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For almost forty years, Honduran ambassador Alejandro Valladares was among the closest friends of the man who would become Pope Francis’ “vice pope” and lead his efforts to restructure the Vatican: Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga.

In Sacred Betrayals, Valladares’ widowed spouse reveals the troubling web of financial and moral corruption that she discovered after their family’s life savings disappeared in a bogus investment scheme recommended by Maradiaga, one that led ultimately to the highest reaches of the Vatican, and to Pope Francis himself.

Martha Alegría de Valladares exposes the naked impunity and abuses committed by Maradiaga under the regime of Francis, and cries out for justice, both for herself and for the innumerable other victims of clerical corruption. No concerned Catholic can ignore her testimony.


“Alegría’s testimony regarding Cardinal Maradiaga’s involvement of their family in a fraudulent financial scheme, as well as his defense and cover-ups of his auxiliary bishop is deeply shocking. More disturbing is her revelation that Francis continues to protect Maradiaga despite all the misdeeds for which Maradiaga has made himself personally responsible.”  — From the foreword by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States

“This book is dynamite! The compelling testimony of Martha Alegria Reichmann — a widow betrayed by a powerful cardinal she had once considered a close friend — has the power to break down the wall of silence that protects Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, and expose the corruption that reaches to the very top of the Vatican.” — Philip Lawler, editor of Catholic World News, author of Lost Shepherd: How Pope Francis is Misleading his Flock

“We have here just one case study of the vast corruption in the Church that flourishes under Pope Francis, and of the Pope’s hypocrisy in promoting it. As the author remarks: ‘One gets the impression that the devil is gradually taking over the institutions of the Church.'” — H.J.A. Sire, author of The Dictator Pope

About the Author

Martha Alegría Reichmann de Valladares is the widow of the former ambassador to the Holy See for Honduras and Dean of the Vatican Diplomatic Corps, Alejandro Emilio Valladares Lanza. She has lived in Rome since 1991. In addition to Sacred Betrayals, she has written two books of spiritual poetry and narrative, one of which, Yo te encontré (“I found you”) was published by the Vatican in 2013


I know that Francis has enemies in the Vatican – among the “old guard”.

But it does look as if Francis has surrounded himself with a right old clerical mafia.

And he is a Jesuit. And you can never really trust a Jesuit.

And, he has a worrying history with evil types in Argentina.

But its nothing new.

The RC institution has been truly evil for a very long time.

I think the extreme Protestant stance about the pope being the Anti Christ is too simplistic.

But the RC institution, with its history of murder, torture, corruption, politicking, etc does make it a strong candidate for being part of the Kingdom of the Evil One.

Francis & Co are just its current manifestation.