There has been talk of reducing the number of Irish diocese from 26 to 11 or 12, for several years now.

Was there ever an official report into this done by Rome and shared with the Irish bishops?

Does anyone have a copy of this report they would be willing to share with the blog?

Even, or especially, a leaked report 😄

It is quite clear that some of the smallest diocesesvare no longer sustainable – Clonfert, Kilalla, Achonry, Dromore.

It’s unlikely that any of the 4 archdioceses would be suppressed. But Dromore could go into Armagh.

Some people think that Kevin Doran of Elphin might be transferred to Tuam and then Kilalla and Achonry joined into Elphin?

Could Kerry and Cloyne become one?

Could Kildare and Osssory become one?

Could Derry and Raphoe become one?

As the Irish church shrinks there will be fewer priests and certainly fewer priests with the calibre needed to be a bishop.

Tecent episcopal appointments show that there are priests becoming bishops who would never have made the grade before.

People like;

Ray Browne of Kerry 😬

Fintan Monahan of Kilalloe 😬

Deenihan of Meath 😬

“There was a time in Ireland when priests (bishops) were made of gold and chalices were made of wood …..

Nowadays, the chalices are made of gold and the priests (bishops) are made of wood”.

May God preserve us from the Deenihans, the Brownes and the Monahans.