To avoid confusion, can I state that there is a massive difference between a sexually active gay layman and a sexually active gay priest.

A sexually active gay layman has not taken a public promise of celibacy and chastity and is not living a lifestyle that is paid for by the Church and parishioners on the basis of their belief that the man is chaste and celibate.

A sexually active gay priest is pretending to be chaste and celibate and is therefore taking the financial, ecclesiastical and social benefits he is receiving from the Church and parishioners under false pretences.

Such a priest is selling the Church and the People of God a pig in a poke.

And this is not just a question sexual morality. Its also about hypocrisy, lies, dishonesty and double standards.

Any priest who wants to be sexually active and retain credibility and authhenticity must do the following:

1. Inform his bishop or religious superior that he is a sexually active gay man.

2. Inform the people he ministers to at Mass etc that he is a sexually active gay man.

3. Inform his family and friends that he is a sexually active gay man.

4. Accept the consequences of this honesty and see it as the price of authenticity and spiritual and human wholeness.

And when a priest takes these steps he must fall back on his faith and firmly believe that God will look after him in every single possible way.

What is it they say: “Cast your bread upon the water”.


The problem is that most priests would not be capable of the above actions for the following reasons:

1. Lack of courage.

2. Lack of moral fibre.

3. Lack of faith and spirituality.

4. Lack of trust on God.

5. Lack of trust in their own inner strength.

6. Refusal to abandon the position, comfort, finances they enjoy.

Jesus said: “Where the master is the servant should also be”

Jesus had no comfort, respectability, security, finances, position etc.

He said: “The Son of man has nowhere to lay his head”.

The Church tells us that priests are “ontologically changed” and are “alter Christus” – other Christs.

Like Hell they are 🤣