Angela Ray lives in Carlow – the town I lived in from age 4 to 8.

Sadly, like so many others, she got caught up in a heroin addiction and was trapped in it for 10 years.

But, to her great credit, and the help of others, she has been in recovery for 6 years now and has been sober and clean for all that time.

Showing great responsibility, when her son was born, she voluntarily placed him in the care of an aunt.

Her son is now 11 and she has been fighting very hard to to have him in her life.

She is experiencing a big push back from the child protection agency agency in Ireland – TUSLA.

They are opposing Angela’s efforts to build her relationship with her son.

Some people may say its her own fault for taking drugs.

But thats far too easy and an ignorant thing to say. Human beings are very vulnerable and we can all get ourselves into troubling situations.

And any human being who has wrestled with addiction and become sober is to be greatly admired for the strength they have shown.

And they need all our love and support to get their lives back on track again.

Of course the state has to have ways of looking after children whose lives are not safe and healthy.

But my experience of social services and social workers has not been good – at those times I was trying to help people get get their children back.

When you get yourself dragged into the social services system and the courts system your life can become a nightmare.

Angela and people like her are up against the establishment.

And the establishment has a way of grinding you down and walking you into the mire.

Anyone wanting to support or help Angela can get her at the email address below.