Mary, Leo and Rawhide Purcell

On Friday night I decided to put my creepy feelings about Mary McAleese aside and watch the show she hosts on RTE, ALL WALKS OF LIFE.

And I was pleasantly surprised.

On this occasion Mary was not standing on her soap box but played a good role as an interviewer.

While sharing sone of her own thoughts, she allowed her guest, Leo Varadakar, the former Taoiseach and current Taniste, to tell us a good deal about himself.

I have always liked Leo and always thought he was one of the better prime ministers our little country has ever had.

I’m a Fine Gael supporter anyway, having no time for Fianna Fail who have always been in bed with the Roman Church.

To me, Fine Gael has always been the party of social progress in Ireland since good old Garret Fitzgerald, on the the brightest politicians Ireland ever produced.

I find Leo very natural and human and Friday night’s programne made him grow in my estimation.

It was nice to hear him talk about his struggle with the racism he found in Ireland and about his journey to come out as a gay man in 2015.

In fact, I was surprised to learn he only came out as gay 5 years ago. I thought we knew that about him for a much longer time.

I was very impressed that he brought his partner with him to Washington to meet Vice President Mike Pence who was opposing same sex marriage.

Mary and Leo were walking St Declan’s Way in Waterford.

And who did they call in upon only the BOLD RAWHIDE PURCELL at Mount Melleray.

I wonder did Leo realise he was in the presence of Ireland’s very own gay Boilerhouse abbot?

And I cant help wondering if Rawhide Purcell fancied our Leo?

He seemed all overcome and all of a dither in the presence of the the fruit of the loins of India and Waterford 🥰


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