Posted by David Mullins | Mar 26, 2021

Permission sought

According to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, sexual violence affects every demographic and every community – including LGBTQ people.  

In fact, one of the most wide-ranging reviews to date of Same Sex Intimate Partner Violence concluded that “despite the myth that intimate partner violence is only an issue in heterosexual relationships, its occurrence among lesbian gay bisexual couples was demonstrated to be comparable to or higher than heterosexual cases.”

Another finding, this time from the CDC National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey for Lesbian Gay and Bisexual people concluded that 44 percent of lesbians and 61 percent of bisexual women experience rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner, compared to 35 percent of straight women.

The problem is of such depth and persistence over time that Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have even gone so far as to say that there is “an epidemic of sexual violence in the LGBTQ community.”

This view is also shared by the recently established LGBTQ+ advocacy group here in Ireland, Queers United Against Sexual Assault, (QUASA).

Indeed, one of the founding members of QUASA, himself a sexual assault survivor, has said that “predatory behaviour” is “rampant” within the Irish LGBTQ+ community and that there is an urgent need for a “me too movement within the gay community in Ireland.”

The same founding member went on to say that in terms of sexual violence the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland “have both actively and passively ignored and moved on from truly terrible things that have happened to us.”
When asked about how QUASA hoped to affect positive change in terms of reducing sexual violence they said, “listening and learning from victims,” and urging LGBTQ+ people to be “aware of your surroundings” were key.

QUASA also say that they are seeking to raise awareness and education around what they have described as “the enormous IBSA problem within the queer community.” IBSA is Image Based Sexual Assault.

This is something that has already been partially addressed in The Harassment, Harmful Communications and Related Offences Bill 2017 which was passed by the Dáil in December of 2020.

Although to the best of my knowledge, at no point during the passage of the Bill did the ‘enormous problem’ of image based sexual assault within the Irish LGBTQ+ community figure prominently in the debates. For the most part it dealt with the appalling practices surrounded ‘revenge porn’ within the heterosexual population.

Experiences and findings such as those highlighted by the CDC and now QUASA have also been previously reflected in the Rape Crisis Network’ statistical report Finding A Safe Place: LGBT survivors of sexual violence and disclosure in Rape Crisis Centres.

That particular report found that lesbian and bisexual female survivors disclosed higher rates of abuse by male and female perpetrators abusing together (10%) than heterosexual females (2%).

The same report also found that transgender survivors who were using the services in the time period the report covered, were not included in the statistical analysis due to the numbers being too low to safely do so.

It should be fairly clear at this point that there is a huge, but unspoken level of sexual violence and harassment within the LGBTQ communities.

It should also be clear that as a society we are just not having anything like the levels of conversation we need to be having around the supports and practices that can be put in place to combat this.

Having conversations of this kind would simply remind us all that there is no such thing as a cultural utopia free from pain and suffering.

It is because all human life matters and because all of us are entitled to live a life free from violence, from womb to tomb, that this is something we should all oppose regardless of where we stand on the wider political spectrum.

After all, who wants to live in society where predatory behaviour is rampant, regardless of who it is directed at?


Violence in the LGBT movement is not news to me.

Over the years I’ve dealt with many gay and lesbian partners undergoing physical violence from their partners.


However, the problem is not only one to one violence.

There are gay gangs that go out looking for to gang assault and rape gay men.

Some of these gangs also are involved in drugs taking and dealing.

Currently, I have a friend who is taking an Ombudsman case against the PSNI for not taking his sexual assaults at the hands of a drug associated “fisting gang” seriously and acting upon it.



In the last few days, we have been dealing with the case of a young man who alleges he was drugged and tgen raped by a Northern Ireland priest.

The particular priest is well for having a serious alcohol and drug problem.

And rape is about a serious crime as you can commit, short of murder.


We have heard stories from Maynooth of limbs being broken and anal tissue being ripped during seminarian gay sex parties.

We have heard of torture behaviour.

There is the unsolved stories of the two damaged Killaloe ex seminarians.

So it seems that, to whatever extent, priests and seminarians are involved in the bigger LGBT predatory violence story 😫



I’m not surprised about violence among LGBT community. I knew a gay couple who eventually became violent towards one another. They told me about similar situations as theirs. Sadly, I realised many of them were very unfaithful to each other, open relationships being de rigueur. I disliked that they had multiple guys they slept with. Pat, you have no real proof about the Maynooth “abuses”. You have made references to this before but you did not prove anything as being true. I guess because you are professedly gay, you know the full picture of the gay community. If you want to talk about LGBT violence, abuse and rape, then do so as a separate topic.


What you write about infidelity in the gay community could be multiplied exponentially in the straight.


Violence! Infidelity! Open relationships! Multiple partners! Rape! Not true in the heterosexual community? Ten times more prevalent.


Fintan and Iggy betrayed the two ex seminarians. David Dysky and Aidan O’Brien were lambs for the slaughter by Armagh Seminarians. The lambs were groomed and sediated in the seminary bedroom were two Armagh Seminarians began the sexual assaults. We all know who these Armagh sexual predators are as for the last 4 yrs they have featured daily on this blog.


Which Armagh seminarians were they? Provide names and (more importantly) provide proof. Anonymous claims are worthless.


Plea to the Master for no Evidence at the Scene:

Master, whatever might befall us…
Please let there be no evidence at the scene to incriminate us.

All Hail Ye. Live Long and Prosper.

All Hail Ye- The Master


The Catholic Church has Courage so why not all join for Fellowship however you must remain celebate so the rule of celebcy applies


The topic of LGBT sexual abuse, violence, multiple partners, drugs, drink and free for all orgies is a madness and reality which should be discussed as a totally separate issue. There is a sub culture in the gay world that’s very reckless and disturbing. There’s a brutality that glorifies the worst excesses of sexual depravity. I have met some very wonderfully stable gay couples but I have also heard of some very weird, strange and horrendous sado masochistic rituals where there are no boundaries of any kind. Not good for anyone, surely. The many who engage in unprotected sex is a moral outrage.


9:45 Oh. Are we discussing mutually exclusive categories of LGBT sexual abuse, violence, multiple partners., etc?


Usually the world of Sado/masochism sexulaty has very clear established boundaries between consenting adults – the use of safe words etc.
So SM sex is unusually pretty ‘safe’ and while pain and the inflicting of pain does happen it happens within previously discussed boundaries and is essentialy ‘role play’. This can sometimes be accompanied by the use of drugs but the key is that it is consensual.

I have no doubt unscrupulous individuals use drugs etc to attack unwary men and women. This is sexual assault.


«Pat, you have no real proof about the Maynooth “abuses”.»

An interesting observation! Many of the allegations have never been denied. We know for a fact that the allegations against Fr. Sean Jones in Kerry was sufficiently serious that Jones sworn affidavit affirming he was “not” the individual in the photograph that mysteriously came into the possession of Bishop Pat.

There is plenty of proof in existence. But the people in the know are too pusillanimous to come forward because they too are also morally compromised. And they are also dependent upon the finance provided by the church to sustain their lifestyle.

It is the reality that there is a power imbalance between senior leadership figures in seminaries and seminarians. If those responsible for the formation of seminarians have an agenda that power imbalance is a form of abuse/coercion. As we know and have seen repeatedly there is no right of redress in the church, because Canon Law is now weaponised and manipulated to protect the whims of the Ordinary, so we should not be surprised there has been no accountability for the misbehaviour that has occurred, and that would appear to continue to occur in Maynooth.


Pat I’m quite sure The Dysky and O’Brien families will be happy to meet you and you can act as a family advocate in their quest for justice and compensation from Armagh and Maynooth.


Pat, I beg you, thesetwo are laymen now and entitled to a private life. It is up to them to make a complaint if they have any, and not for a stalker to keep on mentioning them.


How did Eamon Martin and Eugene Sweeney let Armagh to turn into a Sexual abuse and Predatory clergy and Seminarians. Armagh has the highest level of abuse incidents among Seminarians compared to the remaining Dioceses in Ireland.


The Laity are duty bound to speak the truth in love. According to Canon 212 in the Code of Canon Law;
Can. 212 §1. Conscious of their own responsibility, the Christian faithful are bound to follow with Christian obedience those things which the sacred pastors, inasmuch as they represent Christ, declare as teachers of the faith or establish as rulers of the Church.
§2. The Christian faithful are free to make known to the pastors of the Church their needs, especially spiritual ones, and their desires.
§3. According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful, without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons.


This is thoroughly shameful. Just when you think that things could not descend any lower in the Catholic Church in Ireland. I really do not know what the answer is. The RC priesthood is in need of long overdue reform as it is rotten to the core.


Pat, please allow my comment. I believe it is a fair assessment. Do you allow for fair discussion or do you only allow your own narrative?
“We have heard stories from Maynooth”
In court they have a term for that – hearsay. You have consistently failed to back up any of these assertions with proof, evidence or witnesses.
It is also worth highlighting that an inordinate amount of anonymous people approach this blog claiming a seminarian or priest raped them. It is also equally apparent these people have no intention of approaching the relevant authorities. This leads me to believe that they approach this blog for one reason and one reason only – to cause as much public damage to the person being accused without any intention of being personally accountable. They tend to use this blog to sling mud and then they are never heard from again. This story has been repeated here numerous times all with the same outcomes.
Pat, you recently claimed you are a voice crying in the wilderness but it is becoming abundantly clear that you are the boy who cries wolf. Do you expect reasonable people to just take your word for it? I have no doubt abuse goes on but I would like to see a more measured and integral approach.
Alleged rape victims must be listened to, but not all should be blindly believed. That is why we have the courts to examine evidence. A jury to assess it and a judge to make a verdict.


Victims of the church are up against very powerful people.

Many witnesses and victims are thoroughly afraid of going public.

I am in touch with victims every day. I am encouraging them to speak out and go to the police.

I am doing many other things behind the scenes.

This will continue until the truth is out and justice achieved.


I have no doubt you have good intentions but a person who is falsely accused on a blog is also a victim.


Pat have you experienced resistance from Maynooth Seminary Council regarding your fight for the truth and Justice.


There is another legal principle that you should behave in accordance with what is happening.
For example, not complaining about workplace problems implies you either don’t mind or don’t want action taken.
Here the hierarchy playbook of ignoring things doesn’t serve them well.
If you are libelled online it is reasonable for you to state it isn’t true. Nobody is doing this.


11.08: An excellent post and comment. You make very legitimate observations and ask the right miral questions of Pat. Sadly, Pat avoids all such moral questions by more hearsay, gossip and innuendo. The same accusations by “victim seminarians” have been made for years and nothing has ever been proved to be correct. I do not doubt that abuse has occurred but we must validate all allegations. Some people use this blog in a very mendacious way with the intention of damaging their “enemies” for whatever reason. If the accusers want true justice, they should go to civil authorities. Simple as. Otherwise your stories will be abused on this blig to further a poisonous anti church agenda. Pat has been asked many times to produce evidence and all we get are drawn out narratives which are twisted, nuanced, biased, unproved and skewed to urge us to believe all and every allegations made. That’s not JUSTICE. And – all survivors deserve FULL JUSTICE of civil law not this blog’s version of justice.


@ 12:24 am

Full justice!

Are you suggesting ” victim seminarians” ( Your Words!) have never spoken to their
Bishops ? Have Bishops no moral responsibilities, duties and obligations in these matters?


Pat any idea when Ferns will appoint a new Bishop ?. Plenty of names been mentioned . Any updates or names been mentioned for Auxiliaries for Dublin? Agh sure go on lads, give us an update on Glasgow too.


Bishop john would do better sorting out his own dioceses first.
Starting with his two c/o diocesan offices.
and get heating in his Cathedral as no one should be in the cathedral in the cold.
tell your friend it has all been sent to Rome his incapability’s.


@ 11.08 am. As a young seminarian I had a parish priest attempt to get me drunk and kiss me on the stairs as I was going to bed. I was very pious and said “what would the Blessed Virgin think” and ran to my bedroom and put a chair up against the door. Unsurprisingly, he left the priesthood a few years later when his cleaner discovered sex toys and gay porn in his bedroom and reported him to the VG. The second time I was a curate and my PP in his early 60s sat next to me on the sofa and attempted to put his hand down my shirt. I got up quickly and said it ‘was very hot in the room’ and went to fetch some ice for his whisky and then moved to the opposite end of the room. It was for good reason that some bishops used to ban sofas in presbyteries! Both occasions made me very uncomfortable but I would not have dreamt of going to the police or reporting them. Times are very different now and no one should have to put up with that kind of behaviour. I was lucky. I only experienced two minor assaults and I was quick witted enough to escape them both. I do feel pain for those who were unable to escape a sexual assault, or felt obliged to acquiesce in order to be ordained.


Aidan O’Brien and David Dysky will meet you in Ennis Pat and they will bring you to Kilmaley for discussions.


If this is as serious as you suggest it is a matter for the guards to address and to go through the courts.


I’m sure there’s a priest in Glasgow who got caught on the church altar with sex toys up his bahookie in the middle of the night. He’s back being a PP. Also in that area there are a few clergy suspended for alleged sex offences I think.


The New Archbishop of Glasgow will have a full in tray when he arrives.
Too many MIA or c/o that needs addressed.
Too many parishes and buildings also needs addressed.
A Communications Director on mega bucks and does nothing but take the credit for Flourish newspaper.
An antiquated web site needs total revamp and brought into 2021.

The PP you speak about was Archbishop Philips friend so he got sent for counselling and came back a got a Good parish but it was a massive cover up and the Altar was not addressed at all.

It was not in the middle of the night it was in the morning and a key holder walked in on him.


The problem with Glasgow it seems is that there are too many slighted, envious and jealous clergy who all see themselves as bishop material. Envy is a bugger.


Good grief. I think he needs more than counselling! Why do that in Church when the house is next door? The altar was Penilee Parish I think. You are on about Ronnie Convery, Comms man and ex TV journalist hired by Cardinal Winning to help handle the media. Since he died, no Scottish Bishop has needed a Comms man, so he is drawing £120k plus benefits for editing a 10 page Diocesan newspaper that is done in other diocese by lay people for free. Paid for by Parishes and Parishioners. Shocking. The website looks like a 10 year old did it! Neil McGarrity, John Sweeney, Stephen Dunn(loony), Paul Conroy to name but a few – missing in action, walked out or under arrest


Why on the altar? These men must be under demonic possession to do such things. All that ex opere operato b.s. they feed us to make us believe that the sacraments we receive from these demons remain valid…


Each Dioceses pays into a central fund known as the Bishops Conference of Scotland so the Communications guy there does it for most dioceses.
Only Edinburgh and Glasgow have these highly paid comms people but in fairness the Edinburgh web site is amazing very modern but no need for a comms guy.
The Chief Operation Officer in Edinburgh is highly paid and is the wife of the Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway Scottish Episcopalian Church.


7.20 Ronnie Convery only services Glasgow. All other Comms are done through conference and Catholic media office. Not much comes
Out as they don’t communicate these days, only issue statements when the shit hits the fan


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