Former altar boy alleges abuser wanted sex in St. Peter’s at Vatican trial

Published March 18, 2021 GMA NEWS

VATICAN CITY – The alleged victim of sexual abuse in a youth seminary in the Vatican said in court on Wednesday that his abuser wanted to have sex in a bathroom behind an altar in St. Peter’s Basilica but he resisted the advances.

The alleged victim, who is now 28 and identified only as L.G., testified in the latest hearing of the trial of two priests, one charged with abuse and the other with covering up the attacks.

L.G. has alleged that Gabriele Martinelli, now 28 and now a priest, repeatedly forced him to have sex, mostly while they were both minors in the Pius X Pre-Seminary.

Fr Gabrielle Martinelli

The seminary houses altar boys who serve Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica – the domed papal church at the heart of the Vatican – and are thinking of becoming priests.

The events are alleged to have taken place between 2007 and 2012 and Martinelli later went on to become a priest in northern Italy.

L.G. said that Martinelli would slip into his bed at night and force him to touch him and also to have sex in another room. Martinelli, who testified last month, has denied the allegations.

During a three-hour hearing on Wednesday L.G. said Martinelli had tried to convince him to have sex in a bathroom behind one of the altars in St. Peter’s Basilica while both were due to serve Mass.

“I was shocked,” L.G. said, adding that he refused to follow Martinelli, who was naked under his cassock, into the bathroom.

The other defendant is Father Enrico Radice, 72, who was rector at the time and who is charged with covering up the alleged abuse.

Monsignor Enrico Radice

The prosecution says Radice did not block Martinelli from becoming a priest after he left the pre-seminary even though he knew about the abuse.

Radice, who had given Martinelli supervisory responsibilities over the other altar boys, denies this.


Another story today involving sexually seminarians – this time in the Vatican!

The seminarian even tried to have sex with the altar boy in a toilet under the main altar at St Peter’s Basilica!

Not quite another Kildorrery – but not far from it and under the altar at the church building at the heart of Catholic Christendom.



Yesterday a reader questioned me:

@+Pat 3.02pm

Thank you for your honest reply. I suppose what I meant was if Ger had remained on good terms with you would he be the example pulled out of the hat today, as opposed to another.

To be honest I felt worse when he came out about Maynooth being great when he was there. I know from many sources that it was not – but I sometimes wonder was his arm twisted by someone to make the statement. I honestly think that ministry will never get the best out of him as long as celibacy is required.

He is also a member of a class that appears here regularly. One of the Kalendariums on my shelf records him as having joined with Fergal O’Neill, (mentioned here earlier today), Thomas McHugh, Ryan McAlear… and others. Not many went on to be ordained from that class; and it appears several have already left. Some made it to deaconate but that was all. Their dean that year was newly appointed, and followed them into the role as senior dean before leaving priesthood himself. A bleak time for ‘return on investment’ under Archbishop Farrell & Hughy Connolly.


My Dear Friend,

I had another blog ready to go.

The Ger story arrived into my inbox from a concerned person.

My first thought was NOT to do a blog about it because it was a story about someone I knew and liked.

I also know members of his family.

But if I handled it that way would I not be as bad as some of the bishops and religious superiors I criticise?

Ignoring a story because I knew or liked the central character who was at fault?

I blogged about it with a heavy heart.

But you see this is not really all about Ger. Its about the priesthood and the state it’s in.

The Church wrongly imposes universal celibacy. And in return some priests decide “I am not bound to obey an unjust law”.

But the problem is that on the day of his ordination the priest makes a public profession that he is not ever going to engage in sex with anyone, for the rest of his life.

In return the Church gives him a position, a prestige, a pedestal to stand on – and a house and salary etc.

Its a contract. The priest promises celibacy and the Church in return offers him prestige and his keep.

But if the priest breaks his promise he is breaking a solemn contract – like a married man who commits adultery. In the married mans case it leads to divorce.

In the priests case it leads to a double life. The priest continues to enjoy all the benefits of the contract but refuses to adhere to the obligations of the contract.

This is unjust, dysfunctional and destructive.

Inevitably it leads to collapse and exposure.

Let’s remember that there are two women whose lives and emotions caught up in this too.

Plus there is the important aspect of scandal causing people to lose faith.


I do not know why Ger gave such a public defence of Maynooth in 2016.

He knew things were not right there.

He knew he was challenged, albeit in different ways.


You are right about Ger’s class.

There is Ryan McAleer 😬

And indeed Thomas.


I published my new episode Mar 21, 2021 CRUELTY, EVIL AND THE OPTION TO LIVE., please check it out




The Co-PP of Ennis – Father Ger Fitzgerald – has been accused by a lady parishioner of being her lover.

The accusation was made on Facebook by one female in a dispute with another female, with her claiming she was “fucking a priest in this town” – Ennis.

The two sparring females seem to be an Yvonne Drake and a Tina Whelan?

Is this the same Tina Whelan?

A parishioner wrote:

Fintan Monahan


I have known Father Ger since he was a seminarian. He is a very likeable young man and as far as I know, is liked by parishioners.

The problem is – if you live a double life, as a public figure – a day of reckoning will always come.

I don’t know if Ger was sexually involved with more than one woman at a time – and if he was did he not realise he was skating on thin ice.

Has he not heard about: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”?

He also lives and ministers in a rural area where a double life is extra difficult to hide.

Ger was never suited to celibacy. He was too fond of the “mons veneris” and all that goes with it.

Mind you, Ger is a rarity. He is one of the few RC heterosexual priests in captivity.

He is only 39. He has the rest of his life to live.

If he is wise he will embrace a new career and be free to be a hubbie and a daddy.

Last night Fintan Monahan confirmed that the matter of Fr Fitzgerald was being processed through all the proper civil and ecclesiastical routes.

Fintan has been under pressure. This is the second sexual priestly scandal in Killaloe in as many weeks and from the the pastoral area of Ennis.

The other one was the case of Fr Carey masturbation on Salthill beach in Galway.

Today, Ger is still listed as a Co PP



Recently, I and several others, have written to Archbishop Eamon Martin of Armagh with concerns about homosexual wrongdoing by priests and seminarians associated with Armagh.

Eamon replied, as seen above, saying that he needs evidence in order to tackle these matters and he wants anyone who has such evidence to send it to the appropriate ecclesiastical and/or civil authorities.

In the case of Armagh, Archbishop Eamon is the appropriate ecclesiastical authority.

I believe that Eamon Martin is 100% sincere in his request for evidence.

Without evidence he cannot challenge individuals whose initial response will be to deny everything.

According to a Cloyne priest contacted last night, to his dying day Fr Michael Lomasney denied that he had sex on the altar of his parish church in Kildorrey and refused to give the name of his accomplice, reported to have been a seminarian.

Fr Lomasney
Seminarian on altar receiving fellatio from Fr Lomasney?

When diocesan priests and seminarians engage in consensual acts they are breaking no civil law and it would be ludicrous to report the matter to the PSNI or Garda.

Thank God consensual homosexual acts are no longer illegal and never should have been in the first place.

However things are very different inntge ecclesiastical field.

The Roman Catholic Church regards all sexual acts outside the valid marriage of one man and one woman to be a sin – a crime against God and His church.

This includes the act of masturbation.

A priest or religious is further required by church law and doctrine to be celibate and chaste.

A diocesan priest having sex is breaking his promise of celibacy. A religious having sex is offending against his solemn vow of chastity.

A seminarian, until diaconate, has no promise of celibacy but is still bound by church teaching on chastity and is expected to be practising sexual continence from the day he enters seminary.

It is ludicrous to think that a seminarian can be sexually active right up until the moment of his ordination as a deacon and from just after the ceremony he can be celibate and chaste.

As my wise dad used to say: “If you are used to wearing shoes, its hard to go in your bare feet”.

A sexually active seminarian will find it nigh impossible to be sexually continent after his ordination. A lecherous seminarian will be a lecherous priest.

So, can anyone with evidence please sent it to Archbishop Martin on

You can also post it to him.

Keep a copy for your records

If you want, you can cc me at

If you have evidence and do not share it with Archbishop Martin you are allowing individuals to bring the church into disrepute and perhaps allowing innocent young men to be badly damaged down the line.



The blog has learned the the nuncio to the UK, Archbishop Edward Adams, received a 100 page report into Wonersh seminary and other matters at the end of 2019.

The report came from a senior seminarian supported by a diocesan priest.

The report contains an allegation about a priest watching the seminarians showering in the communal showers area and saying to one: “No offence, but your hairy bum is not to my liking”!

The report also contains information on a diocesan bishop having a sexual relationship with a priest of his diocese.

The report is 100 pages long!

We do not know if the nuncio shared the report with Rome or any of the English bishops?

He describes Wonersh as:

“Its not only about being gay in Wonersh, but its also about being young and good looking. The more good-looking you are and the more willing you are to be involved in the gay culture, the more you are liked and looked after”.

Of course we have seen all this before with regard to Maynooth, the Irish College etc.

With regard the bishop and priest in question, the priest was spotted leaving the bishop’s quarters at 3 am on a number of occasions.

I am hoping to see a copy or summary of the 100-page report and will keep readers updated.

Did this 100-page report play a role in the decision to close Wonersh?



Vatican says it will not bless same-sex unions, calling them a ‘sin’

By Rob Picheta and Delia Gallagher, CNN

March 15, 2021

Rome(CNN)The Vatican said Monday that the Catholic Church would not bless same-sex unions, in a combative statement approved by Pope Francis that threatens to widen the chasm between the church and much of the LGBTQ community.

Explaining their decision in a lengthy note on Monday, the Holy See referred to same-sex unions as a “choice,” described them as sinful and said they “cannot be recognized as objectively ordered” to God’s plans. The stance is certain to disappoint millions of gay and lesbian Catholics around the world.

“The blessing of homosexual unions cannot be considered licit,” the Vatican’s top doctrinal office, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, wrote in the statement.

God “does not and cannot bless sin,” the statement added.

Pope Francis, who has frequently been praised for his welcoming tone towards LGBTQ people both within and outside the Church, approved the note.
The decision is a setback for Catholics who had hoped the institution would modernize its approach to homosexuality. Dozens of countries, include many in western Europe, have legalized same-sex marriages, and the Church’s reticence to embrace LGBTQ people has long held the potential to alienate it from younger followers.

“It is not licit to impart a blessing on relationships or partnerships, even stable, that involve sexual activity outside of marriage, as is the case of the unions between persons of the same sex,” the statement said.

Vatican says Pope’s comments on same-sex civil unions were taken out of context

The statement says that gays and lesbians, as individuals, may receive a blessing if they live according to Church teaching.

But blessing same-sex unions, the Vatican said, would send a sign that the Catholic Church approves and encourages “a choice and a way of life that cannot be recognized as objectively ordered to the revealed plans of God.”

The statement was issued as a “response” to questions from pastors and the faithful on the question. In a commentary provided with the Monday statement, the Vatican insisted that “the negative judgment on the blessing of unions of persons of the same sex does not imply a judgment on persons.”

The decision will alarm those who pinned their hopes of a more open and progressive Catholic leadership on the reformist Pope.

Last year, it seemed that Francis had advocated for civil union laws for same-sex couples when he gave an interview for a documentary.

“Homosexual people have a right to be in a family. They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable over it,” the Pope said, adding: “What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered.”

But the Vatican quickly rowed back from those remarks, saying they had been taken out of context and did not indicate a change in doctrine.

This article has been corrected to reflect that the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith referred to same-sex unions, not homosexuality itself, as a “sin” and a “choice.” A push alert with the incorrect wording was also sent.


The Vatican, where bishops and priests are having sex with each other regularly, has decided that priests cant bless gay couples and their relationships as they are “sins”.

And most Catholic seminaries are now gay knocking shops.

What utter hypocrisy!

When gay couples like straight coupled really love each other and are together for while, it is notbsex that is keeping them together. It is love, an emotional bond, companionship and friendship that is keeping them together.

Does not God bless all forms of love? Can we not do the same.

I have been blessing gay couples for 35 years and will continue doing it as long as I’m able and as long as couples need me.



Rector Ewing

Yesterday morning, after being informed of this blog, Wonersh seminary parish panicked and pulled the plug on their college blog, pretending it was for routine maintenance.

The bishops announced the closure of the seminary last October and it was no longer proper for fundraising to continue, especially as the seminary is registered with the charity commissioners.

Who decided to continue with the fundraising then?

And here is a copy of a fundraising letter sent out 5 months after the bishops decision to close the seminary SIGNED BY RECTOR EWING !!!

The letter dated 12 th Feb was received by the recipient on 20th Feb.

No wonder the bishops are upset with Ewing.

An English church source has stated:

“Ewing is going to have to return any money he got since 17 th October last year. Otherwise the charity police will be after him. This might cost him a hoped-for mitre”?

Why raise funds for an institution that is due to close in 12 weeks?

Whats going on ???




Dear Bishop Pat,

First, thank you for your interesting blog. Even if I don’t all the time agree with you in your opinions and theology, your blog is well needed to make the world know about the corruption, abuse and bullying going on the Catholic church. Keep up the good work!

You have earlier mentioned about St. John’s Seminary, Wonersh on your blog. The seminary is due to close in June or July, BUT they are still asking and begging for financial support, both on their website and by snail mail!

The menu on the website  has its own tag “Support” when clicking on that there is a heartbreaking story about their chapel
and how much in need of money they are to refurbish that. The same text is written in the snail mail I’ve got a couple of times AFTER they announced they are closing, last time only a couple of weeks ago:

Mons Ewing

Around Easter 2019, we launched our Chapel Challenge Appeal, having been overwhelmed by the generosity of so many towards our Seminarians’ Room Refurbishment Appeal the year before. We didn’t want to ‘push our luck’ so-to-speak in asking for more help from already generous donors – so we tried to make it clear that our Chapel Challenge Appeal was not being made to those who had been generous to us already, but rather to those who may have missed our Seminarians’ Room Refurbishment Appeal, and also to the ‘Old Boys’ of Wonersh – whether ordained or not.

While the Chapel is still very much fit for purpose and in daily use, work needs to be done to stabilise the original parquet flooring, to upgrade the heating and lighting, and to improve the sound system – and the Chapel desperately needs redecorating. This involves much more than just a lick of paint. There are many fine features, which have been delicately painted, and which need to remain in such a way, as the Chapel is a Grade II listed building.

Any Chapel Challenge Appeal donations, large or small, will be very gratefully received (cheques payable to: St John’s Seminary). Please send to:

Mgr Gerald Ewing
St John’s Seminary,
Wonersh , Guildford,
Surrey GU5 0QX

(It is also possible to donate by Bank Transfer, and to Gift Aid. You may even like to remember the Seminary in your will. For further details email: )

Support the seminary!

On top on that they actively seek out new donors and contributors, especially “Old Boys of Wonersh – whether ordained or not”. As they state in their appeal:

“… our Chapel Challenge Appeal was not being made to those who had been generous to us already, but rather to those who may have missed our Seminarians’ Room Refurbishment Appeal, and also to the ‘Old Boys’ of Wonersh – whether ordained or not.”

Their earlier “Seminarians’ Room Refurbishment Appeal” which according
to the seminary was a success didn’t benefit the seminarian rooms at all but rather the staffs rooms which were upgraded to fancy apartments and suites. Plus spent on other things benefiting the staff.

And now they are begging for more money.

Knowing how the place works and how they misuse money and treat people I’m disgust and offended by these appeals which in my eyes are scams.

And as a former Wonerhs seminarian I’m deeply offended that they are targeting former students / seminarians, not only on their website but also by appeals by snail mail.

God bless,


Its strange if Wonersh is still collecting money if is going to close this June?

The talk was that the bishop/ bishops were goibg to sell the building and land for God knows how many millions?

Here we have another situation which needs transparency.


Billy Murray was a much loved character in Larne.

He and Norman were generous in the extreme to me when my mum Jo died in 2006.

For a joke Billy used to measure me with his eyes and tell me the size of coffin I would be going into.

I told him he might be away before me and he was.


Worersh seminary has this morning taken down their website?



The Vatican’s Secretariat of State has issued an instruction regarding the celebration of Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, suppressing Masses said by a priest by himself, and restricting the celebration of the extraordinary form of Mass in the Latin rite to one altar in the crypt of the basilica.

The instruction comes from the First Section of the Secretariat of State, which deals with the general affairs of the church and is headed by Venezuelan-born Archbishop Peña Parra. He is the third-highest ranking official in the Roman Curia and is known as the “substitute” (or chief of staff).

The instruction, dated March 12, is addressed to three separate bodies. The first is the “extraordinary commissioner of the Fabric of St Peter’s,” meaning the person the pope has appointed to oversee the administration and upkeep of the basilica.

Last June, the pope appointed Archbishop Mario Giordana as extraordinary commissioner; his role is to bring clarity to the administration of the Fabric and update its statutes.The second is the “canons of the Vatican Chapter” and the third is the “service for the liturgical celebrations of the basilica.”

The new Vatican instruction strictly limits the celebration of the extraordinary form of the Latin rite in the basilica, making clear that its usage is not intended to be the norm.

The Lenten season “invites us to return to the Lord with all our heart by giving greater centrality to listening to the Word of God and to the Eucharistic celebration,” reads the beginning of the instruction. “In this sense, wishing to ensure that the holy Masses in the Basilica of St. Peter’s are conducted in a climate of recollection and liturgical decorum, from now henceforth the following has been laid down.”

The instruction makes five specific points without explanation for them, but their aim appears clear: to ensure that there is order in the celebration of the Mass in St Peter’s basilica, and that Masses are celebrated in accordance with the norms and spirit of the liturgical renewal of the Second Vatican Council. It strictly limits the celebration of the extraordinary form of the Latin rite in the basilica, making clear that its usage is not intended to be the norm.

An informed source told America that every morning, priests (many of them working in the Roman Curia) celebrate Mass at side altars of the basilica, frequently by themselves and often in the extraordinary form. The aim of the instruction’s first point is to end this practice of “lone” celebrations.

Every morning, priests (many of them working in the Roman Curia) celebrate Mass at side altars of the basilica, frequently by themselves and often in the extraordinary form.

The second point of the instruction stipulates that “the priests and the faithful who go daily to the basilica for holy Mass should have the possibility to participate in the following celebrations,” listing the time and place of various Masses: at 7.00 a.m. at the Chapel of the Choir; at 7.30 a.m. at the Altar of the Chair; at 8.00 a.m. at the Chapel of the Choir; and at 9.00 a.m. at the Altar of the Chair.

The times of other Masses remain unchanged. It says that “on the occasion of the memory of a saint, whose remains are kept in the basilica, one of the holy Masses can be celebrated at the corresponding altar.” It adds, however, that “on Sundays and on solemnities, the opportunity of celebrating Masses at these times will be evaluated.” This last point presumably refers to the fact that the pope will often celebrate in the basilica on Sundays or solemnities.


As a devoted Vatican 11 man I am happy to see Francis and the Vatican taking a step against the Latin Mass brigade.

I did not like it when Benedict permitted priests to say the Old Latin Mass regardless of the bishop’s wishes.

Since Vatican 11 the Vernacular Mass is the normative Mass for Catholics.

It is also the Mass that best expresses the theology and ecclesiology of Vatican 11.

The Old Latin Mass is one that very much panders to mega clericalism and right-wing Catholicism.

It has become the rallying tool of the right wingers.

It is based on  pre Vatican 11 theology – a theology that was quite rightly revised by the Fathers of Vatican 11.

At the Last Supper and on the Cross Christ did not have his back to the people and did not speak a language no one understood.

The Old Latin Mass proclaims a theology of Medievalism while the Vernacular Mass proclaims a theology of encounter with the modern world – bringing God to the modern world.

Maybe there needs to be a modern schism or reformation and allow the Medievalists to go off and form their own church?

An Obituary printed in the Times…..Absolutely Brilliant!! 👌👌

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

  • Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
  • Why the early bird gets the worm;
  • Life isn’t always fair;
  • And maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).

His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death,
-by his parents, Truth and Trust,
-by his wife, Discretion,
-by his daughter, Responsibility,
-and by his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers;

  • I Know My Rights
  • I Want It Now
  • Someone Else Is To Blame
  • I’m A Victim
  • Pay me for Doing Nothing

Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.


I’m listening to The bishopbuckleyspodcast | LATERE AND MOTHERING SUNDAY Mar 14, 2021 12:53 on Podbean, check it out!



THE IRISH BISHOPS have decided yo hold a national synod of the church in the next five years.

They believe that this will revive the Irish RCC which is on its death bed.

If the past record is anything go by, it will be a process and an event, costing millions.

It will produce a big bound report that will sound good but it will be placed on diocesan and presbytery shelves gathering dust.

Nothing will change UNLESS

1. The bishops listen to massive criticism and advice from people whom tgey would not normally associate with – people like Getman theologian Hans Kung.

As below:

Kung in controversial in Irish tour 1985.

by Jack O’Sullivan Catholic Herald 1985.

Swiss theologian, Dr Hans Kung, last week called on the Church to accept civil divorce, the ordination of women and married men and to leave issues of sexual morality to individual conscience.

Speaking during a week-long Irish lecture tour, Dr Kling argued that the Church should stand up for the indissolubility of marriage, but said that couples whose marriages had failed and who remarried should be readmitted to the Sacraments for the sake of their children.

It was a “contradiction” to oppose abortion and contraception, he said, adding that such a view was –like being against the fire and the fire department”. Such issues should he left for individuals to decide on according to conscience.

Dr Kung, 57, said that all women should he able to become deacons and exercise the full ministry and that in the light of the shortage of priests, the Church should admit married priests, thus following rules laid out by the Protestant and Orthodox Churches.

Dr Kung was bitter about the Vatican’s revocation in 1979 of his right to teach as a Catholic theologian. He called the banning “the most cruel experience of my life” and said that he did not believe that Pope Paul VI would have made the same decision.

Pope John Paul II came in for repeated criticism from Dr Kung. who continues to be allowed to say Mass, preach and distribute the Eucharist. There was now “an impasse in ecumenism”, said Dr Kung, who identified the Pope as a stumbling block to reform. He was sceptical about the chances of November’s Extraordinary Synod of Bishops confronting the problems facing the Church and said that he would have preferred an convocation of a third Vatican Council.

Dr Kung spoke in Belfast, Dublin and Cork, delivering a lecture entitled Where are the Church and Theology Going?


2. The bishops and Rome allow celibacy to be optional.

3. The bishops and Rome ordain women at least to the diaconate whereby they can baptise, preach and celebrate marriages and funerals.

4. The bishops and Rome seriously revise the RC approach to sexual morality and homosexuality.

5. The clergy fade into the background, concentrate on being pastors and place power into the hands of the laity.

I see no hope of the bishops and Rome doing any of this.

Abd therefore, numbers will drop and the RCC will continue to shrink.

So why waste millions on a PR stunt that is going to achieve nothing?