Licence purchased

A comment maker yesterday submitted this hilarious comment after I was asked what kind of car I drove and answered a BMW.

How many of “the poor” in the world drive a Hyundai i10 or Toyota Aygo both of which cost nearly € 15,000 😁.

This reader is obviously concerned about appearances and not transparency and honesty.

As Christians we follow Jesus.

Jesus NEVER said it was wrong to be rich, have possessions and nice things.

He did say that it was easier for a camel to pass through The Eye of the Needle than for a rich man to get into Heaven.

Do people know what Jesus was referring to in this parable?

He was actually referring to one of the gates in the wall of Jerusalem, a pedestrian gate, which it would be nearly impossible for a camel to fit through.

The Eye of a Needle gate in Jerusalem

What Jesus preached was that it was immoral and sinful for the rich – or any of us for that matter – not to share our wealth, our possessions and our good fortunes with the needy and lesser well of.

In fact, the richer you are the greater opportunity you have to give and to share.


I have had a fascination with cars since I was two or three years old.

My maternal grandfather was the chauffeur in Tullamore Co. Offaly for the famous D. E. Williams family who owned the distillery that made Tullamore Dew and Irish Mist.

My grandfather drove Rolls Royce’s and Bentleys for the family and on his day they allowed him to bring me and other family members for drives and picnics in the cars. I was smitten with these cars.

The other car influence was that in childhood we lived right next door to garage mechanic who allowed me to explore all the cars he worked on.

I’ve always loved cars and going to car shows.

I’ve never had a new car as I could not afford it.

I buy second-hand cars that are three or four years old and pay for them over 48 months.

After three or four years you will get a good quality car in N. Ireland for 40 % if its new price.

Also, road tax and insurance in N. Ireland is a fraction of the cost in the Republic.

My current car is a 2015, which I got in 2018 is a BMW 7 series which I will finish paying for in March 2022.

My previous car was a 1989 Mercedes S class which I bought in the UK for £ 7,000 and after two years sold to Nairobi in Africa.

Over the years I have driven Opel, Renault, Vauxhall, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW.

As somewhat of a car “canousser” I believe that the Germans make the best cars.

I have been driving for 51 years now and I NEVER had a breakdown in a German car – even during the years, I was doing 40,000 miles a year celebrating weddings in the four corners of Ireland and beyond.


I once knew a priest who drive a banger of a car but who had a sizeable yacht in the Adriatic.

I knew another priest who was always making poor mouths but who owned two racehorses.

One of my PPs who used to go around on a bike used to gamble £ 2,000 every Saturday by telephone.

Its like the old saying: “If you have the name for being an early riser, you can sleep all day”.

Whatever you do or like in life do it openly.

Enjoy the good things in life and share them with others.