Everyone knows about my fallout with the RCC and my total disillusionment with it, but by the grace of God, and it alone, to date, I have never had either:

1. A crisis of faith.

2. A crisis of vocation.

One of my prayers has always been: “O Lord, let me go into my coffin as a priest”.

Of course, I am constantly struggling with the thoughts of how God works – particularly how he allows people to suffer and how he allows mind boggling natural disasters.

But then, as a limited human being how could I hope to understand God and his ways?

I am a catholic Christian and as such I believe firmly in:

The existence of God.

The Trinity.

The Bible – properly read and interpreted.

The Seven Sacraments.

The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.


These things and my relationship with God have given my life deep meaning for many decades now.

Most of the time, I like others, travel the humdrum road of life.

Occasionally, I have felt the presence of God permeating me and at such times I am confirmed in both my faith and vocation.

I believe God to be the epitome of Good.

I believe Satan to be the epitome of Evil.

From the beginning of time we Christians believe, there has been a struggle between Good and Evil and during our lifetimes we are caught up in that struggle – internally and externally.

The life of faith is a joy to those with faith.

To those without faith, it is unfathomable.

And its got nothing to do with intelligence.

In fact, its got more to do with simplicity and childlikeness.

Its about approaching life with more of the heart rather than the head.


Our Rome Correspondent Writes

Not only did Roche bankrupt the Leed’s diocese as bishop with his endless vanity projects, he also was involved in some financial shenanigans when he was private secretary to Bishop Gordan Wheeler – who doted upon his flaxen haired Yorkshire lad!

To have been removed from your diocese once may be considered unfortunate, but twice… Well, it did him no harm. The first time he had to “go away” he was sent to Rome to study for a Licence in Spirituality at the Gregorian University. This is hardly a course for theological high flyers.

The Degree’s themselves are readily available in the university WC, above the toilet paper dispensers with the notice “STL in Spirituality – Please Take One”. Roche never completed the course, let alone obtain the qualification (though he uses the letters after his name), as he was swept off his feet in his first few months in the Eternal City and appointed Spiritual Director [sic] of the Venerable English College.

You see Arfur bewitched the then idiot rector Edna Toffee Loo… and the rest as they say is history. Or is it? Well his friendship with onetime Cardiff priest Fr JJ hasn’t done him any harm and the Red Biretta awaits. Pope Bergolio won’t hear a word against him and so his appointment is assured. By the way it’s worth nothing that the financial mess that he caused twice in Leeds wasn’t cleared up by current Bishop Stock.

That was done by the excellent John Wilson, now archbishop of Southwark and my tip to succeed Vinnie. Mark my words the chubby young prelate is the one to put your money on.