Farrell at Dublin World Meeting of families 2018

Dublin born Kevin Farrell has risen to great heights in the RCC.

He is now the Cardinal Carmelengo appointed by Francis.

Farrell started off his life by joining the Legionaries of Christ – founded by the now exposed arch paedophile and druggie Maciel Marciel.

Of course Farrell saw NOTHING when he was in the order.

He then joined Washington diocese and was right hand man to the arch abuser Theodore McCarrick.

Once again Farrell heard or saw NOTHING.

His ability to see nothing got him made auxiliary bishop of Washington, bishop of Dallas and finally a Roman cardinal.

He seems to be a great favourite of Francis,?

Now Francis has put him in charge of all finances as Cardinal Camerlengo.


“The Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church is an office of the papal household that administers the property and revenues of the Holy See. Formerly, his responsibilities included the fiscal administration of the Patrimony of Saint Peter. As regulated in the apostolic constitution Pastor bonus of 1988, the camerlengo is always a cardinal, though this was not the case prior to the 15th century. His heraldic arms are ornamented with two keys – one gold, one silver – in saltire, surmounted by an ombrellino, a canopy or umbrella of alternating red and yellow stripes. These also form part of the coat of arms of the Holy See during a papal interregnum (sede vacante). The camerlengo has been Kevin Farrell since his appointment by Pope Francis on 14 February 2019″.

Do you believe Farrell in this video.

I don’t.

He is currently under an investigation with mafia connections.