Many Irish priests, religious and monks are addicted to the very dangerous Gay app called Grindr.

One Northern Ireland priest recently told me of his horrific experience on Grindr.

He got talking to a man from the Lisburn Road in Belfast and travelled a considerable journey to meet the man. They had agreed to have anal sex with the priest being the “bottom” and the man being the “top”.

But when the priest arrived at the house the man had a BDSM room in his house.

He immediately tied up the priest and beat him to a pulp and then threw him in a rear passage beside dust bins.

The priest also lost his phone and wallet and ended up in hospital.

He was too embarrassed to go to the police and ruin his own reputation.

Afterwards, sadly, he continued to use Grindr 🥺


This week I was talking to another man who suffered greatly through Grindr.

Some nasty people on Grindr stole his information and pictures and placed them on a paedophilia web site and informed the police.

After a very painful nine months his name was cleared. But he lost his job and has suffered serious physical and mental challenges and a litany of threats and abuse from neighbours.

Grindr featured hugely in the Maynooth “summer of love”.

It also featured in the downfall of number of fairly high profile priests.

Grindr is NOT men looking for love, companionship, a partner or emotional bonding.

Grindr is about men looking for wild, irresponsible, anonymous sex.

It is also about the dark side of gay sex – assault, rape, violence, humiliation etc.

No half decent man would want that, surely?

And why would a priest, monk or seminarian want to get involved in such a “meat market”.

Are people not better than that?

Are priests not better than that?

Gentlemen and Reverend Gentlemen especially should avoid Grindr.