What a stream of “Christian” vitriol this is. And anonymous too, how lovely.

My name is Angie Gough and I’m a former parishioner of Fr Jerry Carey’s.

Fr Jerry is a good man, who has spent his life making life better for people in his community, in small ways and big.

As chaplain of the school I attended, and in the parish in general, he consistently supported young people to find their way in the world, extending friendship and kindness to everyone.

He reflected to us the very best of what the church should be:  human, kind, down to earth. Flawed.

As far as I am aware, there has never been any suggestion of impropriety around Fr Jerry and anyone looking would be hard pressed to find it.

This incident, though unfortunate and embarrassing, was a lapse of judgement in the wrong place.

No doubt he is heartbroken to have caused hurt by his actions. He misjudged, he made a mistake, who among us hasn’t?

Kindness is what Fr Jerry always taught and demonstrated.

A little dose of it in this stream would not go amiss.



Dear Angie,

That you for your communication – which is published here without any editing.

Your opinion of Jerry is very positive and I’m sure is a consolation to him at this difficult time in his life.

At difficult times, no mayter who we are, we need friends to stand by us.

What Jerry did was foolish in the extreme and also a crime.

It suggests that there is something “wrong” with Gerry:

1. He has unresolved psychosexual issues?

2. He has a big problem with celibacy?

3. He is angry and just doesnt give a damn?

This incident happened when Jerry was 60.

It is hard to imagine that from ordination at 24 until now – 37 years later that this is Jerry’s first sexual outing.

To believe that would be to believe that he was absolutely sexually continent during his 20s, 30s and 40s – when most men’s sexual urges are at full sail.

In researching this story I have talked to people, including priests, who say that Jerry could be very arrogant? Arrogance and pride regular bedfellows and coukd it be the case that pride cane before the fall?

I’m also told that there are and have been other “concerns” noted on Jerry’s file at the bishop of Killaloe’s office?


In any event, Fintan Monahan, who tried to keep it all quiet, has now announced that after Jerry’s criminal conviction there is now to be a church canonical tribunal. Those tribunals generally take a dim view when there is a criminal conviction in place.

Jerry obviously needs the support and love of you and his other friends. But you will not do him any favours by treating him as a victim or encouraging him to see himself as one.

He is a fully grown man of 60 who decided to do a sexual action on a public beach patronised by children, women and families.

If his decision in this regard was blurred by some kind of psychological dysfunction or impairment, then he needs compassionate and professional help.

I cannot see how he can return to a parish or to be a chaplain to children and younger people.

Is this our correspondent Angie Gough?


We heard on the grapevine that the Killaloe priest, Michael Collins, the long time dean at Maynooth is leaving Maynooth and returning to the diocese?

Some say he will go on Sabbatical. Others that he will replace Jerry Carey as PP.


Others say he will become of the PP of Scariff where he is very well known for various reasons.


The story if the two abused Killaloe Maynooth seminarians are still doing rounds.

There are stories of rape, sexual abuse, people needing professional help and pay offs.

These stories need more investigation.