The Spanish branch of the Jesuits have admitted that 96 Jesuits have abused children and adults since 1927.

81 of the victims were children and 21 were adults.

Most of the abuse took place in schools run by the Jesuits.

A look at also shows a major problem with Jesuit abuse in the USA.

One Jesuit Donald McGuire sexually abused one boy 1,000 times!


. Donald J. McGuire, S.J.
Career, Accusations of Abuse, Information Sources, and Documents

This webpage gathers information about Rev. Donald J. McGuire, a convicted serial pedophile whom the Jesuits allowed to continue functioning as a priest for 35 years after they first received allegations in the late 1960s. The page includes a chronology of McGuire’s career and the allegations against him; collections of media reports and legal filings; and an archive of Jesuit documents and complaints by parents. In addition, this page is linked with two accounts of McGuire’s career: a detailed assignment record prepared by and a timeline of McGuire’s career prepared by the law firm of Kerns, Pitrof, & Pearlman.

McGuire worked as a teacher at the Jesuit’s Loyola Academy in Chicago and at San Francisco University, and as a prolific retreat master. He gave retreats for aspiring diocesan priests, and for many years was spiritual director for the Carmelite Sisters and the Missionaries of Charity, whose leader and founder, Mother Theresa, selected McGuire to be her confessor. Through his Mission FIDES organization, McGuire organized and led Ignatian retreats for lay people. He collaborated with EWTN in the early 1980s and was chaplain of the National Federation of Catholic Physicians in the early to mid-1990s. McGuire preyed upon his students and upon boys in the devout families who attended and funded his Ignatian retreats, especially ones who acted as his personal assistants.

The McGuire cases are significant for many reasons: for the number of his victims; for the duration and severity of the abuse; for the callous dishonesty of the Jesuit order in ignoring complaints; for McGuire’s arrogant manipulation of Catholic families’ faith and trust; and for his national and international travels while abusing his victims. McGuire has been charged in federal court with “traveling in interstate and foreign commerce for the purpose of engaging in a sexual act with a minor.”

Career of Donald J. McGuire, S.J.

The following table presents information on McGuire’s Jesuit assignments and on the allegations against him. See also our detailed McGuire assignment record with links to legal complaints, media reports, and other sources of information.

Eleven victims of McGuire are currently known; some were abused hundreds of times. Pornography and confession were used in the grooming and abuse, and the victims were often transported across state and international boundaries. Abuse included digital penetration and forced oral sex.

McGuire’s career as priest and predator falls into two phases – an academic phase 1954-81 during which McGuire taught high school and college, with interludes to acquire advanced degrees; and a spiritual direction phase 1981-2003 during which he traveled extensively directing retreats and providing advice to nuns, priests, and lay people. In the transition 1970-83 between these two phases, after the Jesuits were informed of McGuire’s abuse of John Doe 84 in 1969, McGuire worked as an educational consultant and was involved in several experiments in liberal education.

McGuire’s MO was to isolate his targets by arranging for them to live with him and travel with him. In the academic phase, he would present this isolation as academically beneficial. In the retreat phase, the boys were often given a non-paying year-long position as his assistant. McGuire’s status among his followers as a sickly saint provided the rationale for such assistance. Once with him, the boys were plied with pornography and discouraged from maintaining close contact with their parents. Using this technique, McGuire was often able to abuse a victim hundreds of times before moving on to the next boy. His peripatetic schedule (dozens of out-of-state and foreign retreats each year) constantly shifted the victims away from persons likely to notice or object. McGuire was also adept at cultivating relationships with orthodox nuns and lay people who would be impressed by his status with Mother Theresa and less inclined to scrutinize his arrangements with his assistants. “We were mistaken and perhaps taken in by our own pride,” wrote one victim’s father.

Although McGuire’s emphasis changed from academic to spiritual over the years, the spiritual element was present in early arrangements and the academic element may be seen in later ones. McGuire was doing retreats as early as the mid-1960s, and to his early academic victims he posed as a counselor. The earliest person known to have been victimized on a retreat (Individual G) was abused in the late 1970s, well before McGuire’s retreat mill was in full production. Likewise, McGuire maintained the academic approach late into his career, as a method to impress parents and victims. Victim 8, who was abused 1999-2003, delayed college and stayed with McGuire to pursue his studies with the priest.

In the table below, the victim’s names are linked to a more detailed account with links to documents and other sources. Below the table on this page, we have assembled collections of media reports and legal filings; and an archive of Jesuit documents and complaints by parents.

ASSIGNMENTS ALLEGATIONS                        • 1947-1951 Novitiate of the Sacred Heart in Milford OH (novice)
                        • 1951-1952 West Baden College in West Baden Springs IN (B.A.)
                        • 1951-1952 Loyola University in Chicago IL (major in Classical languages)
                        • 1952-1954 West Baden College in West Baden Springs IN (Licentiate in philosophy)
• 1954-1957 Loyola Academy (Latin teacher)
                        • 1955 Loyola University in Chicago IL (M.A. course work)
                        • 1957-1961 West Baden College in West Baden Springs IN (Licentiate in theology)
                        • 1961 Ordained
                        • 1961-1962 Westphalia Jesuit seminary (5th-year theology)
                        • 1962-1965 University of Innsbruck (doctoral study)
• 1965-1970 Loyola Academy (Greek teacher, department chair, guidance counsellor)
                        • Loyola Academy Honors Program (cofounder)

                        • 1970-1974 Loyola University in Chicago (M.A. in Classics)
                        • 1972 Newman College in Normandie MO (cofounder)
                        • 1974-1977 Loyola University in Chicago (Ph.D. in Classics)
• 1976-1981 University of San Francisco, Ignatius Institute (teacher, retreats, counseling)

                        • 1976- Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart in LA (retreats, conferences)
                        • 1978- Carmelites of Cristo Rey in San Francisco CA (retreats, consulting)
• 1981-1989 Bellarmine Hall in Barrington IL
                        • 1981-1983 EWTN in Birmingham AL (televise university seminars)
                        • 1983-1984 DeRance Foundation and Santa Fe Communications TV

                        • 1983- Missionaries of Charity (retreats, seminars)
• 1989-1993 Canisius House in Evanston IL

• 1993          St. John Vianney treatment center (1993)
• 1993-2003 Canisius House in Evanston IL

                        • 1994- Mission FIDES

• 2003-2005 Clark Street Residence in Chicago IL 


EF (early 1960s)

Victor Bender (1966-68)
MS (1968)
John Doe 84 (1968-69) R


Individual G (late 1970s)

John Doe 117 (1988-94)
Victim 6 ( -1993) R

Victim C (1998-99)
Victim 8 (1999-2003)
John Doe 116 (1999-2003)


Currently, we are battling against the Coronavirus.

But we are still experiencing the effects of another horrible pandemic – the pandemic of Roman Catholic priests, sisters and brothers sexualky abusing the young and the vulnerable.

Recently the Spanish Jesuits have held up their hands.

Before that the Jesuits in the USA held up their hands and have gone public about their abusing members.

Take a look at