Kamloops Indian Residential School

Police in British Columbia say yhey have found the bodies of 215 children buried in the Kamloops school run by the Catholic Church.

They also say there may be more bodies as there are still large parts of the school grounds to be searched.

Some of the buried children are as young as three years old.

The bodies were discovered using ground penetrating radar.

From the 1800s until the 1970s 150,000 First Nation children were forced to enter Christian run schools. When there, they were converted to Christianity.

The police suspect that at least 6,000 children died and were secretly buried.

In these schools children were beaten and tortured for speaking their native language and forced to speak English and French.

May of the chikdren adter being released from these schools went on to becone alcoholics abd drud addicts to cope with their pain and suffering.

There were at least 51 known deaths and burials at Kamloos school between 1915 and 1963.

The Canadian government is planning to repatriate the remains to places recommended by the First Nation themselves.

The Catholic Church ran Kanloops from 1890 to 1969 when it was handed over to the government.


First we had the 800 Tuam Babies and now we have the 215 Kamloops babies.

How many other babies were secretly buried by Catholic priests, nun and Brother internationally – around the globe.

Its probably in the tens or hundreds of thousands.

This situation compares to Hitler’s concentrations camps where 6 million died.

The only difference possibly is in the scale of the numbers who were tortured and died .

We have known all kinds of things about bishops, priests and religious.

Now we know that they were the murderers of babies and accessories to such murders.

Maybe those countries who outlaw Neo Nazis should also outlaw Neo Catholic hierarchs, clergy and religious?

Not Auschwitz. Kamloops Catholic School.