Tonette Orejas  Philippine Daily Inquirer May 04, 2021

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO—A five-minute video showing a furious man confronting a Catholic priest for coveting his wife began circulating in Pampanga since Monday (May 3).

In the video, the man whacked a family portrait in front of the priest during the confrontation in the social hall of the church where the priest serves.

The video has been shared on Facebook’s Private Message.

The priest was heard saying “I’m sorry.” The man shouted back: “You ruined our family.” He accused the priest of taking advantage of his wife.

The man recited with sarcasm one of the Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.”

The man’s son warned the priest that he would face investigation, hinting that a case for adultery was coming.

The man said his Catholic faith was not shaken but likened the priest twice to a “snake.”

Several persons milled around the priest in an apparent move to protect him. The priest was silent all throughout the clip.

The identities of the priest and the woman, although confirmed by Church sources, are being withheld pending investigation and to protect the man’s family.

“I am in contact with the priest and the family involved, We pray for God’s assistance and guidance,” Archbishop Florentino Lavarias told the INQUIRER when sought for comment on Tuesday.



While the RC Church has a massive problem with sexually active gay bishops, priests and seminarians, it still has a problem with priests having affairs and sex with women – as we saw in the Ennis Ger Fitzgerald case.

Ger going for a ride?

I think in places like Africa, Asia and South America there are more heterosexual priests than there are in the West.

I think many Irish missionaries in the past had relationships with women.

And I imagine there are many Murphy, Brady, O’Brien children in the African bush, the forests of South Anerica and the rice fields of Asia?

The compulsary celibacy rule has NEVER worked and is still not working.

It is a hypocrisy to keep the rule on the books.

But as long as it is on the books, priests are bound by it.


It takes a real snake to be in a role where you go on about the sanctity of the family…. except when you want your leg over.


Here’s a name for you to research.
Fr Tibor Szende. He had a long term affair with his parish secretary. She divorced her husband. He was moved to another parish completely unscathed.


In Latin America countries the general rule is: urban priests gay and practising whereas country priests heterosexual and living with wife, mistress, concubine housekeeper – cake and eat it, devil do care.
In Africa the people don’t trust or like a celibate male – celibacy is ignored, many priests have wives.
Celibacy is a management device, an economic tool (cheaper and protects church property) and a sexual perversion, possibly the weirdest of all the sexual perversions.
No Pope will ever have the balls to drop it because celibacy is the lubricant of the Catholic priesthood, that alongside homosexuality and hypocrisy. You can tell I’m a fan can’t you.


Under current rules, a married man can become a deacon but a single man has to take a vow of celebacy. Until this rule applies to the priesthood, the church it seems is going to live with a tolerance of forgiveness for a lapse of the vow.
“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.” Any priest guilty of this should be defrocked. End of story.

Is mise le meas,



“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.”
We pray for God’s assistance and guidance that the priest is defrocked.
“But as long as it is on the books, priests are bound by it.” Correct BUT the church has a tolerance and a forgiveness for a lapse of the vow. Women have taken many a good priest from the priesthood. Some relationships work out. Some relationships do not work out. I wouldn’t shoot a priest for ending a relationship and recommitting to his vow.


seamusviii at 6.54am

“Women have taken many a good priest from the priesthood. Some relationships work out. Some relationships do not work out. I wouldn’t shoot a priest for ending a relationship and recommitting to his vow.”

You make it sound as though the priest was kidnapped by the woman who takes him away kicking and screaming… I am sure, and hope, that was not your intention, but choice of words is worthy of consideration.

A priest who enters a relationship, whether he leaves ministry for it or not, and then breaks off the relationship to recommit or maybe not, sounds as though he has commitment issues and is thus not suited to either situation.


10:26, some people make it sound as though the woman was kidnapped by the priest who takes her away kicking and screaming!

Yes, a priest breaking his vow does have commitment issues. It should be a red flag and a warning sign for any woman. The priest might also have vocational anxiety. The mixed messages from Rome of tolerance and forgiveness does not act as a deterrent.


seamusviii @11.01am

I agree with what you say about possible vocational anxiety and your comment re mixed messages coming from the Vatican. I would have thought, though, that those training to be priests have it drummed into them about regular spiritual direction and confession. A priest would do well, I would have thought, to find a spiritual director, be it a priest, religious or trusted lay person. Such a person should be one who will prepared to call a spade a spade and provide challenge and encouragement. Then things might get nipped in the bud.

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10.43: I flipped to the end of your uploaded video – boring but the one that followed immediately – Seafood Chowder Favorites – was far more nourishing – if you get my drift!!! 😂🤣😃😊😁😄..


I see the Fr Sweeney in Glasgow was acquitted of the sex charges against him. Is that the same guy who was caught in the park getting a blow job a few years back.
Just askin !


More than 70 gardaí currently suspended from duty. Breaches are classified as minor, less serious, and serious with disciplinary results recorded.

“An Garda Síochána does not comment on specific cases. Each discipline investigation is investigated on its own merits.”

The church has a similar policy of commenting or not.


Yes and is now going through a Canonical trial.
The girl changed her story in the dock and therefore the Crown had to drop the charges.
It will be up to the next Archbishop of Glasgow to decide what to do as Jim S thinks he is fit for ministry.


No. Two different priests. The guy who was acquitted yesterday is John Sweeney whereas the guy in the blackmail blowjob case is Anthony Sweeney. I don’t think they are even related. ‘Blowjob’ has a brother a priest also. He is or was the Provincial of the Passionists, James Sweeney and they are both related to {uncles or cousins) Stephen Dunn (Dancer).


Why should you bring other innocent peoples names into this? Are you responsible for what your parents, siblings, children or relations did? I think not.
Garngad Lad


3.41: Ciao, ciao…or chow, chow: or better again for you…Miaow, Miaow….scratch your eyes out.. 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹🙈🙀🙀😾🙉😻…


Was he cleared of all charges even in the face of an overwhelmingly excessive litany of evidence proving he was in fact very much guilty? Oh, so was it heard at the Liverpool family and Civil Courts, then?


If he’s been cleared by a court of law then the church should honour the judgement and welcome him back to ministry.
We have no time for Kangaroo Courts. Bring back Sweeney!


He has split the parish so there will be no return to Cranhill.
The dioceses has supported him since 2017 now he should move on.
It was to do with person of responsibility for Religious education and it was him but the girl changed it to two teachers.
Jim Sweeney will be one of the many in the new Archbishops in tray.


That’s not quite how it works.
When I was a student nurse one of my mentors got tried for assaulting a patient. there wasn’t enough evidence to convict but he still got struck off on the basis of the lesser evidence.
In the UK it has to be proved beyond reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed for a conviction but that is a very high level of evidence. The church does well to require a lower level of evidence, like the professions do, to judge a person shouldn’t proceed in the priesthood.
It is not merely a case of saying that he’s not been convicted so that’s ok.


Fr John Sweeney although acquitted in the criminal court yesterday is now to undergo a canonical investigation.
As Glasgow is presently Sede Vacante he must wait until Bishop Brian McGee is appointed and translated to Glasgow.


Well, he’s lucky that now he won’t go to jail, because if the case had gone ahead and he had been found guilty, he most surely would have done time. It sounds, however, that his ministry days are finished. Even if there was not a criminal finding in the end, it sounds as though there is sufficient for a big question mark to be placed on him and his behaviour. He’s mid to late 40s, so perhaps he should just call it a day and head off and make another life for himself.


Brian McGee will be going to Paisley just like wee Stevie did.
John Keenan will be going to Glasgow and residing in Archbishops house two in the Southside of Glasgow.


Interest in Ger seems to be waning, Bp Pat. Who will be next to have star billing on the blog? I wonder.
Perhaps another sordid tale of gay excess and debauchery would be more interesting for most readers.


Big Brian is for Glasgow. Many in Glasgow presbyterate don’t want John Keenan.Joe Toal has eyesight issues although I believe he hasn’t ruled himself out!!


That seamus the V111 should be deleted. What a repetitive bore!! The New Magna but just as insidious. Silly commenter….Pat, you are lowering your standards.


Celibacy is a gift, even the Lord made it clear that it wasn’t something everyone could accept. It properly found its place in the life of the church in the monastic context where there was a spiritual if not almost mystical understanding of it which supported the commitment. The average Diocesan priest will only ever at best understand it at a human practical level. It is obvious that the church needs to permit diversity with regard to Celibacy as in the Eastern Rites and indeed as was present at least in practice for the bones of the first millennium.


How would you see a single layperson as understanding celibacy? Either someone who chooses single life or one who sees single life as something temporary.


Most Monks and all women religious are not deacons or priests and are therefore “lay people” even if they are attached to there order. The point is the spirituality which develops the spousal relationship with Christ/The Church. The life of a secular priest is not necessarily conducive to this type of spirituality.


Breaking News: Bishop William Kenney has retired as Birmingham Auxiliary. Something of a surprise given he wanted to carry on.


It is not breaking News he is 75 today and has been an Auxiliary Bishop in Birmingham for 15 years and wanted out straight away.
Do not for get he was in Stockholm Sweden 1987 – 2006 as and Auxiliary Bishop so that is nearly 34 years as an Auxiliary Bishop very unusual.


He is 75. An auxiliary returning is not the same as a diocesan bishop. An auxiliary can always carry on their role within the diocese as an emeritus bishop.


6:33, if I said something wrong, testify as to what is wrong. But if I spoke the truth, why did you strike me?


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