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Horrific physical and sexual violence was permitted, mostly by priests, in one of Dublin’s top private schools, though the Carmelite Order, led by Fr Richard Byrne, won’t say what it did to stop it, and if it alerted the Garda

In the wealthy suburbs of south Dublin, the redbricked facade of Terenure College has stood out as a beacon of respectability and status for more than 150 years.

A training ground for the elite of Irish society, run by the Carmelite order of priests, it has produced captains of business, pioneering doctors and legal giants.

Legends of Irish rugby have been reared on its hallowed sporting fields, which lavishly sprawl over some of the most valuable land in the country. The school website boasts of an “atmosphere of welcome and warmth” and a “history to be proud of”.

But behind the cloistered walls of this exclusive boys’ school, a dark and chilling chapter from its past is about to be revealed. A number of former pupils have come forward claiming they were subjected to a regime of rampant sexual abuse and sadistic violence at the hands of those entrusted with their care during the 1960s and 1970s.

Middle-aged men now, they tell stories of sordid assaults and relentless groping by predatory teachers, the emotional wounds of which remain unhealed today. Some of the abuse happened openly in class in front of other pupils while the perpetrator taught, showing no fear of being caught or punished. It also took place in the playground, at the swimming pool and in locker rooms as they showered.

For the first time, evidence has also emerged that the Carmelite order has covertly paid out significant sums of money as compensation for sexual abuse.

Until now, this compensation scheme has been kept from public sight or scrutiny.

Despite several requests, neither the Carmelite Order or Terenure College will confirm whether An Garda Síochána were informed about the deeply disturbing allegations behind the scheme.

Former pupils who attended the school in the 1960s and 70s have alleged that a number of staff, both priests and lay teachers, abused them. They identify the same men repeatedly, claiming these individuals engaged in warped paedophile and sadistic behaviour but were never held to account.

Fr Aidan O’Donovan, a long-serving member of the teaching staff, was one of the most notorious.

President of the school’s Pioneer Council and spiritual director of the Carmelite Third Order, an ancient branch of the order established for lay people, in the eyes of parents and staff, he appeared a charming priest and devoted teacher.

But some of his old students recoil in terror at mention of his name

“He always had a boy on his knee during class”, says Martin, who attended Terenure in the 1970s and whose identity has been protected. “He was a great story-teller and to be asked to sit on his knee during stories was like getting a star. It was almost an honour.

As soon as you sat up on his lap, his hand would go straight up. We all wore short trousers so it was easy for him to interfere with us. He molested me on several occasions in front of the rest of the class not caring whether anyone could see.


Once, I got an infection in my anus because he had put his fingers inside me. I had to stay at home because I had a fever from it. The worst thing was not being able to tell my parents how it happened because you were afraid you wouldn’t be believed.

The sexual abuse was just one side of life at Terenure. It was quite normal to be beaten around the place. You would be brought to the top of the class, stripped from your waist down and beaten with a bamboo cane on your bare backside. It was horrific but from a very early age you were told to ‘take it like a man’. We were a rugby school. We had to be seen to be tough.

I used to go home with red marks on my hands and legs from being beaten and my parents would blame me for upsetting the teachers. I can only imagine how they would have reacted if I had told them about the sexual abuse”.

Another past pupil, now in his 50s, is haunted by a number of encounters he endured at the hands of the same priest.

“Apart from the sadistic beatings many of us endured, they were always touching you up and grabbing you. Fr O’Donovan was a well-known ‘kiddy-fiddler’. I remember him putting his hand down the front of my trousers and holding me while I was going to the toilet. That was the sort of twisted thing we were put through.

If I had gone home to my mother and told her what was happening, she would have killed me. So I used to hide in Bushy Park and just not go to school at all. The abuse destroyed my life, and 40 years later, I am still very angry they have got away with it”.

Another former pupil abused by O’Donovan describes him as the “quintessential wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He would ingratiate himself with parents who fawned over him in the hope that their son might be given a place on the rugby team while at the same time sexually abusing their boy and leaving him permanently damaged.

We called him Donewax. He would take you to his knee smiling and before long have his hand down your pants. If he didn’t take you to his knee he would sit on the edge of the small bench seat at our double desks and while inanely reading from a school book fondle your privates inside your pants.

One thing that I vividly recall is the fact that his brown habit had openings where the pockets should be. This allowed him to fondle himself with one hand as he abused you, while appearing to anyone looking to just have his hand in his pocket”.

Fr Aidan O’Donovan died in 2013. Former pupils who claim to have been abused by him say they are outraged he never faced justice. Many have felt unable to speak up until now.

Aged 61 today and living abroad, Martin says he is in no doubt that the school authorities were aware of sexual and physical abuse by certain teachers but did nothing to stop it.

“I visited the school about 15 years after I left. I discussed the abuse with a priest I met that day and was told that Fr O’Donovan had been moved out of teaching. It is my belief he still could have had access to children after that. He should have gone to prison. The school knew exactly what was going on”.

More than a month ago, Village sent a series of public interest questions about sexual abuse allegations to Fr Richard Byrne, the provincial head of the Carmelite order in Ireland which runs Terenure College.


Fr Byrne is a former head of the school and a past pupil.

He is also chairperson of the Catholic Schools Partnership, the body which represents Catholic bishops in the Irish education sector.

Fr Byrne was asked to confirm whether his religious order had received any complaints about sexual abuse at the school at any time in its history, and if so, how such complaints were handled. He was also asked to confirm if any complaints were investigated internally and whether the appropriate authorities were informed including An Garda Síochána.

We also enquired whether the order was aware of any cases where abuse complaint/s had been made against any teacher against whom an earlier complaint had been received. Some victims believe that if the school had not ignored what was happening, other children could have avoided a similar fate.

Not only has Fr Byrne refused to answer any of these questions, he has failed to reply at all, ignoring numerous requests by email and telephone.

Fr Éanna Ó hÓbáin, the current head of Terenure, has also ignored our queries.

An Garda Síochána too has dismissed a request for information as to whether it was aware of abuse allegations at the school.

A response from the Department of Education, which gave more than €2m of public funding to the school during the last academic year, is also outstanding.

While most of the historic abuse claims are against former clergy at the college, a number of retired lay teachers have also been accused. One is alleged to have had access to minors after he left Terenure.

Sean (not his real name) describes one alleged incident with this teacher which happened during class. He was looking forward to getting the results of an assignment, thinking he had got a good grade. But his excitement turned to terror when the teacher called him to the top of the room and began to humiliate him in front of his classmates over the quality of his work.

“It was an experience that still leaves me cold”, he recalls. “He grabbed me and pulled me into him under his gown as he ridiculed my work in front of the rest of the class. Then he started reading the winning essay, and as he did so, he started rubbing his erect penis against me. It happened in front of the rest of the class. I was about 14 at the time”.

Another former pupil John was going through a difficult time at home when he claims he was targeted by the same teacher at the age of 14.

“He knew I was going through a tough time and my grades were going down. He told me he understood but I would still have to be punished for it. He asked me to come to his office one afternoon after school. I always remember walking through that door. He stripped me naked, put me over his lap and started spanking me. He then started to fondle my genitals. It must have gone on for at least half an hour. It was the last day of term.

I left the school that day and never went back. He picked on me because he knew I was vulnerable.
Apart from the sexual molestation, I witnessed the most horrific violence at that school. Some staff seemed to have a penchant for punching young boys”.

“Terrorism was employed to keep order”, another ex-student recalls.

“Bamboo canes and leather straps (two lengths stitched together and weighted with a metal insert at one end) were used with great fervour. I recall sitting beside one of my classmates who was fond of a laugh. Class had just started and in order to get us all to settle down quickly, a heavy duster for the blackboard was employed as a missile. Flung with great force from the hand of a Carmelite, it struck my friend on the right temple. He dropped to the floor unconscious. When he awoke after a few moments, he was told to sit where he was and behave himself”.

This survivor describes another priest who plagued certain students and made their lives a misery.

“I can still smell him nearly half a century later. It was smoke mixed with body odour. He loved to rub up against you and slobber over you. His brown habit was filthy, covered in ash, spit and dribble. He got a quick rub or feel in whenever he could. He was a marksman with the duster and fond of the ‘chin wag’ as we called it, where he would grab your earlobe and jerk it while pulling you up off the seat, then let go and rap you with his knuckles on the chin. This was his punishment for talking in class.

He liked to lean in close, rubbing something hard in the area of his groin up against your back as he pretended to check your jotter”.

Several survivors in their 50s and 60s say it is only now they have been able to cnfront what happened to them at Terenure after years of repressing painful memories. They say they have been tormented by issues of trust, poor selfesteem and shame throughout their adult lives, which has led in some cases to failed careers and broken marriages. Their sense of betrayal is overwhelming, aggravated by the fact that they never got to see their abusers held to account.

“There was no room for self-pity or wallowing”, says one ex-pupil in his early 60s.

“Our parents worked hard to send us to a private school. It’s not as if we were orphans in residential institutions. We were privileged children. But in some ways, because we were middle class from comfortable homes, the lid was kept even tighter on the abuse because there was so much more to lose. The social stigma and the shame were much greater. Our world was supposed to be civilised and respectable. It was anything but”.

Until now, revelations about sexual abuse in educational institutions have been confined to those attended by disadvantaged children from working class backgrounds. Private schools have been more adept at keeping such scandals at bay, dealing with allegations in-house and avoiding reputational damage to their powerful institutions which have schooled the great and the good.

But Terenure College is one of a growing number of fee-paying Irish schools who may have to confront decades-old abuse in the coming years, as survivors gain the courage to come forward and seek redress and compensation.

The financial implications for private colleges which find themselves exposed to historic claims could prove catastrophic. Some may face the prospect of having to sell off valuable chunks of their campus or even closure.

But many victims believe the time has come to blow the whistle, regardless of the consequences. They say their ‘alma maters’ should no longer be allowed to hide from the dark secrets of their past, which have shattered so many lives.

“As a survivor of the violence and sexual abuse at Terenure, it saddens me to think that success on the rugby pitch was put ahead of child protection.

When past pupils admire with pride the trophy cabinet in the college containing the Leinster Schools cups, they should be aware that they were won at the expense of innocent boys whose lives were destroyed by perverts disguised in brown Carmelite habits and grey suits. A few bad apples in the barrel yes, but nobody ever cast them out.

Why not? The public, who subsidise private schools, have a right to know what happened. We can’t keep brushing abuse scandals under the carpet”.


The above is shocking in the extreme.

It wasn’t only the children of the poor these religious abused. Some of the rich got it too.

The cover up by the Carmelites is as bad, if not worse than the abuse.

I hope all victims come forward and tell their truths and stories.

I hope they all get justice, the therapy they need and the compensation they deserve.

The police need to start putting bishops and religious leaders in prison for the cover-up they do.

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Pat, I was a boarder at the Carmelte College Moate co. Westmeath in the 1960’s. The Dean of Discipline there a Carmelte Fr, Langan took great pleasure in whacking our arses with a leather strap. We lined up outside his room for punishment. We were forbidden to look around but I disobeyed and saw him wanking his mickey as he walloped me. These habited men his their horns under their dresses,


When I read this article I was shocked by the content. I think that many of our schools meted out horrible and brutal punishment in the past – both lay and clerical staff. I’m certain that many a pupil could tell stories of abuse in all forms from the 70’s and 80’s….I endured mental and emotional abuse from lay teachers simply for not doing homework properly. Small little irritations provoked physical attacks and verbal abuse in some teachers. Despite this I excelled at school and college. I hope all survivors receive necessary therapy and compensation. All relevant staff of Terenure should be interviewed. It seemed that the abuse was well known by staff. Horrendous.


“Preside” is hyper-clericalist – it puts the whole focus on the celebrant, like some sort of chairman of a meeting.

PS. Only priests celebrate Mass. The laity and deacons don’t.


Enda had an apartment in New House but in recent years moved to a less spacious apartment in St. Pats… Reason being he was less able physically so the lift in Pats was a help,just as the stairs in New House was a hindrous. In Pats his neighbour was P. Prior.


So he moved into Corish’s old apartment, which before Corish moved in was occupied by Cremin. What happened to Edna’s old apartment in New House?


I think Endas rooms in Pats were directly opposite the Corish rooms… His apartment overlooked the Bicentenary Gardens. Think the Corish rooms overlook the square. Nevertheless same type apartment in same building. His former rooms in NH are now guest accommodation with Maynooth campus Conference and accommodation I think.. The more fancy guest rooms. I know Martin Henry’s rooms are for paying guests and it’s same floor in NH


Sadly, I could have written the script. It’s what we have come to expect from these priests and religious. More of the same old stuff. And the response from them is the same, just to prevaricate, obfuscate, obstruct, deny, cover-up, excuse…….We have seen it all before. They go on their merry way and live in their comfortable little bubbles. I’m not a great believer in the afterlife, but I would like to think that for these men that there will be a final judgement on them and they will do their time in Purgatory ! Other than that they should at the very least be shamed by blogs like this and by the story being circulated as wide as possible, and maybe even some of the statutory authorities might be embarrassed in to action and ask some very uncomfortable questions of these men and institutions and what they have done. Look what has happened to Ampleforth and other OSB places. It could well happen to the O.Carm places too. If they don’t like what is being written about them, then let them sue + Pat, which of course they won’y because they know that he is telling the truth and that they would have to go to court and the whole thing would be made even more public. I hope they are cringing with angst and pain at what is being said about them. Shocking.


8.32: Pat hasn’t in covered the truth about Terenure College. The article today us by Gamma Doherty. The every for the truth lies with the vuctims/survivors and We should always their courage, moral and spiritual. How is it that all staff seemed to know about McLean and did nothing? There are fundamental questions to be asked of all staff, if alive, about these years. Pupils, sadly, knew and were afraid to go beyond joking which is what teenagers do. But for senior men and women?? Inexcusable.


How is it that all the staff knew about McClean and did nothing? You know the answer to that as well as I: deference to the Carmelites, who were in overall charge.

Your utter desperation to defend Roman Catholic Clergy (to take the spotlight off them) is noted. You are morally spineless.

The fact remains that the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, on balance, has been a force for evil on the island.

It would have been better had this institution not been born, such is the mayhem it has wreaked in the world. Anyone who believes that Christ founded this filth has a sick, sorry, and warped mind and soul. Speaking of which, BELLA!


10.50: I am not BELLA you respond to. The entire staff at Terenure of those years knew. Not one of them had courage. All spineless. All of them. Even lay teachers abused. Read the stories of some survivors. It is RIGHT to mention the full picture. No one is excusing anyone. All are responsible. Read my comment properly at 10.33.



Bella hides when she cannot defend the truth she lies low for a few days that comes back with the rancid comments towards others.
Bella’s tongue is worst than Magna as you see how she writes.
Eg people to commit suicide throw themselves in the sea or under, and really the other vocabulary that she uses against people I am not going to use it to go to her level.
Just all pray for Bella.



I have never ever defended any abuse carried out by anyone wither religious or lay. I have always said that these degenerates should be dealt with by both the Civil and Ecclesiastical Authorities .I have always defended The Holy Church from morons like you and always will. You judge everyone within it as the same, which as you well know is not true but stems from your bigoted hatred of The Holy Church..


Auld Gossip Alert @1:18pm

No,m Not hiding unlike you morons I don’t spend all day on the blog I’m just in after getting the messages when I noticed your usual illiterate comments. You don’t have the vocabulary to reach my level and never will. In charity I ask you all to pray for the mental health of auld Teresa aka the dreaded Jim S or whatever other names she calls herself.


1.18: Can you rewrite your comment in a more intelligent manner. It’s confusing and badly scripted. I am not the infamous Bella, idiot. Do try to be careful, honest and less hyperbolic in OTT dramas…lies and confusions.


Jim S is in training for the Permanent Diaconate for the Glasgow province.
So your getting a bit confused asking for our charity for prayers for Jim S maybe your out the loop now.


You make a very poor job indeed, Bella, of defending the ‘Holy Church’; in fact, with a friend like you, the ‘Holy Church’ does not need enemies, since you turn everyone off her, and yourself.
Keep the show rolling, Bella. If nothing else, you’re good for a laugh.


Peter @ 3:34 pm.
Definition of deference:
respect and esteem due a superior or an elder also : affected or ingratiating regard for another’s wishes.
Ass kissing to superiors by ass kissers who feel the superiors ass must be kissed.


Ha! Ha! Ha!oh Paul your a caution even Glasgow’s not that hard up. Jim S to the Permanent Diaconate. They’d have had to send her to Adult Literacy class first. I think you must be in the loopy loop. to swallow that one.PSML.


I always think parents were at fault too; many of them must have known what went on, having been former pupils themselves. It wasn’t a new phenomenon.


So … it’s really the parents’ fault? They sent their kids off to be taught by kiddie-fiddling RC priests. It’s not the priests fault, mind: they were what they were.
You’re unbelievable; you really are.


The one(s) at fault is/are the abuser(s) whether ordained or, like you, unordained.


There is a clearly established pattern in clerical sexual abuse.
The priest grooms the child – often aided by parents who think that becoming involved in the school will prevent their child being abused.
The priest abuses the child with the usual threats.
If the child tells an adult they are not believed- and the priest has set the parents up for this by ingratiating himself.
The priest continues to abuse the child.
The child starts misbehaving and gets further problems in life.
Years later the child gets over the grooming enough to do something about it but the damage is well done and there is little chance of redress.

Parents, if your child tells you they are being abused, believe them.

The answer to this is what 10:55 says. Don’t give money to them and campaign for mandatory reporting.



Abuse…’often aided by parents who think that becoming involved in the school will prevent their child being abused’.

How do you know this?


@3:41 Just read accounts of child abuse – the pattern keeps appearing. Children are most likely to be abused by someone they know and paedophiles sometimes spend years ingratiating themselves to the family.
If parents are a bit suspicious of the school they tend to try to get more involved which actually helps the paedophile because the parents think they know him and don’t believe their child.
There are frequently signs of abuse in children which should be noticed and they often try to tell someone.


Who, in positions of power, authority and responsibility in the Rcc, as well as State institutions, including various professionals and sporting organizations knew of this ‘phenomenon’ in Terenure College?
Did Vatican employees such as former archbishop of Dublin Mr. Martin or former papal representative Mr. Charles Brown know? What does the current papal representative Mr. Okolo know of any continuing cover ups within the Rcc in Ireland, north and south?
What do Rcc archbishops, bishops or retired bishops, religious superiors and
retired religious superiors throughout Ireland, know of cover ups?
As you said in your comments Pat, the police need to start putting bishops and religious leaders in prison for the cover-up they do.


They won’t because until it changes it isn’t a crime not to report child abuse.
That’s what needs to happen.
In the UK the worst punishment for not managing abuse properly is the school could theoretically be closed down. Apart from Amplefunds being prevented from taking new pupils this has never happened.


11:44 am – You are indeed right, it is not a criminal offence for any person “off of the street” as it were, or; any person who does Not occupy a particular role outlined in law, or act of law, which states “It is a criminal offence if [they cit…] fail to report any kind of abuse of children or vulnerable adults.”
Take the following for example… under ‘The Education Act 2006’ it is a Criminal offence if anybody holding any role within education (payed or unpaid) to fail to report anykind of abuse.
This applies to even a parent governor of a school – and the law treats offences in a retrospective manner i.e. was the role occupied at the time an offence was committed?
Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, Deacons – even the laity – are not required by law to report abuse. However, there are serious questions of moral accountability here — and these lead to civil legal repercussions.
In addition to the above…
If an Archbishop, priest, Deacon or lay person is occupying a role involved with education, they may very well commit a criminal offence in failing to report abuse.
* * * *
Please could anybody answer the following question for me? — Is the Chair of the Catholic Education Service (CES) and
Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Catholic Trust for England and Wales (CATEW) a person who falls into the category of being legally required to report abuse under ‘The Education Act 2006?’


@ 1:29 pm
What I found more interesting is what Brian Darcy didn’t say or make explicit. He states:
” Once you begin to make a difference that one group of people are more important than another group of people in society’s eyes and in Gods eyes then inevitably you have the kind of system where the most vulnerable will be disposed of because that’s what society thinks should happen and that kind of society is rotten to the core and cannot survive…”
Apply same to the Church, the priesthood, and those considered ontologically
changed.He failed to point out the Church dominated and controlled the moral climate in
the country which greatly influenced catholic families as well as Irish society as a whole,
(Irish constitution) hence catholic families had to disown their own daughters and some sons who were ‘caught out’.


That auld attention seeker D’Arcy should be shut up in Mt. Argus saying his office and scrubbing floors. Instead of hogging the limelight the minute he spy’s a camera, I don’t know why his Superiors allow it.


1.29 I thought he spoke well. I can only assume you are jealous of Fr D’Arcy


Darcy should stop calling himself Fr, Superior, Rev on that basis and move out of the Crossgar mansion and live in a Fold if he thinks nobody should be treated differently. He might as well start with himself.



I’m certainly not jealous of D’Arcy, I’m appalled by him, as a religious he has for years hogged the limelight seeking attention. He was on The Late Late numerous times even trying to upstage Gaybo. not what he was ordained ,for, he should have been brought to heel years ago instead of swanning all over the place in his ostentatious car when he should have been on a byke or even better on foot.


1.56 and 2.40 the same Bella what does she not use Bella or Bellarmine now.
Certainly been jilted by Jim S.
Jim S will be too busy getting the Chapel’s ready to open and planning for Pope Francis visit in November.
St. Mungo pray for us.
St. Francis guide them.
The SSPX are outside the Church Bella however trying to get back in and the soon to be Cardinal Roche may recommend you all get back to the Holy Mother Church.


Ha! Ha! Jim S at her most articulate nobody would let you near a Chapel, as for preparing for Fanny’s visit in November it;s not going to happen. You would never get with in a mile of him anyway, you’d never pass the security check.


Paul M@ 7:38pm

Unfortunately Jim S has not gone, Paul you are Jim S as well as Curate and all the other forty faces she masquerades under that’s how far gone you are. You’ve used so many that sadly you can’t remember who you are. God help you.


4.14: Very true in many cases…I know of a woman who was in an institution and was beaten…But she told me she also experienced much kindness from the nuns. At ssubsequent support meetings she spoke about the kindness she and other women experienced but was told she was to “stick” to one story only. She refused to do that and was prevented from attending further meetings. She was abandoned by the support group. Her story would never get to any newspaper or similar stories from many women.


You’re a real ray of human sympathy, understanding and charity. A perfect illustration of what the RC fraud turns out.


4.56 Oh dear, you don’t like the truth do you? It often hurts those who only want one side of the narrative to be told. I will pray for you poor disgruntled soul.


4.56: Thank yiu: I am indeed known to be a very empathic, caring, charirable and compassionate person. You got that right. I practice all these qualities in my life. I merely recounted a TRUE story told to me by a woman who said what her experience and that of many women was. These women’s stories must also be heard. There are fraudulent claims made, undoubtedly. And lest you think I’m “a fraud”, I can stand by my integrity and conscience re: my response to helping many in distress, difficulties and struggles. Get a grip, dear hater!!


***Breaking news from Blackpool***
Parish Administrator Rev Etienne given warning by his Bishop for acting outside the scope of authority. He’s been told to stop his Parish merger discussions and plans and to publish a note confirming that in the Parish newsletter. His latest newsletter confirms he has cancelled the plans in obedience to his Bishop. Embarrassing. Perhaps the Bishop will now move him under the care of a wiser and more mature pastor?


Rev from Salford.
Your lazy Bishop Arnold should pull you in for bringing the Church into disrepute.
I have sent a copy of your blog to Bishop Arnold.
So here is the TRUTH from Blackpool.
No warning at all PP has been told to hold back and move together as a Dioceses as many changes will happen in Blackpool.
We have now been instructed by Bishop Swarbrick that,
due to discussions taking place across the diocese in
coming months and with a number clergy retirements
imminent, our own consultation should now pause for a
while but will continue again at a later date.
So sad so called Clergy Rev for Salford usually our clergy are known as father or canon.


Very good Rev Etienne. I prefer Rev and when you start behaving like a Fr, I will refer to you as such. You are not a PP and you do get rather carried away with power sweet cheeks. As far as my Bishop is concerned, at least he knows how to look after his Clergy and deal with problems. You’d do well to listen to bloggers on here and wind your neck in.


I’ve was ordained 40 years ago this year and this young Priest and his friend Rev Billing have created more problems and division than I’ve ever seen. He was only ordained a couple of years ago, so you’d think he’d learn to shut his mouth and focus on learning about Priesthood instead of causing havoc wherever he goes. He definitely needs to be moved and supported by and older man. He will learn eventually.


There is a lot of spite about this young priest on this blog. Seems like a nice parish blog. Many years since I was in Blackpool. It was going down hill fast then with stag and hen nights which chased decent families away.
There is no evidence of a warning from the Bishop.
Here is an excerpt from the parish newsletter.
We have now been instructed by Bishop Swarbrick that,
due to discussions taking place across the diocese in
coming months and with a number clergy retirements
imminent, our own consultation should now pause for a
while but will continue again at a later date.
Methinks there is a certain amount of jealously about this young priest. I would expect PB to defend the underdog.
Garngad Lad


Hi Garngad lad. I’m a resident of Blackpool. I can tell you that all isn’t well in our Parishes that this man serves. The blogger is correct, he decided to engage in a consultation with us
to amalgamate them without authority, knowing that a wider review was going to take place anyway and outwith his scope of authority as an Administrator and not PP. Also controversy that he named our website Catholics in South Blackpool and left out another Parish in South Blackpool. Lots of letters sent to the Bishop about other matters that have been covered on here already. He’s got a good heart and just needs guidance and to think things through more. In terms of Blackpool. It is looking better these days. Lots of money spent, particularly on the front. Come visit us again sometime.


Garngad lad. Bishop Paul will always look after his Clergy.
And who know what Bishop Paul asked this young Priest what to do in the parishes.
Maybe in the Autumn the diocesan plan will be announce and Blackpool will be reduced to two priests one for the North and one for the South with buildings closing.
Lancaster dioceses has a few problems shortage of clergy, finance and too many buildings.
Time will tell this young priest was forward thinking like many dioceses throughout the UK is doing or about to do.


Bill K @ 8.45pm Yes he should have called the website Catholics in South East Blackpool which was the proposal of the new parish in the Fit for Mission document. So a slight mistake


I hope he’s moved somewhere away from the dregs of humanity and the selling off of the churches to be a carpet shop, a car park and mosque happens without delay, why waste time ?


My problem is that on the comments attached to Pat’s article about incredible, depravity, abuse and collusion in a religious school in Ireland yet again there is another dumb attempt to criticise the priest in Blackpool based on personal prejudice against anything vaguely traditional and hearsay about his actions or conduct. There are far too many church buildings in Blackpool for the size of the Mass going population they should be closed immediately just as John Arnold did in Salford , he made the announcement one Sunday and they were closed the next. In Carlise there are nine churches in one super parish with three priests saying one Mass in each over the weekend, the Church in England is finished and the facts should be faced not moaning about whether you do or don’t like the amount of lace being worn


8.51 The a Carlisle model is odd. Move all the Priests in one house but don’t close any of the Churches. Diocesan Priests do not want to live together and the new set up there is chaotic. Prob need to close at least 4 of them sadly.


Lots of Priests already live together in parishes in England & Wales 9.01pm and have done so for years. In Ireland it’s the case that clergy don’t usually live together. In some parishes in Ireland two priests are in seperate houses side by side which is a waste of money and resources. I think the Irish priests have always been better off.


Fr Aidan o’donovan was moved to a Carmelite friary in Kildare in the summer of 1982, in September 1982 he became a rugby coach in Newbridge College where he abused me a number of times between November 1982 and March 1983.i left the school that June however Fr O’donovan continued to coach rugby there for another three years. The carmelite order deny they had any knowledge O’donovan, s contact with minors.


As a victim of O’donovan in Terenure college it grieves me to hear that he was transferred to the friary in Kildare where he continued his abuse. It is inconceivable that he was not reported to the gardai. A government enquiry is needed to get to the bottom of the cover ups by the church in abuse cases. And not only it seems was he moved to Kildare but he was allowed to leave the Carmelites and join the M. S. C missionaries who’s headquarters are in Cork where he is from and was transferred to San Antonio in Texas, he was at one stage in charge of vocations, never returned to Ireland that I’m aware of, that’s what the church does, keep them out of the jurisdiction they commited their crimes in, so they can’t be charged.


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