Stephen Wilson

We have been told that the Maynooth seninarian, Mr Stephen Wilson is to be ordained to the diaconate today at 3 pm in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh.

Yesterday I sent the email below to Archbishop Eamon Martin.

I copied it to the Papal Nuncio in Dublin and to the chancellor, vicar general and diocesan secretary of tge Armagh archdiocese.

I have absolutely no personal grievance against Mr Wilson. I have never met him and as far as I know, he has never done me the slighest wrong.

I wish him no personal harm or disadvantage.

Below, is an excerpt from the Roman Pontifical on the ordination of deacons:

The bishop asks: “Do you judge them to be worthy”.

He is answered, very often by the president of the seminary, in this case Michael Mullaney:

“After inquiry among the people of Christ, and upon recommendation of those concerned with their training, I testify that they have been found worthy”.

In my opinion, the recommendations of the president or staff of Maynooth cannot be relied upon.

And I know that a number of “the people of Christ” have communicated with Archbishop Eamon Martin on this matter and they did not recommend this man either. Quite the contrary.


The Kerry clergy will tell you that they believe that Ray Browne ordained Fr Sean Jones (King Puck) to spite me and the blog.

Is Eamon Martin doing the same?

Is he ordaining Stephen Wilson to spite someone or something?

If so, what a dreadful reason for an ordination.

This matter is far from ended!