Mc Aleer

Ryan McAleer, up until recently, lived in the parochial house in Dungannon in Co. Tyrone, was Amy Martin’s primary school adviser and was the VF – the vicar forane of the Dungannon clergy area.

Now, he has disappeared and is listed as gone to do post graduate studies – whatever and wherever that is?

Notice there is no name of the college where he is studying and no address for the college or even the subject he is studying.

One Armagh source made the claim the other day saying: “He is gone to stay with Rory in London”.

I fact that Armagh source is wrong. I had it confirmed this morning that Ryan is not in London.

One correspondent, below, says he is in Leuven.

My understanding is that Rory, by Amy’s arrangement is living with a religious order in London and doing volunteer work with the London Irish community?

It seems that Ryan, like Rory and Thomas McHugh (aka Tomasina) are all favourites of Sean The Wounded Healer Brady.

Thomas and Ryan ordained the same day.

This blog and its author has a special interest, at this time, for knowing the whereabouts of Ryan McAleer.