Bishop Tom Deenihan has announced new clerical appointments in the Diocese of Meath for this year. The changes will be operative from 3 July 2021 .

The Bishop thanked Fr Jim Lynch, who will retire as Parish Priest of Beauparc, for his service to the Diocese over the past fifty-one years.

Prioritising Pastoral Development for the Diocese going forward as restrictions lift, Bishop Deenihan has appointed Fr Derek Darby, who had been combining the roles of Episcopal Vicar for Pastoral Development and Parish Administrator of Mullingar, as full-time Vicar for Pastoral Development.  The Bishop wishes to see a Pastoral Council in each parish and supports in place for them in the future.

Bishop Deenihan said that it was increasingly difficult to keep priests in all parishes at this time.  “In this year’s appointments”,  he said, “it is clear that the Diocese is becoming increasingly reliant on priests from Romania, Africa, and Poland. In addition, there has been a reduction in clergy in some parishes, and there is also a need to encourage collaboration between parishes.  All this highlights the need for vocations promotion and support in the Diocese and I thank the vocations promotion team for their work in this regard.”

Bishop Deenihan thanked the priests involved in the appointments for their generosity and expressed the confidence that as restrictions lift and as public worship recommences in the church, there would be a collaboration in parishes to make our churches safe as places of prayer and sacrament in the weeks ahead.

Fr. Jim Lynch, PP Beauparc, to retire.

Fr. Derek Darby, Adm Mullingar and Episcopal Vicar for Pastoral Development, to Pastoral Development and Planning full-time for three years term.

Fr. John Conlon, PP Duleek and Adm Donore, to be PP St. Mary’s Drogheda and Adm Holy Family Drogheda.

Fr. Michael Meade, PP Summerhill, to be PP Kilcormac.

Fr. Phil Gaffney PP St. Mary’s Drogheda, to be Adm Mullingar.

Fr Declan Kelly, PP Stamullen, to be PP Kilcloon and Adm Moynalvey.

Fr Stan Deegan, PP Kilcloon, to be PP Killucan.

Fr. Séamus Houlihan, PP Kilcormac, to be PP Tubber.

Fr. Brendan Ferris, PP Ardcath & Curraha, to be PP Stamullen.

Fr. David Brennan, PP Moynalvey, to be PP Beauparc.

Fr John Nally, PP Ashbourne, on loan to Diocese of Waterford and Lismore for three years.

Fr. Michael Kilmartin, PP Longwood, to be PP Ashbourne.

Fr. Mark English, PP Killucan, to be PP Duleek and Adm Donore.

Fr. Joe Campbell to be CC Tullamore.

Fr. Kevin Heery, CC Mullingar, to be CC Ardcath & Curraha.

Fr Noel Weir, Adm Pro Tem Rosemount, to be CC Navan.

Fr. Conor Magee, CC Mullingar, to be CC Multyfarnham.

Fr Janusz Ługowski, Polish Chaplaincy, to be CC Moynalvey in addition.

Fr Louis Illah, CC Navan, to be CC Longwood.

Fr. Andrei Stolnicu, Diocese of Iasi, to be CC Mullingar

Fr. Vincent McKay CSSp, to be CC Summerhill.

Fr Paul Crosbie, PP Trim, to be Adm Summerhill in addition.

Fr. Thomas Gilroy, PP Kinnegad, to be Adm Longwood in addition.

Fr. Gerry Stuart, PP Ratoath, to be Adm Ardcath & Curraha in addition.


Meath was always well off for priests – but now its running low too.

Last week DERMOT FARRELL announced that Dublin only had two seminarians!

When I enterered Clonliffe for Dublin in 1970 there were 120 OF US FOR DUBLIN ALONE!

At that time Ireland had 9 seminaries for the training of secular priests:


All Hallows








Now, theres only Maynooth – and its on its knees.

I see that Deenihan, in spite of his own shortage, is lending Phonsie a priest.


Married priests?

Women priests?

Part time priests – working full time in other jobs,?

Deacons and Deaconesses?

Lay ministers for Communion, Marriages and Funerals.

The church of the future will look nothing like the church of today.

Hopefully, the involvement of laity will lead to less corruption?

In fact, the priesthood, as we know it, may disappear completely ???


There were 10 seminaries, if you add the Irish College, Rome. Not forgetting all the religious order houses of formation that have closed in Ireland, such as those of the Reds and SJs.
Also, why is that Adm getting a three year desk job to set up pastoral councils/talking shops? Surely a lay person could do that?


“In fact, the priesthood as we know it will disappear completely…..”: probably very true as those of us who discern wisely have been saying for a number of years…..We need a new Pentecost, a new aggiornamento, a perestroika, a metanoia, a return to the gospel vision of being Christ, inclusive of everyone..What a task!! I’m 84! What am I to do? Pray: “O Pat, come to our aid: O Pat, make haste to help us..” (Sorry, I meant O God….!).

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10.38pm…If only Pat or any one individual could assist…but we must not lose our trust and hope in God…Ever…The Feast of Pentecost is arriving…TRUST..🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅…Let’s fly high!!


For the Celtic Christians the wild goose becomes a symbol of the Holy Spirit much more than the dove.
The wildness of the Spirit is present in Jesus’ words from John 3:8: “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”


Jesus ascended into heaven on a cloud, giving us the promise of the Holy Spirit to guide, comfort, and teach. At times he swoops down and we feel his mighty wings hovering over us. Mostly, it’s more like a wild goose chase, as we pursue God, or, more likely, He pursues us. And watch out as He approaches because you will be broken and refashioned into his workmanship.


I am completely baffled by your post as I have read the Liverpool Echo report. What exactly are you going about? This is a Church of England matter. It is to do with the Diocese of Liverpool ( C of E ) NOT the Archdiocese of Liverpool ( RC ). As they would say at the CTS web site “gerra grip”.
Garngad Lad


@ 7:08pm
“The Lord said to Moses, ‘Is the Lord’s power limited? Now you shall see whether My word will come true for you or not.” Numbers 11:23
And in the last days it shall be, God declares,
that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh,
and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
and your young men shall see visions,
and your old men shall dream dreams;
even on my male servants and female servants
in those days I will pour out my Spirit, and they shall prophesy”. Acts 2:17– 18.
“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37


When Deenihan was named to Meath, a senior priest of Cloyne told me he was corrupt, extremely dangerous, and *never* to be trusted. Almost everything we have seen from him since then has proven to be correct. Deenihan, equal parts depraved and stupid, is running a once thriving diocese into the ground. It will only get worse.


The issue of priests is not about marriage, male/female or even abuse, The problem is the model of church that has put people into philosophic boxes of cause and effect. In doing this God and Jesus have been sidelined by systems,selfishness and exploitation. There are people of great faith in the church who need to be appropriately encouraged


The structure objective should be how can all shepherds help the lost sheep and the wayward sheep. Shepherds should be of good standing. The Filipino priest from a recent blog story is an example of someone who is not fit enough to be a shepherd.



Shivermetimbers hi but old model of church is now problematic.
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise change won’t happen overnight.
In essentials unity in non-essentials liberty but in all things Charity.
Charity begins at home so keep the home fires burning.
Keep the Faith no matter what.
May The Force Bless Us..Keep Us…+

Bye Bye Fly Hi.


Hell hath no fury re pat on phonsie re HC. Jesus is for everyone but not everyone accepts jesus.
Laity couldn’t change nor their involvement couldn’t change rcc.thats the reality.
The only possible way to change rcc behaviour is to stop giving them money. Also if you give them deference then you have given them a full licence to do anything knowing that you couldnt stop them.
120 seminarians👆 how many did they eventually became priests in 1970’s. Priests will be around now and in future, as they will ask for it from other countries to make up the shortage.
Something bothered me a bit re some priests from Africa in Ireland . Are they in for the money but not jesus? I met one of them in Meath long ago, hence my question.


Re: Hell hath no fury-

‘I can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives me His strength.’ Philippians 4:13


A stagnant structural reality is the cause of a vocations crisis along with declining attandance. The contrast between the faith received from Christ and the daily governance of the church is stark enough for even the most disinterested spectator to notice. A true reform would see a more even distribution of rights and responsibilities along with a complete stripping of privilege for those who are called to be the servants of others. This is not a political or ideological issue. It had to do above all with credible proclamation of the Good News in the world.


It should be a privilege to be a shepherd to serve the flock. Retaining shepherds not fit for office damages the structure and leads to unhealthy stagnation.
Prohibiting married people and women who are fit to be shepherds from joining the clerical state doesn’t help either.


I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery; you shall have no other gods before me. (Deuteronomy 5:6-7)


Why do these married people and women need to enter the clerical state? Isn’t that a bit clericalist? Why can’t they just be active, productive lay people or do they need to feel special and chosen?


Most of questions raised by Bp. Pat are addressed by Fr. Hans Kung, in his book, “Can We Save The Catholic Church?”
In 1979, Kung gained first-hand experience of the Inquisition under the new pope, John Paul II. At the order of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Kung was stripped of his ecclesiastical licence to teach as a Catholic theologian; however he retained his chair of theology at the University of Tubingen, which was separate from the Catholic theological faculty. He always supported the papacy as a pastoral Petrine office within the Catholic Church, but, taking the Gospel as his yardstick, he also assiduously called for a radical reform of the papacy and especially the Roman System which has dominated the Catholic Church for over a millennium. He remained a Catholic priest ‘in good standing’, authorized to preach and to perform all priestly offices.
In concluding his book, Fr. Kung states;
“Can we save the Catholic Church? As long as we continue to believe that this is truly the Church of Christ in which the Spirit of God continues to work despite all human failings and obstacles, there is no reason to doubt that we can and will save it and that the Church will not only survive its present mortal crisis, but that, sooner or later, we will once again become what Christ founded us to be.”


Morning Chuckies, it’s only me.

Any truth to the rumour, Bella, aka, Houdini-escapist artist extraordinaire,
-and Magna Carta,(MC), aka, ‘The Lone Ranger,’ have eloped…?
Both disappeared off the blog at the same time…! Ssshhhh


Fr Janusz Ługowski, Fr Louis Illah, Fr. Andrei Stolnicu – that is, the imports from abroad, I notice are all CC not PP. Is that because they have not been around enough, or does the Bishop not trust them enough to make them PP ? Just an observation.
Other than that, it is crystal clear that the present situation is simply not tenable. Most of those other priests on the list will be of a certain vintage and 10 or 15 or 20 years hence will no longer be active in ministry – either retired, dead, MIA, in prison, or having moved on to another life. One solution is to continue the importation of foreign priests, and that would solve the problem for a number of decades, but also has great downsides. One, the Catholic Church in Ireland will cease to be an Irish Catholic Church and will become something quite other. There are some other obvious solutions which + Pat mentions, but other than some minimal tinkering around the edges, the Catholic Church does not seem to be interested in being creative when it comes to ministry. I note recent stuff about opening up some of the ministries to women, like acolyte and reader, and also something about a new ministry of catechist. The significant thing about these tinkerings is that they studiously avoid the opening of the clerical / priesthood ministry to anything other than celibate men. Another downside of the diminishing of the clerical celibate ranks and its whittling down because of the reasons I’ve mentioned above, is that more and more clerical authority and power is becoming concentrated in to the hands of fewer and fewer men, and that provides a smaller pool of talent and ability. I expect that I will continue to, and increasingly, be underwhelmed by the quality of clergy that are foisted upon us in our parishes. Somebody in the Catholic Church needs to grip the situation and think outside the box, be creative. I doubt if that is going to happen. I think the Catholic Church will continue to slip down the tubes. And that is self-inflicted. They can’t blame anybody else. So please, don’t anybody tell us that it is all the fault of the laity who have lost the faith !


No paragraphs/low voltage xenophobia alert.
The Church is universal and has no national boundaries. Priests from all parts of the global Church are welcome here.


Is Big Tom a law into himself not tackling Silverstream and now his clergy changes are his way well I hope if any Meath clergy that have been appointed ADM apart from the Cathedral they report him.
Why did Bishop Smith not insist Pastoral council in Parishes years ago maybe even as far back as the last 10 or is it the case the Brotherhood saying it is our parishes and not the peoples.
Dioceses have been told not to rely on oversees clergy and be self dependant and ADM have to be no more than a year so can Big Tom not read.

VIII. b. Parish Administrator

75. If it is not possible to proceed immediately with the appointment of the Parish Priest, the appointment of Parish Administrators[107] must be done only in conformity with what is established in the canonical norms[108].

In effect, the office is essentially transitory and is exercised while awaiting the appointment of the new Parish Priest. For this reason, it is illegitimate for the diocesan Bishop to appoint a Parish Administrator and to leave him in that position for an extended period of time, more than a year, or even permanently, in order to avoid the appointment of a Parish Priest.

As experience shows, this solution is often adopted in order to circumvent the requirements of the law regarding the principle of stability for the Parish Priest, which constitutes a violation, with harm to both the mission of the priest and that of the community itself. Because of the uncertainty about the presence of a pastor, the Parish is not able to program far-reaching evangelisation plans and must limit its pastoral care to mere preservation.

Well I hope his new Pastoral Development and Planning can learn Big Tom Canon Law.


Tom’s cunning has got him places. What he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in ambition. Has it brought him as far as he wants to go?


10.59: Apostate…keep out..MYOB…trouble maker and crusher of people…MYOB…you practitioner of NASTYISM…


Of Course not he wants a pallium s maybe Cashel and Emly (2027) or Dublin (2029).
It maybe too soon for Tuam for him as there is enough chasing Tuam with Doran being front runner then Monahan and even Leahy would fancy Tuam since he never got Dublin.


Married priests?
Response: Yes
Women priests?
R: Yes
Part time priests – working full time in other jobs,?
R: No
Deacons and Deaconesses?
R: Yes and yes.
Lay ministers for Communion, Marriages and Funerals.
R: No
Hopefully, the involvement of laity will lead to less corruption?
R: Yes. There should be clear guidelines as to what is expected from those in clerical state. Anyone deviating should be in lay state.
In fact, the priesthood, as we know it, may disappear completely ???
R: No. Shepherds are needed to guide the flock. A shepherd must be following the 10 commandments otherwise he is a lost sheep and in no position to be a shepherd.
But when Jesus heard this, He said, “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick.”
It is not those who are healthy who need a shepherd, but those who are sick.
“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.”


Where is Tom Deenihan living? Michael Smith built a house for his retirement in the grounds of the bishop’s house. Was there no vacant curate’s house for him to move to? Or did he hope to exercise influence after he retired. Is he pleased with his successor’s appointment?


He is from Blackpool parish but his personal residence is in Bantry. Yes, another priest paid sufficiently by the church to buy his own house.


If I thought your extraordinary and impertinent questions about living arrangements were any of your business I might answer them.


You must be having a laugh. The location a bishop chooses to live in is the business of those who pay his salary.


8.40: Whoever you are, I lost interest in your moment after your referencing to the African priests as “imports from abroad..”.Be you a priest, a parishioner, married, single, straight bi or whatever, this is pure RACISM. And I am shocked that you cloak your racism in a serious topic as on today’s blog. Pat, this RACIST slur is morally repugnant. I work alongside two African priests: they are salt of the earth and absolutely as committed as any priest I’ve worked with. I wouldn’t dare refer to them as “imports..”: outrageous and I wouldn’t have you on any parish group or committee with that put down attitude. If you are a priest, I’d seek your resignation. Shame. And I know you wouldn’t have the courage to use the word “import. ” in the presence of any African priest. Shame….you racist.


Oh get over your self-righteous woke judgemental self, will you. What is wrong with “imports” ? That is what they are. They have been imported by bishops to fill slots. They wouldn’t be there is there were enough homegrown priests. Which there aren’t. So bishops go out to the clerical marketplace and buy up / entice / foreign priests to come over and fill the empty slots. Many of these priests are delighted to do so, not so much out of ministerial zeal, but because life if good for them over here. How many ever go back ? Very few. Moreover, you should have a word with Vincent in Westminster and see what he thinks about making priests from abroad, especially those from Africa and more specifically Nigeria, parish priests, because his experience has been that the church title deeds get sold off under your nose. Fact. My experience of people who go around telling other people they are racist is that they have a problem themselves in some area connected to the matter being discussed. What is it with you, please tell ?!


4.12: I can assure you I have no hidden “racist” traits or bigotry re: African or coloured people: my sister adopted a beautiful Nigerian girl. We love her and her extended family. Your comments ARE most definitely underscored by your blatant racism. And, rather than question my challenge about your racism/bigotry, you should examine your restating of the word “import..”. We generally import fruits, steel, material goods etc…but “importing” priests, as you suggest, is an unfortunate, morally repugnant belief. Your ad hominem attack is a sure sign that you’ve been called out for what you are – A RACIST. Would you, Mr. Braveheart, refer to the many highly qualified African, Philipino and Indian nurses and doctors keeping our health system afloat as “imported..”. Would you use that put down word (imports) face to face in front of such people? No – because you and your ilk hide behind laptops to throw out your despicable racism. Moral shame on your intellectual and human impoverishment and bankruptcy.


Ooohhh, Billy C-J SJ could give Balzanella a run for his money, I think ! How’s Alex getting on in the Eternal City ? Will he come back ? Or get snapped up for the Diplomatic Service, where they like a few sleek lookers ?


mmmmm….I rather think it’s a case of watch this space concerning the pair of them. That feisty old trout, Patricia of CTS, was onto something when she raised a question regarding Alex, but as usual it was swept under the carpet until one day we are all expected to be surprised. BTW whatever happened to John Paul Lyttle – or is he now a name not to be mentioned among Christians?


What’s tge latest on Purcell from Robert Hourigan?
Its expected to be very slow given its the Vatican. No surprises there. Will he struck off and revert to laity state or will he appeal further?


1.49: I agree. That commenter at 8.40 is a racist, a bigot. Were he/she to use that word in my presence at any meeting, I too would ask for them to utter a full apoligy or ask for them to opt out of any group. Racist language, Even in a joke it is totally unacceptable.


The real question is why dioceses need to rely on priests from abroad in order to staff their parishes ? That’s the issue here. It’s a pretty short sighted policy, really. It just fills the gaps, which keep getting bigger; it just keeps putting more and more fingers in the dam which will eventually inevitably fail. Eventually, however, it’s not going to be enough, either because we might realise that it is not right for us to take priests from their own countries, who have been educated at the expense of their home church, and who are probably needed in their own country. Also, whether you like it or not, there are some significant cultural expectations and differences that occur, and it doesn’t always work out having priests from abroad ministering in parishes. What concerns me most though is this rigourist, hardline approach that many of them take to some of the moral and ethical issues that are alive and kicking in our church and country. I know from my own experience in parishes that some of these priests bring a different perspective and understanding of a number of issues that simply don’t sit well in our country. Language can also be a problem. I still sit through sermons not understanding the heavily accented and frankly not understandable English of some of these priests. These priests are not the solution. The matters mentioned by + Pat earlier are the way forward for ministry in our church.


The Clergy from overseas are well paid and so are the dioceses that they come from.
Overseas Clergy are not cheap for a dioceses to bring in.
The UK Visa system is now very strict and difficult even to get supply for the summer and it will show next year how bad it is sadly because of covid it was not noticeable because of the reductions and parishes closed but once the full opening arrives parishes will be well short.
Furthermore it makes the problem in the dioceses a lot bigger as when they go back home the gap needs to be filled.
The only way is amalgamation of parishes and the number of masses reduced.
Archbishop Farrell has noticed how bad Dublin is and that is how he wants the report completed for July with changes in the Autumn


6.09: You state that the way forward is that proposed by Pat. If it is such a parousia of idealism, why don’t you join Pat and demonstrate your convictions. Show us the new way by setting it in motion. Methinks yours is a case, like Pats, of all talk, no action. Many priests are ministering in very creative ways in parishes…look and see.

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He did the sem course in Maynooth ie the two-year Diploma in Philosophy & Arts awarded by the Pontifical University to sems who don’t have good enough Leaving Cert or A Level grades to allow them to do degrees in Maynooth University, where standards are among the lowest in Ireland.

Paul Prior also did the sem course.


Oh my goodness. How very sad for the Church of Meath. Though I suppose the only consolation to having a corrupt bishop is that he is also a bumbling half-wit. 😂


To be fair, there is such a thing as a late developer. And the Leaving Cert/A Levels are not the ultimate test of intelligence.


Master’s degree in education in 1999 from the University of Hull and then subsequently gained a Doctorate in Education.
He also was a teacher in St. Goban’s College Bantry
So he is no dafty


Even as a sem he was insufferably bumptious, bombastic, uncooth and insensitive. Even Sr Regis, who wasn’t behind the door when it came to cutting remarks, found Tom too much when he used to help her in the sacristy.
One time I overheard Tom tell Regis that he had secured a summer job in Lourdes. “The sun will be good for them spots”, Regis replied.


“I see that Deenihan, in spite of his own shortage, is lending Phonsie a priest.”
So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.


So priests are thin on the ground – cant be that thin in Meath – one to a desk job for three years a lay person could do and one on loan to another Diocese -what gives? Clearly not short of priests


Pat please be honest, have you tried to contact Stephen Wilson in a polite manner. Stephen needs to share his account and respond to the endless allegations against him by the clergy in Ireland and overseas.


The leaks within the ranks of Eugene Sweeney regarding the internal case of Wilson. Eugene has leaked all the materials on Stephen Wilson. A coup d’etat against those who are you protecting Mr Wilson.


Tusla – Child and Family Agency, The Brunel Building, Heuston South Quarter, Saint John’s Road West, Dublin 8. D08 X01F Phone: 01 7718500 Email: info@tusla

Pat I have informed my concerns of Stephen Wilson to Tulsa regarding several incidents.


The internet is his weapon of choice. Countless victims spanning all over Europe 🇪🇺😢


Pat I would encourage all the victims of Armagh Seminarians and Clergy to freely share their abuse experiences with. Tusla – Child and Family Agency, The Brunel Building, Heuston South Quarter, Saint John’s Road West, Dublin 8. D08 X01F Phone: 01 7718500 Email: info@tusla


As Hugh Connolly once said let natural justice prevail. Time is running out Mr Stephen Wilson, justice will prevail.


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