“I am a Kilalloe priest who has known Pat a long time and he asked for my take on the current situation with regard Father Ger Fitzgerald and its handling by our bishop, Fintan Monahan.

Personally, I am not a friend of Gers and as a person I feel quite neutral about him. He is neither my hero or my enemy.

I respect Fintan as my bishop but am aware that he has his limitations.

When two adults have consensual sex it takes two to tango.

However, I would say that Ger has made a formal and public promise of celibacy. The woman has no such vows or promises.

From what I gather, the woman was vulnerable after her father’s and the sale of the family home.

As a PP Ger is in a position of trust. It is a violation of that trust to engage in a relationship and sex with a parishioner. The power balance is all wrong and as such the issue of true consent comes into question.

The current discipline of the church obligates Ger, myself and others to be celibate. In practice that means that we are not allowed , morally or canonically to have sex with anyone.

In dressing as a priest and in standing up, vested at Mass, each time we are saying “I am here because I am observing my priestly obligations.

To stand there, leading a double life, is a lie, a contradiction and fraudulent.

Ger, and others like him, must decide to either observe the obligations he has freely accepted, or leave the priesthood.

In making that decision, one way or another, he will be showing integrity.


Fintan’s role is clear.

He must remove Ger’s faculties from him for the time being.

Ger must leave Cloughleigh and take a period of three or six months to decide his future.

If he wants back he must recommit to celibacy and practice that.

If he cannot do that he must embrace another way of life.

This decision is for Ger and Fintan to make.

The people of Cloughleigh have no role to play. Fintan can of course listen to their concerns – but Fintan and Fintan alone, is the decision-maker.

One thing is certain. This scandal must end and must end now.

As long as it continues it is sowing dissension and low morale among the clergy.

It is confusing and disconserting the laity.

It is dividing Ennis parish.

It is turning the woman into a scapegoat.

Fintan is the ONE responsible for the unity and peacefulness of the People of God.

Fintan, act NOW”!


Archbishop Dermot Farrell announced yesterday that Dublin only has two seminarians!


1. “xxx, and others like him, must decide to either observe the obligations he has freely accepted, or leave the priesthood.”

2. “xxx must leave yyyyyyyyyyy and take a period of three or six months to decide his future.”

3. “If he wants back he must recommit to celibacy and practice that.”

4. “If he cannot do that he must embrace another way of life.”

Thank you to the Kilalloe priest for your perspective. I agree with you on points 1 to 4 above. Peace be with you!

Is mise le meas,



The church is between eras. Obligatory celibacy for ordination, in place since the beginning of the second millennium, is not working. The option must be preserved, unlike in Oriental Orthodoxy, and it needs to be complemented with married clergy.


I believe the diaconate rules are the way forward for the priesthood:

Who Is Eligible to Become a Deacon?

Married Candidates

The Church is concerned that there should be no potential for conflict between the responsibilities of ordained ministry and the need of a couple in the early years of their married life to devote their time and energy to maturing in their relationship and to caring for young children. For that reason, a married man must have reached the age of thirty five before he can be ordained to the permanent diaconate. He must also have the formal consent of his wife.

Unmarried Candidates

Unmarried candidates must have reached the age of twenty five before they can be ordained as permanent deacons. In keeping with the tradition of the Church, those who are ordained as single men make a solemn promise of celibacy.

Is mise le meas,



I agree, the church needs to get with the times but I can understand how difficult it is to adjust a belief system engrained for centuries, people are conditioned and the church is under pressure with today’s worlds madness!

Start as you mean to go on…. Attitude… , not working!

Something needs to change….


I understand the opinion of this anonymous priest but I wonder if, instead of writing to Pat, he should have the courage to personally go to Bishop Monahan. That would be my view. The placing of your concerns with this blog will only further divide Ennis Parish and give a platform for very unhelpful, unconstructive comment. I do not believe the tearing apart – which we’ve had – of Fr. Ger is still necessary. We should hope and pray that the right, wise decisions will be made. Concerning the behaviour of priests: should priests who are alcoholics be stepped aside?: should priests who suffer from mental illnesses be stepped aside?: should priests whose temperament is a little crazy be stepped aside?: should untrustworthy priests be stepped aside? Apart from sexual abuse and illicit, sexual relationships, should any human weakness be tolerated in priests? Having exoerienced personal traumas for a considerable number of years, for which I received therapy, I am an entirely more discerning, wise, empathetic and caring person. My insights gained and the immense enlightenment given to me enable me to work in a way that is more attuned to people’s real lives and I am glad to be able to offer the benefits of my new learning. Some of our life’s experiences of suffering, brokenness, struggles and simply “being human” are necessary for new transformations. I know there are people, priests too, who, had I shared my story with them, would have walked away, judged me as unsuitable perhaps and would not be kind or understanding. We often learn the most important lessons through personal struggles, challenges and trials. Leaving aside the egregious criminal abuses, for which any priest perpetrator should be civilly judged, we priests are not superhuman and often fail our own and other people’s expectations. Yet, I believe in the ideals and standards required of priesthood because of the sacred trust given to us. God help us.


Are you dreaming for a Priest to approach a Bishop not at all the clerical club will continue to gossip about the Bishop and Father Ger however maybe they should read the scriptures as well.
Most Bishops are approachable and see their Brother Priests as Brothers but some clergy cannot see that.
How many Clergy out of around 80 would have telephones either support or be against Fintan.
Did Willie Walsh or Kieran O’Reilly telephone to say they are sorry for leaving this mess in Killaloe
Everyone knows Priests are not super human but when they make a mistake they should be TRUTHFULL.

Ger needs time out as this is not his first Lady and the Bishop needs to act in his role as shepherd.
Ger needs to move on to heal the parish of Ennis led by Bishop Fintan but instead Ger is arranging his army of followers.


Don’t confuse understanding with excusing or ignoring. Some of the problems you mention would result in disciplinary in the world of work, such as alcoholism if it affects your work.
In fact frequently people tend to ignore problems until they get the warning that the world around them won’t let them continue as they are.


Its high time this useless Bishop was giving the bold Ger a belt with the Crozier and remove his faculties. Why he has allowed this disgraceful situation to go on is appalling if he can’t
discipline his clergy he has to go himself. Someone has to be appointed to clear up this mess ASAP.


9:41 pm

Bella, haven’t you a brass neck and a half.
Calling on people to go and others to be appointed to clear up a mess ASAP.

Meanwhile, you made no comment on abuse,abusers and covering up in the SSPX.
Are you reluctant to leave the latin, lace and frills brigade- the Rev. Pius, Ignatius and Aquinas side down- while Frs.Tom, Dick and Harry are fair game for your rants?


Pat, do you get RTE where you live. If you do it would be interesting to get your views on the story that is developing in Killaloe and that which is happening in the RTE Soap Fair City. This evening we saw the new local priests who does not wear his clerical clothing, (but from what he saw at the end of tonights programme of what is coming up on Wednesday evening, he will be in black and with a dog collar), having it off with one of the local bikes on her living room floor. He also has a daughter in the show, which he fathered with another local woman, the night before he was to marry another woman, who must have died, but I dont think we know how.

Interesting that there is only TWO seminarians for the Dublin Archdiocese. Are you aware that your good friend Phonsie has four studying, one of whom was ordained a deacon today and is set to be ordained fully to the Priesthood on Mission Sunday. This is the same man that had Sermony held for recently that you had a photo of Bishop Phonsie and four other priests with him during the mass. That photo was very misleading. I know you are aware of the lay out of the church in Tramore and will know that there is a lot of room behind the altar. The photo did not show that the priests stood on the steps behind the Altar.


+Monahan’s inaction is a prefect illustration of what happens on a smaller scale in most if not all of Ireland’s 26 dioceses. So many priests exhibit everything from arrogance to dysfunctionality and everything in between. Bishops just sit there knowing everything, doing nothing and hoping all the while that they, at least, will come out smelling of roses. The result is the neglect of people who should have been a pastoral priority. So many appeals would have been made today for young men to give of themselves to peruse a vocation to priesthood or religious life. It is becoming increasing clear to me that with the structural and procedural inadequacies matched with a bitchy atmosphere, a parish, religious community or seminary would be the worst start for any young person in this day and age.


Oh dear, we’re in for another day of the cathbots going leave that poor priest alone, god says you should be merciful, he hasn’t done anything wrong, everyone loves him, how dare you interfere, it’s the woman’s fault, judges are merciful to people in crisis and talk about battered sausage.
The best argument for you keeping their church’s continued iniquities in the public eye is they don’t live in reality.


11.54: Are you illiterate or dyslexic? No comments so far have offered support of Fr. Ger. Point these comments out to us. Otherwise STFU and stop lying.


10.21: You are all confused about meaning of words….8.50 is not illiterate, you plonker!! Wake from thine drunken slumber…dear man!!


Bella say a decade of the rosary with your fingers rather than constantly being unchristian to others with your keyboard fingers.
It is Monday so the Joyful Mysteries and try and be Joyful.


+ Pat, I agree with every word written by the priest from the Diocese of Killaloe. The failure of Bishop Fintan to demonstrate effective pastoral governance is unacceptable. The faculties of Fr. Ger should have been removed a lot sooner. I also agree that Fr. Ger needs to take a leave of absence to discern his future. I would suggest it is impossible for Fr. Ger in the future to have any meaningful ministry in the diocese; so he should consider relocating to another part of Ireland to function as a priest if he is serious about remaining in ministry.

But as we have read as this scandal has unfolded on this blog Fr. Ger has demonstrated an inability to behave properly. And this indicates a pattern of behaviour that is deeply ingrained; it is negatively systemic.

He is probably immature or predatory or both. He should probably petition for a dispensation and do the honourable thing. However, if it is true that he is not willing to leave the parish, then Bishop Fintan should escalate the matter to the Congregation for the Clergy and petition the Prefect to laicise Fr. Ger for disobedience.


@ 2:28 pm

Bella has gone to ground again today or gone to the bookies to flutter on the gee-gees.
One decade of the rosary! Throw the book at Bella. 15 decades at least for today!
He can use his fingers and toes if needs be.


Yep, no messing about there, straight down the line. They are professionals. Even the Vennells one knows what she should do in the present circumstances. Wouldn’t be be great if we could see something as clear, definite, honest, transparent and evidently professional in our bishops and priests ?


And the Church of England publishes their tribunal judgments online. Not hushed up like ours. All laicisation should be published too.


Maybe Dublin should send its two seminarians to Oscott. They might get a good grounding there in ontological change and the exalted status of the priest, as well as a crash course in frilly vestments, as well as the skills necessary for living an actively gay life under the guise of the clerical collar while claiming to be celibate. It takes a lot of skill, you know ! And, there’s a new Rector !


The boys at Oscott are having a very hard time of it at the moment. All the bars and dark rooms in the gay village in Brum are still closed, as are the saunas – one very handily situated nearby Gayscott in Erdington – and the cruising grounds have gone quiet because there is a lot of police activity. So, they are suffering. Spare a thought. All that theology and liturgy and no outlets. Terrible !


Naughty 10:02!
The bars are open again and there were queues to go into Missing at the weekend….


Ah the poor boys. I am sure some of the formators provide them with lessons in etiquette at gay saunas. The college has locked gates these days at the entrance, so you can’t arrange hooks ups in the woodland grounds surrounding the College. The nearest cruising park used to be the public loos near Boldmere gate of Sutton Park but police are patrolling looking for Covidiots for an easy arrest.


Why wasn’t Paul Keane confirmed as Rector, as he had been acting? I thought he might be destined for higher things, but it’s beginning to look as if he is stuck there now as No. 2.


Perhaps he didn’t want to be lumbered with a long term of office. Probably glad to get back to his diocese rather than remain with the dullards of Oscott.


The two main protagonists in this standoff are behaving appallingly. This Ger priest is acting arrogantly and selfishly and seems to think that the can put two fingers up to everyone because he believe he has the muscle support of some feral louts on a housing estate. The bishop Lugs is failing to act decisively and rigorously in entertaining the disobedience of this priest. He needs to grow some balls. At its simplest, this priest seem allegedly, but credibly, to have had completely inappropriate and unprofessional sexual relations with a woman who has all sorts of personal vulnerabilities, as well as professional connections to this priest as his parishioner. So, this priest has taken advantage of a vulnerable woman at a difficult point in her life, as well as having sexual relations with someone who can be considered to come under his professional and pastoral care. In ANY OTHER profession or walk of life, this man will have been judged to have transgressed egregiously against a whole range of red lines. He would not be allowed to continue in his role in any capacity. There may even be a case to be argued that the vulnerabilities of this woman could conceivably be considered a matter for safeguarding and the law. So, I am astounded that this priest and this bishop both fail to realise and act on these serious concerns. This is a grave failing on both their parts, and points to the shambolic, chaotic, unprofessional management of this misbehavioiur by people who are unsuited and untrained in how to deal with these matters, as well as showing them both to be lacking in integrity and transparency. Both should go, and should go now.


9.03: Are you happy after that big instalment? My God… think you’ve been on many times repeating the same nonsense…Get a life. 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴…



Diddums dearie.
Is that big instalment of what you call nonsense making you feel a wee bit uncomfortable?


Every sentiment expressed by Pat’s Killaloe priest friend has been thrashed out so far on this blog. Surely it would be preferable if the priest friend posted this letter to Bishop Monahan or more preferably, visit the Bishop. I’m certain that the Bishop has been made aware of the concerns of both priests and parishioners. Fr. Ger needs to seriously listen to these concern and the Bishop too must act immediately. Fr. Ger has fallen ignominiously and I do not believe in offering him yet again to the slaughter house. Proper justice will happen eventually.


Is mise, le meas is a conventional way of ending a letter. Why adopt such a convention to end a post (a different genre from a letter), when you did not do so at the beginning? Since you don’t know who you are addressing how can you profess to have ‘meas’ for them?


It’s sink or swim for the church, they have been drowning for a long time,they have been gasping for air for a long time, I do believe they will turn things around, gradually and eventually. . Slowly but surely!


A big new step for Collins. I’m glad he has found peace and is leaving the Diocese and Priesthood. A new chapter in his life.


It’s not about spirituality. Its about conditioning frustration realisation bitterness and hopelessness. Diaconate model is the way forward There is one ordination and different facets of service


Killaloe have lost two Priests, Ger and Michael Collins. Collins is no longer Director of Formation in Maynooth


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