Desmond Williams

From: Gareth O’ Callaghan FACEBOOK 5.11.2016.

“I feel like a ghost caught inside a person I don’t recognise, stuck between this world and another; not wanting to live any longer, but not wanting to die just yet.” If you are a survivor of abuse, then I am sure these words will make perfect sense.

I spoke during the week to a man who was savagely abused by a Dublin priest for five years as a young boy. His name is Noel. Today he is in his fifties, but part of him will always be eight years of age. Noel tried to kill himself twice. Thankfully he is alive today. And hopefully what I am about to write here – the story he has never been able to tell – will help to set him free from the torture, and the awful remorse and guilt he feels, of his past.

It has taken me days to reconcile my reasoning and need for writing this post. It makes for horrific reading. Please be aware of that before reading any further here. The man at the centre of this piece has never been publicly associated with child abuse before now, to the best of my knowledge and research. His crimes against children are undoubtedly one of the greatest and most appalling cover ups in the history of clerical sexual abuse by the hierarchy that existed back then in the Dublin diocese. I am naming him for the first time today.

There is a Garda file on him for over fifty years, but it has been permanently ignored and forgotten.

Noel, a victim of this monster, is slowly beginning to live again almost fifty years after his tiny, innocent life was stolen and almost destroyed by a Dublin priest called Des Williams.

In 1959, ‘Father Des’ (as he liked to be known) set up St Kevin’s Boys’ Club in Whitehall, on the sprawling northside of Dublin city. The club drew huge numbers of small boys who loved soccer. Father Des’s interest in soccer was purely a front to disguise that he was a paedophile. Once the club was formed, he quickly set about abusing its young members. Noel’s abuse started in 1968, shortly after joining the club. He was eight years old.

Once the grooming stopped, the abuse started. “Father Des” brought Noel back to a house one night. There were four other men present in the upstairs bedroom. Noel was blindfolded and tied facedown to a bed.

He was then raped by the priest, and then by each of the men. This horrific abuse continued for over five years, until Noel turned thirteen. By now it was almost 1974. According to official club records which I have seen, Fr Des Williams was ‘Executive Director of Football’ (and overall owner) at St Kevin’s from 1962 until 1974. His committee appears to have remained largely unchanged during those years. The same few names appear to hold their senior positions in the club during that long period. At first I couldn’t understand why a paedophile ring within a local football could go unnoticed, despite the fact that they were targetting local boys; that was until I delved more deeply into William’s connections and responsibilities.

Des Williams, at that time during the entire 1960s decade while he was abusing young boys at the football club, was personal assistant to Archbishop John Charles McQuaid. McQuaid, it’s understood (and now known), was also abusing young boys at the time; but no one in judicial authority was prepared to take on McQuaid. ‘Father Des’ simply ran home at the end of his disgusting day and hid behind the gates and high impenetrable walls of Archbishop’s Palace in Drumcondra, just down the road from St Kevin’s Boys Club.

A couple of interesting developments took place in 1974. James Kavanagh became the bishop of that area of north Dublin city. Dermot Ryan had become Archbishop of the diocese shortly before this. Ryan was responsible for appointing Kavanagh. There was now huge disquiet in the local area about Des William’s carry on. A number of parents of young boys had gone to Whitehall and Santry Garda stations to report incidents of abuse by Williams.

Nothing – NOTHING – whatsoever was done to investigate the claims or the abuser. Instead, James Kavanagh and his boss the Archbishop, once they had become aware of the extent of the priest’s abuse, came up with a plan to take Des Williams clean out of what was becoming a nasty embarrassment for church authorities.

In 1975, Trudder House was opened as a refuge and state-run home for young children of travelling families who, for whatever personal reasons, were unable to care for their children. The young children were taken into care in this huge renovated house set on its own sprawling grounds close to Newtownmountkennedy. It was a very remote location, detached from any source of local contact. When you arrived at Trudder, you were in the middle of nowhere. And you were very much on your own. The guardian and director of Trudder House was the same Fr Des Williams. Another director of Trudder was Duncan McInnes, who went on to rape and abuse the small children in his care, under the watchful eye of Des Williams, who had moved out of Dublin’s northside, and was now living in Trudder House.

McInnes beat his tiny victims with a long strip of plastic garden hose before raping and sexually abusing them throughout his five years at Trudder House. He fled the country after complaints were made in 1981. He later died in Canada in 1990 in his early fifties. Complaints continued to be made during the 1980s to an internal Health Board inquiry but Garda claim they were never informed. It wasn’t until two days before Christmas in 1994, twenty years after Trudder House opened its doors to small, vulnerable children, that the first complaint in relation to sexual abuse was made to Garda. In the investigation that followed, not one member of the long term management at the facility had to answer questions publicly about how they handled the matter of abuse of small children over the years. Galwayman Brendan Kelly was the only person to be convicted and sentenced to seven years in 1998. He remains the only person to be charged with sexual offences at Trudder House.

In 1985, Des Williams was ordained to the position of auxiliary Bishop of Dublin. He was consecrated in Rome by Pope John Paul II that year. His co-consecrator on the day, standing beside the Pope, was his friend and sponsor Bishop James Kavanagh. For many years in the 70’s, after his time with St Kevin’s, Des Williams was the episcopal vicar for finances in the archdiocese. In other words he was commander-in-chief, God’s financial controller, of all the money that rolled into the coffers of a huge diocese with quarter of a million churchgoers who contributed very generously every Sunday to two collections that he had masterminded, namely the SHARE collection, and the collection that gave Dublin priests their wages.

Could this be a reason why so many of his unfortunate victims stayed quiet? Or was their silence a result of his vicious violence and his ability to be the perfect Jeckyl and Hyde when it came to his devious ways of attracting young children to him, while hiding behind a bunch of fellow bishops who were untouchable by normal standards of the law, and who went out of their way to protect one of the most corrupt of their species?

Des Williams died in 2006. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin gave the homily during the funeral mass. Martin described Williams as “a loyal and discreet co-operator of many archbishops”

The archbishop went on to say “Bishop Des Williams spent much of his life helping those who were disadvantaged and who at times had the right to be angry with society”. Wrong.

Having spoken to Noel this week, and also to the best friend of another victim of Des Williams’s who could not talk to me directly because his life is still so broken and shattered fifty years later as a result of what he suffered at the hands of this monster over a five year period when he was a small boy, Williams was clearly only helping himself. He wasn’t helping those who were disadvantaged. He was preying on them while his fellow bishops covered up for him. Archbishop Martin’s final words: “May God reward him for his goodness, may he free him from his sins…”

I have a question here, Archbishop Martin.

Who will free up the victims of Des Williams, and Bill Carney, and all of the other predators who masqueraded as devoted followers of a man called Jesus Christ?

The same man you spoke so much about in the graceful eulogy you delivered that day ten years ago to a pervert whose cover up was responsible for more suicides than you will ever know. Maybe now, some of those men who innocently fell victims will find a reason to embrace their lives, now that this filthy monster has finally been named. It’s also worth remembering, Archbishop, that Jesus was a Jew.

He was long dead before the first Catholic decided to go looking for a role model. The kind but broken individuals who are reading this who have had their lives damaged and destroyed in the past by people you clearly offer kind words to in their demise makes me realise even more that the days of the flimsy Catholic church are numbered.

And I would say this to Noel, who I spoke to during the week, (and also to ‘B’), perhaps life starts today; knowing that you have both shared with me the words that you personally and painfully were never able to speak before now in almost fifty years. To those reading this who still can’t find the strength to see the beauty of life on their own terms as a result of abuse, but hopefully will in time to come: This post is for you. I feel like a ghost caught inside a person I can’t recognise, stuck between this world and another; not wanting to live any longer, but not wanting to die just yet.


(The Irish Times)
Bishop Desmond Williams: He was “a loyal and discreet co-operator of many archbishops”, recalled the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Diarmuid Martin, in a homily at the requiem Mass for Bishop Desmond Williams (75), retired auxiliary bishop of Dublin, last Monday evening.
Which is such a pity. For what things might have been told by someone less discreet and who had been secretary to Archbishop John Charles McQuaid for 12 years – from 1959 until Dr McQuaid’s retirement – for instance? But “Bishop Des”, as he became known after appointment as auxiliary bishop of Dublin in 1985, was also “the most private of private people”.

Yet this quiet man had an extraordinarily dynamic life which brought him into contact with many people. For instance, in the sporting world – an arena not usually associated with the shy or retiring – he made an impressive contribution.

In 1959 he founded St Kevin’s soccer club in Dublin’s Whitehall, one of the most successful in the country. He helped it expand into one of the largest of its kind in Europe, fielding over 40 competitive teams a week.

Boys from St Kevin’s lined the steps of the Pro-Cathedral on Monday night as his coffin was carried out. While it lay before the altar at the Pro-Cathedral during the requiem Mass, it had just two objects placed on it, Dr Williams’s mitre and a St Kevin’s jersey.

In 1980 he was appointed chairman of the Catholic Social Service Conference, now known as Crosscare, the invaluable social care agency of the Dublin archdiocese. Under Dr Williams, the agency was modernised, updated and expanded, providing help to the poor and marginalised in the city. He had the job for 10 years, though originally appointed for three.

He also had a particular interest in helping the Travelling community and towards that end he set up Trudder House, a residential home for Travellers, in Newtownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow. He lived there himself for a while”.


This is a horrific story that the Irish hierarchy have been trying to keep under wraps for decades.

Why did Diarmuid Martin preside at this bishops funeral and praise him to the highest heavens?

Did he not check his file in Archbishops House?

Or had the file been doctored?

The Garda come out of this badly too.
Believe me, there are many more cases like this in the Irish Catholic Church.


Well done Pat for exposing another filthy rapist scum .
Covered by corrupt bastards in the garda he knew he could do what he wanted.
Hopefully the dirty animal is roasting in hell and his defenders will face the same soon enough. Thank god the victims have someone in a clerical collar who speaks the truth and is there for them.


12.00: What little dirthole did you emerge from? What an obnoxious comment! But at least it lets us know where your heart is…? And, on the evidence of your ‘scum’ comment, your heart is in the gutter…


Besides the fact certain Gardaí are thicker than thick and like to kiss ass with some elements of society, there are quite a few nonces within the Gardaí.. A reliable retired guard I know confirmed this. Gardaí equals national embarrassment in Governments eyes I suspect


Diarmuid Martin f**ked many people. He f**ked gorgeous, figuratively not literally. He f**ked gannon. figuratively not literally.


12.10: Who f****d you up with that piece of caca and untruths? Tell us. Figuratively AND otherwise….not literally!!


Now Now Pat. lets have the full story and begin by telling us who this Gareth O’Callaghan actually is. Lets us hear of his history. and why he needed to tell this story.


UH-OH !!!

Was this not covered on the blog sometime ago? Have people come forward?

There seems to be no end to this carry on of covering up.


If even a scintilla of what has been written here is true, then it needs to be brought in to the light, and looked at. If the Church thinks that it has the right to cover this up, as it has covered up so much more in order to protect is clerical caste, then it will eventually find itself severely disappointed. Even thought this man is long dead, and even though he was lionised in obituaries, if he did what is being reported here, then he needs to be radically re-examined, and the Church needs to make sure that is done.


On yesterday’s Jesuit theme, I’ve just read Roland Barthes’ piece on Loyola and if the Exercises are supposed to be typical Jesuitry (and I am paraphrasing) they are enforcing dissociation, indifference and deconstruction or atomisation: they are the machine and we are the parts that don’t fit in, they are the interlopers without whom we can’t know how God will talk to us. Having an attenuated morality, they claim to automate your psychology and mine. No wonder the instinct of honest and logical intuiters is to revolt.

It appears this got ingrained throughout the whole of catholicism, filling a void left by the sophistries of the “Spiritual Francisans” (Ockham). Sin counting in numbers reflects Basque capitalism. Confessors – and others – have got turned into minitiature retreat leaders with their prying and coaching on things it tickled them to hear about, if Jesuit copycats I have heard of, and known, are anything to go by.

The piece on Loyola is interestingly grouped by R. Barthes with those on Sade and Fourier who both projected equally one-dimensional and taxonomising systems (the Society of Criminals – like the Hellfire Club – and a utopian Harmonie, respectively) in which some humans are there for the “aesthetic” pleasuring of others. (It strikes me Catholic “aesthetics” is the same sort of euphemism as “New Reformation” Protestant “hedonism”.)


Thus we have even clergy that aren’t dirty minded semi-consciously replicating the hegemony of the Loyolist dialectic. All the “acting out” we see is simply the parody of the parody.


Today blog is a rehash of the older blog that I can’t remember. Nothing new there, is that right?

Our school played soccer and chess games with St Kevin’s a lot over the school years.

Funny enough I couldn’t rem seeing Williams there.

Garda cover ups isn’t that surprising. We all knew that garda were up to no good even some 600 yards from our school to garda station. They didn’t want to know or knew what’s going on but decided not to. That’s their cover ups full stop.

Its bit like line of duty TV episode.

Go figure🙄🙈😱.

Think Williams was a Bishop for deaf confirmations back then but I’m not sure.


Sadly I honestly think the blog blames the Guards and the Police too much and I am not a Police Officer.
What I can say in the Guards and Police defence is their only aim is to uphold the law and jail people and rightly so.
Sadly it used to be only the Bishop and his private secretary who had access to clergy files and thankfully that has changed due to safguarding laws and there is still for improvement.
The problem in many diocesan ofices is the files are not there or been doctored which is sad and therefore you need to start from the beginning and some witnesses have passed away.
Bishop’s go to Rome for their ad limina and want to make it look good sadly more and more are having to report more and more horrible actions in their dioceses so sad.


Garda corruption is still a problem in modern society. Abusers should not abuse. There should be no cover up whatsoever. A circle of fire. No prosecutions. Abuse continues. Clerical responsibility. Garda responsibility. State responsibility.

May those innocent people who had their lives destroyed find some peace and may they live in peace.

“Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. And whoever shall speak a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age, or in the age to come.”


Bishop Pat, I’m suffering badly with nightmares most nights. I’m jumping up in my sleep and these dreams are occupying my mind and thoughts during the day. These nightmares are evil in nature and I’m wondering should I get a blessing?


Have you had a chat with your GP?

There may be a medical explanation for what you are suffering.

Evil possessing people is very rare?


I visited my GP surgery only yesterday to arrange a phone call from my GP during the week. Whilst there it became apparent to me, once again, that that I was indeed not alone…
Moving forward; I, too, have had a terrible time; the nightmares are horrific.
The abuse itself was bad enough, but the covering up has caused immense pain for both myself and my family. The night terrors are absolutely frightening. Cold sweats.
I do try to do excersise, occasionally, I have even attempted the odd bit of DIY to take my mind off of things, sadly to no avail.
PTSD is a very unpredictable affliction to have lobbed onto you. One day you feel OK, the next you cannot even function properly.
It is awful.


The jackeens have gone to ground today including Bella Donna of the Harrington Road brigade. Bella needs to change his handle to Houdini.


12.08: On this 1st day of May, please pray to St. Joseph and our Blessed Mother. I’ll pray that you will be healed of your torments. Mind yourself.


It’s a calumny to claim John Charles was abusing children. The post you quote, Pat, claims it’s known. Where is the evidence?


It’s astonishing to see that interesting tidbit re him as Bishop mc quaid’s assistant for 12 years which I or we never knew that. Mc quaid covered it up for Williams correct?

Still he kept Williams as his assistant afterwards correct? That doesn’t look good for rcc.


1.00: Considering McQuaid was Pat’s confessor and was very kind to him, it seems so unfair for Pat to allow nasty, unproven allegations against his once former friend. Also, Pat has gone through these stories all too repeatedly…Why?


I never saw JCMQ behave wrongly in any way.

The pub story in Ruler of Catholic Ireland is not very credible.

There is a story about two complaints about JCMQ to the Garda and missing Garda files that are worrying.


1.52: But you still print comments with sinister insinuations. That’s unjust, sinful and unacceptable.


A number of people make allegations against JCMQ.

If they believe these allegations they are entitled to make them publicly.

Until proven we must regard JCMQ as innocent.


what about doz on da social welfare? I’m on da pension is Der no song for da likes of me? lord bless us and save us would ya be able!


Thunder and lightning is no lark
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Sure I love a ride on the elephant’s back
If you don’t get out that I’ll give you such a crack
Up in the zoological garden

Oh, thunder and lightning is no lark
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So if you’ve any money go up to the park
And view The Zoological Gardens


Patsy there are significant contradictions in your blog today and your comments. whats that all about 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️


It’s very sad really that this man had so many oportunities in the course of his ministry. As a Bishop he had so many things at his disposal. All invitations to make a difference for others and all the while he was thinking only of his own perverse desires. “Corruptio optimi pessima”


There seem to have been exchanges England-Ireland-US-Vatican but we don’t always know why. Were seminarians in Ireland also told the only way to be a Christian was to go on one of the Abp’s courses or is that an English thing only? Horrifyingly, we see in many churches the same Gradgrind mentality that has paralysed politics. Reportedly Carney worked “best with the unintelligent” – like Vanier. These goings-on resemble those in Springfield / Chicopee MA, infecting all high schools throughout the state a.k.a junior seminaries. John Feit (at Jemez Springs) was mixed up in the Fall River ramifications. Bernard Law who stopped reforms in 1985 and was lauded by Sodano, was an alumnus of the Josephinum at Worthington OH. Still some English bishops & priests turned out decent.


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