Easter, not Christmas, is the primary feast of the Christian year.

Easter has inspired great painters and great musicians, like Tanner and Handel above.

Ressurection, to “rise again” implies that previously, there was a fall or a collapse.

In Jesus’ case, it was his death. His Resurrection was his return to life.

But the universe, the world, nature and mankind is an ongoing process of millions and millions of falls and millions and millions or rising agains, millions and millions of resurrections.

Stars fall from the skies and new stars appear.

The sun falls at night and rises again in the morning.

Flowers retract into themselves in the evening and open again to drink the morning dew.

Two and four-legged creatures lie at night and rise with the light.

The dark envelopes and the light reveals.

The silence of the night is shattered by the dawn chorus.

The pain of childbirth is obliterated by the sleeping baby in the rocking cot.

The surgeons cut gives way to a surge of health.

Life is all about the falls and collapses giving way to the risings and resurrections.

Its about all the Good Fridays yielding to all the Easter Sundays.

Its about all the screams being silenced by all the alleluias.

My friend, may all your Good Fridays, whatever they may be, find all their Easter Sundays.

May all your moments of forsakenness, find all their conjoined alleluias.

May the Easter Jesus give you new sight,
Let you really hear and really see,
Strengthen your weary limbs,
Lift your heavy heart,
And above all else,
Untie your fettered feet

And free you from any tomb,

In which you yourself,

Or others,

Have held you captive.


Easter Lunch

54 replies on “HE IS RISEN. ALLELUIA!”

Bp. Pat, will Eastertide bring new Mount Mellaray, Glenstal, and Silverstream revelations? It’s been awfully quiet.


10.23am: Mr. Poo Poo is spewing his usual hatred. Poor lonely, miserable fool. Your misery is an untreatable virus.


“If Easter says anything to us today, it says this: you can put truth in the grave but it won’t stay there.” Clarence W Hall.


”Easter, not Christmas, is the primary feast of the Christian year”
I couldn’t agree more. I wish we would put more spiritual impetus into Easter. I’m not a fan of Christmas. Its too commercialised. I love the days of the Easter ceremonies. Pat, are we all invited to Larne next Easter? or any deed, at any time post pandemic?


Thank you Pat for this reflection. There are so many themes in the Gospel for Easter Sunday. The most powerful image is that of the stones being rolled away from the tomb….It was early morning but sufficient light to let Mary and the disciples see the linen cloths in an empty tomb. The rolled stones is a symbol of all that we need to remove from the door of our heart and conscience so that we may be touched by the light of Resurrection. Resurrection is an invitation to light, to all that makes us more human, kinder, transparent, more Christ like. Resurrection moments come when we give and receive love and compassion: when we enable people to get through their darkness: when we are touched by Christ in the Eucharist, however difficult. New life comes when we admire the beauty of nature, when we are brought beyond ourselves in poetry, music and art, when we are transformed by mystery and wonderment of flowing leaves, singing birds, gently rippling streams, the majesty of forests and the splendour
of the sea….Easter day speaks of undimmed hope, light and peace. May all of us be blessed.



Stop sermonising.

Your reflections are entirely your own, highly imaginative musings.

The rolled stone was just that…a rolled stone.

Stop allegorizing Scripture.


10.19: Stop criticising and condemning. Your type are uninspiring and hope-less…Get a grip, you amadan!!


No one condemned anyone else.
The criticism was constructive and, therefore, warranted.


Blessings to Bishop Pat and Eduardo this Easter season. Christ has indeed risen. Let us all celebrate!


2.28: Ignore the doomsday people: they are always looking for their anti religion moment…They find such here on this blog…I find 12.38 quite reflective. For the day that we have – EASTER SUNDAY – maybe 10.19 might roll away the stones entombing him in his ignorance…A hard ask!!


Bp Pat, the Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, Alphonsus Cullinan, has raised concerns about people’s spiritual and mental wellbeing being eroded from being unable to attend Mass. He said “their patience is wearing thin. They are frustrated and feel unrepresented and discriminated against.” The +Aul Doll, Dr Turtle, is of a similar mind.


They should stop mouthing off and take the Governments to Court they would win hands down on European right.
However they do not want to upset the Government.
They should be open with 2m social distancing and other Covid protection measures in place.


Have been watching Mass from Paisley. Bishop Keenan is saying the mass. First time I’ve heard him. He sounds a bit sweet and a bit theatrical for my liking. A bit ott.
There was an old expression in the Church of Scotland during the selection of a new minister where they were given the opportunity to take Sunday service and it was referred to as ‘preaching for the pulpit’
In view of the impending appointment of a new archbishop in Glasgow I couldn’t help but feel that the Reverend Keenan was making a pitch.
Alleluia alleluia


No he is not but highly support Courage and has it in his dioceses.
Remember in Courage you need to be celibate so he should say to the Clergy first.
Courage is like sitting a bottle of Alcohol in front of an alcoholic of course he is going to drink it.


Bishop Keenan has been making a pitch since the announcement of Archbishop Philips death.
However he maybe in for a shock as Archbishop Emeritus Conti says at the Chrism Mass that the Chrism oil maybe used to anoint the New Archbishop of Glasgow.
So some thinking it is Monsignor John Hughes or Monsignor Hugh Bradley.


Who is Mons Hughes? Is he from Glasgow
Personally apart from a flourish at the start Bishop Keenan has been a damp squib. My opinion. He has his groupies.


Bishop Keenan has his clique and would be a disaster in Glasgow.
Glasgow needs revamping too many parishes and too many Highly paid officials at Clyde Street.

Monsignor John Hughes was Rector at Rome and currently PP in Helensburgh.


There was a story I heard once that Bishop Keenan had a brother who was also a priest up in Scotland and he resigned from ministry but did everything by the book. I was told that the then Fr John Keenan stopped talking to his brother because he left. Not a very Christian attitude if true.
Seems when he was made bishop a number of people took him to task about his behaviour and he then made up.
I was also told that on the day of his installation the ex priest brother attended but sat at the back.
Can anyone confirm if this story is true.


and tell us Alex, whats any of this got to do with you? get back to twitching at those lace curtains! I think number 32 is getting a new couch!


There is a lot of bad feeling among the Clergy and the people and it is not forgotten about.
His Brother was at his instillation with other family members.
I believe all the family and speaking again and Bishop John sees his Brothers family.

He really is a careerist and is just ticking paisley over after his waste of money Synod which cost thousands.


The RCC is a dinosaur. May we all live in peace as we strive for better in the reality that we have to dance with the dinosaur.

Beannachtaí na Cásca oraibh go léir! Have a lovely Easter and enjoy the holidays!


4.02: Seamus bocht…bocht…What’s wrong with you? Ar ithe an madra do dhinnear??? Ceapaim go bhfuil tusa an dinosaur!!


Went to noon Mass in Blackpool Centre today. No sign of Fr Etienne who is always spoken about here. It was a Fr Tom Butler and a Canon Diwhirst. Lovely Mass, very prayerful and Latin or lace to be found! Beautiful building too, a hidden gem in a dog rough Town.


I think you mean NO latin
or lace. You are referring to Sacred Heart. Etienne is up the road and not based here thank Gawd.


Pat, if that was your Easter dinner, I am envious…We poor celibates!! All aloney o!! This pandemic is awful for everyone. No visitors allowed and we’ve a long way to go still. God help us all…Easter peace to you.


5.08: I prefer real men and real women, who behave as adult men and women, who don’t debase themselves with infantilic, pre pubescent immaturity, like you, perhaps.


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