Fr. Ger Fitzgerald is still celebrating public Mass in Criost Ri Oratory in Ennis.

He is live on Facebook but not placing recording for later watching.

He is still listed as a Co PP on the Killaloe website.

Reports say that he receiving total support from Tina Whelan and many from the Cloughleigh district in Ennis.

My understanding is that Ger is telling Fintan Monahan that he never had sex with any Ennis lady!

However there is hard evidence in black and white that this is not true!

Furthermore, many know that Ger has been having sex with women before and after his ordination.

He also does not to leave his present parish placement even though its time for him to move. He is too close to Tina Whelan and others.

He is resisting attempts by Fintan Monahan to move him. He is 40 now and if he stays in the priesthood, a big IF, no bishop is going to leave him in Ennis for the next 35 years.

Every other priest in Killaloe can be moved but not Ger !!!


Ger, Tina and others are blaming the woman who named Ger as her lover!

Why are people so quick to blame the woman?

It takes two to tango and the woman had no promise of celibacy to uphold.

Ger is the one who broke his promise.

Leave the woman alone!

She in only one of many!


Since 1992 I gave been ministering to women involved with priests through a very loosely group called Bethany.

To date I have ministered to 124 such women – mainly on the island of Ireland.

In the vast majority of these cases, the initial overture was made by the priest.

Priests often “hit” on vulnerable women – women with marriage problems, women with emotional problems, recently widowed women.

Most of the priests have a history of involvement with women and often have two or more women on the go at the one time.

Many of the priests sponge off the women for money, loans, holidays, cars etc.

The priests often portray themselves to the women as needy, vulnerable – almost needing a mother / partner all rolled into one.

I wonder if any of Ger’s conquests recognise any of these aspects in him?


Ger has a decision to make.

Either he keeps “Little Gerry” in his jocks or he mans up, leaves the priesthood, gets a job and openly and honestly provides for a woman and their children.

After 15 years of doing the double Ger has to put his money where his mouth has been!



Disgraced McCarrick

The extent of the gay clerical underground network in the USA culminated with the exposure of ex cardinal Ted McCarrick as its  patron and godfather.

In church natters, good and bad, we here in Ireland are about 20 + years behind the USA.

We are in the very stage of seeing the exposure of Ireland’s nasty, underground gay network – consisting of bishops, priests, religious, monks and seminarians.

The top was blown off this network by the “Maynooth Summer of Love” over four years ago in 2016.

Since then, the “puss” has been seeping out slowly but surely – and yes – it stinks!

Some years ago a young priest from Ireland who did prolonged studies in Rome told me: “The way to get promotion in the Catholic Church is to do sexual favours for your superiors”. He was bang on!

The situation in Ireland is this:

1. The vast majority of seminarians in recent years are and have been sexually active gay men.

These seminarians are and have been sexually active with each other, laity, priests and monks.

They are involved in a culture of heavy drinking, poppers and drugs.

Some seminarians have been having sex with senior clergy and have been rewarded with money, holidays, extravagant meals and fashion accessories and even cars.

A small number of seminarians have evolved into clerical escorts for priests and senior clergy and sometimes they are paid exorbitant fees.

A small number of seminarians have committed crimes like assault, blackmail,sexual assault and rape.


2. Sexually active seminarians go on to be sexually active priests.

These priests continue to have sex with younger seminarians, each other and even parishioners.

Some priests engage in dangerous activities in cruising area and truck stops and toilets.

Others like Fr Carey of Killaloe commit sexual acts in public and are arrested and prosecuted.

Some priests attend gay saunas and move on to the more extreme ends of sex like BDSM.

Some priests are blackmailed and pay their blackmailers out of personal or church funds.

An increasing number of priests are becoming addicted to drugs.


Some bishops have been sexually active seminarians and priests but hooe not to be sexually active as bishops.

Some bishops succeed and some fail.

There are a number of Irish bishops who have been sexually active in the past and a small number remain sexually active as bishops.

Such bishops will be active with priests or seminarians.

That activity leaves these bishops compromised and unable to deal with erring priests as they are erring themselves.


This clerical club is typified above all by secrecy and the protection of each other. It is its own type of the mafia.

It took 40 YEARS to bring the Mc Carrick /USA gay mafia into the open.

It will not take 40 more years to bring the Irish one into the open.

The steam is building up.

When one falls and talks, the house of cards will come down.

This blog will continue to play its role in these matters.


Proof is not something that fallss falks into your lap all together at the one time.

The proof is often down to a hard-nosed cop with a nose for the truth persevering in a complex investigation in spite of a major cover-up effort.

That is what we are dealing with here.


On Facebook Live. Bishop Pat Buckley


Mass of the Lord’s Supper.


The Passion of the Lord.


Easter Vigil.



Posted by David Mullins | Mar 26, 2021

Permission sought

According to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, sexual violence affects every demographic and every community – including LGBTQ people.  

In fact, one of the most wide-ranging reviews to date of Same Sex Intimate Partner Violence concluded that “despite the myth that intimate partner violence is only an issue in heterosexual relationships, its occurrence among lesbian gay bisexual couples was demonstrated to be comparable to or higher than heterosexual cases.”

Another finding, this time from the CDC National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey for Lesbian Gay and Bisexual people concluded that 44 percent of lesbians and 61 percent of bisexual women experience rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner, compared to 35 percent of straight women.

The problem is of such depth and persistence over time that Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have even gone so far as to say that there is “an epidemic of sexual violence in the LGBTQ community.”

This view is also shared by the recently established LGBTQ+ advocacy group here in Ireland, Queers United Against Sexual Assault, (QUASA).

Indeed, one of the founding members of QUASA, himself a sexual assault survivor, has said that “predatory behaviour” is “rampant” within the Irish LGBTQ+ community and that there is an urgent need for a “me too movement within the gay community in Ireland.”

The same founding member went on to say that in terms of sexual violence the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland “have both actively and passively ignored and moved on from truly terrible things that have happened to us.”
When asked about how QUASA hoped to affect positive change in terms of reducing sexual violence they said, “listening and learning from victims,” and urging LGBTQ+ people to be “aware of your surroundings” were key.

QUASA also say that they are seeking to raise awareness and education around what they have described as “the enormous IBSA problem within the queer community.” IBSA is Image Based Sexual Assault.

This is something that has already been partially addressed in The Harassment, Harmful Communications and Related Offences Bill 2017 which was passed by the Dáil in December of 2020.

Although to the best of my knowledge, at no point during the passage of the Bill did the ‘enormous problem’ of image based sexual assault within the Irish LGBTQ+ community figure prominently in the debates. For the most part it dealt with the appalling practices surrounded ‘revenge porn’ within the heterosexual population.

Experiences and findings such as those highlighted by the CDC and now QUASA have also been previously reflected in the Rape Crisis Network’ statistical report Finding A Safe Place: LGBT survivors of sexual violence and disclosure in Rape Crisis Centres.

That particular report found that lesbian and bisexual female survivors disclosed higher rates of abuse by male and female perpetrators abusing together (10%) than heterosexual females (2%).

The same report also found that transgender survivors who were using the services in the time period the report covered, were not included in the statistical analysis due to the numbers being too low to safely do so.

It should be fairly clear at this point that there is a huge, but unspoken level of sexual violence and harassment within the LGBTQ communities.

It should also be clear that as a society we are just not having anything like the levels of conversation we need to be having around the supports and practices that can be put in place to combat this.

Having conversations of this kind would simply remind us all that there is no such thing as a cultural utopia free from pain and suffering.

It is because all human life matters and because all of us are entitled to live a life free from violence, from womb to tomb, that this is something we should all oppose regardless of where we stand on the wider political spectrum.

After all, who wants to live in society where predatory behaviour is rampant, regardless of who it is directed at?


Violence in the LGBT movement is not news to me.

Over the years I’ve dealt with many gay and lesbian partners undergoing physical violence from their partners.


However, the problem is not only one to one violence.

There are gay gangs that go out looking for to gang assault and rape gay men.

Some of these gangs also are involved in drugs taking and dealing.

Currently, I have a friend who is taking an Ombudsman case against the PSNI for not taking his sexual assaults at the hands of a drug associated “fisting gang” seriously and acting upon it.



In the last few days, we have been dealing with the case of a young man who alleges he was drugged and tgen raped by a Northern Ireland priest.

The particular priest is well for having a serious alcohol and drug problem.

And rape is about a serious crime as you can commit, short of murder.


We have heard stories from Maynooth of limbs being broken and anal tissue being ripped during seminarian gay sex parties.

We have heard of torture behaviour.

There is the unsolved stories of the two damaged Killaloe ex seminarians.

So it seems that, to whatever extent, priests and seminarians are involved in the bigger LGBT predatory violence story 😫




Andy Tatlor is based in South America.

Interview lasts 21 minutes.



Some Irish priests have a long term reputation for heavy drinking.

But in recent years we have seen a slowly rising drug problem in the Irish priesthood.

During the Maynooth Summer of Love in 2016, we heard of poppers and drugs being used by seminarians.

In the same year Fr. Stephen Crossan, curate of Banbridge was exposed by the Belfast Sunday newspapets for snorting cocaine in his presbytery.

In a statement, Bishop of Dromore Dr John McAreavey said: “In May 2015 Stephen Crossan, a curate in the Diocese of Dromore, requested and was granted leave from his pastoral duties in Seapatrick Parish on health grounds.


“Since then he has been undergoing a period of counselling whilst also considering his own future.

“At the start of February 2016 Stephen Crossan informed the Bishop that he now wished to take an extended leave of absence from the priesthood. “This was acceded to and last weekend a letter to this effect was read out at masses in Seapatrick parish.

“The Bishop had no knowledge of the incident, which allegedly occurred in the Parochial House in July 2015; however he is concerned for the health of Stephen Crossan and will pray for and support him and his family through whatever issues he is facing at the moment.”

The PSNI were asked if they were investigating the incident.

A spokeswoman responded: “Police are aware of the article in a Sunday newspaper and are making enquiries.”


IrishCentral Staff June 13, 2019

Father Michael O’Leary was arrested in Peekskill, NY on St. Patrick’s Day.

As Father Michael O’Leary’s siblings look to settle the dispute over their late mother’s will in Ireland, the priest is facing separate drug charges in New York.

Father Michael O’Leary, an Irish priest who was arrested for drug possession on St. Patrick’s Day in New York, is embroiled in further legal troubles with his family back home in his native Ireland.

Read More: Abolish the priesthood to save the Catholic Church urges leading critic.

The Irish Times reports that Father O’Leary’s four siblings, Nora Harpur, Barry O’Leary, Tadgh O’Leary, and Marie O’Leary, have brought proceedings to the Irish High Court against the priest and their other brother John O’Leary.

The proceedings are related to the settlement of the siblings’ late mother Elizabeth O’Leary, who passed away in September 2014. The plaintiffs believe their mother was not of sound mind when her will was executed and that she was subject to undue influence from Father Micahel and John.

Father Michael allegedly denies these claims.
The will in question dictates that the family home be left to Father Michael and John, and that the residuals of the estate be left to the four plaintiffs.

The presiding Justice Leonie Reynolds was asked to adjourn the case by Father O’Leary’s lawyers, who said it was not possible for their client to attend court due a “somewhat sensitive” matter – the priest is currently taking part in a 90-day drug rehabilitation program in New York, making communication between him and his lawyers difficult.

Despite being “displeased,” Judge Reynolds adjourned the case until next week to allow Father O’Leary’s lawyers to obtain more information about their client’s availability to give evidence.

The court case regarding the O’Leary will was reportedly set to begin last January, but was rescheduled to this month.

St. Patrick’s Day drug arrest

In the early hours of March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, Father O’Leary and another man were arrested in Peekskill, New York after they were found by police to have half an ounce of methamphetamine, two scales and other materials used for packaging narcotics in their vehicle.

At the time of the arrest, Father O’Leary gave his address as Our Lady of Consolation, a home for retired priests in the Riverdale section of the Bronx.

Catholic New York reports that Father O’Leary was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, third degree (intent to sell), a felony; two counts of criminal use of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor; and criminal possession of a controlled substance, fourth degree, also a felony.

Catholic New York further reported that Father O’Leary had not been on assignment since November 2018 after the archdiocesan Review Board deemed him not suitable for ministry.

Following Father O’Leary’s arrest in March, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York, where Father O’Leary was based, issued a decree which said in part: “Father O’Leary’s persistent disobedience, his manifest lack of suitability for ministry and his arrest for possession of illegal drugs compel” Cardinal Dolan “to submit the matter to the Holy See (the Congregation for the Clergy) with a firm request that Father O’Leary be dismissed from the clerical state…”


I’m aware that a small number of priests in Northern Ireland, in areas like County Down and County Tyrone are getting their drugs from loyalist paramilitaries.

It is mind boggling to think of priests as drug addicts.

Those priests are also very often alcoholics.

If alcohol removes your inhibitions just imagine what drugs do.

I believe there are good priests.

But their drinking, drug-taking, raping and Jack the Lad colleagues are bringing everyone into disrepute.

The good priests need to expose and call out their rogue colleagues.



A young man in Northern Ireland has reported to the police – PSNI – that he was drugged and raped by a priest in a presbytery in the North.

He has given a detailed statement to the PSNI.

The PSNI press office yesterday confirmed the report:

“Police received a third party report on January 31, 2020 regarding an incident at an address in Xxxxxxxxx in May 2019.
Enquiries were conducted, however, no offences have been disclosed at this time. ends”

The young man says that the rape was witnessed by “seminarians past and present”.

The young man has been in touch with me for some time and decided to report the matter to the police on my advice.

Like all rape victims he is afraid that he will not be believed.

The past and present seminarians who he alleges witnessed the rape have been named to the police.

As these seminarians are believed to be homosexually active one wonders if they will cooperate with the police and tell the truth?

Two days ago I wrote to the accused priest and his bishop.


Dear Xxxxx,

I have been contacted by a young man who claims that you drugged and sexually assaulted him in 2019.

He has reported the matter to the PSNI and has made a detailed statement to them.

Today, the PSNI have confirmed that such a complaint was submitted.

I wanted to ask for your response to this allegation.


+ Pat Buckley



Dear Xxxxxx,

I’m a bit disappointed that I have not heard back from you about the Xxxxx Xxxxxx allegation.

The PSNI have confirmed that an incident was investigated:

“Police received a third party report on January 31, 2020, regarding an incident at an address in Xxxxxxxxx in May 2019.

Enquiries were conducted, however, no offences have been disclosed at this time”.

I am in contact with the alleged victim.

Do you know about this allegation and have you looked into it.

It concerns the gravest of matters and if true or partiallly true, rules the accused absolutely unsuitable for ministry.

You really need to clarify your knowledge and course of action on this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Your brother bishop,

+ Pat



The Irish Catholic Church is bursting to the seams with filth and corruption.

I know I’m a voice crying in the wilderness.


“Have you ever tried contacting Brendan Marshall? He works for the BBC now. He gets some negativity on your blog now and again but I know him personally via other people. I actually reached out to him and he was very persuasive towards me contacting the bishop and the police and he was serious about it. I was very surprised as both Xxxx and Brendan are friends.

We spoke about your blog at the time and he told me that he didn’t know you, but interestingly told me that you were right in what you were doing as it has cleaned up the church and he seemed very much against priests in Armagh living double lives and was shocked to hear what I was telling him about my own experience.

You should perhaps try and get in contact with him and chat. Something tells me, he might speak to you about Armagh”.



A young man who alleges rape by a priest told me he talked to you.

He thought we should discuss his case?



But, for now, at least, I’m all there is 👀



0044 7488 374364



*** Would the man who contacted about this matter in April 2018 please get in touch again

0044 7488 374364

At the end of April 2018 a young man contacted me from the Kilkenny area to say a priest was sending nude images of himself to his friend, via Grindr, trying to get the young man meet him for sex.

The priest turned out to be Father Michael Lomasney, the former PP of Kildorrery and at that time a curate in Cloyne diocese.

The young man sent me the photographs Father Lomasney was sending out of himself having sex on an altar with a young man.

I immediately sent the information and photographs to William Crean, the bishop of Cloyne.



30th April 2018

Dear William,

I have been contacted today by a young man who has supplied me with photographs he says shows Father Lomasney having sex with a young man on the altar of Kildorrey parish church.

Father Lomasneysent these pictures to another young man who he was attempting to seduce.

I would be most grateful if you let me know you got this email and assured me you would investigate.

+Pat Buckley

0044 7488 374364

And just like the thick Kerryman, Crean is reported to be 🥴, he did not even have the good manners to acknowledge my email.

Instead, Crean decided to involve the Garda even though there was no suggestion by anyone that a crime had been committed. This was a cynical deflection by Crean who could now say: “As the matter is now subject to a Garda inquiry I cannot comment”.

In Ireland, thank God, two men having consensual sex in private is no longer a crime.

Any offence committed by the two, especially by Lomasney, a cleric, would be a religious, moral or canonical crime. That has absolutely nothing to do with an Garda Siochana.

But it allowed the cynical and bullish Crean to say nothing and do nothing.

As a Mayo priest friend of mine once remarked: “If you see a pig with two heads say nothing and after a while say nothing at all”.

As far as we know, Crean never even bothered to go to Kildorrery to reconsecrate  the altar or church after the blasphemy.


Crean now seems to have decided that the pucture are photoshopped!

Look at this pic.

Notice the man giving the fellatio has his face all obliterated by a black market.

Why would a good photoshopper use such a crude method to cover the priest’s face with a black marker when photoshopping techniques would do it much more professionally and cleanly?

I dont know any photoshopper who scribbles on his images with a black marker.


It has been alleged that the younger man on the altar was a seminarian.

We know that Lomasney was a regular visitor to Maynooth.

We have been told by seminarians that Lomasney was known among seminarians as “Big Mick” – a reference to the size of his member!

We know that Lomasney was into younger men and used Grindr to source those younger men.


Bishop Crean is saying that Fr Lomasney denied the incident.

Fr Lomasney was, sadly, a long term alcoholic. Alcoholics have a absolute need to lie to survive.

Why would Fr Lomasney admit the incident  and sacrifice his right to being financially supported by the diocese, leave himself open to dismissal from the clerical state and face a possible Garda investigation?

I think Fr Lomasney had every motive not to admit the truth.


As it stands the Garda are still involved.

Crean first involved them.

Now the bishop of the alleged seminarian has written to the Garda enclosing letters of complaint sent to him.

But nobody has accused anyone of committing a crime.

It is not a criminal matter.

It is a religious, moral and canonical matter.

It is not a matter for the police.

It is a matter for the church and the church authorities.

Crean doesn’t want to act. He’s stubborn. He’s thick. He will not be told what to do by anyone – including Jesus I imagine.

The seminarian’s bishop is weak and afraid.

He’s afraid of what the seminarian knows and what he might do with that knowledge.

A big pay off is an option – but that brings its danger of later coming into the light.

Crean & Co are between a rock and a hard place!



Louisiana priest who desecrated altar charged with vandalism

New Orleans, La., Mar 22, 2021 / 07:01 pm MT (CNA).- A priest of the Archdiocese of New Orleans arrested last year along with two women after filming a pornographic video on a parish church altar has been charged with vandalism.

Fr. Travis Clark, 37, along with Mindy Dixon, 41, and Melissa Cheng, 28, were charged March 18 with felony vandalism by the local district attorney.

Each face up to two years imprisonment if found guilty.

On Sept. 30, 2020, Fr. Clark, recently the pastor of Ss. Peter and Paul parish in Pearl River, 40 miles northeast of New Orleans, was discovered filming himself in sex acts with Dixon and Cheng on the altar of the parish church.

A local resident told police they noticed the lights were on in the church and looked through the windows, discovering the three. One of the women is reported to be a self-avowed satanist.

Fr. Clark was arrested on an obscenity charge Oct. 1, and was released from jail on a $25,000 bond.

He was also removed from priestly ministry Oct. 1.

Sarah McDonald, communications director at the New Orleans archdiocese, told CNA last year that Fr. Clark been asked to “seek laicization immediately.” If he does not request dismissal from the clerical state, he could face the penalty as the result of a canonical trial.


Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans performed a penitential rite required for continued use of the church for sacramental purposes Oct. 10, and consecrated a new altar.

Fr. Clark was ordained a priest in 2013.

A seminary professor told CNA in October that Fr. Clark had been a poor student who made little effort, which should have been a red flag.

Chistopher Baglow, a theologian who taught Fr. Clark in seminary, told CNA that he believes the priest’s misdeeds point to a problem with seminary evaluation.

In the seminary, nothing about Fr. Clark’s behavior suggested that the priest would later do the things of which he is accused, Baglow said. But he did recall concerns about the seminarian.

The theologian remembered Fr. Clark for being a student who didn’t participate in class, was negligent of assignments, and seemed often “to be flying under the radar.”

“It was clear he wasn’t trying, and some made it known,” Baglow said. “It was often countered that pastoral gifts and holiness do not require great theological genius, and the concern was expressed by some colleagues that we should avoid focusing too much on academics.”

But Baglow said his concern about Fr. Clark, or other students who gave evidence of not trying, was not about academics, but character.
Baglow said he does not expect academic excellence from all students. But he does believe seminaries should expect effort, and evidence of virtue, in students.

“Tolerating mediocrity in a man allows tolerance for other kinds of unacceptable things.”

“Mediocrity can be a cover for other problems — sometimes very serious problems,” Baglow said.

Condoning “mediocrity” in the evaluation of seminarians, the theologian said, lowers the Church’s standards in the calibre of men who become priests. The Church should accept men for priesthood who want to be excellent academically, spiritually, pastorally, and morally, Baglow told CNA.

The theologian told CNA that in his view “the system isn’t broken, it’s just missing a part.”

He urged that seminaries develop committees of “well-formed knowledgeable Catholic lay people who are part of vocation evaluation and discernment.”

Such committees would give recommendations about the suitability of candidates for orders independent of seminary staff or faculty, Baglow said, giving bishops the benefit of perspective and judgement outside the clerical and ecclesiastical milieu.


I cannot comprehend how a priest descreates an altar by having sex on it.

Such a priest must be either very ill or very evil – or perhaps a mixture of both.

However, in New Orleans, we see how a bishop should cope with such a blasphemy.

Archbishop Aymond had the altar destroyed and held a penitential ceremony for the blasphemy.

Then, a new altar was installed and blessed by the archbishop.



In Kildorrery in the diocese of Cloyne in Ireland, the sexual desecration of an altar was handled in a thick and stupid way by a thick Kerry man bishop, Crean.

Crean convinced himself the altar sex didnt happen.

He further convinced himself that the photos of the homosexual altar sex was “photoshopped”.

And he believed poor Father Lomasney, a long term alcoholic and active homosexualist, who denied the incident.


A further complication of the Kildorrery incident is the allegation that a seminarian was the other party involved with Lomasney?

Crean knows tge name of the seminarian and the seminarian’s bishop has also been informed.

Rome is also involved.



According to Ennis and Killaloe sources, the diocese and Ennis itself has been in serious decline since Willie Walsh became bishop in 1994.

Willie is a nice man but not a good administrator.

He also shies away from conflict and let the more bullying type of clergy walk all over him and get away with bad behaviour.

Willie was succeeded by Kieran O’Reilly who had run a world wide religious order and knew how to administer and manage.

He did everything by the book. Did priest appointments by letter and had a note-taker at each meeting he had.

He was then succeeded by Fintan Monahan, who is totally self focused and runs the diocese by surrounding himself with a clerical clique – people like Tom Ryan and Iggy McCormack.

My Ennis sources have highlighted the problems as:

1. Appointing academics with little pastoral experience as parish priests for decades.

2. Parish priests bullying and sidelining curates and allowing bossy lay volunteers to dominate.

3. Allowing out of control priests like Jerry Carey away with bad behaviour.

4. The unnecessary spending of money on the cathedral in spite of Ennis reporting annual deficit in its accounts.

5. A history of problems and scandals at Colaiste Muire being kept under wraps by the Sisters if Mercy.

6. Allowing a large number of talented priests to be discouraged to the point of them leaving the priesthood.

While all this is happening Fintan Monahan is concerned about himself and being promoted to an archdiocese – and spending time in his holiday cottage with his dog.

And just now, Fintan has the Carey and Ger Fitzgerald scandals.




Here is the end of Fr Ger Fitzgerald’s Mass last Thursday where he thanks everyone and seemed to be saying his goodbye’s.

He did celebrate Mass in Sunday but it started 15 minutes late and while broadcast lives was not saved and put with all his previous Masses on the church Facebook page.

The word in that the bishop, Fintan Monahan had contacted him on Thursday and told him to come and see him the next day, Friday.

On Thursday he did indicate that there was to be a big change.

Last night he was still described on the diocesan site as a Co PP.

Fintan Monahan had said that the investigation into Ger would follow all the appropriate civil and ecclesiastical procedures.

Did Fintan Monahan know that Ger was saying Mass as usual on Sunday?

Why was there a 15 minute delay in the Sunday Mass happening?

Why is the recording of the Sunday Mass saved like all previous Masses?

So, the questions arising:


1. Are Ger and Fintan Monahan involved in a standoff on the matter?

2. Is Ger resisting Fintan?

3. Is Fintan adraid to push Ger?

4. Has Fintan met either of the two ladies involved – Ms Drake or Ms Whelan?