Sometime ago I had what we call in N. Ireland a “mixed marriage”.

It was not the marriage of a black person to a white person.

It was much worse in N. Ireland terms.

It was the marriage of a Roman Catholic woman to a divorced Protestant man who happened to be in the police.

The woman’s family – devout Catholics and and the staunch Republicans did everything in their power to stop the wedding.

They got the PP around to put pressure on the girl.

The woman’s parents threatened not to attend the wedding and banned all other family members from attending.

They threatened to cut the woman out of their wills.

They refused to give the woman the gift of money they had given to all their other children who had married.

They threatened to disrupt the wedding ceremony.

They said they would disown the woman and any children she might have.

They told her she would be banned from their funerals.

The fact that the groom had been abandoned by his wife and was faultless in the marriage break up was irrelevant to them.

He was a Protestant and a police man and that was worse than him being a mass murder.

They insisted that their Roman Catholic faith would not allow them to attend the wedding.

Their PP told them not to support an invalid marriage and a couple living in sin.

They could not ask themselves “What would Jesus do”?

They could not put their love for their daughter before the rules of a corrupt man-made religion.

They were brainwashed – and happy to be brainwashed.

This kind of thing shows you the fruits of organised religion and the prejudice and nastiness it brings.

Jesus reduced all God’s commandments to two – love your God and love your neighbour.

Why dont his followers do as he commands.



Kamloops Indian Residential School

Police in British Columbia say yhey have found the bodies of 215 children buried in the Kamloops school run by the Catholic Church.

They also say there may be more bodies as there are still large parts of the school grounds to be searched.

Some of the buried children are as young as three years old.

The bodies were discovered using ground penetrating radar.

From the 1800s until the 1970s 150,000 First Nation children were forced to enter Christian run schools. When there, they were converted to Christianity.

The police suspect that at least 6,000 children died and were secretly buried.

In these schools children were beaten and tortured for speaking their native language and forced to speak English and French.

May of the chikdren adter being released from these schools went on to becone alcoholics abd drud addicts to cope with their pain and suffering.

There were at least 51 known deaths and burials at Kamloos school between 1915 and 1963.

The Canadian government is planning to repatriate the remains to places recommended by the First Nation themselves.

The Catholic Church ran Kanloops from 1890 to 1969 when it was handed over to the government.


First we had the 800 Tuam Babies and now we have the 215 Kamloops babies.

How many other babies were secretly buried by Catholic priests, nun and Brother internationally – around the globe.

Its probably in the tens or hundreds of thousands.

This situation compares to Hitler’s concentrations camps where 6 million died.

The only difference possibly is in the scale of the numbers who were tortured and died .

We have known all kinds of things about bishops, priests and religious.

Now we know that they were the murderers of babies and accessories to such murders.

Maybe those countries who outlaw Neo Nazis should also outlaw Neo Catholic hierarchs, clergy and religious?

Not Auschwitz. Kamloops Catholic School.



Fintan Monahan, the RC bishop of Kilaloe, is refusing to give Ger Fitzgerald’s former mistress a proper answer about how he has handled the situation and how he is going to prevent the priest targetting other women in the future.


Her has had an unknown number of women in his life since his time in the seminary.

He told Yvonne little bits about a number of other women he had been with.

I don’t know if he came clean with Fintan Monahan about these matters. I suspect he has not.

We know he initially denied his affair with Yvonne but when she produced six months of recorded information to Fintan he admitted the Yvonne matter.

It seems that instead of taking disciplinary action against Ger, Fintan allowed him off the hook by allowing him to take a voluntary sabbatical.

Why does a relatively new priest get a sabbatical.

Many priests never take one.

Im 45 years ordained and Ive never had one – nor do I feel the need of one.

Ger should have been sent somewhere to seek and accept advice and direction and to face the question as to whether or not he is capable or willing to be celibate.

Having secret affairs with women in parishes is never a satisfactory situation and nearly always leads to people being hurt and to scandal.

As you will see in the emails below, Fintan has not properly addressed the Ger situation either with Ger or Yvonne.

It is the old story of bishops not veong honest and open with those hurt by prirsts and the church.


Dear Fintan,

I have heard that you have convened a canonical inquiry into the actions and behaviour of Ger Fitzgerald.

I wish to formally request that I be allowed to give evidence to that inquiry.

Sincerely yours,

Yvonne Drake

cc Archbishop Okolo. Papal nuncio to Ireland.



Dear Fintan,

I acknowledge your email.

At our meeting, you told me very little and I have no idea what the outcome of the investigation was.

Is Ger suspended? Is he on a leave of absence? Is he on a voluntary sabbatical?

And more importantly, what safeguards have you put in place to protect other women in the future from Ger’s predatory sexual behaviour?

Sincerely yours,

Yvonne Drake

Cc Papal Nuncio.


This last email from Fintan is really a two fingered response:

“I will tell you no more”.

“Please stop and go away”.

Not good, Fintan.

Not good.

What next parish will you place him in?

And what of the ladies of that parish?



Chilean Jesuits Recognize 64 Cases Of Sexual Abuse

AFP – Agence France Presse. May 25 2021.

The Jesuit congregation of Chile has acknowledged that its priests sexually abused 64 people, including 34 children, between 2005 and 2020, according to a report from the Catholic order obtained by AFP Tuesday.

Eleven Jesuit priests were found guilty following an internal investigation of “abusive situations with a sexual connotation” involving underage victims, according to the report by the Society of Jesus, known colloquially as the Jesuits.

Of the perpetrators, “five have died, three are currently under strict professional supervision plans, and another three are no longer part of the Society of Jesus,” said the order.

The Jesuit order said that since 2018 it has been providing authorities background to the abuse allegations.

It added that 31 of the victims have received financial compensation.

Amongst those found guilty was Renato Poblete, the late former Jesuit leader who allegedly abused four minors and 19 adults over four decades from 1960.

Poblete, who died in 2010, spent almost 20 years as the head of the Hogar de Cristo, the country’s largest foundation for the homeless.

He was first accused of abuse in 2019, after which the Jesuit congregation asked for forgiveness.

The Chilean Catholic Church has been embroiled in sexual abuse scandals since 2010 when pedophile priest Fernando Karadima was first accused of molesting boys.

A Vatican canonical court found him guilty in 2011 and in 2018 he was defrocked by Pope Francis.

His case helped expose a culture of sexual abuse within the Church in Chile.


Here comes another RC sex scandal.

This time involving the Jesuits – Pope Francis’ own order.

And once again the perpetrator is dead meaning the victims will not see justice being served.

But at least the Jesuits are acknowledging this one and I hope that means something to the victims.

Hopefully they will get counselling and compensation too.



Everyone knows about my fallout with the RCC and my total disillusionment with it, but by the grace of God, and it alone, to date, I have never had either:

1. A crisis of faith.

2. A crisis of vocation.

One of my prayers has always been: “O Lord, let me go into my coffin as a priest”.

Of course, I am constantly struggling with the thoughts of how God works – particularly how he allows people to suffer and how he allows mind boggling natural disasters.

But then, as a limited human being how could I hope to understand God and his ways?

I am a catholic Christian and as such I believe firmly in:

The existence of God.

The Trinity.

The Bible – properly read and interpreted.

The Seven Sacraments.

The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.


These things and my relationship with God have given my life deep meaning for many decades now.

Most of the time, I like others, travel the humdrum road of life.

Occasionally, I have felt the presence of God permeating me and at such times I am confirmed in both my faith and vocation.

I believe God to be the epitome of Good.

I believe Satan to be the epitome of Evil.

From the beginning of time we Christians believe, there has been a struggle between Good and Evil and during our lifetimes we are caught up in that struggle – internally and externally.

The life of faith is a joy to those with faith.

To those without faith, it is unfathomable.

And its got nothing to do with intelligence.

In fact, its got more to do with simplicity and childlikeness.

Its about approaching life with more of the heart rather than the head.


Our Rome Correspondent Writes

Not only did Roche bankrupt the Leed’s diocese as bishop with his endless vanity projects, he also was involved in some financial shenanigans when he was private secretary to Bishop Gordan Wheeler – who doted upon his flaxen haired Yorkshire lad!

To have been removed from your diocese once may be considered unfortunate, but twice… Well, it did him no harm. The first time he had to “go away” he was sent to Rome to study for a Licence in Spirituality at the Gregorian University. This is hardly a course for theological high flyers.

The Degree’s themselves are readily available in the university WC, above the toilet paper dispensers with the notice “STL in Spirituality – Please Take One”. Roche never completed the course, let alone obtain the qualification (though he uses the letters after his name), as he was swept off his feet in his first few months in the Eternal City and appointed Spiritual Director [sic] of the Venerable English College.

You see Arfur bewitched the then idiot rector Edna Toffee Loo… and the rest as they say is history. Or is it? Well his friendship with onetime Cardiff priest Fr JJ hasn’t done him any harm and the Red Biretta awaits. Pope Bergolio won’t hear a word against him and so his appointment is assured. By the way it’s worth nothing that the financial mess that he caused twice in Leeds wasn’t cleared up by current Bishop Stock.

That was done by the excellent John Wilson, now archbishop of Southwark and my tip to succeed Vinnie. Mark my words the chubby young prelate is the one to put your money on.



In 69 years of life and 45 years of priesthood, I have had three occasions on which I met a PHYSICAL manifestation of Satan.

One of these incidents happened at the grotto in Lourdes, pictured above.

The other two happened in a parochical house in the diocese of Ossory and in the chapel of a retreat house in County Tipperary.

I was leading a pilgrimage of 120 pilgrims from Northern Ireland To Lourdes.

The feast of the Assumption of Our Lady on August 15 th occured during our pilgrimage.

The Troubles were very bad in N. Ireland at the time and I decided to do an all night vigil at the grotto for peace in N. Ireland.

All 120 pilgrims decided to do the vigil with me.

We began with a Mass of healing in St. Joseph’s chapel in Lourdes at 11 pm.

After Mass all 121 of us went in procession to the grotto.

For most of the night we had the grotto mainly to ourselves and I led the pilgrims in prayer some of the time and the rest of the time was spent in silent prayer.

About 3 am we had planned a break and all the pilgrims went across the river to have a snack of flasks of tea and coffee and some sandwiches.

I intended to join them but just remained for a few minutes at the grotto to read from my Office book.

Within a few minutes a deformed hand was on my right shoulder, pressing hard enough to cause me severe pain.

I presumed it to be one of those mentally ill people you often see at Lourdes who like to touch priests.

But the pain got so severe I reached my left hand up o pull it off me.

At that point I was pushed to ge ground face down, my prayer book went flying across the grotto floor and I lay unable to move with what seemed like a cold concrete block on top of me.

A nun on the vigil with us ran into the grotto whipping her veil off and screaming “God is not here. Only the devil is here”.

Out of out pilgrims across the river saw me collapsing and shouted “Fr Pat is having a heart attack. Ring an ambulance”.

I then heard a scream coming from the pilgrims across the river.

I was able to stand up and quickly made my way over the bridge to find the pilgrims very quite hysterical.

They told me a big black dog with flaming red eyes had run through them.


We Christians HAVE to believe in Satan and Hell because spoke about those topics in the New Testament.

99.9% of the time Satan or the Devil uses human beings and worldly circumstances to accomplish his mission.

Only VERY RARELY does Satan or evil manifest itself in a physical form.

He does this when he is angry/frustrated at good being done.

That night, 121 of us were staying up all night praying for peace in N. Ireland.

We were doing good.

Evil intervened.

Where there is GOOD, EVIL is always near.

Incidentially there were 18 genuine apparitions at Lourdes.


There were also 18 false, deeply disturbing apparitions.



After vicious and untruthful allegations from friends of Fr Ger Fitzgerald and rougher elements in the Cloughleigh estate the diocese has issued a character reference for the woman involved.

Ger – Finally facing the music

Written by the diocesan safeguarding officer the reference exonerates the woman and describes her as “honest, reliable and trustworthy”.

The reference goes on to applaud her for her work among the homeless of Ennis.


This is proof that the bishop and diocese believes the woman’s account of her six month relationship with the priest and the fact that they had full sexual intercourse.

This led to:

1. The removal of Ger Fitzgerald from The Oratory at Cloughleigh.

2. The cancellation of a planned Saturday night Mass finale and a going away party – in contravention of Covid regulations.

3. The taking down of the very tatty Cloughleigh Facebook page.

4. The end of the 7 day Mass schedule – with reduction to three or four days a week.

Ger Fitzgerald was allowed by Fintan Monahan to take a 12 month sabbatical – or longer if needed.

As this is not Ger’s first encounter with “the fairer sex” he is going to have to decide between celibacy and sexual activity.

The lady involved has suffered much stress and trauma and has important work to do re-establishing her equilibrium.


Im getting word that Arthur Roach has been appointed by Francis to succeed Cardinal Sarah as prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

If this is true the priests of Westminster will go on the piss to celebrate the fact that he is NOT succeeding Nichols in Westminster.

“Cock Roach” as he is called, is hated in Westminster.




Pollocks Larne

One of the oldest businesses in Larne, where I live is sadly closing. Its been here since 1870 – 151 years.

I’ve known the current owners, John and Anne Sproule since I came here in 1984. A lovely couple.

The following piece appeared in our local newspaper, The Larne Times:

“The mid-90s, however, saw a visitor of the supernatural variety.

“We had a ‘presence’ in the shop that would make noises, empty boxes and shift things about,” Mrs Sproule said.

The odd occurrences prompted the family to seek help from Canon William Lendrum, a Church of Ireland minister who became known for his exorcisms.

Canon Lendrum

“Canon Lendrum came down to have a look; from what he could see, [the presence] looked like a farm worker – someone in old fashioned clothes.

“He spent a while talking to it, but after he was finished we never had any more bother.”

Canon Lendrum, who died in 2018, would later write about the experience in his book Confronting the Paranormal: A Christian Perspective”.


I dont believe that heaven is way up beyond the skies or that hell is way below the earth.

I believe that the physical world we live in is surrounded by the spiritual world and that something as flimsy as a lace curtain divides both worlds.

In that sense, each world can impinge upon the other in various ways and at various times.

In my 45 years as a priest I have had a small number of encounters with the spiritual world.

I have been asked to intervene in a similar way that Canon Lendrum intervened in Pollocks Jewellers.

Let me recall one such occasion for readers.

I had a call from a Presbyterian family in rural County Derry saying that they were troubled with an unwanted presence in their family home. They had asked their minister to come and pray in the house and he refused.

I arrived at the house about 5 pm on a dark winter’s afternoon. As I made my way to the house an elderly man came around a corner and beckoned me to go away. He was dressed in a cap and what looked like a working clothes.

I presumed him to be an unfriendly neighbour unhappy to see a Catholic priest in the area – which was very Protestant.

I rang the doorbell and the young husband let me in. I mentioned the unfriendly neighbour to him and he said: “That’s the presence we are having trouble with”.

We talked for a little while and he and his wife explained the regular unfriendly and aggressive sightings of the man by various family members.

I suggested that I might celebrate Mass in their kitchen which they were very agreeable to. During Mass I went around every room in the house and blessed each room with holy water.

Just after Communion at Mass their eight-year-old son came into the kitchen and said to his father: “Daddy, the bad man is after jumping out the sitting room window”.

We had a cup of tea and I left. In the coming days and weeks the husband telephoned me and told me that they had no trouble and sightings since my visit.

The paranormal is mysterious. There are more things in heaven and earth than we can understand.

I certainly believe in the paranormal and I believe that unsettling energies and appearances can be solved through faith and prayer.

Of course, there are also many very positive and healing spiritual energies that can drift into our lives that can give us a sense of peace and inspiration.

I believe that some people are more sensitive to these energies than others.

As Jesus said:

“Let he who has eyes to see, see”.




Clerical sources in Kerry diocese tell me that not all is well down there.

The bishop, Ray Browne, a blow in from the Elphin diocese, has never won the hearts of the Kerry priests because of his strange, disagreeable personality, his expectation of obedience even in small things and his emphasis on money and fundraising.


Slimned down Sean

The ordination of Sean Jones has frozen relationships between Browne and the clergy.

On the one hand, a number of priests strongly advised Browne not to ordain Jones. Browne did not like being told what to do and resentment set in.

Then Browne, after making Jones sign an addidavit denying what was on this blog about him and denying that the jock pic was of him went on and ordained Jones.

Browne now sees priestly support for his decision about Jones the litmus test of priestly loyalty. And many priests still disagree with Browne’s actions.

Jones is a curate in Tralee and by all accounts is very underworked and spends a lot of time on his computer in his rooms.

Browne forbids and criticism of Jones.

Some Kerry priests think that Jones will not last in the priesthood.

This would be a disaster for Browne as he has bet on his money on King Puck.

Could Browne survive an “I told you so” outcome?


Mark Moriarty

Mark Moriarty has been a friend to King Puck and Chris Derwin from Maynooth days.

The Maynooth “shadow” hangs over him.

Browne has him currently living alone in Kilcummin parochial house – a very dtrange arrangement for a seminarian – who should surely be helping out in a parish?

Priests are requested not to visit him?

Clerical rumour is that Browne is not to ordain him?

Then why keep the poor lad hanging on?

And there is the gin?



John Hyde SJ

Yesterdays topic of miracles and healings reminded me of Fr John Hyde SJ, a regular visitor to my childhood home, a theologian and a man with the gift of healing.

I think Fr Hyde was also my primary inspiration to be a priest.

When he visited my home and had his normal meal of two boiled eggs, wheaten bread and tea, he always passed the top of his two eggs over to me. That was a big deal for a four-year old then

As a child, I instinctively knew I was in the presence of a very holy man.

My granny Kate always put on Fr Hyde’s hat to ward off headaches and she drank whatever tea he left in his cup.

In Milltown in Dublin he taught theology.

He was the the Irish speaking area of Cork and spoke beautiful Irish.

He was famous for hundreds of healings among the people of rural Co. Offaly around areas like Rahan and Pollagh.

Locals claimed have seen him walking in his bare feet on the old gravel roads around Rahan in the early hours of the morning doing penance.

He did have the penetential spirituality of the old Irish monks.

Theologically he was very conservative.

I once asked him: “Fr Hyde, how do you feel about Hans Kung”.

He answered:

“When I hear that name I get a pain in my belly. He’s almost a Protestant”.

When he was dying I asked him if he minded dying.

He answered: “I hate the fuss of it all. I wish they put me in a back room and came and got me when the smell gets too bad”.

I had the privilege of concelebrating Fr Hyde’s Funeral Mass when he died in Gardiner Street, Dublin in 1985.

I believe Father Hyde is an uncanonised saint.

And the Jesuits never truly appreciated him.

As another Jesuit friend used to recite out loud:

“The Jesuits

They join the order without knowing each other.

They live together without loving each other.

And they die together without mourning each other“.