My mother was sick in Antrim Hospital and I went to the hospital shop to but her a bottle of 7 UP.

As I emerged from the hospital shop I saw a young woman crying into her mobile phone.

I approached her and asked could I help.

He blurted out: “My baby is dying and I can’t get a priest”. Seeing my collar she asked: “” Are you a priest”? I told her I was and she asked me to come and pray with her three year old son who was dying of a massive blod clot in his brain.

I entered the room and it was like the scene at the house where Jesus had cured the daughter of Jairus. The room was crowded with the large family who were weeping, some of them hysterically.

I knelt on the floor and removed the cross I was wearing and placed it, under my two hands on the baby’s head.

I prayed fervently to the Lord acknowledging both my own sinfulness and my lack of faith and I begged Him to heal the child.

I told the Lord that I was in my 50s and had had a good life but that this child was only beginning life and if it was His will I would take the clot in my brain instead of the child.

I felt a strong heat come into my hands as I prayed.

The ambulance then arrived to take the baby to the baby ICU in Belfast where he could be allowed to die painlessly.

I asked the mother to let me know what happened.

I went home and lit a candle for the baby at the small altar in my kitchen.

At just before midnight the mother rang me to tell me that when they had reached the ICU in Belfast the baby woke up and became fully conscious. He took some milk.

The doctors brought him down for another scan and to their amazement the clot had disappeared from the baby’s brain. Later he sat up and ate some toast.

He made a fully recovery. When I went to see him the next day he ignored me completely as he played with the hospitals array of toys.

Every Christmas I still get a card from his parents.

The following Sunday I wrote about what happened my my News of the World column.

On Monday I had a call from the mother of an 18 year old girl in Cork dying of a brain tumour. She asked ne to come and pray with her daughter.

The next day I caught a plane from Belfast to Cork and spent the day praying with the beautiful young lady. I said all the same prayers, offered, God the same deal and begged him to cure the young woman.

She died a week later.

Its all very strange and mysterious.

Why are miracles so scarce?

Why cure one and let another perish?

These are questions I cannot answer.

Personally, I take some solace from a verse I’ve always loved:

Good forever on the scaffold

Evil always on the throne.

But God stands within the shadows,

Keeping watch upon his own.


I drew breath at your accounts and almost forgot to exhale.
What God responded to was not just your faith, but your LOVE: your willingness to take upon yourself the suffering of others. It does not always result in miracles of healing, but it does provoke a respone of some sort from God. (The Old Fool’s a sucker for love.)
I had a strange experience with someone in a religious bookshop some years ago. The person (deliberately, I think) struck up a conversation with me and then invited me into sideroom to be prayed over. I made it clear that I did not like being touched, so we agreed that I should hold the person’s hands. While they were praying over me, I felt what I can only describe as bursts of pins and beedles shooting into my hands. Afterwards, the person told me that I had been healed of a bowel condition, though I wasn’t aware of any such condition. I was told, too, that Satan had been keeping me from the priesthood.


11.58: Magna Carta: being prayed over by a stranger seems totally odd. You were resistant though to any miracle happening as you are still a nasty old geezer. Next time let Pat pray over you – that’s if you allow him to physically touch you…You have first to desire deeply God’s grace…pray, trust, hope. I presume you meant needles not beedles?


Your post made me smile indulgently, as one would a four-year-old who believed the moon to be made of cheese.
I wonder how many of those Jesus prayed over were strangers to him. Don’t be a prat: there is nothing at all odd about a stranger’s doing what you find remiss; it’s all in your exceptionally small head.
I was resistant to a miracle on that occasion? How do you know? Where you there? Could you read my thoughts? Know how I was disposed? A miracle isn’t dependent on desiring God’s grace, deeply or otherwise: it’s dependent on a faith submissive to God’s will, not to one’s desires.
I hope you’re not a romanist priest, because your level of spiritual intelligence would not be out of place in that four-year-old.


I do think it was Satan that kept you from the priesthood. Let’s face it your presence in their numbers would have given the priesthood the best shakeup it had since the counter Reformation.


10.34: What nonsense. Magna was the victim of his own dysfunctionality. He was rightly considered unsuitable. He was a little touched by satanic traits…Rather than give the church a much needed shake up, he’d probably have become a huge liability because of his erratic, mad and abusive behaviour. Get a grip.


10.47: Hi Marge, I didn’t make any of those suppositions. Your constant cynicism, heartlessness, nastiness and irrational outbursts of angst, rage and derangement leads us to believe that your psyche is very closed to any potential miracle happening to you. Yoh have too much baggage in your heart to allow God’s grace to get through to you. You argue well the spiritual niceties but the reality and impact of their potential beauty radiating through you is rarely evident. On the contrary, we witness all too often a very wearied, angry, disturbed and unfulfilled person. It is as easy to be kind, compassionate and caring as it is to be cynical and cruel. It requires less energy and is good for your well-being.


Magna Carta: 10.47: if you read your comments again, I think you’re the one behaving less than the 4 year old. We’re back again, sadly, to this silliness of Magna quibbling stupidly over comments by others. All very infantile on his part. Pat, spare us his theatrics.


Anon@12:20. Kindly refrain from assuming you represent a majority or even some blog readers. Your use of the plurals “us & we” infers that apparent assumption.
While by times OTT, especially in the past, Magna regularly makes very informative and valid comments. That’s MY opinion.


Why did this blog have to be about you, MC, you egotist. As for not wanting to be touched, you have more baggage than a fully laden jumbo jet.


Lovely stories Pat. It is amazing how God can and will work through those who fervently believe in him. I’ve had some incredible moments when, being overwhelmed by people’s stories, pain and need, I somehow found the right words. Often we do not know where our inspiration comes from but having reflected much on my life’s ministry, it has been when I felt almost helpless and fearful in face of people’s illness, suffering and pain, that God worked most effectively. We never know where our good deeds, our listening, our presence and our prayers will travel or how they may affect others. The gospel encouragement of – “Ask and you will receive….” forms the basis of our trust in God. As Mary says in her Magnificat- “The almighty has done great things for me..”, we too, if truly open to God can be channels through which He can do good for others. Sometimes long after we have made a contribution to the well being of others, we may receive a thank you card…it could be six weeks, it could be two months or a year but the receiving of such cards proves over and over that God is wonderfully surprising. He chooses the most unusual ways for us to be his presence to others. That is why I ask each morning that I do not miss the moments of grace and blessing with others who may cross my pathway. God bless you Pat.


10.22: What’s the matter? Did you get out of the caring side of the bed? I’ve read worse, more inane sermons here on this blog… think you must have a guilty conscience.


Anon at 10.22: A stupid, silly comment. You have little to say. You seem very limited with vocabulary, imagination and intelligence as you have made similar inane “alert” comments all too frequently. Honestly, some peoole are such plonkers!! 😎😎😎😎😲😲😛🤓🤓😞😞…


I have to laugh when people here claim not to be priests. In reality they sermonise at people all the time. Perhaps that’s why they pick up truck drivers in cottages, because they’re incapable of having an actual conversation.


Mrs Doyle: According to Orthodox RC beliefs, if they “lived a good life “, and died ” in a state of grace”, then they’re already “in heaven .” Otherwise it’s tough luck: they’re irretrievable “toast.”
So what’s the point of praying “for the dead?”
More “mysterious ways?” The convolutions of religious beliefs are truly “mysterious!”


Oh yes, but I thought that false concept had been “abolished ” too, along with no meat on Fridays and those other weird RC impositions.
I may be wrong, for I don’t follow RC utterances, so maybe someone can confirm or correct me please


Just without the gift of being able to find the page in the missal or even say the words in the right order lol.
I love the bit where he and the other priest are chatting about what a nice crowd it is!


I grew up with Father Bob on Australian TV. He might not know how to say mass correctly but he knows how to LIVE his faith so I think his getting lost in the new translation can be forgiven.
The Father Bob McGuire foundation has helped so many of the most disadvantaged in Melbourne. He has a special place in the hearts of Australians.


Inexplicable events occur in the numerical randomness of chance. Our limited intelligence can witness astonishing events and perceive linkage to desired outcome and wishes expressed through requests or prayers. Humankind’s tendency to understand events as cause and effect and to seek patterns finds reassurance in “explaining” some such matters as miracles brought about by an imagined supreme Being, sometimes referred to as the “God of the gaps.”
What kind of an all powerful loving God exists who arbitrarily chooses where and when to “answer our prayers” but most of the time ignores the world’s starving millions seeking food or the ill and diseased seeking medicine?
Oh I get it: Adam and that apple forced God to “work in mysterious ways!”


1.11am: MMM – Your’re an atheist. You’re nit supposed to acceot ir bother with teligious belief. You’ve rejected its purpose, meaning and unimaginable sustaining power for billions. Stick to what you know best, “good without god” philosophy. You might though practice the “good” bit!! Whatever that is in your life. For me religious beliefs are in my DNA…and a religious perspective of lufe is perfectly valid. No need to scream your anti-belief rhetoric. At the hour of morning, you ought to have been fantasising about orgasms!! 😁😂😁..


Another one@9:51 who apparently either doesn’t know what constitutes an atheistic stance, or chooses to ignore it.
Atheists do not “disprove” God, but simply say they see no valid proof of God. The burden of proof lies with those professing religious beliefs invariably accompanied by expectation that others should also similarly believe and have their actions dictated by such beliefs, simply because the believer thinks it’s absolutely true.
So c’mon, let’s have some truth, …and proof.


1.11: A Mhichilin bocht!! Are you an inexplicable event in the randomness of chance? Did you just miraculously appear behind a head of cabbage? Just wondering..🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻….


9.57: I don’t know how my comment appeared like that…I corrected the racing predictive text…must be MMM’s psychic gremlins attacking the blog!! 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛…👹👹👹👹…


Why is one person spared and another one taken? Possibly because there was no miracle in the first instance. It’s just life and its random cruelties.
I believe in God but I do not believe in miracles.
I’m glad you can take solace in the last verse you share but I found it hollow. If we are all children of God then who are ‘his own’?


Miracles are out there. Most are small but none are insignificant. I am not in control of God’s power or grace. The only one prayer changes is me God does the rest


Today’s blog story touches on why many people have good time and respect for the priesthood. Priests have brought healing in times of sorrow and joy in times of happiness. To all priests who are dedicated and honest to their vocation, go raibh maith agaibh! 🙏


This healing, possibly through Pat, had nothing whatever to do with priesthood; that’s just another, in a very long and tiring line, of convenient, clericalist spins.


10.03: You would say that Magna, wouldn’t you? You are a miserable, nasty, cantankerous cynic. Though, had you been allowed ordination you’d be stating the blessing and gift of God working through the priesthood ministry of Pat or some other cleric, even yourself. God needs you and I to mediate his graces and love to others. We never know when and in what situation we might be God’s instrument of blessing. Surely you know that? Or is your cynicism and experience of rejection a deep, blind barrier for you to ever imagine the greatness of God working though any of us, even the most broken and tortured soul. Magna, less of your cynicism – try REAL faith and prayer. Being the feast of Pentecost tomorrow, pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that you may be freed from your imprisonment of cynicism and nastiness. Ate you accusing Pat of clericalist spin….? I think any of us in ministry know we cannot achieve good works in the name of Jesus on our own. WE ARE, much to your annoyance, ONLY TOO WELL AWARE OF OUR NEED TO TRUST IN GOD ALWAYS….Try trusting!!


“Today’s blog story touches on why many people have good time and respect for the priesthood. Priests have brought healing in times of sorrow and joy in times of happiness. To all priests who are dedicated and honest to their vocation, go raibh maith agaibh! 🙏”
Please note “healing in times of sorrow” as opposed to your misreading.



No, I shouldn’t say anything in this respect, were it untrue.

I know that God mediates grace through all who are open to him, including Pat (through even me). I did not suggest otherwise. In point of fact, I was deeply conscious of this mediation the night I talked out of suicide an LGBT person in despair, a youngster booted out of the family home by religious parents, God-fearing Christians, and forbidden from even ever again seeing their siblings.

I marvelled at my fluency that night, not at myself, because I knew the words I was speaking really weren’t mine: their cadence, tone, and lyricism a powerful intuition that did the seemingly impossible by wooing a young person from a very dark place indeed.

Read today’s blog again: even Pat does not put down to priesthood the healing of that child that MAY have been effected through him. So less about my supposed cynicism here and more about your inability to read correctly the posts of others.

By the way, you, and your fellow priests, keep repeating the lie that I was rejected for ordination..and you wonder why I loathe you, and the other parasites, spongers, moochers and scroungers in clerical collars?

You, priest, are a liar, like the rest of your kind.

Your post is rendered useless by your unwillingness to tell the truth, and through lack of adult comprehension of others’ words. It is why I found it almost embarrassingly easy to refute your points, and to make an absolute and total fool of you. (Not that you don’t already make a wonderful job of that yourself.)



‘Please note “healing in times of sorrow” …’. ? 😕 Come again.😞

How did I supposedly misread your words? I never denied that any healing didn’t occur in times of sorrow: a time of illness is scarcely a harbinger of joy.

You, and the priest-poster at 11.21, could attend together remedial classes in English comprehension, for mutual support, because your standard here, for you both, is jaw-slackeningly atrocious.


“healing in times of sorrow”
“This healing… that’s just another, in a very long and tiring line, of convenient, clericalist spins.And these are not peculiar to priests.”
Many priests have great compassion in times of sorrow. They also bring joy in times of happiness. Some people cannot see it or acknowledge it. Other people can see it, respect it and appreciate it.


11.21: Why not begin a novena to the Holy Spirit for Magna, now that he’s back and offer our prayers that he may continue to move away from drunkenness, envy, orgies of ugly invective, jealousy….as we thought was happening. God does and can work in mysterious ways…Send forth your Spirit O Lord and renew the face of the earth..


Now here is something which may be mysterious, but isn’t really. How come not one of these papists are capable of speaking to Magna Carta with any kindness, but only with abuse. You do realise you are the living proof of his whole argument, don’t you.


Yes indeed@1:20. Well said.
And why doesn’t their God appear to answer the prayers of those like @ 11:50 and the others who claim to pray for Magna’s “reform?”
Are their prayers not “good/strong etc” enough? Or has the godfellah/sky fairy decided Magna’s not worth bothering about?


+Pat, wonderful account. There was a monk in Mt. Melleray Abbey colloquially known as the healing monk. I went a good few years ago to learn that sadly he had passed away.
I dont think this holy man frequented saunas like the alleged actions of a current monk.
Keep up the good works +Pat. Regardless what you demonstrated was the compassion and care of Jesus Christ.

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2.19am anon healing monk.

Now you have brought it up 👆.

I did have a healing experience with that healing monk. I was amazed at him which can only be of god. Felt heat from his hands. When I came out of this supernatural like of slumber. Knew afterwards that he was no ordinary priest. He had a gift of healing and foresight. That wasnt only healing experience that I did experience God but it was the strongest one I ever had to date.


Are they going to be exposed? Like fully shamed in a news paper?
Please, Lord, please.
Everybody deserves to know what they have done and what they are like.
Safeguarding must take priority– people need to know the truth so they can decide for themselves whether that Satanic demonic institution is safe for kids or vulnerables.
Shine the light, Bishop Pat! Let it shine! 🌞 x


I channel surfed accidentally onto Eurovision. 15 seconds was as much as I could endure of it. With garish half dressed “singers” there was “all kinds of everything .”
Sorry Dana!


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