Bishop Fintan Monahan of Killaloe is this weekend removing Fr Ger Fitzgerald from the district of Cloughleigh and the parish of Ennis.

This comes weeks after it emerged that Ger had had an affair, involving sexual intercourse, with a female parishioner at a time when she was vulnerable – following the death of her father and the dissolution of the family home.

During the six month affair Ger brought his lady friend to a Limerick chip shop every Sunday.

Ger never brought the lady to his Clougleigh presbytery because, he said: “I have no television”.

The sexual relations took place in the lady’s premises.

The bottom line, in this case, is that Ger, as an RC priest, took a public vow of celibacy and broke it by by having sex with a parishioner.

In line with his Church’s discipline and teaching Fintan Monahan had to act.

Some think he acted far too slowly?

Fintan had the difficult task of getting to the truth as Ger first denied the affair.

He later told Fintan the truth.

While Fintan had a duty of care to the woman he also has a duty of care to Ger. The two had to be balanced.

The woman, in this case, believes that she has been listened to and helped. She will also receive practical support.

Ger’s future is in his own hands and the hands of Fintan and other Church authorities.

Does he want priesthood?

Or does he want sex with ladies?


As Ger was due to celebrate his lass Mass in Cloughleigh last night (Saturday) the proverbial sh.. hit the fan.

After talk of a “guard of honour” for Ger, a going away party during Covid and threats against the woman Ger slept with, the bishop had to cancel the 7 pm Mass.

They also had to stop a planned petition.

The Garda had to informed of the threats.

Talk about going out with a “bang”.

I actually feel a bit sorry for Fitan.

He’s had both Jerry the Onanist, and Ger the Penetrator to deal with at the one time.

Who would want to be an RC bishop in this day and age?