Some time ago a Sunday newspaper carried a report of a youngish Dromore priest snorting coke in his presbytery.

The presbytery was also a mini-museum of Nazi memorabilia.

This week an Irish priest was sentence in court in the USA having being caught with a sizeable anoubt of crystal meth in his car.

Some weeks ago there were reports of a County Down priest buying his drugs from Loyalist paramilitaries.

And the other day on this blog we had the story of a young man claiming that a Northern Ireland priest had raped him after drugging him.

The priest in question has a reputation for drug abusing.

And during the Maynooth Summer of Love in 2016 we had regular reports of certain seminarians supplying other seminarians and lay students with poppers and Class A drugs.

Priests on drugs is just a part of the spread of a drug culture continually developing drug problem in society.

Im told that many business lunches no longer involve lots of alcohol which means going back to the office for the afternoon is difficult but instead there can be a line of coke for each business man to sniff – leaving them still fit for the office afternoon.

Why are young priests and seminarians using drugs?

I can only ponder on the reasons.

Is it a sign of the absence of faith?

We know that illegal drugs are evil and causing great evil in society. How can someone charged with promoting Gospel values be using and distributing drugs tgat make people ill, addicted and often the cause of family break up and suicide?

Is it a sign of an absence of spirituality?

Surely those of us who are called to prayer and a relationship with God dont need artificial and dangerous ways of going on the inward journey. Does not our real pleasure come from trying to be good and doing good?

Is it because that young priests now are sucked in, hook, line and sinker to the secular, dark and promiscuous gay scene where the pursuit of selfish pleasure, at any cost, is the norm.

We Catholic Christians believe and preach that the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Why woukd we want to pollute that temple with substances that destroy, contradict and mock the presence of God.

Priestly use of drugs is a further proof that the modern-day Catholic priesthood has sunk deep into the sewers of depravity.

And the Irish bishops are tolerating all of this.

Does that not make them the “madams” of



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