News: Vos Estis Lux Mundi THE PILLAR

The Bishop of Knoxville accepted a transitional deacon for parish ministry, even after the deacon was dismissed from seminary because of sexual misconduct allegations. Bishop Richard Stika reportedly intended to ordain the deacon a priest, despite objections from both Knoxville’s diocesan priests and psychological experts. 

Priests in the diocese say the circumstance is part of a pattern of questionable relationships and troubling judgment on the bishop’s part, which have been noted in complaints about Stika sent recently to the Vatican. Those reports are expected to trigger an investigation into the bishop’s leadership of his Tennessee diocese. 
The transitional deacon, incardinated in another U.S. diocese, was dismissed from seminary after “making sexual advances toward a younger seminarian” in late 2016, according to diocesan records obtained by The Pillar.

The deacon was reportedly accused of other incidents of sexual misconduct while in seminary. A 2017 psychologists’ report said the deacon’s “manipulative style, sexual predatory nature and lack of empathy continue to be a grave concern for us given his impending ordination.”  

After the deacon was dismissed from seminary, Stika agreed in 2017 to assign him to a year of parish ministry in the Knoxville diocese, and to reevaluate the man’s suitability for both ordination to priesthood and possible incardination in the diocese, according to diocesan records.

Multiple sources in the Diocese of Knoxville told The Pillar that Stika did eventually seek to ordain the deacon a priest of Knoxville, despite objections from senior diocesan officials and additional psychological experts.

One Knoxville priest told The Pillar he appreciated, and even regarded as “noble,” Stika’s willingness to order new evaluations for the deacon and investigate the claims against him.

“However, one could fault him for when the evaluations came back: he was willing to go further than the diocese and leadership of Knoxville wanted to go. And this is where the judgment was flawed,” the priest said.  

“When the results came back and were evaluated by the personnel of the Diocese of Knoxville — the vocations director and the leadership of the Diocese of Knoxville — they 100% said he should not be admitted [as a candidate for] our diocese under any circumstances. And the bishop pushed back. He wanted to give him more chances and he kept raising objections. And that was the first time my eyes were raised.”

“Why was he so strongly in favor of this man?”

Several Knoxville priests told The Pillar that Stika’s apparent intention to ordain the aspiring priest is part of a pattern of questionable judgment, failure to listen to advice from both priests and experts, and, in some cases, failure to appreciate the significance of allegations of sexual misconduct. 

“And that’s a pattern,” one priest said.
The deacon was not ordained a priest in the Knoxville diocese because his own bishop declined to excardinate him, priests told The Pillar. Diocesan records show the deacon’s home bishop concluded that “psychologically, he is unsuitable for clerical ministry in the Church.” 

Through a spokesman, Stika said that in 2017 he said he considered the deacon for ministry in the Knoxville diocese, but the deacon was not ultimately accepted. He declined further questions on the deacon or his relationship to the diocese.

Stika has been more recently criticized for permitting a Knoxville seminarian to live in the bishop’s residence, work as his personal assistant with an office in the diocesan chancery, and remain formally a diocesan seminarian, even after the man was dismissed in February from a seminary outside the diocese, for multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, and was accused in 2019 of sexually assaulting a parish employee. 

Several priests have accused Stika of impeding investigations into that seminarian’s conduct, a charge which Stika denies. 

Chris Manning, a member of the Knoxville diocesan review board who recently investigated allegations against the seminarian, told The Pillar that his investigation did not include interviews with anyone but the accused seminarian, but said that was not Stika’s decision.
Manning conceded that “the optics are bad on this,” even while he defended the bishop.
But priests and laity in the Knoxville diocese say Stika has a history of relationships that appear to be inappropriate, and that appear to impact his judgment. 

Both lay and clerical sources mentioned the recent issues with the diocesan seminarian, the 2017 issues with the deacon, and mentioned a former lay employee of the diocese with whom Stika seemed to be “infatuated,” one priest told The Pillar.
Lay and clerical sources say the bishop appeared to favor the employee and was seen frequently socializing with him. The bishop’s behavior raised “red flags,” one priest told The Pillar.

Several sources in the diocese said diocesan leaders expressed to Stika their concern that relationships with young people, especially seminarians and other young men, involving excessive gifts, overseas trips, and the appearance of favoritism could become a problem for the bishop, and for the diocese. But the bishop has not heeded that advice, they said.

Stika did not respond to questions about that employee. A diocesan spokesman said that “he travelled to Rome with a group that included Bishop Stika and other employees of the diocese” during 2015, and that the bishop celebrated the employee’s wedding and considers him a friend.

Some Knoxville priests mentioned another seminarian, who studied in the diocese from 2015 until 2017

Diocesan officials had concerns about that seminarian, priests told The Pillar, and were confused that Stika was insistent about keeping him in the diocese after objections were raised, even while the bishop was willing to dismiss other seminarians about whom similar concerns had been raised.

Through a spokesman, Stika said that seminarian was dismissed from the Diocese of Knoxville in December 2017, but he would not convey the reasons, and declined additional questions.
Stika’s alleged “infatuations” are “not necessarily violations of the sixth and ninth commandment, but definitely boundary issues between the appropriate relationship of a bishop to a subject in his diocese,” one senior diocesan priest told The Pillar.

A Vatican official confirmed to The Pillar last week that “about 10” reports against Stika have been received by the Congregation for Bishops and are being reviewed. 

The official said the complaints were “serious,” and included seemingly questionable “living arrangements” made by Stika to accommodate the seminarian who was recently dismissed from seminary. 

“They are not light matters, and they are being considered seriously,” the official said, adding that it is a “reasonable expectation” that the congregation will grant metropolitan Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville power to investigate the situation.

Priests in Knoxville told The Pillar that issues go beyond personnel decisions.
In March 2020, a priest of the diocese circulated an email to other local priests, saying Stika’s leadership was a problem in the diocese, and was “getting worse.”

The email accused Stika of “lying, bullying, bad example-setting, shaming, overspending, not following through with what he said he would do, and going through the guise of consulting but not taking any of our suggestions into consideration.” 

“My heart and my prayers go out to the bishop,” the priest wrote, adding he “is not capable of understanding how his behavior affects us.” 

He urged other priests both to prayer, and to express their concern to Stika directly.
“We all care for him as a brother priest and as our bishop, and I believe that the most loving Christian way that we can help him is to share our truth,” the priest wrote.
“I’m mourning the loss of many of our brothers who could not take it in this insanity. So many of our brother priests have left, have been kept out, or have retired early,” he added.

The Pillar has spoken with numerous priests in the Knoxville diocese, all of whom requested anonymity for fear of retribution, and who shared similar sentiments.

“I’m hoping that whatever comes of all of this, that we can go through a process of recovery as a presbyterate, because we’ve just been battered for years. And when you have someone that singles people out and goes after them, over the years the bishop will have gone after enough people that he has a level of control, that he can do things that aren’t right and get away with it. And everyone’s afraid to say anything,” one priest told The Pillar.

“He is simply not capable,” another said, “no matter how much he means well. And so the diocese needs help.”

For his part, Stika told The Pillar last week that the majority of Knoxville priests support his recent decisions regarding the seminarian, and that a “minority” criticizing him are doing so because “they don’t have all the facts.”

“The priests talking — they don’t know what’s going on,” the bishop added.
Stika, 63, was appointed to lead the Knoxville diocese in 2009. He was before that a priest of St. Louis, and both chancellor and vicar general to Cardinal Justin Rigali, Archbishop of St. Louis until 2004, who now lives with Stika in retirement.

Stika was briefly archdiocesan vicar for clergy, and for several years oversaw child and youth protection policies in the St. Louis archdiocese. 

In 2018, another Tennessee bishop, Bishop Martin Holley was formally removed from office after two years leading the Memphis diocese, after a Vatican-ordered investigation concluded his leadership was ineffective.  

For his part, Stika declined questions from The Pillar regarding his leadership of the Knoxville diocese.

“Bishop Stika said he has nothing to hide and does not want to comment on those who might criticize his management style,” a spokesman told The Pillar on Thursday. 
The Vatican has not yet announced whether it will launch a formal investigation.
Stika told priests by email last week that “if the Holy See decides to investigate,” he would “welcome it with open arms and will cooperate fully. I ask the same of you. Time will tell.”


So its not only in Ireland that bishops are making dodgy decisions about seminarians and ordinations.

All these bad decisions are ruining the church.

Problematic people ordained now will be a mortgage on the church and dioceses for fifty years.



You’ve only to look at the arrogant head on it to know he’s trouble.
Hopefully Rome will act quickly .



You ask yourself as to why he got himself selected as a bishop. It seems that vatican haven’t done their homework done or didn’t do due diligence properly 🤔.

It kind of smacks of bad business practice. 🙈

It doesn’t bode well as regards to their business of selecting bishops and cardinals as well.


@10:01 am.

I agree, DG. Was elevating this character to Bishopric a dodgy decision?

Ordaining unsuitable characters, as Bishop Buckley said, is a mortgage on the Church and dioceses for years to come. The Church seems to never learn creating more hostages to fortune.


Deaf Guy – it is my sincere belief that the institution only consecrates those men to the order of episcopate who have proven they are willing to put the institution before Christ. Full Stop!
Paradoxically, this is not bad management, in the first instance, anyhow, at all.. however, the end results are clearly those which prove a managerial incompetency which is not only so completely and utterly out of touch with the Gospels of Christ, but even more bizarrely: out of touch with the real world.
Are they are incapable of telling the truth? Is there any change?
Do we just get lip service?
Are victims still being silenced?
Are perpetrators still being protected at “all costs”?
“You will know them by their fruits…”
Beware of wolves in lambs clothes…”


Hah!! If they give “Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville power to investigate the situation” it will end quickly… in Stika’s favor. According to Stika’s own words, they are good friends. Kurtz was Stika’s predecessor. No wonder he’s not worried. What tangled webs are being woven….


He would be chosen as a Bishop as Clergy, Religious and the Lay Faithful would not inform the Papal Nuncio of Good candidates and the wrong candidates so the Papal Nuncio would have to go on what other Bishops told him.

The Clergy, Religious and Lay Faithful should be informing Archbishop Jude Okolo would they think should be the Archbishop of Tuam, Bishop of Ferns, Ossory and what should happen to Dromore.

Clergy is suppose to invite the Lay Faithful to write or email the Papal Nuncio about vacant Sees but for some reason most clergy do not so you end up with one of the “pals”

In Scotland Clergy, Religious and the Lay Faithful are emailing and writing to Archbishop Gugerotti to assist him in the recommendation for the next Archbishop of Glasgow as everybody knows John Keenan got Professors at Glasgow University to recommend him for Paisley Dioceses and was only 50 years of age.


12.39pm anon

Ok you have a point there re non involvement of the laity. If we as laity can’t influence the choice of a Bishop due to church anti democracy structure. Tell me why we should contribute money to church where we can’t have a say there. In fact we shouldn’t cos have no say in the matter. Laity should vote with their feet.

Give you an idea of what I’m saying the above. Deaf school in Dublin along with Archbishop of Dublin that time asked us to come up with a name that is suitable. So we all submitted various names. New Deaf school was mainly funded by dept of education and Catholic institute of the dead which is owned and run by Archbishop of Dublin for decades. They dismissed us as they came up with a name of holy family. We were disappointed and duped cos its wasn’t their money cos dept of education funded it most of it. So most parents voted with their feet to move their child to their local school where sna are available (special needs assistant) Cos there is a huge stain of abuses which still linger in that school even after decades of abuses. Still Archbishop wiped us with a name that we didn’t want. That’s where we realised that we had no say there at all whatsoever. I haven’t stepped in that school since. It’s always about their own interests not our interests quite clearly.


NEVER write by letter, ALWAYS send via e-mail. Trust me!
This was my modus operandi right from the start when dealing with that which does not know the light — thank the good Lord for giving me the wisdom and sense, including the courage, to harness my gifts, including my gift of Attention Deficit, to make our world just that little more safer and brighter.
Thank you, Lord, for your angels of love and of light; for giving me strength to perservere against those who have chosen darkness over light — evil over good. May they, too, attain your light and love, one day…
Help and guide them, Lord, to be good and loving people — this is my open and sincere prayer, Lord x


10.56am anon

We don’t have all the full facts of how they and the curia have arrived at that decision. We don’t know if its a dodgy decision or not. By the look of it I would say it was. Looking at the photo he looked as arrogant and pompous if you like. His huge disdain could be detected there if you look at it hard enough.

You have a point there that rcc never seem to learn from their mistakes.

My beef was that laity have no real say there. If you or me or ‘we as Catholic laity’ can’t have a say there, then we should stop contributing all kinds of help from volunteering to donations so on.


2.33pm anon

I suppose you were right re institution before jesus christ. I think it was modelled on emperor Constantine organisation that time re hierarchical structure. Bible didnt say about that structure except for 12 apostles who were loosely arranged and picked. It’s a reward system for incompetents bishops if priests nominated for bishopric role were compromised in some or all, anyway sexually or otherwise. Then they reward them in order to keep their mouth shut re secrecy and omerta re practices at the top.

Your comments were spot on re lip service, institution before JC, anti gospel, dismissal of the laity and the disabled where we have no full voice. It’s them in full control. If they act like that like nowadays, we shouldn’t be supporting them at all as this should be seen as pushback in regards to their actions against us. They are fast becoming irrelevant to our lives. Cov19 pandemic have shown that bishops don’t have real interest nor support the laity who wanted to go back to mass. This was seen as betrayal and their utter abdication of their responsibilities to laity as well. I would suggest they might lose 25% of their pre Cov19 pandemic attendence and never come back. They were seen as wolves in sheep clothing. They didn’t mind at first for long time a year I would say as they didn’t demand the return of the laity until it was too late.


Well may you laugh @ 8:18, for any God, in the sense of an Almighty Being, IF He exists, is surely mad, bad, or utterly incompetent to allow the events we see daily, and bishops to behave like this one.


Yes I’m rolling in the aisles. In fact my favourite bible story is when god gave people free will then had a mammoth hissy fit because they used that free will to eat apples. Talk about setting them up to fall!


Thanks for that observation @11:25. It is a very straightforward comment. But, in essence, it goes to the heart of the matter: namely the incomprehensibly bizarre attempts of religion in general, and the Abrahamic religious traditions in particular, to “explain” (hah 🤣) their faith beliefs.
Since this blog focuses on exposing fraud, abuse, and corruption in the RCC, it’s good to see comment referring to the biggest scam at the heart of the matter


8.14pm anon

I will be gone from this blog as its a matter of when😉🤔.. Think 4 to 6 months down the road. Or maybe less.


A most interesting aspect of this report is what’s the big attraction of Knoxville for Cardinal Justin Rigali – apparently a most shrewd prelate? Rigali exercised enormous influence for decades in the US church.


10:13 & 11:25 & 12:04

Utter nonsense. Refrain from comments on scripture, theology and philosophy.

Ignorance is bliss. You lot don’t know what you don’t know.


In other words’shut up because I’m right’.
Thank you for perfectly demonstrating that the’father knows best’ attitude is alive and well.
And incidentally demonstrating that you are a pompous twat.


8:18 @ 12:25 am – “Oh Happy fault; oh necessary sin of Adam, that earned for us so great, so glorious a Redeemer…”
I believe sin is sometimes necessary in order to truly learn where we stand in God’s almighty plan; so that we can find out what journey God has in store for us.
God’s plan for us, His sons and daughters, cannot be rushed, oh no!
It’s in God’s time, not ours!
We must “let go” of the “levers.”
There is only one who is in control, we know who that person is – don’t we…


@2:50: “happy fault, ….necessary sin!”
So your God organised it 🤔! He set your Adam up to fail!
Such weird beliefs!
Words fail me, …….almost


1:06 pm

I’ll refrain from being abusive, unlike you.

No, I’m not a father,neither am I pompous. I don’t suffer nonsense gladly.

Ignorance is bliss I’ll reiterate; you just don’t know what you don’t know.


Leave him alone 1:06.
He just doesn’t understand the stupidity of foolishly displaying the arrogance of those claiming the sole possession of truth.


I actually hold the Roman degree of STB, @1:19, and will continue to point out your foolishness.



I actually couldn’t give a stuff what degree you hold, Roman or otherwise.
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing while ignorance is bliss.

You don’t know what you don’t know.


3:35 pm – One can only be saved if one is in need of being saved… Paradoxical? Yes! God turns EVERYTHING upside down, on its head lol — Pain to joy; night to day; mistakes into fruitful encounters of forgiveness and true love.
Forgiveness brings people together; it remains us that we are not perfect and that we need one another.
The Creation story is most probably not a real account — even you would agree with that, right? It is more likely the an analogy of what I have said above.
The Creation story is basically an analogy which tells us that God gave us free will and that we are truly free to choose for ourselves which path to take; and when we “mess up” we are able to experience and know God’s love just the same: even more in fact!
— you’ve heard of the story of the Prodigal Son? It’s a bit like that… x


NORTH WEST: Wonderful stuff this Bible interpretation: like a sweetie shop where supposed experts can pick and choose: some bits to be allegorical, or, as you say, an analogy, while other bits can be regarded as absolutely factual; whatever takes your fancy!
Jesus Mary, Joseph, …..and the wee donkey!


12:41 pm

While making massive assumptions, you are projecting, doing precisely what you accuse others of doing,claiming sole possession of truth-albeit your truth.


apologies for commenting so late at night, I have just got into bed. Im deeply sorry to hear of Fr Ger Fitzgerald and the situation that has unfolded in the Diocese of Killaloe. Perhaps some time away from ministry may aid Fr Ger in discerning his future. I wish all those concerned the very best.

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What parish do you reckon in Killaloe Dioceses that Ger Fitzgergald can come back to.
Would you go into a room with Ger or would you allow a Sister or Daughter and surely the answer is NO however surely if anoyone is in his company they will record him

Ger did himsel no favours yesterday he should have Apologised and more so to Yvonne but instead he made it out him and the Bishop has done a deal at Ger’s request that he should go on a sabbatical.

Says a lot about leadership in Killaloe Dioceses and Bishop Fintan Monahan my personal veiw is Fintan Monahan is not fit to be a Vicar General never mind a Bishop.


I agree Maria,
He could spend a bit of time discerning his future while acting as a waiter at Donkey Fords chippy in Limerick


Fr Patrick is always on the case. If it were not for him we would be immersed in even greater ignorance about the Irish church. Thank you father Buckley


Stop being a drama queen. When you look at what happened there was a complaint made to the guards about this guy and they acted on it. Whether or not this complaint was malicious they followed due process and the reality is they are not going round arbitrarily taking people’s children.
Incidentally the way you all feel now because you are trying to make yourselves out to be martyrs to the right to infect people with a deadly disease in the name of religious worship – this is exactly what people fear you zealots doing to people by your persistent attempts to take away legal right to safe abortion and your persistent harassment of women.


11:23 am

Stop misrepresenting twisting the narrative to make a political point.
What guidelines do television stations follow concerning preventing spread of this deadly disease? How many people are permitted in a TV studio considering the disease is so deadly? Why no compulsory wearing of masks in such work environments?
Incidentally, there are plenty of zealots other than those deemed religious.


11.23: There is no such thing as safe abortion – there is a death of an innocent child as a result of abortion. How can that act be safe? How?


In a town I lived in (here in England) was man who drove around in his Mercedes cadging money, sometimes with the burly son in the next seat glaring (or was he just dumbfounded at the brazenness of it). I had the brainwave to ask the padre to have a tactful word – perhaps in front of his wife – to the effect that I’m not his type. It worked. The gang in Ennis, who had not suffered any loss, reportedly waged war on Ms Y. for some time and perhaps she didn’t have enough confidence in the “guardians” to get them to ask them to cease and desist? Is Ireland like Ballykissangel without the humour?


Yes, everyone in the RCC has feet of clay. I am generously prepared to take the moderate position that those who persist in failing to see its rampant criminality are naive, brainwashed, stupid, or just too stubborn to see the reality in front of their face. The mere fact that the church has canonised the two monsters of cover-up and cruelty, John Paul 2 and Theresa of Kolkata, should be alone enough to make reasonable people question the standing of this body. And those two are held up as exemplary!


11.16: These two great Saints would be first to say they are sinners…and didn’t always live up to the highest of Jesus’s life. But they inspired and inspire millions of people worldwide, even non-catholic and non believers. Look to think own heart, mr. perfect!! What and whom do you inspire?


Lol @11:22! Nowhere do I say I am perfect, you dreamt it.
Incidentally what I say about those two supposed saints is akin to what you say to me which you seem to think is acceptable.
Here’s the difference – you worship those two monsters don’t you. Fess up!


12:12 pm

You are conflating two different posts from two different commentators.

Semantics, not science! Stop misrepresenting to suit your agenda.


11:21 do you seriously expect me to let you guide me in what I represent as my agenda! Think again.



If true, that makes a change. The usual suspects on the blog (McCamley, Rory, Gorgeous, King Puck, Horny Andy, the Trolley bus, McCarrick, CMOC, Basil Hume, Coccopalmerio, Tobin, Cupich, James Brokeback Martin LGBTSJ, Daaneels, Ger, etc, etc) are screaming libs.


1:03 pm

I’m simply highlighting deceit in pursuit of an agenda.

Do I detect the note of zealotry in your comments!


11-39. How could you? You have caused great hurt by omitting the name of one of the all time greats ever to grace the pages of Pat Buckley’s Blog.
I can just hear the roars of execration and the howls of ‘Why have I been overlooked ?’ coming from the Portstewart coastline and the residence of Thon Big Dean.
None other than the Big Dr Kennedy, Dean Emeritus of Lower Falls in the City of Belfast.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Priesthood is the best avenue available for a set life that is complete!

I’m a faithful married man and I dare say there isn’t a cleric that gets more bucking than me, they are riding and breading like rabbits, Peter Stringfellow will never be dead, simple as!


11.31am: What an ignorant comment! Simply OTT…By the way the verb is “breathing”….not “breading”…And you ought to lecture your numerous fellow married guys and advise them to stay away from gay haunts and truck stops and to stop sleeping around so that they don’t bring home a virus to their wives or partners!!! Just saying like…


Anon at 12.05: 👍👍👍👍👍👍…These unfaithful married men are lethal…They use others dangerously…I do not approve either of priests beung reckless or careless or unfaithful.


You cannot just blame the unmarried men it goes both ways as the person “entertaining” the married men are lethal as well.
Thank god I do not and never have done entertain married or Bi men as they want the best of both Worlds.
Just Saying 🙂 🙂 🙂


11 58: Yes, “breeding” is correct….thank you…prescriptive texting is crazy…


11.58 🙈🙈🙈, thank you so so much for the correction!!!😜

So good to have a friend in you😉😅😉


What’s the matter, ‘Father’, jealous?
Incidentally I think you will find he meant breeding lol… And then no doubt using church money to pay for the abortion.


I remember Mgr Ledwith preaching in the Maynooth college chapel that mankind has always sought the secret of perpetual youth, and that a seminary was a city of perpetual youth, if ever there was one.

What an old letch thing to say. Do these flamers (Ledwith, Stika, McCarrick) and the rest think sems exist as eye candy for aul gay bolloxes like them?


Yeah Yeah were women,
Yeah Yeah we win we win we win from the beginning,
until the end the end the end
You know we with it,
Yeah Yeah we whip it
Yeah we stay winner from beginning to the ending.


1.29: Stay in the loo, luv….get rid of the caca there!! As for your effort at comedy – abysmal. You’d scare any padre – He’d run from you. 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😨😨😨……


3:54 has mental health issues. A decade of the Roary would do your darkened soul a greater good. God bless the mark


5.11: Don’t worry about Miss Nancy Moon. She’s a bright, cheery lass. She has a black belt in cookery: one chop and you’re dead.. 🤛🤛🤛🤛👊👊🌻🌻🌻🌻🥀🥀🌲🥀🥀 out!!


The selection process in the church seems to be compromised at every level. The seminary system is clearly out of touch with the real needs of any discerning person in this day and age. The unrealistic expectations of this structure is naturally biased, ensuring that only the ambitious type ever get through. It seems the same can be said for the selection of Bishops. +Stika had the favour of Cardinal Rigali therefore he enjoyed a life of largely administrative jobs followed by episcopal ordination. One really doesn’t have to wonder for long about how the church is in such a mess when this represents the idea of vocation that is espoused by the powers that be.


The selection process is a process whereby they “root out” and keep only those who will keep stum when things go wrong… That’s why it’s the cesspit it is.
Wnen growing mushrooms you need to keep them in the dark — and feed them on sh!t.


Brendan Kelly in Galway turns 75 on May 20th. I suppose Hugh Clifford will be in line for a red hat. If not, Conor Cunningham or Barry Horan.


4.27pm anon

Re Galway as you have commented on it. What’s the record on abuses in Galway?

A friend of mine whose brother who was abused by a priest in Renmore many years ago. He was only 7 or 9 that time. His father didn’t believe when he told him cos he said priests don’t do that as they are holy. That was in the 70’s. Church has split his family to the extent where he won’t speak to his father ever. He’s now in the states as he’s SNAP representative. He was vilification critic of rcc as he spared nothing. He spoke well at USA main TV channels re rcc historical handling. He blasted Bishop of Galway hugely due to statue of limitations. Priest who abused him is no longer priest as he left. He worked in the factories after priesthood as nobody knew he was an abuser until deaf guy whose brother I mentioned 👆joined the factory. The rest was history. His brother heard it as he came back for a week looking for him cos he wanted to beat him up. That’s illustrated how bad it was.


That sounds very similar to what happened in my family. The effect on the whole family of abuse is horrendous.


I know who you’re talking about. The situation is shocking in Galway. There was a big cover-up only in the last three years. A priest who joined the diocese from a religious order has caused mayhem, but the bishop backs him because he has money and connections. The priest that reported him followed all the correct procedures, but was vilified. He’s still a priest, but has left the country.


Galway is suppose to be amalgamating with Clonfert under Bishop Michael Duignan.
Bishop Brenan Ferns Dioceses has been waiting since June 2020

The Red Beratia will go to Archbishop Farrell in Dublin or Archbishop Eamon Martin in Armagh it will not go anywhere else and that is if Ireland gets another cardinal no one knows with Pope Francis but we should know October / November.


Jim S, stick to your adopted country and to your chosen subject (letter writing to prelates.)

You act as if you had inside information on every episcopal vacancy since you started commenting here. And all your predictions came to nothing.

And do a course in basic literacy skills.


I wouldn’t say so. It’s part of the modus operandi of selection (admittedly the odd exception) that dioceses are filled by people from outside.


In the face of a mountain of objective evidential facts… / … an arduous and persistent denial with reality and truth — an insult to reason: really, which is the delusional one party here?
He is suffering from serious deteriorating mental health; he is paranoid and delusional…”
Divine Comedy – National Express


Yeah like everyone speaks to their sister like that… the actor is so hot, the Cardinal so fat…


“Tolerating mediocrity in a man allows tolerance for other kinds of unacceptable things.”
“Mediocrity can be a cover for other problems — sometimes very serious problems,” Baglow said.

Condoning “mediocrity” in the evaluation of seminarians, the theologian said, lowers the Church’s standards in the calibre of men who become priests. The Church should accept men for priesthood who want to be excellent academically, spiritually, pastorally, and morally, Baglow told CNA.

The theologian told CNA that in his view “the system isn’t broken, it’s just missing a part.”
He urged that seminaries develop committees of “well-formed knowledgeable Catholic lay people who are part of vocation evaluation and discernment.”

Such committees would give recommendations about the suitability of candidates for orders independent of seminary staff or faculty, Baglow said, giving bishops the benefit of perspective and judgement outside the clerical and ecclesiastical milieu.


Seminarians are lay-peopleole and only ordained clergy are in charge of everything – including making ALL of the decisions.
There is NO such thing as fully-in-control lay-comittees or persons within the Roman establishment.
Lay-people are not Ontologically changed, remember!
Even seminarians bare treated sub-human.


Oo-er! When I clicked on that link I was expecting something a little more, well, erm… colourful and pectacular! 🤣
He must be one tight miserable Git that Ger, one. No wonder she made such a noise, good on her I say haha x


8.45pm anon

Damn it re money and connections. This is blatantly wrong. It demonstrated that rcc think about money there not the victim, when you made your point.

Religious order, was it Redemptoris order? I heard vaguely re this.

Sad isn’t re priest who reported all the correct procedures got vilified.

That’s the reality and also state of irish Church in decline right now. It suggests that laity can report without getting vilified but not the priest who reported it in Galway. Shocking, indeed.


This should be fun lol… Throw the fox into the henhouseouse 🤣 🤣
I think I’m going to enjoy this, everybody little bit 🤣 🤣
Chocolate cake 🙄 🤣 🤔 😉 😎 😘


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