Pat I’m alarmed that no one has commented on the grave matter of appointments held by this enclosed monk.

  1. Chair of the Congregation of Religious of Ireland / Missionary Union charity for victims of clerical abuse. They say the provision of counselling is a “positive” church response. But, is there no religious who is more qualified; experienced to undertake this role? Is there no active religious in Ireland, who over the last 20 years, has gained insight, sensitivity, some understanding of the pain and lies endured by survivors than Abbot Purcell? Or is it part of a bigger game plan?
  2. As an enclosed religious, what is his contribution to the Bishop’ Conference Committee on liturgy? He is musical! So what? Trips back and forth to Maynooth, overnights, expenses. Why did Amy appoint hi,? Or is it part of a bigger game.
  1. Having been publicly attested and confirmed as lector and acolyte, Mr. Wilson has moved towards candidacy for ordination as deacon – based on “maturity of purpose” and to have the “necessary qualifications”.
  2. The Knights of Malta are reeling from the conviction of one of their ambulance corps for the most serious sexual assaults on younger corps members in Kildare late last year. This was all hushed up whilst the Knights maintain a distinct separation from the ambulance corps they are the governing body of the corps and responsible for safeguarding.
  3. There are a number of professional men in the order – and this includes their chaplains – who make use of the prestige, ceremonial, dressing up, in order to invite young men into the knightly ways.
  4. Perhaps Amy should enquire with regard to this candidate who aspires to be a caveleiri and to serve the Lord, the sick and the poor?

I informed you a long time ago that the next archbishop of Dublin would be Bishop Farrell. Unfortunately there was a mix up at the terna stage at the Congregation of Bishops meeting due to Covid and English speakers being unable to travel. The wrong Bishop Farrell’s file was put on the top of the pile. However, it is what it is. Carmelengo Cardinal Farrell is not happy. But he remains a true son of Dublin and as such will exercise his offices and note in due course – Amy – there is not and will not be any reason for you to purchase scarlet stockings. Cardinal Farrell is very annoyed indeed, after all favours for the family is what cardinals are for!

  1. A NOTE TO THE BISHOP ELECT Please ensure at your reception Mass in the Pro-Cathedral, Holy Communion is distributed by clerics and ministers of the Eucharist. Arthur Roche went scarlet in the face when he read what was written about the last ordination of a bishop in Armagh – when all the bishops and priests sat on their bums throught Communion. Amy, there is no need to send for catalogs – there will be no scarlet watered silk for you.
  1. Pat, you disagree with me regarding Coddle’s next career move. Despite the demise of his Roman patron Cardinal Sodano, he really is pinning his last hopes red and gold straws on the Dicastery for Communications of which he is one of the few non members of the sacred college. Look at the diocesan website; before he is deleted, at all those speeches and sermons given worldwide to men and women of great importance and influence and now the church can do better. IF YOU STILL DOUBT ME There is a photo of the dicastery within the hall of audiences in the Vatican. Coddle cuddles up in the chair on the right of Bergelio. Do not be fooled by this Machievellian cleric.
  2. Coddle ensured that following Enda Kenny’s false outrage and rant in Dail Eireann, and indignant closing of the Irish Embassy to the Holy See; Enda and family entourage were received in a private audience.
  3. Coddle has times his departure very, very well. The Mother and Baby Home report has exploded and even Coddle cannot charm the editors on that one!

Father Bruno