Fr. Ger Fitzgerald is still celebrating public Mass in Criost Ri Oratory in Ennis.

He is live on Facebook but not placing recording for later watching.

He is still listed as a Co PP on the Killaloe website.

Reports say that he receiving total support from Tina Whelan and many from the Cloughleigh district in Ennis.

My understanding is that Ger is telling Fintan Monahan that he never had sex with any Ennis lady!

However there is hard evidence in black and white that this is not true!

Furthermore, many know that Ger has been having sex with women before and after his ordination.

He also does not to leave his present parish placement even though its time for him to move. He is too close to Tina Whelan and others.

He is resisting attempts by Fintan Monahan to move him. He is 40 now and if he stays in the priesthood, a big IF, no bishop is going to leave him in Ennis for the next 35 years.

Every other priest in Killaloe can be moved but not Ger !!!


Ger, Tina and others are blaming the woman who named Ger as her lover!

Why are people so quick to blame the woman?

It takes two to tango and the woman had no promise of celibacy to uphold.

Ger is the one who broke his promise.

Leave the woman alone!

She in only one of many!


Since 1992 I gave been ministering to women involved with priests through a very loosely group called Bethany.

To date I have ministered to 124 such women – mainly on the island of Ireland.

In the vast majority of these cases, the initial overture was made by the priest.

Priests often “hit” on vulnerable women – women with marriage problems, women with emotional problems, recently widowed women.

Most of the priests have a history of involvement with women and often have two or more women on the go at the one time.

Many of the priests sponge off the women for money, loans, holidays, cars etc.

The priests often portray themselves to the women as needy, vulnerable – almost needing a mother / partner all rolled into one.

I wonder if any of Ger’s conquests recognise any of these aspects in him?


Ger has a decision to make.

Either he keeps “Little Gerry” in his jocks or he mans up, leaves the priesthood, gets a job and openly and honestly provides for a woman and their children.

After 15 years of doing the double Ger has to put his money where his mouth has been!