of accuracy we must say that the 3% owned 28% of the wealth of the country.

How could any protestant feel at home in a country where he had to sign over all his children to the Roman Catholic Church?

So, with the RCC in control of the vast majority of the 97% the project was to create and maintain a Confessional Catholic State.

In the state the Constitution and laws enshrined the teachings and dogmas of the RCC.

The 1937 Constitution had the paw marks on it, not only of John Charles McQuaid but of several prominent Jesuit and Holy Ghost priests. De Valera was a past pupil and later a teacher at the Holy Ghost Blackrock College.

The led to things like the Taoiseach at the time of the Mother and Child dispute in the 1950s siding with Archbishop Mc Quaid and against the health minister Dr Noel Brown and saying: “I am a Catholic first and a politician second”.

Archbishop McQuaid carpeted the minister for health in archbishop’s house and basically had the power to sack a minister.

As far as McQuaid and the Hierarchy at the time were concerned anything to do with health, reproduction and the care of mothers and babies was the business of the RCC and none of the business of the elected government.

In fact, the “Purple Parliament” of Maynooth could over-rule the Dail in Kildare Street in Dublin.

As far as the RCC was concerned schools, homes and hospitals were theirs.

The only function the Irish government had to fulfil was to pay the RCC for running them.

The RCC, its hierarchy and its religious orders are 100% responsible for the holocausts and atrocities committed in the Mother and Baby Homes.

The politicians, the Garda, the judiciary, the legal and medical professions were full of obedient Catholics obeying the priests and bishops.

Parents and grandparents had been brainwashed into believing everything the RCC told them and so co-operated in the torture of their daughters and grandchildren.

FIANNA FAIL was really the political wing of the RCC.

The GAA was the RCC designated sport controllers.’

Other forces shaped Irish society – especially the 800 year old occupation of the country by the British.

And in that the Irish Catholic Bishops did their best to keep London happy by condemning Republicans and taking British money for their projects and indeed for their national seminary at Maynooth.

Here and there brave priests took the side of the people but those priests were harassed by their bishops.

THE IRISH TAX-PAYER should not now have to pay for the RCC concentrations camps and for the holocausts and atrocities that took place in them.

The RCC should be forced to PAY THE WHOLE BILL.

If they do it willingly, so be it.

But if they will not bring in urgent legislation to freeze every RCC asset in the country – to be sold off to pay the whole bill.

And if there are any decrepit old priests, brothers or nuns left living who were involved in the atrocities, they should be hunted down like the Nazis that fled Germany were and be brought back for face a Nuremberg like trial in Dublin.

The RCC was Ireland’s “Third Reich”.

The mother and baby homes and Magdalen laundries were Ireland’s gulags.

The hierarchy, clergy and religious were Ireland’s SS.

Let Me Hole Martin & Co stop talking bullshit.

They must not be allowed to spend Irish tax-payers money paying for the atrocities that were visited on hundreds of thousands of Irish girls and babies by the Brides and Grooms of Christ.