Sun Room Farrell

Our Ossory sources have been in touch.

During Farrell’s short time in Ossory the diocese was left Euro 700,000 for Masses in one will alone.

Apparently Dermot Farrell did not inform the priests of the amont left but asked them to celebrate the Masses.

The priests only found out the amount when Farrell accidentally let it slip one night.

According to the priests, Farrell wanted to spend the 700,000 on his house and cathedral?

Before that he had already had speny € 100,000 on the house to knock a garage, build a sun room on to the house and a new driveway to accomodate ten cars.

Apparently he started these projects before he was consecrated!

“Farrell made a mess of Ossory, did nothing but moan about money, paying back loans and squandering money left, right and centre.

“Some if the priest trouble makers are moanjng about money but the priests are paid € 32,000 a year”.

Farrell never properly consulted his finance committee.

“Farrell is a cute hoor”.

“He has left us ” shook” 😟 He made a haems of Ossory. Our morale is on the floor. Farrell stuck in a mock altar in the cathedral that looks like a cattle grid. We all call it his throne”.

The cattle grid altar?


Apparently, Farrell has left the Ossory clergy “shook” and with low morale.

We see that money and finances were his Number 1 priority.

He looked after himself – spending € 100,000 on his house and wanting to spend € 700,000 more on the house and cathedral – including the installation of a “cattle grid altar”!

He installed himself a new “sun room”.

He had clerical favourites who he promoted and who are now as disaffected with him as the ones he did not promote.

The current living wage in Ireland is € 25,800. The priestly wage in Ossory is € 32,000.

So, if some families are living on € 25,800 and unmarried priests are living on € 32,000 the priests are not doing too badly.

They probably have a few “extras” on top.

I do not begrudge a good wage at all to a man doing good work and being of good service to his people.

It seems that Farrell is:

1. A man who does not really believe in sharing information and decisions with others?

2. Likes his comforts and luxuries and is not afraid to spend church money on them?

3. Practices favouritism?

4. Creates low morale among the clergy?

I wonder if he will act like that in Dublin?

€ 700,000 FOR A YEAR’S MASSES?

People still to be leaving bishops and priests vast sums for Masses to be said for their souls.

700,000 for a year’s Masses amounts to 1919 Masses or 5.2 Masses a day for 365 days.

If I wanted to buy my way into Heaven, and I don’t, I would be asking myself: “How can I impress God best?

Would it be by giving the likes of Sun Room Farrell € 700,000 to spend on sun rooms, cattle grid altars and 10 car driveways?

Or would be by spending that € 700,000 on the sick, the dying, the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, prisoners and strangers?

I would be putting my money on Option 2.

But then I’m not a poor brainwashed old lady who believes that Sun Room Farrell is the God of Kilkenny or Dublin.